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There’s a lot to love about kids. They are happy, energetic and lovable. They bounce around life without a care in the world and are by no means cynical. In short, they are the people we want to be when we get older.

Although we are the parents, the people who guide them, it’s the children that teach us a lot about living, and fitness is no exception. Forget personal trainers and gym buddies because your kids have the answers. All you have to do is watch and learn.

Here are the things you see when you stop to take a look at their attitude towards health.

They Say No

And they say it, like, a lot. “Eat your vegetables,” drink your water” and “stop snacking” are all things which fall on deaf ears. Kids do the opposite because they don’t want to bother eating their leafy greens. The tip here is not to follow suit. Children can do it because their metabolisms are on the highest setting and they burn off calories. They bounce back; adults don’t. As you age, you can’t afford to do the same things you did as a youngster. It’s essential to eat right and exercise to stay in shape and add years to your life.

They Try New Things

Some kids are skeptical, but most are happy to do the things they think they will love. As long as it involves the outdoors and excitement, then they are ready for an adventure. Sure, they might need to read this Prepared Bee survival guide before they go camping, but that’s not much of a sticking point. Adults are less open for one simple reason: self-esteem. You hate the idea of signing up for dance lessons or joining a new gym because you think people will judge. Well, with an immature attitude, it doesn’t matter what they believe.

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They Socialize

Leave a group of children in a room and they’ll be best friends within one hour. How does this help your health and fitness goals? It does it through solidarity. Funnily enough, middle-aged men and women aren’t as fearless as their kids. You need someone by your side to lose weight or to eat healthily. Sadly, friends and family won’t jump on the bandwagon, so you need to find a new clique. Socializing will encourage you to try new things, such as joining a club or sticking to a diet.

They Never Stop

Once they’re in bed, you stretch out on the couch. You’re shattered, and it’s because the kids don’t stop moving all day. Their energy is limitless, and that’s what keeps them slim and young. Parents can’t keep up, but they can try basic tricks to stay on their feet. For example, swap driving for walking. The calories you burn by doing this should eliminate any excess fat and get you down to your target weight. Never stop moving, people.


Are you taking notes? Don’t you think you should be?!

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