Many businesses will now need or want an app. Not because they know what to do with one, but just because it sounds pretty cool for a company say we have an app.

But that can change if you put the time and effort into working with a company which uses a process like design sprint. You can then firm up your idea and turn it into something achievable. 

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Of course, the chances are you have never built an app before, and it can appear very challenging. But if you work with the right company and you have a clear idea, there are no limits to what you can create.

But here are some considerations before you get involved with a professional company.

Problem-solving & Goals

Almost every product is designed and brought to life because they’re a means of solving a problem for somebody. The vacuum, for example, was a much faster way to sweep, and now you’ll be hard pushed to find a home that doesn’t have one. Whatsapp started as a free form of group communication, and now almost every single mobile phone has it. In both these cases, they solve the problem for the consumer.

Depending on what your business is, you’ll have the option to market your app B2B or to the general public. You need to consider a few issues that face both markets while doing your research. And it should be noted that almost all apps have some similar functions and purposes. So it’s all about extra functionality and how smoothly it runs – value, value and more value. 


You need to understand what people enjoy using and how they use things. If you want to create something with minimal options, then you have to make sure that each of those options is easy to access, the primary function of every application should be evident. 


  • Find design inspiration
  • Consider technical aspects 
  • Marketing and monetisation 
  • Test other apps

While you are searching for some inspiration and functionality, make sure that you don’t end up trying to design something too close to the competition. Just remember that there are very few brand-new ideas, it’s more like older ideas are improved upon.


Even if you are absolutely terrible at art, sit down with pen and paper and consider what your app is going to look like to the user. This might take a few tries before you get something that you think will work. Screenshots of all the apps you like, images, you can even mock some copy up. 

This will just help you get a feel for how your users are going to experience your application, and how it’s going to look. Of course, you can bring this to the company that we are working with to build your app, and they will be able to guide you as to the best layout that you can use.

The goal of this is for you to be able to research and understand how and why people use applications, and why that would be applicable to your business. By cementing your ideas when you finally approach an app-building company, they’ll get a feel for the direction you’re going, and you’ll get an app that you’ll be proud of.

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