In the past ten years, veganism has risen by 160%. Regardless of the potential for growth, this is an impressive number. Even more remarkable is the fact that 375 million people around the world consider themselves vegans or vegetarians. You may point out this is only 0.05% of the total population, yet hundreds of millions of people can’t be ignored.

Using these stats, it’s easy to say one thing – the lifestyle is popular. Sure, the vast percentage of people still eats meat, yet the tide seems to be turning. However, as this happens the spotlight falls on the life, it begs one question: is it as helpful as it advertises?

All Around The World

The west hasn’t decided to pump money into veganism and increase food supplies. Nope, the raw materials come from countries around the globe, a lot of which that are poor. Avocados are in vogue today, as are beans and lentils. Unlike a slab of meat, these ingredients come from countries such as Brazil, Kenya, and Indonesia. In short, they have to be flown thousands of miles, emitting dangerous gases along the way. Ag sprayer nozzles can help preserve them for longer, yet the damage has been done. Meat may be cruel but it doesn’t travel as far.

‘Avo Look At The Price

As relatively wealthy people, a price hike isn’t the worst thing in the world. Indeed, vegans are happy to pay over the odds to save the planet, which is commendable. Citizens from less economically developed countries aren’t on the same page. And, it seems to be them who are paying the price, literally. Kenya has had to ban exporting avocados because the stock fell dramatically and the cost rose to $25 per fruit. Vegans are happy to take advantage yet people are losing out on the other side. Some would argue this isn’t fair.


SJW stands for social justice warriors; people who fight for causes no matter how big or small. Great, this is what the world needs. As a society, we are losing touch and need to fight back against the man. Sadly, as the last paragraph points out, this isn’t always the case. Plus, there is a developing trait connected to veganism: labeling. Vegans, believing their choice is the right one, preach and make others feel uncomfortable. Worse than that, they boycott, protest and scream obscenities at suppliers and customers alike. This attitude is permeating every walk of life and is splitting societies in two.


Human beings have evolved to need protein. In fact, all animals are the same. Chimpanzees are typical herbivores, eating a diet high in vegetation and fruit, yet even they hunt other monkeys. Why? They do it because they need the meat to provide protein. Cutting out meat in all forms could be potentially harmful to health. Sure, there are other ways to source protein, yet meat is the main source. Eradicating meat altogether isn’t the issue; cutting back should be the plan.

Veganism is a worthy cause, but it’s worth remembering that it isn’t infallible.

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