SEO For Authors

SEO For Authors

As an aspiring author, one of the most important skills you’ll ever have to learn is… Finishing! Not only is writing endings a skill and its own discrete art, it’s impossible to start to promote or market a book that is unfinished. Hit up virtually any author on Twitter and ask them how many would-be authors have contacted them through some platform or another with advice about how to promote their book. Then ask them how many of those authors actually finished the book in question. The number will likely diminish. Still, getting ahead of one’s self before the tome in question is complete is just one part of the wonderful life of an author.

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Nonetheless, when that troublesome ending is written, the book has been re-drafted and edited and you’re feeling good about it, promotion can be a thorny issue, especially if you have self-published. Without the clout of a publisher behind you, getting people to invest in your book can be tricky. While it’s advisable to seek the aid of SEO Consultants, this is not always possible for those on a shoestring budget. With this in mind, here are some SEO tips for authors to help you to reach the audience who will love your book…

Always be blogging

Blogging is a powerful string to an author’s bow for a number of reasons. Firstly, blogging is a great whetstone on which to sharpen your writing talents. Secondly, it’s a great way to engage with your readers and let them peek behind the curtain of your writing process. Thirdly, it allows you a great opportunity to expand your reach through SEO. Needless to say, your blog posts don’t always have to be about the book you’re trying to promote. The judicious use of keywords can allow you and your work to get noticed in a wide range of search engine queries. When you use highly relevant keywords which are appropriate to the craft of writing, your chosen genre or literary criticism it exposes your insights and your work to a wider range or prospective readers.

Plus, if you can get them to invest in you as an author and as a person they’ll keep coming back to your work time and again.

Focus on strategy

Your website should be a platform not just to promote your work but to encourage readers to invest in your brand and your voice. If they do this, they’ll not only be more likely to read your work, they’ll also be more likely to review it on Amazon, share your content on social media and help their friends, colleagues and family members to find your work.

In order to do this, however, you need to be strategic in your approach to content creation. Don’t just write content arbitrarily. Keep abreast of trending topics. Write posts that coincide with big releases in your genre. Keep using keywords to keep your content relevant.

Reach out to other authors

Links are an important part of SEO. Internal links are great but backlinks from high authority sites are solid gold. Thus, if you can get another author to link to your content, especially one whose website gets a lot of traffic, it can be highly beneficial for your SEO.

This is why it pays to maintain good relations with fellow authors, especially those within your genre, on social media and be a participatory member of the community.

The Reception Area is the most Important Part of the Workspace

The Reception Area is the most Important Part of the Workspace

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When modern offices are designed, special attention is given to the reception area. This is the first place new or existing clients see, and it reflects the personality of your whole company.  A messy and cluttered reception are will not create a good impression, where one that is clean and tidy shows that your business is interested in the way it is seen.

The layout, colors, and textures are all an integral part of the view clients will get of your business from the first part of it they walk into. Comfortable seating is vital, especially if they are going to have to wait a while before they are seen.

Use Your Design Budget Wisely

Business owners do not always realize the return on investment they will get from their reception area. Good quality flooring and furniture in this area will make sure that it does not constantly fall into disrepair. Having the right design for the space you have, from someone such as Perfect Practice, is also important, as then you will know that your budget is being used in the best way. The more you can get for your budget, the better.

It should be well lit. Natural light is the best of course, but if that is not possible, LED lights are the next best thing. A dull or dark room will feel cold and not welcoming at all, so use some of your budget to make sure your reception area is well illuminated without being too bright.

Always keep on top of the décor too, as chipped paint never looks good.

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Make It Look Professional

Your reception area should look professional while maintaining a friendliness that clients expect today. Most receptionists have many tasks to care of, but none should be more important than dealing with your clients.  They should have plenty of room so that if they have to interrupt something they are doing, they do not have to put it away while they are making sure your clients are seen to.

This would be frustrating for them, and that is likely to show to the people that are waiting. The receptionists should always be friendly and polite, and that can be difficult for them if every few minutes they have to put a job away, and then get it out again later.

Staff Morale

Entering their workplace through a pleasant reception area is said to help put your staff in a good mood. That is a great start to the day for them, as they will be more motivated if that is the way they feel. Happy workers are productive workers, and that has to be the best for your business.

When you are considering what to do with your reception area, remember it is a crucial part of your business. It is where new and existing clients enter your premises, and if it is not warm and welcoming with helpful and friendly staff, they may just walk straight out the door they came in by.

What Will The Roads Of The Future Look Like?

What Will The Roads Of The Future Look Like?

Do you ever stop and wonder what the future of the world will look like? It may surprise you to learn that we can already make educated guesses about how the world will be ten, twenty or thirty years from now. We can do this by looking at tech trends that are shaping the industries right now. Let’s explore how this works, by examining where the roads we travel on every day will be in a few years and what they will look like.



You don’t have to be psychic or an expert to suggest that all roads are heading towards a driverless future. This technology is already on the market right now, and you might even have it in your car. Most people can’t afford a truly driverless automobile so they’ll settle for lane assistance for now. But this tech is still linked to a car that can drive itself. It uses the same type of processes to ensure that you don’t need to be in control all the time. Right now, driverless cars are still the minority on the roads. One only has to look at the market for hybrid and electric vehicles to know we’re a good few years away from driverless being the norm.

As well as this, a truly driverless car won’t need you to have your hands on the wheel. This is a necessity right now, but producers and developers are working towards the goal of removing this need. In our lifetime we will no doubt see the introduction of a truly driverless car, and at that point, more changes should be expected.

