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SEO is an essential part of any marketing of business, but it has gone further away from the “organic” SEO practices of the past and has become more of a marketing trick than anything. It is something that each and every business now has to try and get their slice of the pie. The current SEO techniques that are bandied around, such as making your websites “click happy” or using “alt tags” are featuring on many different blogs across the internet, but there is something about using an SEO agency to work with you, on an organic level, to develop a great web infrastructure that can easily fit into a search engine algorithm. So why should you invest in an organic SEO method? There are methods that yield real results.

It Is Still Working Its Magic

Leading SEO companies, like PlacementSEO, are proving the value of optimization. They use the latest and most advanced methods to create results, which almost seem magic. The techniques that are being used to improve SEO still works. The methods of focusing on improving the user experience while also using the traditional SEO methodologies will result in a higher ranking on the search engine results page and traffic to your website.

The ROI Is Good

Return On Investment for SEO when compared to other advertising methods, like social media advertising, email marketing, PPC advertising or buying leads, is quite good. Using organic seo packages and sound methods will be the cornerstone of your presence online.

Search Engines Are Big Businesses Themselves

Search engines are now becoming bigger than many of the results they throw up. With between 80% and 90% of people now checking for online reviews before making a purchase, it shows that the trend to search will only increase. So, by making sure you pitch up a nice spot on your customer’s search engine results page, it will help you big time!

The Coverage In Technology

Mobile bandwidth and local search optimization are only becoming better and better. The amount of web traffic that heads to mobile devices is now starting to outweigh that on the standard desktop computer. As a result of people reaching for their smartphone approximately 85 times per day, there are whole new ways of SEO techniques companies can take advantage of, like local search optimization. The younger generations, such as the millennials, is such a key demographic now, as they are the highest number of mobile phone users.

SEO Is Never-Ending

Your competition will always be looking for ways to improve themselves and how to appeal to customers, you should be doing that too. As soon as you stop progressing, you are losing out to a competitor who will snap up your market. Business is business, and SEO techniques are a valuable tool we have to grab customers and interest for our product.

Organic SEO is so much more important now than it ever was before. Your business needs to have an SEO strategy lined up, or if you need the help, having an SEO agency as a client will help you to build an online presence that will translate into traffic and sales. It is still one of the most important aspects of a company’s marketing plan and is integral to branding and business identity.

Jerry Mooney is the co-founder of the leading disruptive business and political site zenruption

Putting Your Money In Property – Essential Do and Don’ts

Putting Your Money In Property – Essential Do and Don’ts

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As a money making option people tend to prefer property to putting their money in the stock market because they have a physical representation of their investment. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that investing in property is easy, and there are defiantly some tips that can help you maximize your return in the long term.

Do consider any renovations carefully before you invest in them

For example, a lot of folks might automatically assume that installing things like a swimming pool, and hot tub will increase the value of their property.

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However, they actually cost a great deal of money and effort to put in. As you have to work out how deep they need to be for the amount of water you want to swim in. Which you can do with a thing like this density calculator. As well as how much the labor it will cost, and price of the landscaping around the pool once it’s finished.

Once you have added all this up, you need to compare this to the potential increased profit you could make, to see if it’s actually a viable option. Or whether the money would be best spent elsewhere.

Don’t assume that property price will always rise.

One of the biggest problem that a lot of folks have when they invest in property is they believe that they are guaranteed an increase in their investment. But of course, this isn’t always the case.

Just like the stock market, property prices go up and down, and just because you have a bricks and mortar items, does not mean that you can’t lose out.

This means you have to be very careful when investing in property. You have to choose the right type, as well as get the location correct.

Remember a small studio flat in a city might end up being worth much more than a family size house in the suburbs if it’s in an up and coming area.

Do consider buy to let

Something else that a lot of folks don’t realize about investing in property is that you can buy to let for profit. This is when you buy a property, and usually take a mortgage out on it. Then you let the property out and allow the rent from that to pay the mortgage.
Then over time, you are slowly paying the mortgage off without it costing you anything. You can then sell the property when you want to cash in your investment, and you will make much more because you will have paid off the majority of what you own to the bank.

