Is It Time To Host An Event For Your Business? Here’s What To Think About

Is It Time To Host An Event For Your Business? Here’s What To Think About

When it comes to your business it is always going to be worth it to think outside of the box when it comes to different ideas and what you can do. In a world that seems to be always vying for people’s attention, it is ideal if your business can stand out from the crowd. This is why your marketing strategy can be so important. You focus on your social media content, you ensure that your business remains present and consistent in the online world. However, there is still a market to focus on when it comes to attracting people’s attention physically. 

But how can you do that when often some of the old school ways of advertising seem obsolete? This is when events can be the answer. It gives you the chance to focus on your local community, it can help you when it comes to standing out and showcasing what you are all about, and it can certainly allow you tap into what can be an unsaturated point of marketing for you. After all, you could be the only person or business that does what you do in your locality? So where do you get started when it comes to hosting an event? Here are some of the things to think about to help you get started and organise something worthy of your business.

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Before the event

Before the event there is a lot of predation work that needs to go into it to ensure that your event becomes the success that you imagine it to be. So the best thing to do is to focus your energy initially on preparation and making it happen. Here are some of the things to start organising. 

What sort of event will work? 

One of the first things to decide upon is to consider what sort of event will work for your business. This is whether you think that an event outside would work or whether you want something a little more initiate indoors. It would also depend on the time of year as an outside event would be better if the weather was warmer and brighter, such as a spring or summer event. You might also want to think about the timing of your event. Would you want something that could take place all day, where people can drop ink and out of it, or is something more structured within a set timeframe be more suitable? These things can help you to decide other factors of the event, so make sure you know what sort of event will work for your business early into the planning process. 

Who is the event aimed at? 

The next thing you will want to think about is who the event will be aimed at. This is when you may need to think about the type of event that will work well for your business. Will the vent be aimed at families? Where you will not only focus on the business side of things but also encourage entertainment and other factors to make the whole thing enjoyable? What about joining forces with other businesses in the community? You may find that doing this can help to expand your reach and also make the vent have much more value for the people who attend. 

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What will happen at the event? 

Knowing the timescale and who the vent will be aimed at is one area done, but you also need to think about the actual process of the event and will happen there? This is when you need to think outside of the box. Sure you want your business to be a focus, and this is when a stand for it, and also an opportunity to talk and present will be ideal. This could also work for other businesses as well so it gives the event a lot more grounding. But think about other aspects. What about catering options? Will you offer up food to eat? You will need to think about food storage, such as a cool room or large refrigerator for ingredients where a wifi temperature sensor could prove useful. You will also need to think about things such as electric hookups and generators so that things like cooking can take place as well as other aspects such as mucus, microphones for talks and other entertainment such as bouncy castles and family fun activities. 

Getting the word out there 

Once you event is all planned and you have organised everything you now need to ensure people are going to turn up. This is when you need to get the word out. Think about things such as social media campaigns discussing this, advertise locally in community magazines and use dedicated groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to showcase the vent with all of the relevant details. 

During the event

Once you get to the day that the event is taking place, you now need to think about all of the ways you can make it worthwhile during the actual thing. You will want to take advantage of every opportunity that you have so here are two of the things to get right on the day. 

Showcase what is going on through social media

Social media not only will help you advertise the event but you can also utilise it during it as well. If you have an event that is taking place all day, for example, social media and sharing what is happening could encourage people to make last minute decisions to turn up. Based on what it is you share. Use tools like live video, Instagram stories, and social media takeovers to share as much as you can. This is what will be used as evidence for future events and attendance as well as encourage people to share where they have been to their following. Extending your reach organically. 

Encourage people to share and devise an easy way to do it 

On the subject of getting people to share a great way to do that is by creating a hashtag for the event. This is what people can use and allow people not easy search content out and see things for themselves. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to host an event in the future for your business. 

What Should You Do If You Find Yourself In a Road Incident?

What Should You Do If You Find Yourself In a Road Incident?

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The majority of us will drive on public roads without experiencing any negative incidents. But it’s still extremely important that you know what to do if you do find yourself in a road incident of any sort. Here’s a step by step guide that should help you through the process. Hopefully, you won’t have to put this information to use. But it’s good to always have it in mind when getting behind the wheel.


