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While it’s easy to think that most enterprises serve individuals, there are a plethora of B2B (business-to-business) firms that provide support services. They cover a multitude of niche markets from IT technical support through to architectural design. As you can imagine, dealing with other businesses can be easier and more lucrative than selling directly to retail customers.

With that in mind, you are probably here today because that’s precisely the sort of enterprise that you’d like to set up in the future. But, which niches are profitable enough to warrant the effort? Here are 5 lucrative business support sectors that you should consider for your next company:

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  1. Virtual Office Services

Let’s say that you want to start a new company but have no need to rent a dedicated office for it. You’re happy to work from your home, but you don’t want to give out that address to your future customers. What do you do?

Virtual office services cater to such entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, they offer people the use of a professional business address for a flat monthly fee. Many offer add-on services such as mailbox hire and even bookable meeting rooms.

  1. Safety Auditing and Construction Services

You might not think it, but many business leaders are unaware that their premises can post a high risk of danger to their employees. Because of that fact, they need to have independent inspections done by seasoned building safety professionals.

Such companies can also offer construction services, such as the installation of a rooftop guardrail system or external emergency fire escape stairs.

  1. IT Support Services

Outsourcing is something that the vast majority of businesses do each year. They outsource many aspects of their company to keep costs low and improve their bottom line. IT support is one such example, and can often represent an impressive cost saving for even the smallest of enterprises.

And because IT support service providers offer such a comprehensive service, their customers can come to do for all their technical needs, regardless of how trivial or large they are.

  1. Cleaning Services

Let’s face it; keeping an office building clean can be challenging at the best of times. Sure, employers could ask their staff to keep their workstations tidy. But, they aren’t paid to spend an hour or more each day vacuuming and dusting!

One of the oldest yet most lucrative support niches in the business world is cleaning services. Setting up a commercial cleaning firm isn’t a costly endeavor, and it’s easy to find hard-working team members to clean each client’s offices on a daily basis.

  1. Transportation Services

You might think taxicab companies already offer transportation services to commercial and industrial clients. But, the market is far from saturated, and customers have a broad range of diverse requirements.

For instance, some clients may want to rent a limousine for executives and CEOs. Others may need large vehicles to transport groups of workers to other sites.

So, now that you know how lucrative the business support services sector is, when will you be setting up a business in that niche market? 

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