Being The Boss: How To Perfect The Work-Life Balance

Being The Boss: How To Perfect The Work-Life Balance

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Running a company is a massive commitment, especially if you have a team of employees looking to you for strong leadership. Doing this alongside a family throws up even more demands on your time and emotions. So how can you balance the two and ensure you have time for yourself too?

It’s challenging to separate work from home when you run a business, you have your work family, all of whom need your advice, guidance and support. You also have your actual family, your partner and your children. These guys also require you to support them emotionally. Freeing up time is possible, but you might need to invest a little more into your work to make it happen. 

A virtual assistant is a great place to start. Using someone who will look after all of your daily communications. This could mean diverting your phone line, so they take all calls coming into your office, forwarding only the most important ones to you. It could also be managing your office inbox. On average, we spend over 2 hours a day dealing with emails, and many of these aren’t vital. Your virtual assistant can organise everything that comes into your inbox. They will work with you to create template responses and ensure you only need to deal with the most urgent communications. There are other managed services you can use too. Outsourcing to IT companies will save you money on employing staff and help relieve some of the pressures. 

If you don’t already have a time management system in place, then it’s worth looking into one. There are multiple companies online that offer systems to help you plan project timelines. The time blocking method is a great way to increase productivity in the workplace. It will also help you to get out of the office at set times every day. You need to work with your employees to create a healthy time block plan. Get everyone together and work out which tasks you have that are the most critical. Your team will be vital in this process. You will highlight your most productive hours and use these to perform the essential jobs. Time blocking ensures everyone is focussed and dedicated to a particular project, and you can use this to manage multiple project deadlines. 

You should also set rules for the office and home when it comes to your phone. Your family shouldn’t call you during the day unless it is an emergency. When you get home, you should switch your phone off and not take any work calls. A good solution is to have a work phone and a family phone. Give managers at work more responsibility and steer any late-night emergencies to them. If you rotate this, then all of you will have an equal share should something go wrong. Don’t give your employees your personal phone number. A supervisor should be the only person who has this number, and it should only be used for situations that can’t be controlled without you.

There are many ways you can create a division between your two worlds. Just make sure you set enough time for yourself too. Without you, everyone will suffer. 

Great Investments for Any Small Business

Great Investments for Any Small Business

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If you’re in the process of growing a small business and seeing real success, you want to continue on that upward trajectory. Investing in some great software, outsourcing to a professional sub-contractor, or putting some money into security are all great ideas to help keep your business not only growing, but thriving. 

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Below, we’ve outlined some ideas for great investments for your small business: programs, software and more that are guaranteed to propel your business forward. 

IT Services

Sure, big corporations and huge companies have dedicated teams of professional IT staff, but you have probably been going it alone, choosing instead to handle most IT issues yourself or with the help of your small staff. As your business grows, however, you may be finding that it’s harder to tackle those IT issues as they arise, as you lack both the time and the experience/knowledge necessary to handle those issues. 

Hiring or outsourcing a dedicated IT team is a really good idea. For starters, they’ll keep your business safe and secure, making sure all your confidential and sensitive data is protected at all times, as well as safeguarding you from any security breaches, fraud, viruses, and more. 

In addition to these safety measures, IT staff can help make sure your data is streamlined into the cloud or other databases, can integrate and sync up all your technology to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, will manage your internet, websites, apps and social media, and so much more. 

Hiring an IT staff is well worth the money, whether you hire one local individual or outsource to an online firm. Click here to learn more about some of the great outsource IT companies you can work with. 

POS and other Software

Some local retail companies have gotten by without POS that’s integrated with their internet, but these days, most retail companies simply have to have it. Even the most local and small of businesses should have a website and the ability to sell their wares nationally. Investing in a great POS program (via software and/or an app) is a really good idea. Most POS programs come in a variety of options depending on your needs, and you can often subscribe to these services for different pricing options (many even include a free trial so you can test them out). So there’s no reason not to try one! 

Email Platforms

Every business should have an email platform to help them manage their marketing emails, newsletters, client list and more. Some more intuitive email platforms can even help you draft your marketing emails, as well as weed out spam, create replies, help you manage your appointments and deadlines, and so much more. It’s a must-have for any business person. 

These are just a few examples of ways you can bring your business up to an efficient standard so you can focus on what’s important: growing that business even bigger. Consider investing in some great software or outsourcing to a fabulous IT firm today. 

Purchasing Pultruded Products For Your Business

Purchasing Pultruded Products For Your Business

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Do you require pultruded profiles for your business? There are many different reasons why you may require pultrusions, with applications varying from roof walkways, to railways, to stairs, to stanchions, to bridge members, to ladders, to handrail systems, and much more. 

The reason why pultruded profiles are so popular is that there are many beneficial characteristics associated with this type of material. Not only are pultrusions cost-efficient, but also they boast a high strength to weight ratio while they also provide benefits in terms of thermal efficiency. Nevertheless, if you want to experience optimal benefits when using pultruded profiles and carbon fiber manufacturing, you need to align yourself with a market leader who can continue to provide you with the pultruded profiles you need for your constructions. 