The first rule of any road incident is to stop. You legally cannot drive away from the situation and just ignore it. What’s more – it won’t just go away. You need to stop to make sure everyone’s okay. So, if possible, pull up to the side of the road and exit your vehicle.

Call for Help

The next step is also extremely important. You need to call the emergency services if anyone at all has been harmed in the incident. They’ll be able to dispatch medical assistance, police assistance, or the assistance of fire fighters. If necessary, carry out first aid as advised by the emergency line operator until professional help arrives. If nobody has been hurt, you can progress to the next step.

Stay Calm

Try to stay as calm as possible. This may seem easier said than done, but it’s very important. Keeping calm will make sure you don’t take any actions that you regret at a later date. Remember everyone will be stressed and perhaps angry or upset in this situation. Be understanding and patient and, hopefully, others will be understanding and patient in return.

Collect Other Individuals’ Personal Details

You’ll need to take the details of anyone else involved in the incident for the sake of insurance. Make sure to collect:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Insurance Details
  • Registration Number of their Vehicle
  • Make and Model of their Vehicle

Reach Out to a Lawyer

If there’s a legal problem at hand, you may need to reach out to a lawyer like Matthew Leyba. A lawyer will be able to help draw a case together for compensation if you have been hurt through no fault of your own. They can also help with issues like DUI.

Consider Therapy

Road incidents can be traumatic experiences – both emotionally and mentally as well as physically. If necessary, don’t hesitate to seek therapy. This will help you to come to terms with what has happened and will help you to move on too. This can prove extremely important for your overall mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing in the long run!

Again, hopefully, you won’t need to put this information to real-life use. But make sure to follow the steps above if needs be. They’ll help you deal with the incident properly and will make the best of a bad situation.

Master The Art Of Keeping Your Assets Safe

Master The Art Of Keeping Your Assets Safe

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If you are enjoying the first few months of bliss after launching your own business, then you are one of the lucky ones. Many people find the first few weeks challenging as they try to find their feet in a competitive market place. However, others find that their comprehensive planning, market research and determination pays off to create a startup that hits the ground running. It doesn’t matter how successful your business becomes, it’s vital that you are able to protect it. After all, what is the point in having such crucial assets if you cannot keep them safe. Cybercrime is becoming more and more prevalent in the twenty first century. What are you going to do to keep your startup secure?


If you have staff, it’s essential that they are trained in all aspects of cybersecurity as described at You should invite specialists in for a half day training annually. This will ensure that all new starters receive up to date training, and that your current staff regularly receive a refresher. At the very least, staff should be aware of the importance of random alphanumeric passwords and the need to change them every two months. Ensure that your staff are fully aware of the dodgy looking email attachment. They should know never to open one, and to alert the appropriate person within your company. Set up a cybersecurity charter that every staff member signs up to (including yourself) to put the onus on your staff. This way, they will take more care when accessing files and emailing clients.


If you are not Internet or computer savvy, it might be time to consider outsourcing this business function to the professionals. Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of your business. Large organizations such as the NHS in the UK have been hit by malware attacks so you might wonder how your little enterprise is going to cope. If you visit a site like you will see the sorts of encryption and defence strategies they can use to keep your company safe. Much more secure than simply using a firewall, you will also have your files backed up regularly to ensure that your startup can continue functioning as normal even if the worst happens.

Flexible Working

While working from home is all the rage, it can also make your company less secure. If your marketing manager wants to do their work in their favorite coffee shop, the chances are they are hooking up to an unsecured network, leading to less secure working. Ensure that your team know that they cannot access the most sensitive files away from the office. You can even put a block on their ability to access these files. Apply a need to know policy, ensuring that only those people who need to view the most confidential data can do so. This way, your startup’s files and data will be as safe as possible.

Cybersecurity is a vital aspect of your business plan. Master the art of keeping your company safe by following this guide.

Keeping The Morale Up In The Workplace Isn’t As Hard As You’d Think

Keeping The Morale Up In The Workplace Isn’t As Hard As You’d Think


Your business is only as good as the employees you hire, in a lot of cases. Yes, you’re at the helm, but those rowing the oars and manning the sails are the ones that keep everything moving. Most of the time, your workers show up and get everything done safely and soundly – it’s what they’re paid to do, after all. But there are those brief periods where things slow down. Sometimes the staff have collectively taken their foot off the gas, and it’s having quite a significant effect.

