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Have you ever wondered how easily you’d survive if dropped into a wilderness? Some people pride themselves on being excellent survivors who could weather any storm, while others are self-admitted pampered princesses. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, surviving has been on everyone’s minds. When our way of life is threatened by an invisible enemy, many people’s instincts have kicked in, and everyone has felt more protective over themselves and their families than ever before. 

If you have ever wondered how you’d cope on a survivor-reality-show, or simply in an extreme circumstance, and thought: ‘I’d probably be the first to go!’ – there are ways to change this. If you want to learn how to survive against the odds, here are three survivalist techniques we all need to learn. 

  1. How To Grow Food

Not only a survival skill, growing your own food has come into fashion too. Growing your own fruit and vegetables used to be a household skill that most people had; nowadays, we have all grown accustomed to our home comforts and supermarket privileges. However, in a growing climate crisis and a rise in food shortages across the world, there has never been a more important time to learn this skill than now. 

Growing your own food doesn’t require a huge patch of land, and can easily be learned online for free. All that’s required is a few basic tools and containers, a little knowledge, and patience!

  1. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

In this information age, it is becoming apparent that not everything we are presented with by governments and newspapers is a fact. Of course, there are conspiracy theories which spiral far away from the truth, too. But in general, it is important to have a healthy relationship to the truth, and not believe everything that politicians and newspapers say. 

If this is something that fascinates you, you can investigate spycraft and other survival techniques used by professionals to move through the world. Many people actually use spycraft as a hobby, which helps them understand how professional spies and other classified jobs are operated. 

  1. Fitness and Strength

This seems like an obvious choice, but the USA has an increasingly unfit population. Not only is fitness important for your health, but it also helps your body survive in difficult conditions. These conditions don’t have to be like an apocalypse movie, in which you live in the woods and hunt your own meat. No, surviving often means fighting off disease and injury which you didn’t see coming. 

In the COVID-19 pandemic, obesity has played a huge role in the decline of victims’ health. The World Obesity website states, 

‘Persons with obesity who become ill and require intensive care present challenges inpatient management as it is more difficult to intubate patients with obesity.’ 

These challenges, among others, are a great risk to your health. Fitness and strength don’t just prepare you from an apocalyptic, animalistic lifestyle, but also prepare you for things which can reach you just as easily at home. 

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