It’s pretty common to hear online business owners panicking over creating a professional and smooth-running website that’s closely aligned with their marketing goals. Seen as you made it here, you’re probably one of them! If you brush over your website design, it can punch a massive hole in your profit margins, and take you out of the competition. To make things easier, here are 3 tactics for creating a website your customers will love.

Write Concise Headlines

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Various studies have shown that headlines are usually the most viewed items on a web page, rather than any of the content they’re used to introduce. You may have thought that graphics and images would be the frontrunner here, but people will always read your headlines first. After all, they want to know what the page is all about if it wasn’t clear from the title tag. If you want to minimize your bounce rate, you’ll need to attract people’s gaze to headlines, no matter what subject you’re covering. Make sure that all your headlines are clear and concise, and immediately let any reader know exactly what the page is about. Unlike typical marketing rhetoric, get straight to the point, avoid beating around the bush, and try to leave out details tol make your users want to read on.

Use the Von Restorff Effect

Unless you’re a professional graphic designer, you’ve probably never heard of the Von Restorff Effect. This is the basic psychological principle that any color that’s distinct from the rest of an image will stand out, and be recognized quickly and easily by the viewer. Those that blend in, on the other hand, will be quickly ignored and forgotten. This is an important staple in user centered design, and one which you should be leveraging to get your customers to love your website. There’s no one color combination that will outperform others, but a color scheme’s potential to affect conversions is undeniable. There’s probably things on your website that you want visitors to see or interact with before others, so play around with your colour scheme and find ways to make these features stand out. Follow this up with A/B testing, and you’ll see just how much of an impact it can make.

Use Enough White Space

Image: Pixabay

Another great tactic for building a website your customers will love is applying a decent amount of white space, thereby helping them process all the content on the page more easily. This ties in closely with the previous point, in a way. Having some white space on your site is important for contrasting the background of the site with different features, and helping along visitor’s reading comprehension. The point to take away is that when you trim white space away from the margins of a web page, users’ reading comprehension will drop significantly. While this has something to do with typography and the copywriters you hire, the impact on white space on your users’ experience is massive, so don’t ignore it!

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