Don’t Forget The Human Side Of Automation In Your Business

Don’t Forget The Human Side Of Automation In Your Business

By Jerry Mooney
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It’s part of the business common sense to know that automation can save you and your team a lot of precious time. No more manual filing, and more time for the actual work, these are the most obvious benefits you can get from automating some of your business systems. However, whether it’s the smart car that drives itself into a ditch or the automated printer that accidentally prints out an entire report on only one line, sometimes even the machine makes an error. That’s exactly why, as a business owner, you need to be aware that errors are inevitable, whether you work with people or with automated systems. There is always the possibility of something going wrong. And while you can’t prepare for all eventualities, you need to be able to have a plan of action. First of all, you need to identify the areas of your business where an automated error could impact and who is most likely to notice an error. Then you need to ask yourself who can control the automated system to fix the error. These essential questions need to be at the top of your priority list when you consider implementing an automated solution in your business.

Can automated technology replace people?

Why do you need to control automated systems?

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you are ultimately the one responsible for the performance of your company. Therefore it’s essential to think ahead and make sure that you always take the best-informed decision at the time. A recent article on the blog,, discusses these elements and provides advice on how to manage your responsibility in an everyday business life. From avoiding business partners and investors to choosing your team well, there are plenty of approaches to ensure that you’re still the one in control. However, you need to maintain the same mindset when you work with automated solutions. When a customer has been the victim of an automated error, you need to be able to take responsibility for the error and to compensate your customer. Blaming it all on the machine is never a smart move and can damage your brand reputation.

Is automation saver?

There’s a common school of thought that claims that automation can minimize human errors and maximize business performance. Automated systems can work faster and at any time of the day or night, and more importantly, they don’t need a day off. Nevertheless, automated systems can go wrong too, and it’s important to understand why and how this could happen. First of all, automated systems are not always designed with human factors in mind, even though they will need to be operated and implemented by people. As a result, the disconnection between automated and human resources can often be a cause of troubles for misuse or abuse of the system. Additionally, an automated system cannot adjust to a sudden change in circumstances – such as the automated marketing reports not being able to cope with Google’s being down and alerting the team about poor SEO results.

Who controls automated engineering?

Industrial sites work primarily through automated production systems. These systems can manage an entire production cycle, but they need to be submitted to a thorough control solution, Industrial automation needs to be scanned for errors and performance issues so that the relevant machine can be individually and manually taken off the system for repairs or added in case of an increase production load. In other words, you need an engineer who controls the industrial site.  

Production technology

Who controls automated marketing?

Automated marketing is the preferred solutions for small and large businesses that struggle with limited marketing and IT resources at any given time. As it’s a solution that connects multiple marketing channels, it offers an integrated strategy for your business goals. However, while it offers personalized options and user-friendly approaches, marketing automation can lose you clients if it doesn’t integrate human interactions in the data pool. Let’s say that one of your customers walks into your shop and complains about receiving too many newsletters. If the shop assistant doesn’t take note of their contact details to pass it on to the marketing team, this person will continue to receive newsletters even though they’ve informed your company about their problem.

Who controls automated financial tasks?

Invoice automation is one of these things that makes everybody lives easier. No more manual invoicing and more importantly, the automated system can send invoices at any time of the day or night without wasting your workforce’s time. It makes no doubt that for all businesses, automating your invoices helps you to keep track of your credit and debit books and to know in real time when you will get paid. However, here again, things can go wrong. The invoicing system can experience update issues, and might in the process lose essential data or invoice all customers twice. Additionally, when a customer complains about an invoice, is there any guarantee that the automated system can put their invoice on hold until resolution of the issue?

Who controls automated workforce management?

45% of business managers need a more agile and flexible workforce and consequently, they need better access to workforce data. Workforce management solutions enable businesses to automate time and attendance and also to control payroll and HR processes. In a work environment, an automated workforce management system allows a business to rapidly and efficiently share tasks and timetables. However, the workforce data needs to be screened to be authorized onto the system, which can be difficult to implement within digital settings: From a name too long for the field name or a typo in the DOB, automated workforce management systems can leave out qualified applicants.

Who controls automated security systems?

Most businesses rely on an automated security system that keeps their offices safe. As explained in this article,, automated security systems can monitor who comes and leaves the site, can recognize the vehicles, and record everything on CCTV. But what happens during a power cut? Or if a member of your staff buys a new car? A security engineer needs to ensure that your system is always up to date with the latest info and emergency solutions.

Business automation can’t work without the human interaction to adjust, correct and manage it. Don’t believe that an automated system means that you don’t need a team! The expert team ensures that your automation works for the people and not the other way round.



