If you are seeking data cabinets or server racks for your data centre then there are certain points you should consider prior to purchasing them.

1. Your budget

First and foremost you need to decipher how much money your company has available to spend on data racks. There are a vast range of server cabinets and racks available and the variation of their prices presents just as wide a scope as well. Therefore there is no need to spend huge sums of money on a server rack if you do not have that sort of cash available. Shop around and find something which comfortably fits into your budget. 

2. Dimensions

You need to work out your required dimensions for the server racks you desire. Firstly you need to work out how much equipment you wish to store inside each rack and then you need to decipher how much space you have in your data centre for each rack. Once you have worked this out it will make your search a lot easier as you can rule out any cabinets which are too large or alternatively too small. 

3. Requirements 

You need to determine whether there are certain requirements you need from your cabinet.  IT Management Solutions can help with this. For instance, do you need something which is soundproof? Or perhaps you want a server rack that has a lock on it? These are your non-negotiable elements and will help to narrow down your search.

4. Weight 

You need to be careful when considering the weight of the server racks you are looking for. Of course you need something which is heavy enough to store your network hardware, but on the other hand if you are going for something which will be mounted to the wall you also need something which won’t be too heavy.

5. Cable management

Another area of consideration is your equipments cable needs. You need to ensure that your data racks and cabinets have an open space in order to fit your cables through. This is highly important but can often be forgotten or overlooked, so be careful to ensure that you bare it in mind. 

6. High quality

Whilst paying tons of money is not a desirable option, I do not recommend picking a data rack simply because it is the cheapest one available. You need to make sure you opt for something which is of a high quality and has had positive feedback. At the end of the day, if you go for something cheap and it turns out to be of poor quality, you will have to spend even more money replacing it. 

Hopefully this article will have helped you with points to consider when deciding upon server racks and data cabinets to install inside your data center. A good idea would be to right down the six points as a type of checklist and every time you look at a server rack you can tick of each point as you go to ensure that it meets your requirements.

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