Harnessing A Positive Attitude In The Workplace, Even Under Difficult Situations

Harnessing A Positive Attitude In The Workplace, Even Under Difficult Situations

Let’s be honest, no career is plain sailing anymore. But unfortunately, life can’t always be rosy. Life can be cruel at times, and when it comes to our career when things aren’t going our way, it can be particularly frustrating. Whether you have much to do with the situation or not, there is no hiding from the fact that many of us spend a good chunk of our time. So if we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it can be hard to come out the other side positively. Which is why I thought it was worth sharing with you some of the ways you can still encompass a positive attitude no matter scenario you find yourself in. I hope it proves useful to you.

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If you have an accident at work

Depending on what the situation may be, an accident can have a terrible effect on you. It may cause you an injury that will cause you to have long term difficulties. It could mean time away from work where you are not receiving a salary. In some cases, an accident in the workplace won’t have been your fault so the after effects of the situation could prove to be very unjust. However, enlisting the help of a work injury lawyer will help you to gain some clarity and a resolve for the situation your find yourself in. However, always be mindful of using the correct people and follow the process correctly, you won’t want to jeopardize your career in the process. But any workplace would agree that it is only fair for justice to be sought.

When you boss isn’t happy

There may come a time in your career that no matter what you do you just can’t seem to make your boss happy. They may be disgruntled with your performance or simply not like the way you are approaching your job and your commitments. Maybe you spoke up in a meeting about something or undermined your boss in some way. Whatever the situation may be, I am sure that you acted with only good intentions. The best advice in this situation is to ensure that you are doing your job to the best of your ability, and to always remain with a positive attitude. In time you may find that you settle your differences, but a good cause of action is to not give someone any reason to doubt your ability.

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Clashing with work colleagues

It is inevitable that when you get a group of people working near one another that you are bound to find yourself clashing at some point. You won’t always see eye to eye with your work colleagues, or even agree with their processes or ability. But, in these circumstances, you often have to be the bigger person and take the moral high ground. Have a positive attitude towards your work colleagues, and you may find that any difficulties you once had will begin to melt away.

Taking steps up the career ladder

It can be seen as overly aggressive to try and climb the career ladder. But showing initiative and doing a job will be the only way you can secure better work prospects and, of course, more salary in the future. Keep in mind your other colleagues and try not to step on anyone’s toes.

I hope these tips help you keep a positive attitude no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Wait! Before You Invest In A Startup, Read This

Wait! Before You Invest In A Startup, Read This

If you’ve got cash to invest and you want to put it into a startup, you could be making a great decision. However, you need to make sure you’ve thought this through properly before actually parting with your money. Below are some questions to ask yourself:

Do You Understand This Company?

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There’s absolutely no way you should invest in a company if you don’t understand it. Sure, it could potentially make you a lot of money, but there are so many reasons you should understand the company. Not only will it be more enjoyable for you, it’ll be easier to know when you’re investment is going to pay off.

Can You Add Value?

You should always invest in companies that you believe you can add value to. If you can’t add value to a company, other than your money, then you should consider steering clear.

Do You Have A Legal Professional To Consult Before Signing Contracts?

Before you sign on the dotted line of any contract, you need to make sure you have a legal professional to consult. They will be able to make tweaks to the contract if needs be so that it protects you better, or simply tell you that it’s safe to sign.

Do You Know When To Cash Out?

Knowing when to cash out is a great skill to have too. Make sure you know when you should be calling it quits. Take a look at the infographic below for more information in a more attractive format!

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Problems & Solutions: Your First Year In Business

Problems & Solutions: Your First Year In Business


The first twelve months are arguably the most exciting part of running any business. The whole task of finding your feet, the veritable rollercoaster ride of getting everything up and running, the many issues, the exhilarating ups, and the very low downs, but it’s all grist to the mill. And once the honeymoon period is over, and every single teething issue appears to have been resolved it’s time to get down to the real work, but this is where things can really cause hassle and leave you in the lurch. So, what can crop up?
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Problem: your employees leaving

Yes, after working your fingers to the bone and constant reassurance to your colleagues that the business is in ascendance, they may jump ship at the worst possible moment. They could leave for various reasons, better pay, a stable work/life balance, and there is nothing you can do about it. It can leave you in a precarious position.

Solution: provide more “security” for them

The real reason anybody leaves their job is because they don’t feel secure enough in the position, either emotionally or financially. If you can provide that metaphorical blanket in one way or another, either by providing more detailed contracts or by appealing to them in a more personal way, it is likely to keep their minds at ease. It’s all about give and take, and you will need to find the right balance, but they need to feel that they are being given enough by you.

Problem: your finances

Finding ways of cutting back on your overheads will always pose a significant problem, and during that first difficult year, it will consume your thoughts. You could throw money at a situation and end up spending too much on that one problem when your finances could have been better suited to solving another problem. You can easily end up firefighting certain problems by throwing money at it, which can leave you in a quandary.

