While running a business is hard, there are ways to make it so much easier for you. Whether you’re a contractor or managing your own small team, you can certainly find ways to make your business more organized by using the tools you need in order to succeed.

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Start by having a look at the quick list below. These are just some of the most popular tech tools for contractors and small business owners these days. Consider what works for you, try the free trials, and enjoy watching your business prosper without having to put in any more effort than you did yesterday.

#1 Communication and collaboration

First of all, you have to make sure that you have the right kind of tools to communicate with the rest of your team. While you may already have a program that enables you to stay in touch wherever you are, some of them are much better than others – and have way more to offer than a mere online chat.

Slack, for example, enables group chats as well as desktop notifications. That way, you can make sure that everyone is up to date even if they don’t check the chat constantly and you can feel a bit more confident that the projects are going smoothly.

Have a look at https://slack.com to read more about the feature and download it straight away.

#2 Accounting programs

One of the most important things you can do for your business is, of course, to make sure that the finances are in order. This includes more than just the budget of your business, though, as you have to see to that the payroll and tax returns are in order as well.

While there are a lot of accounting programs online that you can download, you may want to consider hiring a contractor accountant for this task. Start by having a look at qdosaccounting.com and avoid all the mess-ups that can happen if you don’t take proper care of your business’ finances.

#3 Brainstorming

Evernote is an excellent app for your brainstorming, note-taking, and just general collaboration projects because everything happens on one platform. This means that everyone has access to what’s going on at all times – and you can save time by allowing Evernote to store and manage everything for you.

There are other programs that are just as good for this purpose, though, such as Google docs which also allows multiple people to work together on the same document.

Consider what works for your business and how the different options integrate with the rest to make sure your business has everything it needs.

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