Running a business can be stressful. As the person in charge, there will be a lot of things you need to bear in mind and remember to stay on top of. It’s safe to say at times, it can be quite the juggling act. 

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This is why many people take on an assistant to help out with the day to day duties involved to make sure nothing is overlooked and you are where you need to be doing what is needed of you day in day out.

One of the most important aspects of running a business, regardless of if or how many employees you have is health and safety. Especially if you have employees and customers on your premises or you manufacture your own goods on-site. 

Health and safety is more than making sure fire exits are clear and nothing is on the floor for people to fall over. In fact, making sure you’re on top of any health and safety issues can help you improve productivity in your company. If people are spending less time worrying about being safe at work or if their equipment is up to scratch they can get more work done.

Repair and Maintenance of Utilities and Equipment.

It goes without saying that any utilities your company consume need to be used responsibly. Any equipment you use, eg cooker, fires and so on that use gas or electric need to be inspected regularly and maintained to make sure they are safe to keep everyone safe at all times.

For this reason, it is recommended you use a gas plumber for regular health checks and repairs as and when needed along with electricians or even a general handyman. The better condition you keep your equipment, the easier it will be for everyone to do their jobs and the less likely it will be that accidents will happen.

Staff Training

Do your staff have all the knowledge and skills required to perform their job correctly and efficiently? Making sure everyone is fully trained and has the knowledge they need to do the job at hand will make sure they not only feel more comfortable doing what needs to be done, but are able to work well and safely without constant supervision.

Take the time to make sure everyone has the correct training from day one will not only be complying to health and safety standards and regulations but also be able to deliver top-notch customer service and increase productivity.


We discussed how keeping your equipment properly maintained so it works well and is safe to use, but do you have the correct tools for the job? Making compromises when it comes to not using the correct equipment, or sub-par equipment could not only make working conditions unsafe but also be breaching health and safety regulations too. Putting yourself and your team in a position where they aren’t properly equipped for the job at hand will not only lead to production issues and poor customers services but could also be unsafe depending on your sector.

Keeping on top making sure your team has everything it needs to work well and safely will help you abide by national, regional or state regulations.

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