Financial Recovery After Health Issues

Financial Recovery After Health Issues

While we do our best to keep our personal finances healthy at all times, it’s not always that much we can do when our own health is suffering. Most of our emergency funds, for example, tend to be consumed by these types of incidents – and there is nothing else to do than to start over again from scratch.

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Luckily, there’s a lot you can do in order to ensure that your finances are able to recover a bit faster next time, though, as long as you know how to prepare for the unexpected.

Here is a handful of ways to help your finances recover again when you’ve been busy attending to your own health concerns.

First: Can you get compensation?

Sadly, it’s not that easy to get compensated for staying in bed for a week or two with the common flu – but if your health issues are due to something caused by somebody else, you may be able to find compensation for it.

All types of motor accidents, for example, will certainly be compensated as long as you’ve managed to keep track of the details of the accidents. Look for an attorney online that deals with these types of cases in your area and get started as soon as possible.

Other and less common issues can also be compensated, by the way, and especially if it’s due to malpractice. Just read up on this case from a Chicago transvaginal mesh attorney, for example, and keep it in mind in case something should happen to you or a loved one while undergoing surgery.

Next: Boost your savings

When you’re able to work and make money, it’s a good idea to prepare for these sorts of things by boosting your emergency fund. It is the pinnacle of financial security and the more you’re able to put into it, the easier it will be for you and your personal finances to cope if something should happen.

Even if your emergency fund keeps being emptied due to emergencies, you’re still doing it right; try to increase the amount you save little by little, if you’re able to, and enjoy the feeling of being independent and financially stable.

Find security

Finally, one of the best ways to keep your head above the water in case of an illness or an accident is, of course, to have a comprehensive insurance. There are many types, though, and you may want to consider a disability insurance on top of your regular medical insurance in case yours doesn’t cover this.

That way, you will be completely covered in case you’re not able to work and bring in the kind of money that you used to.

3 Subscription Services Perfect for Book Lovers

3 Subscription Services Perfect for Book Lovers


If you or a loved one is a committed member of the literari, there is no better time to look into book subscription boxes. The bookworm in your family might be difficult to buy for around the holidays since they’re always buying new books or cruising the local library for new releases, but you can get ahead of the curve by signing them (or yourself) up for a subscription box specifically curated by book lovers for book lovers. While you’re at it, you might treat yourself further by signing up for the best coffee subscription to pair with your new favorite novel.

Not everyone is blessed with a Powell’s right next door, and barring an opportunity to road trip and get the Oregon Coast experience, you’ll have to make do with local bookstores or online purchases. This is where subscription services are especially handy. However, not all are created equal, and certain book of the month clubs are preferable for fans of different genres. A YA fanatic and a mystery lover will undoubtedly benefit from signing up for different subscriptions. If you’re curious about becoming a member of a book subscription club, consider some of the following popular choices.


The YA genre has never been more popular. With an unbelievable wealth of subgenres ranging from indulgent boy band fiction to creepy paranormal romance to action-packed dystopia, this category is not just for kids anymore. In fact, the vast majority of YA fans are actually over the age of 18, and the premier subscription box for fans of the young adult genre is OwlCrate and its sub-company, OwlCrate Jr., for kids.

Founded in 2014 by passionate YA fans hoping to share lesser-known titles with a worldwide audience, the service has taken off in the past four years and grown into nothing short of a phenomenon. The tight-knit team of voracious readers and proud book nerds have made appearances at events including the Texas Teen Book Festival in Austin and BookCon in Chicago. Their motto is “no one is too old to read YA,” and they encourage readers to keep growing their TBR piles with carefully curated monthly selections of the best in young adult literature.

LitJoy Crate.

Though fantasy-oriented subscription company LitJoy Crate is still finding their footing, the relatively new subscription service appears to be thriving amidst a lot of competition, perhaps due to the fact that their team is especially passionate about high-quality storytelling and fine detail in literature.

LitJoy is staffed by a team of powerful modern women with an unironic love of high and low fantasy, and hope to create a safe space for escapists to indulge their wildest dreams. They enable readers to give them feedback and talk about books through their social media platforms, too, allowing the experience to feel a lot more personal.