No Speeding

Ask any accident attorney, and they will tell whether you’re in a car accident, in a truck accident in or a bike accident, speeding was probably a factor. When trucks speed, it’s particularly dangerous because of the weight behind them. However, as we move towards driverless vehicles, this will no doubt change. We will see driverless cars fixed at certain speeds that are deemed to be safe. They will no doubt be able to travel at a faster average speed than a driver can safely travel currently. However, this will not occur until the cars of today are all without drivers. That doesn’t just require a market shift and a reduction in the cost of tech. It would require new laws and regulations as well.

Fewer Accidents

Of course, by transforming the vehicles we drive, we would expect there to be fewer accidents and certainly fewer fatalities on the road. You might find that fatalities disappear completely and some producers have already set their target on this goal. Volvo hopes that by 2021 there will be no fatalities in their cars and that is certainly based on the incorporation of driverless tech.

Super Smart

Finally, roads are definitely getting smarter. Machine learning will allow roads to predict traffic issues before they occur and change accordingly. Theoretically, this could make issues like congestion and gridlocked traffic problems of the past. This tech is already starting to be implemented, but we’re not quite at the point where traffic can be avoided altogether. Although, that day is certainly coming which is fantastic news because right now we waste a massive portion of our life stuck in traffic

So while we may never see the flying car, we can certainly expect great changes and advances on the roads of the future.

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What Can Hold Us Back In Life?

What Can Hold Us Back In Life?


We all have dreams that we hope to achieve throughout our lives. Unfortunately, though, there are so many of us who fail to make these dreams become a reality. As a result, we miss goals and targets, and life can sometimes turn out very differently to how we would have liked it to. This could end up feeling like you haven’t achieved anything and that you have ended up going down a dead-end route.

Thankfully, it doesn’t always have to be like that. In fact, if you are able to identify the things that are holding you back in your life, then you should be able to go about changing things for the better. Here are a few things that regularly hold people back in their lives and what can be done about them.

A Poor Education

When we are kids, we are never interested in our education as much as we should be, and it’s often the case that some children don’t end up getting the grades that they need for their future careers. As a result, they often end up taking a job that they aren’t particularly interested in. If this is what happened to you, you might want to think about trying to get a better education. After all, it’s never too late to go back to school! Once you get the grades you need, then you can start working towards your dream career.

Shock And Trauma

Sometimes life can be going exactly how we want, but then an event will occur out of nowhere and can knock us completely off course. Not only can some events leave people with mental health issues, such as PTSD and anxiety, but they can also have financial implications too. One of the most common causes of trauma that can turn lives upside down has to be a car crash. If you are ever involved with one, it could be necessary to seek help from a therapist to help treat mental scars. You might also need to find a car accident attorney to help you claim compensation and get your finances back on track.


A Lack Of Finances

Some people find that their poor money management skills can hold them back from doing certain things, such as going traveling or moving into a better home. Even if you don’t want to do anything big in your life that requires money, it’s still nice to have some savings that you can dip into every now and then. You shouldn’t find it too hard to improve your financial situation as long as you are fairly strict with yourself. You just need to set a budget and try to cut down your expenses as much as possible.

No Plans

If you do want to aim for something big in your life, you need to have a plan in place to help you achieve it. Without a plan, you might find that the lack of guidance is difficult to deal with.

Make sure none of the above ever holds you back!

How RFID Technology Can Benefit Business

How RFID Technology Can Benefit Business

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RFID technology can be likened to the magnetic strip on your credit card or the   on goods you buy, it is a tracking system. To give it if full name, Radio Frequency Identification, provides a unique identifier with the use of radio waves to capture the information that has been stored on a tag attached to the object.

Although this technology is not a new innovation, it is becoming more popular with businesses as they realize the benefits it can offer.


RFID technology will undoubtedly make your business more efficient if you choose to use it. It does not require barcodes to be scanned, which can be a time consuming, and it can read multiple tags at once. This results in less monitoring by humans, leaving your employees free to handle more important tasks. Goods and information are both handled more efficiently, and your business will become more productive with its use.


This is an automatic technology where no humans are needed to read the data that is collected. Companies that have used this technology report more accurate results, as the possibility of human error is taken away. Some developers, such as Ranger branch, have tags that work underground, even if they get covered in dirt, dust or paint. These have proved very useful in the lifting industry as companies in this line can have their equipment tagged and tracked, without the worry of a person getting the location wrong.

Real-Time Information

Unlike any other type of tracking system that is currently available, RFID can give you real-time information on your inventory. This is attractive to all types of business, as there have been problems in the past whereby the time they have the data from bar codes handled manually, the inventory has been altered and they could not trust the accuracy of the information.

With this technology it does not matter if you are checking your stock in a warehouse or a retail outlet, you will have real-time information and analysis. This can be an enormous help to a business that needs to manage their stock levels, as there will no longer be any guesswork involved.

More Useful Data

The real-time data RFID provides, together with the analysis of that data, means that companies can have more insights that are based on accurate and useful information, and that can lead to better decisions being made. This can give business owners and managers the edge over competitors who perhaps do not have RFID technology.

Although it has taken a while for this amazingly useful technology to become well known, now there are so many businesses using RFID because of the advantages associated with it. In this competitive world, any technology that helps a business be more efficient and productive is a bonus, and in the case of RFID technology, it excels at its job. There are lots of options for different RFID programs available, and some research online will lead you to the developers of the best one for your business.

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