Solution: hire an accountant

Organization is key to getting your finances in check, and you won’t be able to look after your finances properly while you’re busy looking after the business, so you’re going to have to bite the bullet and get an accountant. It’s an expense, but an essential one for peace of mind. A dishonest tax return, regardless of how little the mistake, can result in severe penalties. And if it’s too late and you’re in the middle of trying to sort the issues yourself before a tax deadline, you can speak to a lawyer for taxes for some additional advice. With something like finances, it’s not advisable to try and muddle through. Get professional help.

Problem: the business is not taking off “fast enough”

The first year will always be tough, but you can get frustrated by the lack of impact on your sales and funds and the feeling that you’re not where you want to be can loom large in your mind.

Solution: have more grassroots promotion

Never underestimate the importance of what word of mouth can bring. Have more events, make a bigger splash with one-offs, or actually have a proper business launch. You’ve done the graft, now it’s time to spread the word.


Post-Car Accident Action Tips

Post-Car Accident Action Tips

Being involved in a car accident can be a shocking and frightening experience. Anyone unfortunate enough to have been involved in one will know it can be extremely confusing and difficult to know what to do. It is really important to know how to react in a situation like this so read on for information about the important things that need to be done when a car accident happens.

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Emergency Services

Stop and take a moment to make sure that you, and anyone else that may be in your car is alright. Then, survey the scene to see if anyone involved in the accident has been hurt. Even if everyone seems to be alight, the majority of the time it is still always advisable to call the emergency services.
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If it is a very minor accident, however, and everyone appears to be perfectly ok then there may be no need to call an ambulance. The police, however, will still need to be contacted in order to register the accident and deal with any necessary traffic diversions, whilst debris is cleared away and of course, the police need to be contacted in order to deal with the necessary paperwork.

Taking Down Details

Secondly, you will need to make sure that everyone exchanges details after the accident. You will need to give the other parties your details, and you will need to make sure that you take everyone else’s. If you are concerned that the accident was your fault, don’t be too hasty in assuming responsibility or being overly apologetic as this could potentially be used against you if the accident ends up going down the legal route.

The best thing way that you can react is by staying calm and just provide the details that are asked of you.

Insurance & Legal Proceedings

If any damage has been done to your vehicle, you will need to contact your insurance company to make a claim and get the ball rolling in repairing your car.

If you were to blame for the accident you are also going to need to hire an attorney to defend you should the accident be taken to court. If there was any alcohol involved and you were found to be over the limit then you are going to need to hire a DWI defense attorney in your local area, that will be able to help you through the legal process.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

It is also important to remember that whilst accidents happen, most of them are completely avoidable. By making sure that you don’t drive when overly tired or after drinking alcohol will mean that you only drive when you are completely alert and awake. Also, make sure that you are not open to distractions when you drive.

It is now illegal to answer a phone call whilst driving, and texting whilst behind the wheel can also result in legal action. Grumpy and squabbling kids, eating lunch from behind the wheel are also ways that drivers can get distracted and the result can be accidents. So make sure that you are always taking measures to drive in a calm way and that you are focused on the road, and nothing else at all times.  

The True Cost Of Health?

The True Cost Of Health?

Health matters to us all. We want to live as long and prosperous lives as possible. And, we like to think our governments are behind us. It may seem strange to link politics and health, but it’s not as far out as you might think. In some ways, our health falls to us. We have to eat right, and exercise. But, our environments, and the world around us, also determine health levels. And, who controls those? Our governments of course.

No one can deny that, in the past, the government hasn’t made the best decisions. In some ways, we have to cut them some slack. Most of the things they’ve done which have damaged health have been down to misinformation. The main incidence is use of asbestos. Many homes built before 1980 contain these minerals, known to cause cancer. Even now, people have to turn to an asbestos exposure attorney to gain compensation for long-term effects. And, who ordered this material to be used? The government of course. You could argue that they didn’t realize the effects, but they should’ve done more rigorous testing.

Smoking is another thing backed by the government, and indeed some doctors. These are people whose opinions we should trust, and they were well behind the idea of smoking. Again, the main issue here was that the effects weren’t known. Even so, the fact that tobacco products are still legal is a worrying sign. While the government takes steps, such as unbranded packaging, to sway us, they won’t stop sales. Why? Because of the money!

Money plays a common factor in many of the damaging steps government take to harm health. While past mistakes can be chalked up to inexperience, the same can’t be said of errors in the modern age.  We may not live in asbestos lined houses, but the government still damage our health in subtle ways. The recent Grenfell Tower building fire in London is a horrific example of this. Investigations have revealed that sub-standard, more flammable cladding was used in the building. Why? Because it was cheaper.
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And, that’s not the only money-saving act of inhumanity we’ve seen from officials this year. In the US, Trump’s recent pull from the Paris climate agreement is worrying news for us all. While the most visible impact is on the environment, the decision could also affect health. If there’s less regulation on pollution, there’s less control of the air we’re breathing. You don’t need us to tell you the damage that could cause. The motivations for such a move seem unclear to most of us, but Trump was honest about his reasoning – climate change was costing too much money.

Looking at the facts, there’s no way to deny that our health may not be a priority for the people in charge. It’s worrying whatever way you look at it. But, instead of panicking, take this as all the more reason to take charge and do what you can to live a healthy life.

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