Technologies To Watch In The Medical Industry

Technologies To Watch In The Medical Industry

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Medicine is a discipline which is as old as society itself. Hippocrates, largely considered the father of modern medicine, died almost 400 years before the birth of Christ. For as long as human beings have been falling sick, other human beings have taken it upon themselves to cure them… And it’s safe to say that the road of healthcare technology has endured some gruesome twists and turns (from trepanning to release demon spirits from the head to lobotomies) it has seen its fair share of wonders too.

Today the advent of digital technology combined with an unparalleled mastery of chemistry has yielded a plethora of fascinating technologies with an astounding propensity for saving lives and gradually revolutionizing the field of medicine.

Whether you’re looking to startup a new medical tech business, looking for somewhere to invest or simply interested in new technologies, here are some technologies to watch in the field of medicine…

3D printing

3D printing has been applied with enormous success in a range of industries from heavy manufacture to aerospace. Its ability to create extraordinarily detailed and precise parts and components make it an extremely useful tool.

It stands to reason, then, that it should easily find numerous applications in the medical industry, not least the 3D printing of prosthetic parts as well as fully 3D printed internal organs.

Parylene Conformal Coating

As the healthcare industry leans harder and harder on electronic and digital devices, it’s more essential than ever to ensure that these devices work  effectively and predictability. As more and more lives come to depend on them, and as medical devices become smaller and more compact, the need has arisen for new technologies to ensure that medical devices work efficiently while also being safe for use within the body.

Medical device coating using parylene helps devices to maintain thermal stability and dielectric barrier protection. It may be a subtle technology, but it’s nonetheless one that helps to save lives.

Artificial intelligence

From chatbots and virtual assistants to video games we see AI everywhere we look these days. Needless to say, enterprising medical minds have found a number of practical uses for AI in the field of healthcare.

AI is already hard at work in the claims processing sector, facilitating faster claims to prevent administration from hindering the healthcare process. It can also aid diagnostics, and help physicians to construct courses of treatment by parsing historical data and employing pattern recognition to reduce the risk of “false-positives”.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Just a few decades ago VR was the stuff of science fiction, and a point of fascination for Hollywood which churned out speculative pieces from The Lawnmower Man to The Matrix. Today, however, VR and AR are no longer the stuff of sci fi nor are they strictly confined to obvious industries like video games and entertainment.

As well as helping physicians to train through simulated procedures, it is also an increasingly common treatment solution for a wide range of conditions including the treatment of chronic pain and recovery from traumatic brain injuries. It has even been used in the treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and has proven effective in helping partially sighted patients to partially some of their sight.

There was a time when the pestle and mortar were considered the peak of medical technology. Who knows what new technologies will further transform healthcare in years to come?

Prepare for Launch: Top Tips for Promoting Your New Business

Prepare for Launch: Top Tips for Promoting Your New Business

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Setting up a new business is a lot of hard work, so when it comes to the launch, you want to ensure that your business gets noticed. After investing chunks of your time and money, along with plenty of blood, sweat, and tears, you’re likely to want to shout from the rooftops when your business is ready to launch! After all, the hard work involved in getting your business to this point is most definitely worth celebrating!

Here are some ideas on how to get started:


If you have a budget for advertising, now could be an excellent time to put some of it to use. Carefully planned advertising strategies will get your business noticed and should be able to provide measurable results. Always consider your return on investment when choosing to advertise, and think about the exact results that you want to achieve along with who you are targeting with your advertising.

Social Media

Harness the power of social media by creating a buzz about your business’ imminent launch on relevant social media platforms. Posting updates on how your business is almost ready to open and preparing for launch day will build excitement among potential customers and start to create awareness of your brand. Be sure to monitor your social media accounts for questions and comments so that you can respond promptly.

Giveaways and competitions are also a popular way for new businesses to promote themselves on social media prior to launch. If you decide to run a competition or giveaway make sure that you check out the rules for running these on each social media platform to avoid getting yourself into trouble before your business has even opened!

Connect with other non-competing local businesses on social media, and they may return the favor by following you!