Setting Up Camp – How to choose a good spot

Setting Up Camp – How to choose a good spot

For any outdoor enthusiasts, camping is seemingly a nice choice. However, setting up camp perfectly to enjoy wildness is not easy at all. At first, do you know how to pick the best camp-ground?

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Camping – it is not a story like luxury resorts or noisy cities. By contrast, here is the enjoying with sun, wind, rain, green and blue sky. After week days being tired of boring tons of work, you pack up, begin camping days and leave rush things behind. Here is the reason why you should not let silly troubles as setting up camp annoy your trip. And followings are some tips for you to get rid of such barriers.

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Ground surface

Among masses, the place which you choose to have sleep at night plays an essential part. Hence, do never disregard the step for make decision where the campsite should be. With the purpose of pitching a tend well, a flat ground with tall trees around is surely in need. It is because that you may wake up at midnight, then cram against the wall of the tent to go outsides. Therefore, such terrain will be suitable for the cases.

Moreover, choosing a camp-ground which is flat will make sure that you can enjoy a smooth sleep without dangerous protrusions. If the area is covered by sand or grass, you seem to be the luckiest camper so far. For the location as small depression, it is so nice for windy days, but the story no longer is the same as rainy ones.


Before setting up camp, there is another important thing that you have to consider much. It is the shade. Actually, it is not necessary for campers to search for the area with the shade all day long. But that is a must for the morning since the blazing sunshine in the morning likely wake you up with an annoying mood. After a day of hiking, you deserve sleep without bothering.

Especially, for campers to the desert, the shade is exactly a wonderful found. They can be a flat ground under the green or the one with brushes around. In a case that you cannot look for a satisfying area, bringing your shelter is partly an ideal option.

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Things above

In fact, no campers want to take themselves at risk. How is it going when you see something which is looming above? For the safety, you should never place your camp under dead branches of trees with a thought that they are still safe and seem not to break immediately. The things will be the same for the area of rockslide or the one with an avalanche. Since nature is unpredictable, let make sure that you are not close to hazards like these.

Things around

The story does not tend to stop at the things above you. Another note for how you are surrounding. For example, the campsite of your decision to pitch a tent is on a water edge. There will be bugs, insects, dangerous animals are waiting for you. Hence, preparing water by your own surely help you protect your back from lugging water.

As mentioned above, a flat ground is reasonable for an amazing camp. However, your decision should be change if it is a forecast of high wind afterward. In such cases, it is undoubtful that setting a camp which is hidden behind a boulder or trees will save you.

And more, you also have to take consideration for your camp impacts. There will be no problem when you start the camping in a place which seems to be a campsite already. In spite of being endless, the wildness still needs to be preserved for the future generation.


Sometimes, it is great for a campsite with more than two camping groups for parties or making new friends. While sometimes, you desire a quite area for relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty. Setting your camp with privacy is an opportunity of exploring the wildness. To be honest, some of you are looking for peacefulness in mind which cannot let others break out. Maybe, it is not hard to search for spots like path; you can get space for your vehicles, not be surrounded by too many campers.


In addition to elements including grounds for the camp, the shade, the privacy and the safety, now it is time for you to turn to the space. Assume that you pack up and pitch a single tent, the space does not matter. It just needs a small room in nature. Alternatively, you and your friends reunite for camping parties and have nights with big tents, the space should be larger. You imagine that it will look like houses with spaces for sleeping, spaces for cooking with a lot of gears like stove, knives,… and others for recreation. Because of such purposes, it is highly recommended for you to pick spots with big flat ground as well as all elements referred above.

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Local permission

The final thing which you must to pay attention before camping is in relation to regulations. These are different among places all over the world. Normally, the campsites are in national or state parks as well as forest or mountain. The authority of each spot has their own restriction for visitors with purpose of protecting the nature.

Forgetting to check the regulation may drive you crazy. For instance, you wake up in the morning with fresh air among the forest. Suddenly, there is a man coming and requiring you to get out from the area since you do not have a ticket.

Generally, picking the area for your campsite entails you to keep in mind which you are waiting for. Many questions as how many campers there are, whether the camp is near the water source and more should not be ignored. Besides the campground, you had to consider the gears are going along with the tent, for example, tent pole, straps or knife to cut off green hassles around before setting a camp.

This is why you should try night hunting

This is why you should try night hunting

Night hunting is something unappealing to many hunters. The reason is that you need special gears to hunt at night, as well as put your life at higher risk. But it is also more rewarding and exciting. If you can afford a thermal vision or night vision scope, then you should know 3 reasons why you should try night hunting once in your life.