Human motivation and morale are not ground-breaking issues that are unfathomable. They’re things we all know about. We’ve all been low on motivation before; it’s just a case of getting back into the groove.

So, as the leader of the pack, it’s your job to keep everything flowing smoothly and positively. Some handle this task with consummate ease; others, well, struggle a little more. Everyone is different, so there’s no binary way to boost everyone’s levels of morale equally, but there are small, simple things you can do to lift the collective mood. Take a look at some of these ideas:   

Set Goals

When you have no real target other than the overall job to look forward to, it can be a little draining. Showing up to work every day feeling as though you’re pointlessly grafting away can make you slow down, right? Doesn’t matter how much of a work-ethic you have; you’re only human. That said, when you have little challenges in front of you, completing them becomes your motivation – even if there are no rewards at the end of them. Finishing something and completing a task feels good. It makes us want to do it again.

Quality Break And Recreational Areas

If you have space and the funds, then it’s a good idea to have an area where the staff can rest and rehabilitate ahead of the next few hours. If the little area you have now is confined and awkward, it can lower the levels of contentment. It doesn’t have to be a full-on games area (although that would be pretty awesome!), but a comfy seating arrangement, fab utilities, and some space would be ideal.

Make Sure Everyone Is Paid!

Pretty obvious, huh? They might be in the job because they like the field and want to climb the ladder, but the entire reason for their presence is to be rewarded with money in their accounts. If people aren’t getting what they want for the work they’re putting in, then it’ll upset them and make them question themselves as to why they’re putting in the effort. It can be quite a tricky system at times, so if you’re struggling, then you can outsource to a payroll company. You could also use new software and managed services like Cloudpay and QuickBooks to help you out a little.    

Positive Vibes!

Sometimes, all you have to do is behave in a positive, bubbly manner, and people will mirror it. If your attitude is bouncy and energetic, then people around the office are going to be interested in what you have to say. If you’re slouched, slow, and lethargic, then that aura is going to reverberate around the room. Try creating that fun, happy, and ready-to-go atmosphere.

5 Good Reasons To Get A Dashcam

5 Good Reasons To Get A Dashcam

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Dashcams are more than just fun toys. In fact, they can have many benefits. Here are just five reason why you may want to invest in a dashcam.

Provide evidence when making insurance claims

Having a dashcam in your vehicle can be a big advantage when making an insurance claim. It could provide video evidence that you weren’t at fault in an accident, helping you to claim the compensation you deserve. Some drivers even buy two or more dashcams so that they can record the road from all angles – this could be useful if someone drives up the back of you or clips your wing mirror.

Provide legal evidence when reporting criminal activity

A dashcam could also help you to report any signs of criminal behaviour you witness whilst driving. This could include others’ unlawful driving or even criminal behaviour happening on the roadside. Your footage could even be used to help with police investigations reported by others. All in all, by owning a dashcam, you could be helping to fight crime.

Provide legal evidence when protecting yourself against false claims

You can also use a dashcam to protect yourself against false claims and convictions made against you. With the help of a criminal defence expert and dashcam evidence you may be able to defend yourself against fines and tickets that you feel were undeserved (there could even cases of number plate cloning in which you can use dashcam footage to show you weren’t the driver). Dashcams can also be used in insurance fraud cases where you may have been deliberately set up to cause an accident.

Record video footage of road trips

Dashcams can also be perfect tools for capturing memories of road trips. Even if you have lots of passengers on board to film events on the road, a dashcam could help to capture those surprise moments that unfold before anyone has a chance to film them. As for solo drives, it could be the only way to capture those fun and exciting moments on the road.

Monitor other drivers using your car

Another great use for a dashcam could be to monitor other drivers using your car. If it’s a business vehicle, there may be employees who you share it with – a dash cam could encourage these employees to drive economically and sensibly, which could help you to keep fuel costs down and protect the reputation of your business. A dashcam could also come in handy if you’re child has just learnt to drive and you want to similarly check how they’re using your vehicle. 

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