If you search online for tips on starting up your own business, you’ll get a lot of results about business ideas that you can get off the ground with relatively little money. That’s great for people that have limited funds and want to start their own company. But what if you’ve got a lot of money to invest in a new business and you want to start a company that is going to generate a lot more revenue? There isn’t as much advice out there for people who have the spending power to start a more expensive business. If you’ve got a lot of money to invest and you want to put it into a new business, these are some of your best options.

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A construction company that has the equipment and manpower to take on large projects can be very lucrative. Often, when people are starting a construction business, they’ll focus on residential properties to start with because they don’t have the capital to invest in the machinery and the employees that they’ll need to work on bigger projects like constructing office blocks or housing developments. But if you’ve got a lot of money to put into a construction business, you can invest in equipment and staff and start taking on the bigger contracts. The payout on these contracts is a lot higher and your profit margins will be a lot larger, but most construction start-ups simply aren’t equipped to handle them. The only issue that you might face is competition from established construction companies that have good relationships with the clients that offer these kinds of contracts, but as long as you market yourself effectively and your prices are competitive, there will be work out there for you.

Boat Sales

If you want to earn the most money, you need to go after the high profile clients who have got the most cash to spend. That’s why boat sales is a good business to go into because you can charge a premium for a good quality boat. However, it’s an expensive business to set up because, if you want to get the high level clients, you’ll need to pay for a good marine architect to design your boats and then cover the manufacturing costs as well. You could also consider buying from an existing boat manufacturer and selling them on, but you won’t make as much money this way.


If you can set up a good manufacturing operation that has the capability to make a wide range of products, you can find contracts from so many different businesses. There is always a need for good manufacturing facilities so you won’t be short of work. But manufacturing equipment is so expensive that most people can’t afford to get started in this industry. If you’re going to start a manufacturing business, it’s important that you consider market trends. For example, it’s probably not a good idea to set up a facility that manufactures plastic packaging, because people are moving away from that in the majority of industries.

If you have the money to make a large investment in a new business and you want to see a big return on that investment, these are some of your best options.

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