Your business needs to use every moment productively, in order to facilitate the highest levels of success. The key to time saving is getting organized and evaluating your performance. Beyond this, there are plenty of hacks and software tools which can support your productivity.


Zapier is a nifty platform which helps connect a wide range of apps together, allowing your business to save time and automate workflows. Zapier functions to automatically exchange info between your apps, so that you’re free to pursue other tasks. The software works via using ‘zaps’ which are like digital blueprints of repeated tasks. The ‘zaps’ will automatically open the correct apps and complete the task, according to your programming. You don’t need to rely on developers to create integrations because this app puts you in the driving seat. The software also arrives with plenty of premade integrations to get you started. To use multiple apps together, and automate your repetitive tasks; it doesn’t get much simpler than this. 


Toggl is handy piece of software which tracks your time spent on different tasks. When you can access a clear picture of exactly how your time has been spent, you’ll be able to evaluate your productivity and see exactly where improvements can be made. Toggl allows you to monitor your time using bar charts that show which projects are the most time consuming. You can use Toggl offline if you prefer, the software will re-sync to the cloud once your internet connection is back on. All of your data is shared between your mobile and desktop solutions, so you can track your time no matter where you are.

Outsource IT

Companies looking to save time could really benefit from outsourcing their IT to an external provider. When your team are spending time on IT maintenance or troubleshooting issues, this can put pressure on your projects. For your IT systems, solutions are best achieved by experts- freeing you up to focus on your workload. As well as this, an expert IT provider will be up to speed with the latest effective infrastructures. Consequently, you can rest assured that your company will be accessing the best options. Outsourced IT Support often provides 24/7 monitoring of your system, to ensure that no matter what- your business is productive and protected. 


Chatbots are handy pieces of AI software that can deal with your customer service queries via your website, app, or even social media. Chatbots are pre-programmed to answer a huge range of queries via instant messaging systems. Many customers in fact prefer a quick instant message exchange to deal with their query. Whether it’s a question about shipping or a problem with your app, a Chatbot can serve your customers efficiently- around the clock. Your staff can only deal with one query at a time, whereas Chatbots are scalable to deal with a large number of queries simultaneously. To save yourself time and boost your customer service, AI is a top choice.

Finally, when it comes to your social media strategy, be sure to use a good social management platform like Hoosuite or Sprout Social.Such platforms allow you to manage multiple accounts in one place plus save time by automating your scheduling.

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