With the business landscape becoming increasingly competitive, companies need to do more to attract the best talent. We are seeing a considerable rise in the trend of employee perks. The big tech companies like Google and Facebook paved the way for non-standard ways of working, involving things like hotdesking, unlimited leave, and ping-pong tables in the office.

But let’s be honest. Although they might seem funky and cool on the face of it, some of these benefits are actually a little bit gimmicky and annoying. Sure, hotdesking might create a culture of collaboration, but sometimes you want your own personal space rather than a communal desk with crumbs and greasy handprints all over it. Unlimited leave sounds great, but is your boss really happy for you to take two months off in the space of a year? And the ping-pong tableā€¦ well, that’s just a recipe for no work to get done.

The best benefits are the ones that actually provide some meaningful benefit to your life, and show that you are valued as an employee and a person. With this in mind, here are the four best perks to look for when applying for a new job.


It may not be as sexy as a beer fridge or pool table, but medical insurance is one of the best ways for a company to attract new talent. For many Americans, the only way to afford good health insurance is through their employer. Forget the gimmicks and nice-to-haves; the best way for an employer to show they value you is to help you look after your health. And the more comprehensive the insurance coverage, the better.

Commuter Assistance

People spend a lot of time and money commuting to and from work, and often employers don’t value their staff’s commitment to getting the job done. You will feel a lot more appreciated as an employee if your company helps you out with transport. Some companies offer ride-sharing programs, transport passes, or even shuttle buses to and from the office. Commuter assistance will go a long way towards improving your quality of life, so don’t disregard its importance. 

Time off

While unlimited leave can foster feelings of guilt and suspicion, there is no doubt that more vacation time is a massive bonus for any employee. Working long hours and consecutive days doesn’t necessarily cause high productivity, and studies show that the best-rested workers are the most effective. Perks such as above-average holiday time or shorter work weeks point to a company that cares for its staff’s health and well-being. 

Flexible working

The workplace is changing, and the majority of tasks no longer need to be carried out from a central office. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a lot of office work can be completed from home. A company that promotes flexible working will allow you to enjoy a better work-life balance, especially when dealing with things like childcare, health issues, freelance work, or other personal commitments. 

If you are an employer and looking for ways to incentivise your staff and show them they are appreciated, consider signing up for an employee incentive program such as MTI Events.

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