There’s a lot of people complaining about the state of modern working culture, which pushes for longer working hours for less pay. However, it does have one big advantage: it is, overall, less physically demanding than jobs in the past, which virtually all involved strenuous labor and unsafe conditions. Today, the bulk of work takes place in an office or the service industry, which isn’t so hard on the old body. There are still physically demanding jobs, though! Below, we outlined nine jobs that have the biggest impact on the worker’s body.


Physical Trainer

With some jobs, a tired body isn’t just an unwelcome side-effect of the work; it practically is the job. Take, for example, the role of a physical trainer. They’re getting paid for their knowledge about the best fitness techniques and how to stay in shape, but it’s not as if they can just be in whatever shape they like. They have to be super fit! A trainer who isn’t in peak physical condition isn’t going to get too far in their career, and that means that they have to spend a lot of time pumping iron in the job. It’s non-negotiable!

Park Ranger

Any job that has you on your feet all day can be tough, but it’s even more difficult if you’re on your feet in the great outdoors. There’s a big difference in the amount of energy you exert when you’re walking along a street, and when you’re walking in a natural environment that has uneven and steep trail paths. And that’s just the base physical requirement of a park ranger; things get even more complicated when they’re involved in a rescue mission, are far away from base camp, or they encounter wildlife that could cause them harm.

Outdoor Landscaper

Working as a landscaper isn’t quite the same as working as a park ranger (that they both involve working among trees and plants is about the only place they overlap), but it’s still physically demanding in a similar way. Anything involving the outdoors can take a toll on your body. When you’re a landscape gardener, the risks are more subtle, and the dangers can sometimes only materialize over a long period. Because gardeners spend so much of their time with their hands in the earth, back problems can be an issue. Their tools — nearly always sharp and pointy — can also pose a threat.

In the Armed Forces

You better believe that a job where you put your body on the line for the safety and protection of others is going to be physically demanding. People in the armed forces aren’t only brave, they need to be in the best physical condition possible in order to do their job properly. The training routine for the armed forces, especially certain branches of the armed forces, can be extremely unforgiving. And there’s nowhere to hide: unless you’re fit as a fiddle, then you’re not going to be accepted. And you can understand why: just look at the life of a soldier. They won’t just be walking for miles and miles: they’ll also be carrying heavy gear and supplies — and they don’t just do it, they do it all the while being ready for whatever may come their way.

Front Line Work

On a domestic level, we also have people who work in emergency services. All of them can be tiring and physically challenging, but especially police and firefighters. They need to be in prime condition so that they can deal with whatever issue comes their way. If you’ve ever heard the stories of someone in either of these professions, you’ll know that they come across anything and anything. Both jobs involve extensive use of their bodies. In the case of the police, it could include chasing and wrestling someone to the ground. With the fire brigade, it could be kicking down a door and rescuing multiple trapped inside. Physically demanding? You bet!

Building Up

Any job that involves the use of heavy machinery and working at great heights will always be physically demanding. If you’re a construction worker, then these things are just a part of your daily life. It’s not just the work that affects the body, either: because some construction company bosses don’t always follow correct safety procedures, injuries are common. Indeed, they’re so common that there are systems in place to grant compensation to the worker; if you’ve been injured, then visit for more information. Even without injuries, the job can be tough, with hand and back pain common complaints among workers.


On the Farm

We sometimes have a pastoral image of farmers. It’s the image of being outside, feeding chickens, and a deeply satisfying life. Of course, it’s not true — not even close. Farming is labor intensive, a type of work that requires much from the worker’s body. And that’s not the only reason why the job demands for much physically: because accidents on the farm are usually accidents that involve machinery, a farmer has to have the capacity for work even when their body is suffering from pains and bruises.

From A to B

There aren’t too many jobs that essentially only require lifting heavy things, but a mover does just that. They’re in charge of moving a whole family’s worth of belongings from one property to another. As such, it’s physically demanding by nature. And, of course, it’s not just the act of putting the boxes onto a truck and taking them off again; they also need to carry the belongings up the stairs, often in awkward poses.

Into Deep Space

Finally, arguably the most physically demanding job on the list, and certainly the most adventurous! To be an astronaut, you don’t just need to be incredibly smart: you also need to be in peak physical condition. The body endures a lot of force when it’s strapped into a spacecraft, and the sheer act of living in the artificial environment found on shuttles asks a lot from the astronauts, too.

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