What to consider:

  • Pultruded profiles – The first thing you need to consider is the range of pultruded profiles that are available, as you will want to make sure that the company has the capability to supply the profiles required for your application. The typical pultruded profiles that all business should supply include the likes of the pultruded box section as well as corrugated sections, angle sections, flat bars, channel sections, tubes and solid rods. The best companies will also be able to cater to any bespoke requirements as well. 
  • Support – You should also find a business that is going to be able to provide you with a considerable amount of expert support through all stages of production, from development to delivery. This will provide you with the peace of mind that you are benefitting from the best-pultruded profiles for your application to ensure a strong, reliable and high-quality construction. 
  • Machines – You should take a look at the machines the company uses to create their pultruded profiles, as this will give you a good insight into the levels of quality you can anticipate. A quick search online will reveal whether the machines have a good reputation for performance and reliability. 
  • Experience – When you are constructing any type of structure, the last thing you want to do is leave part of the process in the hands of someone that is not experienced. This is why it is advisable to opt for a company that has at least ten years of experience in the industry. By doing this, you will know that they have the capability, experience and range of machines to cater to all requirements. 
  • Certification – It is also vital to make sure that the company has the necessary certification, as this will ensure you of their reliability and high standards. 
  • Reviews – It is advisable to take a look at the comments that have been left by clients that have already used the services of the company before. This is one of the best ways to get an insight into the level of quality provided by the company in question. If a business has a negative reputation, let’s say they have a tendency to deliver their products late and over budget, then this is something you should be able to recognize quite easily and you will know to take your business elsewhere. 
7  Professionals You Should Have On Speed Dial

7 Professionals You Should Have On Speed Dial

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Life doesn’t always run smoothly, there are a number of little bumps along the way.  Being able to call on professional help is one way to get you out of a bind.  That’s why it’s a good idea to be able to call on them when you need them. 


Most people will need a lawyer at some point in their lives.  Having someone like Wasatch Defense Lawyers on hand to help out with any legal issues can give you peace of mind. 

Not all legal issues are of criminal nature. You might need a lawyer to deal with issues surrounding family law, employment issues, or if you need to bring a lawsuit against someone else. 

By using a company that has a number of lawyers specializing in different areas, you can be confident of getting the right legal advice for the situation from a law firm you trust. 


Having someone to watch over your financial affairs is a good idea.  A good accountant can help you with much more than your tax return.  

They can advise you on the best ways to invest your money in a tax-effective way, save for your future, and estate planning to look after your family after you die.  


Your primary care provider is an important person in your life.  They will get to know you and your family’s medical history in detail and build a level of trust with you so that you can go to them with any health issues.  People who visit their doctor regularly have less chance of dying from a heart attack, stroke, and cancers. 

They can also refer you to any specialists if you have a health condition that they cannot treat.  

Specialist Tradespeople

Most people wouldn’t know what to do if they had a plumbing or electrical problem in their home.  Being able to call on someone at short notice to deal with your emergency. 


Our vehicles are a vital part of our lives, they take us to work and our kids to school.  Regular maintenance and servicing by a mechanic can keep them on the road for longer.  

A mentor

A business mentor can make a huge difference in both your professional and personal life. A mentor can help you focus and develop your strengths and work on improving your weaker areas. 

A mentor can help you at all stages of your career, you don’t need to be a CEO or entrepreneur to benefit from their expertise and guidance. 

A mental health professional

Thankfully, the world has come to embrace the need for people to look after their mental health.  The stigma that it had in the past is disappearing.  You don’t need to be living with a particular mental health condition to speak to someone.  Think of it as similar to getting your car serviced, you are looking to keep your mental health in good condition, preventing problems before they become major issues.  

If you feel that you are experiencing mental health issues then you need to talk to someone you trust.  

Health Benefits of a Home Hot Tub

Health Benefits of a Home Hot Tub

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Are you considering getting a hot tub put into your home? It could go on the deck or in the backyard, for example. There are many great health reasons to do so. Use this information to persuade your partner that the hot tub is a wise investment, as well as looking forward to the physical and mental health benefits yourself.

Better Range of Motion

As you age, it’s natural to lose at least some of your range of motion, particularly if you have a condition like arthritis. With regular use of a hot tub, though, you can enjoy some increases in flexibility compared to what you had before.

Furthermore, if you are stiff because of a medical condition or for any other reason, the warm water can help alleviate muscle tension. This relaxed state is one you can look forward to doing after work and on weekends.

While in the water, why not try out some gentle exercises? You will likely find they are easier thanks to the water-induced buoyancy that takes weight off sore joints. If you have a medical condition, though, always speak with your doctor before starting a new fitness activity of any kind.

Easing Back Pain

You are not alone if you experience back pain. But knowing that doesn’t make it any less bothersome; lower back pain can cause discomfort at work and interrupt your social time too. You may be less likely to go out at night when you are sore.

Research shows that people with chronic back pain who did hydrotherapy treatment experienced at least some relief. Of course, always make sure that you follow your doctor’s advice and instructions.

Sleep Improvements

If you have trouble sleeping, there could be many reasons for it, including stress and anxiety. If your thoughts keep you awake at night, you could benefit from a hot tub’s relaxing environment.

Laying in the warm water is a restful activity for both the body and mind. Unwind from the day, escaping any worries as you enjoy the soak. The feelings of peace can help you drift into a deep slumber afterward in bed.

More Family Time

If you and the family are finding it hard to connect lately, perhaps you simply need to find an activity that you all can share and love. A hot tub can provide a relaxing way to bond with your spouse and kids.

Talk about your day when all together in the hot tub and create new memories as a family. The time together will be fun, as well as relaxing and private place to enjoy together.

Ensure the hot tub is put correctly into your preferred location at home using a reputable crane hire. Then you are ready to fill and start your hot tub to enjoy the great moments ahead.

Final Words on Home Hot Tubs

Immersed in warm water, you can receive many health benefits. You could have a soak in the morning before heading to work or enjoy a relaxing time in the water at night. Your mind and body will thank you, as will your family!

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