If your business does something special that’s newsworthy you may want to send out a press release to relevant media outlets, such as trade publications, or local newspapers, to generate some publicity. Sending out a press release is especially relevant if your business is in some way unique or novel, or satisfies a specific need within the community. If your business fits into one of these categories, it’s likely to be of interest to local media outlets at the very least, and may earn you some free publicity in the process!

Launch Event

Hosting a launch event is an excellent way of getting your business known in the local community and beyond. The specifics of your launch event depend very much on the type of business that you are opening. For example, if you were opening a new restaurant, you may want to invite food bloggers to come along to the launch event along with food journalists, to sample your food and explain more about the concept behind your new business and why you decided to set it up. Press events like this can help your business appear multiple times in various reviews and write-ups and reach a wide audience.

High Paying Jobs That Are Also A Lot Of Fun

High Paying Jobs That Are Also A Lot Of Fun

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When it comes to the jobs we do, traditionally we’ve been told to always look for the ones that pay the post, and given the economy we live in this is definitely a piece of advice that’s quite understandable. However, it’s more than possible to have a job that, not only pays well, but is one where you have fun, too.  The thing is, you’re going to be spending a lot of time working in your life, possibly in the same or similar jobs, so it’s definitely something you need to be able to enjoy properly and not feel like you’re giving up your life for something you hate.

So, if you’ve been struggling to find a job that you not only like, but that pays well, then in this post we’re going to help you with just that by sharing with you some of the best high paying jobs that are also a lot of fun to do.

Personal trainer:

Although fitness has been a growing industry for many decades already, it really seems like right now is the time to be getting in on the action and joining this industry if you’re someone who’s interested in it. Not only because more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that health and fitness go hand in hand are being more proactive about their approach to getting themselves fit, but because it’s one of the industries that’s seeing a massive increase in where people are willing to spend money in order to achieve the level of fitness they desire.

Of course if you’re someone who enjoys fitness, then this is definitely an area where you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun, and really it’s the perfect job if you want to have a good combination of fun and high salary.

When working as a personal trainer, you can either work as an employee for a place like a gym where you’ll have a set amount of customers booked in with you each day, or you can work for yourself and book your own clients. Either way, the earning potential is high, the fun factor is definitely there, and it’s a job that allows you to be creative since you’re going to be making things like personalized fitness and even nutrition plans for your clients.


Engineering is an industry that’s certainly been around for a long time, but the reason it stands out and is still one of the best careers to have in terms of fun and finance is because of how it’s allowed itself to move with the times instead of refusing to budge and staying stagnant like so many others did. Engineering is a very wide field, so whether it’s working as a computer engineer, a mechanical engineer, or even working in a more niche position where you design things like AdBlue tanks, there are really a lot of opportunities in engineering and they pay very well because engineers have to go through so much training and because their jobs are highly skilled and require a lot of attention to detail to ensure that things are made safely. So, if you’re looking for a secure job that, not only pays well, but is a lot of fun, then engineering could be a great choice for you.


The coaching industry seems to have exploded in the past decade, and it’s certainly not going to be going away anytime soon, and in fact is set to grow even bigger over the next 5 years, so if you’re someone who loves to help people overcome challenges in their life by guiding them to find their own solutions then coaching could definitely be a good option.

One of the best things about working as coach is that you can pretty much work from anywhere and you can work with clients all over the world using your computer or phone thanks to the internet and social media making this far easier than it’s ever been.

You can set your own hours, set your own prices, work with interesting people and make a lot of money doing something that’s fun, satisfying and allows you the freedom and flexibility you want in life. Whether it’s coaching people on things like relationships, health, parenting, nutrition, business, or any other area, there are so many ways that you can help people as a coach these days.

We hope that this post has helped you identify some of the areas you may want to consider looking into if you’re in search of a job that’s high paying and also a lot of fun, and also shown you that you don’t have to choose between one or the other.

What To Rely On When You’re Just Starting A Business

What To Rely On When You’re Just Starting A Business


When you’re a new business owner, you’ve got to throw your chips in with all the right people, and in all the right places. You’ve got a company to establish, and you’ve only got a limited budget for the time being – you need to know you’ve got people to help hold you up, and spur you on when you need it. After all, a business is rarely ever launched alone, and it’s hard to expect yours will be.

