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By Sharon Jones

The world of alcohol is changing and the way that people are consuming alcohol is also shifting. In the constantly evolving business of alcohol there is no wonder that bars, restaurants and supermarkets are changing the way that they promote and sell their alcohol brands. With trends having a huge influence over the changing industry of alcohol today we are looking at the most influential factors on today’s booming alcohol market.


More People Entertaining At Home

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Historically the alcohol market has been predominantly focused on distribution in the hospitality sector. However with more and more people choosing to entertain friends within the comfort of their own homes a shift is being seen where alcohol brands are paying more attention to their promotion and branding within supermarkets. The alcohol industry is recognising that there is now a blurry line between entertaining at home and being entertained whilst going out and they are responding to that by upping their focus to consumerism taking place in supermarkets. As more and more people are looking to enjoy their social time within their homes alcohol brands are finding innovative ways to become a part of that. Launching social media campaigns encouraging people to post pictures of themselves enjoying their preferred beverage, many alcohol brands are now finding new and creative ways to become a part of the growing world of home entertainment.

Increasingly Intelligent Technology


As with pretty much all industries the increasing modernisation in technology is having a huge influence in the alcohol sector. Even the very nature of e commerce is having an influence in the way that alcohol is being promoted and is allowing brands to be able to be quicker to react and interact with their target market. Technologies in the ways that alcohol is also being produced is also shifting from increasingly intelligent brewing software to the development of cleaning technology which is set to change the face of the sustainable alcohol fermentation process. The developing software and technology that is being used in the alcohol industry is changing the way that brands are looking at the development of their alcoholic brands and the different ways in which the process can be adapted to bring in higher profit margins, to be more time-efficient and to be more sustainable moving forwards.

Increasingly Savvy Consumers

As the world of consumerism and commerce offers more and more choice, consumers are becoming more and more savvy and more and more demanding. This trend of consumers leading the way for brands to be more reactionary to consumer demands is seeing alcohol brands pushing themselves to the next level in terms of premium quality products, broadening product ranges and diversity of pricing. Consumers looking for increased authenticity with the alcohol brands that they are purchasing means that brands are having to find innovative ways of standing apart from their competitors. This trend of savvy consumers is also pushing alcohol brands to be more focused on creative lifestyle advertising based on the choices and values’ they feel their target market wants to be associated with.

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