When you go into business for yourself, it’s easy to concentrate on how to network and gain new connections and push for growth. There is also a need for you to know how to bring new customers into your business and make your business stand out from the crowd. Your competition is going to have their ways of doing things so that they can bring new people in and expand their reach, and you must do the same – but differently.

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You have to be able to stand out against your competition and getting your small business noticed isn’t necessarily going to be an easy feat. You want to build a following, entertain the masses and building your company brand is going to be absolutely vital to your business success. The big companies create TV adverts and billboards and big marketing strategies to get noticed, but when you’re a small business, you may not have the money to go as big as that. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to have stellar TV adverts to be an absolute success.

You need to have more creative ideas to get you head and shoulders above the people in your industry that you are fighting against for popularity. It doesn’t matter whether your business is in floristry or baking, you need to be more original and different with how you advertise. You need to consider how you appear to others, like a cab company who chooses vehicle wrapping to advertise their business, you want to be in the faces of those who are looking for your service or product. You need to get creative, and below you can find two ways to do that so that you can get noticed now and not later.

Go Your Own Way. You may be tempted to emulate the competition in your advertising and marketing strategies, but this would be a massive mistake on your part. When you see your competition is doing well, you want to grab a little of that success and roll with it yourself. Customers aren’t stupid; they will go to the company you are imitating instead of you, because who wants to buy from a cheap copy? Go your own way and do the opposite. If your competition is raising prices around the summer period, lower yours and watch the customers flood in.

Get On Screen. Putting your face on your business by vlogging and talking to your customers through your website is pretty much the best thing that you can do. Personalising your business and letting people know that you’re more than just a screen? Priceless. It makes you warm. It makes people want to see you and buy from you. Don’t be stupid about how well a vlog can do for your business: embrace it with a new camera and make it something that you do regularly enough to matter for your website.

Be the business you would want to buy from and you can change your own future.


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