Despite their love of the fantastical and fictional, the staff of LitJoy are firmly grounded in real-world charity. They have proudly partnered with NGOs to give back to their global community of readers and writers.

Book of the Month.

With a name as classic and forthright as Book of the Month, this service is guaranteed to offer a straightforward, no-frills opportunity to dive into the best literary offerings every month. Subscribers are certainly happy; Book of the Month is currently the top-ranked subscription service for literature lovers. Their motto (“Read. Love. Repeat.”) emphasizes the simple, traditional values that their company takes as gospel, and at affordable rates, enables virtually anyone to gain access to the best books imaginable. While primarily geared towards adults, there are plenty of books available via Book of the Month that are appropriate for teens.

This service enables book lovers to gain early access to new releases and debut novels from groundbreaking authors. Book of the Month truly opens doors that might otherwise remain closed to those outside of the literary world themselves. It’s a beautiful thing when something as simple as a monthly subscription can provide amazing opportunities to read great literary fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs before anyone else.

How To Make Bricks & Mortar Successful In 2018

How To Make Bricks & Mortar Successful In 2018

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It’s a trick question, right? Bricks and mortar stores can’t be successful in 2018 because of eCommerce. Shoppers don’t want to drive down to their local shop, pay for parking and usher the kids around the mall. Everybody would prefer to open their laptop and start shopping without the added hassle.

Although it’s true that eCommerce has taken over, there has been a swing in the pendulum recently. Stores are getting popular again as the rise of hackers and the generic online experience is scary and boring in equal measure.

Still, the old methods won’t work. To open a booming store in the 21st century, these are the bases you must cover.

Online Presence

Ironically, the branding will begin online because that is where the majority of traffic exists today. Opening a store in the middle of town and hoping passers-by spot the signs isn’t going to be effective. Not only are there not enough people to make significant conversions, but you can’t target the right audience. Nowadays, the successful high street stores start life as an eCommerce website and build up a base. Then, after they have the profits and customer base, they expand into malls and onto the street. Think about how cheap and hassle-free it is to start an online business.


Running a digital presence and a physical one is tough because they are direct competitors. Some customers will prefer the website and others will like the store. However, it’s essential that there is a drive to the bricks and mortar site, in the beginning, to raise awareness and boost traffic. Not to favor one over the other, but you should attempt to divert people into the store rather than through the digital doors. To do this, give them discounts and promotions that only exists in-store. It’s incredible how far shoppers will commute for 10% off.

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Once the consumers are in the space, it’s crucial to make a connection. To let them wander around without investing in the experience will make the expansion a dud. However, people hate being followed and forced into a purchase, so it’s important to be subtle. Thankfully, scent marketing is on hand as smell affects 75% of a person’s daily emotions. Click here for more. Music is another way to create an atmosphere your base will love. There’s a reason sneaker stores play the hippest, newest beats around: it’s because their demographic is into the tunes. And, they need to appear current.

Beta Test

Online shopping and browsing bricks and mortar stores have some similarities. One of them is that customers hate buying things and then returning them. It’s why physical shops are becoming popular again because shoppers don’t want to waste their time with websites which falsely advertise. Still, returns happen if there is nowhere to try on clothes beforehand or if they are an afterthought. Make sure there’s enough room in the store for four or five them and police it so that shoppers don’t take too long.

Online retailers might be in front right now, but physical stores are here to stay. And, with these tips, so will yours.

Beware Personal Issues That Can Derail Financial Goals

Beware Personal Issues That Can Derail Financial Goals

We’d like to think that if we were smart, made good decisions, and had a firm grip on our finances, then everything would be fine, and we could meet our financial goals with ease. Alas, this not the case. Our finances don’t exist independently; they’re closely linked to our personal circumstances, and that means if we have personal issues, then there’s a chance that our financial life can be flipped upside down. Below, we take a look at some of the most common finance-busting problems we can have in our life. We can’t always prevent them from happening, but if we know that our actions and feelings can have a big effect on our finances, then we may be able to do something about it.