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  1. Rare animal species

The most interesting period of the wildlife day is the evening. The forest will be more energetic than ever. A lot of animal species goes out of the shelter to find food. Then, it is also when nocturnal predators appear. Some of them you will never see in during the daytime. Therefore, night hunting gives you chances to hunt a lot of rare species.

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During daytime, the most common hunting targets are birds, whitetails, or some subspecies of bulls. Meanwhile the night, you can hunt wild boars, coyotes, and even panther. Some especially big bulls also work at night. Moreover, you can look for animal’s bedding grounds to hunt. Feeding grounds sometimes are too large, so beddings are easier and more effective.

  1. More challenging

Night hunting doesn’t not only give you special targets but also give you an opportunity. It’s the opportunity to feel more excitement and adrenaline inside you. Night hunting, in every aspect, is a lot challenging than day hunting.

Hog hunting is common night hunting practice. They are not only pigs, they are wild boars. They are mightier, smarter, more sensitive, and harder to be hunted. They walk in random patterns and do not leave many trails to follow. They are hard to be recognized in the dark. But more important, if you don’t approach properly, you may lose them or even be counterattacked.

To hunt a predator is the most challenging thing. They are carnivore animals, their senses are a lot better than human, so they can easily detect us. They are also too smart to be hunted by normal traps. Moreover, each kind of predator has different hunting and living habits, as well as other customs. Therefore, you must learn and prepare for any specific species and specific conditions. You even need to spend much time to observe the animals. There are many things to do to have a successful hunt, and thus more exciting.

  1. Improve survival ability

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Hunters need to learn how to survive in the wild. And night hunting is the hardest test for your survival abilities. Under the moonlight, there are a lot of targets for the hunt, and also a lot of threats for you. As said, predators are very sensitive, and if you’re careless, you may become their food. In the jungle night, you have to spend 200% of your power to survive.

In the dark, your visibility is limited. Even when using a thermal scope, your vision is also narrower than it is in the morning. If you don’t move properly, you can alert the animals so they will know your location. When you are spotting some animals, there may be some others are spotting you. You must their pattern comprehensively, and timely react to any of their moves. If you feel danger, you need to escape in the safest and most quiet way. Otherwise, you will provoke the predators, being chased and attacked.

Although it’s appealing, you mustn’t forget that night hunting is dangerous. So, you need to remember some precautions to keep yourself safe and alive.


  1. Have at least two tactical flashlights

Vision is your survival in the dark. Without it, you are blinded, thus are hunted. A good police flashlight is reliable and can last for days. But you must have a second one in your bag for the worst situations. May be the hunt is longer than you estimation and the light is out of battery. Or you accidentally drop it during work. Everything is possible, so you need an extra light support ready in your bag.

  1. Buy a bushcraft knife

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If you are camping, knives are just supporting tools. But if you are hunting, they are more effective than you think.

For some reasons, you will need other weapons aside from your rifle. Maybe it gets errors or runs out of rounds, your gun should not be your only weapon. A knife, especially bushcraft knife can be the choice. Those bushcraft knives are for survival purposes, so they are as tough as small swords. They can be used to secure a weakened but struggling animal. Or you can defend yourself against agressive predators, even bad manners. Intruders will think twice when they know that you have weapons.

Hunters also need a shelter to rest and recovery during the hunt, the knives will help you. You can use them to cut or carve wood and make tinder to start the fire. Their solid pommel can be used for hammering tasks to nail something to the ground. You can also use knives to fix other gears. Their sharp, thin points can be used to turn the screws and other tiny parts.

  1. Try blind shooting strategy

Blind shooting means you will hide and shoot from in a shooting blind. This strategy is especially good for night hunting. Blind shooting reduces chances of getting detected from other dangerous animals. You are safer when aiming, no sudden attacks will happen until you reveal yourself.

You can spot the location of the targets in the morning. Then, place your blind nearby in the evening and wait for them to appear at night. This strategy allows you time to carefully choose targets, angles, and perfect shooting moments.

The blind also protects you from the severe cold of the night forest. You may spend hours out there without a good chance to kill the animals. A long time exposure to the cold can result in sickness. Being sick is the forest is the worst thing ever.

With the fact that there are more hunters use an AR-15 rifle to hunt, blind shooting can improve your results. It’s because you can easily deploy a bipod. The downside of an AR-15 rifle is the aftershot recoil and barrel hops. They move your reticle around, resulting in inaccurate shots. Using a bipod will eliminate those factors and increase shooting precision. A shooting blind allows you time to aim and the ability to use a bipod. Therefore, it generally increases your shooting accuracy.

Look for a good AR-15 bipod here to increase your shooting accuracy.