So let’s make sure you’ve got some ideas in the bank about what you can do when you’re just starting out in the self employed world. You’re doing a big thing here; there’s plenty of resources to make sure you can go far.

The Idea of Simplicity

First of all, make sure you’ve got the right mindset. Starting a business can be complicated, of course, and thinking of the process as one big picture can make it a lot scarier to face. So try to break establishing a company down to the little details, and keep things a lot simpler as a result.

An IT Support Service

The technology in your office or shop front are going to be integral to how well your new company runs. You’re going to be using a company network to keep all of your desk computers connected, and you’re going to be using chip and pin machines, electronic checkouts, or even just a secure website server to make your profits. Customers like the easy of paying via the digital world, after all, and it makes your job easier too.

And that means you’re going to need to rely on an IT support service, to make sure you’ve always got an expert on the other end of the phone should you run into any technical problems. But you don’t have the resources to hire out your own department like the rest of the corporate world, that’s the main problem here. Which is why a company such as could be a good fit here, as for a small business, you’re going to need a dedicated team of individuals on hand at all times to keep things running smoothly.

The Use of Pre Orders, etc.

You want to make money as soon as you can, don’t you? Small businesses have to take their profit margins seriously from day one. You need to set up a cash flow as soon as possible when you’re just starting out and expecting to make it in the modern market, and that means you need to utilise presale methods.

You need something to attract the customers in as soon as you announce yourself to the world, and early access to your new and revolutionary product, or opening day money saving promotions, are both good ways to do so.

You’re going to need a whole support team around you when you’re starting a company, so make sure you’re aware of ideas like these to make this network a lot easier to craft.

Mind-Blowing Scientific Breakthroughs Happening in 2019

Mind-Blowing Scientific Breakthroughs Happening in 2019

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The year 2019 is expected to bring with it some exciting scientific breakthroughs which could be of enormous benefit to the public if they can be developed to their full potential.

From DNA, through to space, thanks to scientific investigation, our understanding of these subjects continues to develop further. As our everyday lives are packed full of technology, it should come as no surprise to see that technology is aiding the advancement of science to help with a variety of issues. Equipment such as the new chip seq can be used to speed up scientific processes in the laboratory. Meanwhile, robot surgeons could increasingly be utilized further for performing operations; these are just some of the ways that technology will help to move science forward in 2019!

Here are just some of the scientific advancements that could be happening this year:

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is set to be both a substantial scientific and technological breakthrough that should be happening in 2019. So what makes Quantum Computing so good? Well, instead of using binary to process information, quantum algorithms are used instead. The use of quantum algorithms makes for a much powerful computer. This means that Quantum Computing could be the ideal tool to aid future scientific discoveries and to assist technological breakthroughs.

Gene Editing

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a system for editing the human genome. This new system, known as CRISPR-Cas3 has recently been tested on human cells for the very first time.

The CRISPR-Cas3 system could be a massive breakthrough in the fight against disease. The system can be used to erase illness from the human genome, and could potentially be used to remove diseases such as Hepatitis B from DNA.


Immunotherapy is currently used in the treatment of certain cancers, but continued research means that immunotherapy could be used on an increased number of cancers. Further research would also help to reduce the amount of side effects associated with the treatment. Continuing development in immunotherapy should eventually mean that it can be used to treat a range of tumors with fewer side effects to help a far more significant number of patients than at present.

3D Printing

3D printing is of course not a new phenomenon, but it is a technology that continues to develop further rapidly. New uses for 3D printing are continually being tested creating further advancements and opportunities to utilize this popular technology further still.

Significant developments in 3D printing in 2019 are already well underway. One hugely important development so far is a 3D printer replicating a human heart. However, this is not the first time that a human heart has been created through the use of a 3D printer, but it is the very first time that a whole human heart has been recreated. Although the heart created was on a small scale, it featured blood vessels, chambers, ventricles, and cells, making it a scientific first with lots of opportunity for the development of potentially life-saving 3D printing.

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