Impulse Decisions

There’s a reason why many people get into debt. It’s not because they’re living a lavish lifestyle every day. It’s that they live a lavish lifestyle on several days during the year. Take this example. A person has had a rough month at work, and decides they need a break. On a whim, they book an expensive flight to an exotic destination using a credit card. They’re happy, of course, because it’s going to be awesome, but they’re obviously made a mistake – they’ve spent a lot of money that they don’t have. If you’re going to do things impulsively, make it something like spending time on a swing set, not spending a lot of money.

Making a Mistake

Most of us are law abiding citizens. However, this really is only the case until we find ourselves in an unusual situation, one that was didn’t plan, but which happened. You might have to defend yourself in a bar, but end up getting arrested. Or you might think you were fine to drive, but end up getting pulled over for a DUI. These things can cause big problems, especially if you have to take time off work. If you’re found guilty, there might be a black mark on your record that affects your future employability. As such, it’s imperative that you take action as soon as possible, and work with a criminal defense law firm to clear your name. Life runs much more smoothly when you exist on the right side of the law.

At Your Work

We’re not always on top of the world. We can get sad, or have arguments with our partners, and so on. It’s important, however, that these personal issues don’t creep into your professional world. If you go through a tough time and start treating your job as a secondary concern, then by the time you’re better, you might find that there is no job to return to, or that your actions have affected your chances of getting a promotion in the future. As such, it’s important that you take steps to make sure you can handle your emotional state while also delivering your best work. You’ll be thankful you did in the long run when your personal issues have passed.

Quickly Replace Your Bad Financial Habits For These Good Habits And You’ll Change Your Life

Quickly Replace Your Bad Financial Habits For These Good Habits And You’ll Change Your Life

Have you ever considered that your financial habits are shaping your future, right now? Whether you’re not planning on retirement for another 20 or even 40 years, you should be making positive changes to your financial habits so that you can create the ideal future for you. You might think you have plenty of time, but the truth is, if you don’t change your habits sooner rather than later, you might never get around to it. All of us can probably do better in one way or another, even those who consider themselves financially savvy.

Here are a few ways you can replace your bad financial habits for good habits and change your life in the process:


Stop The Negative Talk – Change The Words You Use

If you talk about money negatively, you’re unlikely to ever truly improve your situation with your finances. By changing your mindset, affirming what you’d like to be true and using positive language, you can begin improving your relationship with money and your financial situation. Stop saying things like ‘I’m so broke’ and ‘I’m so bad with money’ even if you believe them to be true right now. The more you affirm those things to yourself, the more true they become. Change the story!

Save An Emergency Fund And Stop Relying On Credit Cards

Having an emergency fund when you need some cash is going to be much smarter than relying on credit cards. When used wisely, credit cards can be great, but they can also be super dangerous. Try to save 6 months of expenses for emergencies so you don’t have to rely on credit.

Think About Purchases Before You Buy And Stop Impulse Spending

Never make an impulse purchase. You should be giving yourself at least a few weeks to think about purchases, especially larger purchases, before you splash the cash. Often, the novelty idea of having the item will wear off and you won’t feel like buying it anymore. The trick is to avoid giving in to that sudden and sharp urge!

Plan For Your Future Don’t Leave It To Chance

Don’t leave your future to chance. Plan for it! Visualize your ideal future and come up with a plan. How much money do you want? Where do you want to live? How will you take care of your family? Making sure you have a will sorted with a probate attorney will help you to ensure your family are taken care of and that you have peace of mind. Plan for this before the unthinkable happens!

Pay Your Bills Automatically And Avoid Ruining Your Credit

You should have direct debits set up for your bills. If you pay your bills late, you will ruin your credit and could cause problems by getting cut off.

Figure Out What Makes You Spend

Finally; assessing yourself and your spending habits will help you to make changes. Do you spend when you’re stressed? Finding another hobby could be a good idea! Figure out what your triggers are and stay mindful of them.


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