Rare animal species, especially predators, and higher difficulty are exactly the reasons why you should try night hunting. It is also a good way to test and improve your survival abilities. Just remember to call some fellow hunters to hunt with you as it will be safer and more effective.

What Domestic Services Are Most Important In The Business World?

What Domestic Services Are Most Important In The Business World?

By Jerry Mooney

All businesses are important in their own way. When we talk about a domestic business we usually mean the standard definition overall: A domestic business is one that keeps its activities to the local market and only gets profit from there. But what about businesses that serve domestic needs? What businesses that have minimal startup costs take care of the ‘undesirable’ facets of business life? Lets celebrate some of the strongest workers out there, so here’s a little food for thought on them.

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The Many Different Types Of Cleaning Services

There’s so many different types of cleaning services that cater wholly to certain sectors, and for good reason. Us human beings are a messy bunch, and a lot of work can be created from our daily activities, whether they be in an office or behind a counter.

If you run something like an office cleaning service, then you’re guaranteed to have a hard working and skilled workforce. Other professionals rely on them because they’re the best at what they do. Cleaning services sometimes get an unfair rap, but the skilled labour they do is the stuff we often don’t want to do ourselves. It also allows people to capitalise on their work hours and get more done for themselves. Who knew that idea could be so simply accomplished?

Those that work in sewage are some of the bravest people out there and deserve a whole lot more recognition. Working with sewage is also a very high paying job due to all the risks involved. They’re also some of the cleanest, as they know what goes on down in the big city pipes, and thus have to take extra steps to stay healthy.

Everything That Catering Services Provide

Working in the domestic sector often means you’ll own or work for a food business. Whether this be in a restaurant as a chef or waiter, or in a van that services fairgrounds and festivals, this kind of job is incredibly important.

When it comes to it, it’s decidedly not fast food, but instead it’s more convenience food. Going out is made a lot easier by the amount of buyable food options that are ready to eat. Making your own sandwiches works out a lot cheaper, but a lot of people don’t think of this when all they want to do the night before is hit the hay and only have 5 minutes for breakfast.

It tastes good and is delivered quickly, at no extra effort to yourself. That’s one of the main reasons that catering services are important. Yet if you’re hiring one out for an event, they also make sure every other section of the event is up to scratch. Employees also act as on site waiters and waitresses, meaning all services you could need are delivered in one.

This list consisted of two very strong examples of domestic services that are incredibly important to businesses and the public alike. We should always know where our health and hygiene comes from.

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When it Comes to Marketing, Results Are All That Matter

When it Comes to Marketing, Results Are All That Matter

By Jerry Mooney

Your business’s approach to marketing can be determined by many different things. But what you shouldn’t forget is that all that really matters is the outcomes. If your marketing approach is simply not producing results for your business, then you need to rethink that approach.

Work With People Who Have a Proven Track Record

It’s often a good idea to work with other people when it comes to marketing your business online. There are a lot of different things that need to be covered, and you might not have the expertise to do that. Head to if you want to get help from digital marketing and SEO experts. It’s important to work with people who already have a proven track record. These are the people who will know what to do, and you will have complete confidence in their abilities.

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Track Unique Visitors

You should definitely be tracking the unique visits that your website is receiving if you want to know how your marketing tactics are playing out. If people are simply not heading to your website, it’s a sure sign that your marketing techniques are not doing what you wanted them to. It’s easy enough to track how many unique visits your website is getting. It’s better to track this metric than raw traffic data because that doesn’t offer you a picture of how many individuals are visiting your websites. Make sure you’re doing this if you’re not already. Head to if you want to learn how to do it.

Aim to Keep Improving That Conversion Rate

As well as unique visitors, you need to focus on the conversion rate of your website. If your aim is to sell goods and services online, you need to make sure that you are converting those visitors into buyers. If people are heading to your website but not actually handing over their money and making a purchase, it suggests something isn’t quite working. It’s a good way of monitoring your success and seeing if your overall approach to marketing is working out or not. If it’s not, you’ll have to make changes sooner rather than later for the sake of your company.

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Don’t Get Lost in Your Own Hype

You need to remember that your own thoughts and ideas don’t mean much if they don’t produce results. It’s very easy to be sold by your own sales patter and get lost in your own hype. That’s not going to help your business when it comes to succeeding with good marketing, though. You need to be level-headed, and don’t become too invested in a marketing idea until you’ve seen whether or not it works. It’s a much better approach to take to marketing. There is nothing to be gained by getting lost in your own hype and bluster.

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Marketing is never easy to get right. You’ll experience successes, and you’ll experience failures. That’s just the way it is. But remember to never take your eye off the end results; they’re all that matters.

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