Does your business have a mobile app? How’s that going for you? Most businesses are jumping on the app bandwagon because it’s seen as the right thing to do – but is your app performing as well as you expected it to?

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If your app needs improving, then you should put some plans in place to take it to the next level. Get the help you need with these five ways you can make your app better.

1. Get rid of bugs

Most people choose an app over using the mobile version of a website because it’s quicker and easier to use. However, if your app is slow and tends to crash or the functionality is poor – your users might delete the app and go elsewhere. Regularly testing your app is important, and a few software testing company such as this one could help you make sure that your app is up to scratch. Review your app regularly to make sure it’s functioning as it should be.

2. Use a slick, modern design

When was the last time your app updated its appearance? If it resembles your web page or has a dated interface, it can be a turn-off for users. Pay attention to the latest app design trends to help you plan a redesign that is in touch with modern layouts and features. Remember that people are adopting phones that use larger screens, so your app needs to be able to cater for different devices too.

3. Make your app accessible

Web users with disabilities will use apps because they allow them to access content in a way that’s simple and easy to use. Phones come with fantastic accessibility features that can make it easy for a user to navigate applications easier than mobile versions of web pages. Consult with an accessibility specialist or a testing company to ensure that you consider all of the accessibility requirements of your business.

4. Allow more personalization

Consumers love to be able to personalize their experiences, which is why companies like Netflix and Amazon do so well with their mobile applications. Allow users to change settings and improve the functionality so that they can tailor the app to their needs. Even simple things like adding a profile picture can enhance the user’s experience and make them feel more connected to the app.

5. Boost your marketing

One reason your app might be underperforming is your marketing strategy. To make marketing work, you need to come up with ideas that will resonate with your target audience and make them feel a connection. You might want to bring in an external marketing company to help with your marketing needs and to run the campaign on your behalf. If you have any additional budget for marketing your app – make sure you put it to good use.

With some simple improvements, you can help your business get the most out of its app through better features and a better design that will make it a must for people to have on their mobile devices.


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