Don’t think that older properties are a better investment

Of course, the general view on property investment is buy something old and rundown cheap, do it up and flip it for a profit. Now there is definitely money to be made in this area, so I’m not saying never do it.

However, you have to know what you are doing, to be able to squeeze as much profit of out the situation as possible. Remember, if there are any costly renovations that surprise you, it can throw your whole budget and timescale off, eating into your profit.

Agent Angst – Engaging The Reluctant Client

Agent Angst – Engaging The Reluctant Client

As a fresh, growing agency, you’ve probably had a few reluctant clients in the past. Many small to medium companies believe they can manage their own marketing, advertising, and PR in-house. Outsourcing, to them, seems like an expensive indulgence. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you present yourself or your agency, you just can’t win them over. In fact, just getting the decision maker to answer the phone is the biggest part of the battle!

To win more clients, you need to find more innovative ways to engage them. A narrative can help here. Something that speaks to them because it feels familiar can be quite powerful. But how can you know what will pique their interest and engage them long enough for you to make your pitch? You too need to be carefully targeting your prospective clients.

Selecting a narrower group of leads could help you focus your attention too. Their business is just starting to boom, and the business owner is getting their first real taste of success. They have more money, but they may also have more worries and risks. Clients like this are often concerned about momentum. A boost in sales demands a bigger internal structure to handle the orders. With that investment comes the fear of a sales drop-off.

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What this perspective client needs is a way to tap into their new customer’s lives and become a regular part of it. Repeat sales, according to https://www.forbes.com/sites/larrymyler, cost substantially less than continually driving for new business. And it is these customers that could help your prospective client find the new customers they desire. Reviews, social media chatter and customer experiences are where your client needs to focus right now.

When you look at websites like www.Chatmeter.com/solutions/agencies, you can see a number of ways you can help protect and improve your client’s reputation. Your prospective client might not yet be tapping into Customer Retention Marketing. They might not have systems in place to collect and collate reviews. And if they’re not managing the chatter on social media, they can’t prevent or repair any damage from disgruntled customers. This is where you can step up with an added value service proposition.

Once you’re in your prospective client’s mindset, you can tweak your offering to include the solutions to problems they may be worrying about. You can engage your prospect with details – clarify what they’ve had fleeting thoughts about and expand upon it. Show them you have solutions. You might even be able to do this before they’re fully aware of the risk factors involved with their situation. Engage them with truths, clarification, and solutions.

You want your client to reach out by using your carefully selected media plans. Have you fully explained why? Can you quantify the benefits? Chances are your competitors have already bombarded them with literature and phone calls. They’re trying to win your prospect too. How can your approach be more engaging and more about a two-way conversation? It can be quite disheartening to hear a no from a lead. Try to engage your next prospect to make it a big yes.

Co-founder of leading disruption business and political site zenruption

Bankrolling Your Business: Top Financial Tips For Every Budding Entrepreneur

Bankrolling Your Business: Top Financial Tips For Every Budding Entrepreneur

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Do you dream of being the next big thing? Do you want to see your name in lights? Many people have aspirations to be a successful entrepreneur, but it’s not easy to make it to the top. Often, the hardest part is getting started, bankrolling your business and keeping it afloat while you build your brand. If you’re an ambitious business mogul in the making, here are some top financial tips.

Image from https://pixabay.com/en/growth-economy-money-finance-1152553/

Plan ahead

Setting up a business may seem like a relatively simple concept. However, it’s not as easy as having an idea and becoming a businessperson overnight. Most startups require an investment of some kind. You may have savings you plan to invest in the venture, but if you don’t, you’ll be reliant on other sources. Before you plow time and money into your potential business, make sure you’ll be able to get the company off the ground. Work on a business plan, and ensure that it is completely watertight before you start applying for loans or making appointments with potential investors. It’s essential that you know everything there is to know about the financial aspects of the business. If you’ve got a product to sell, for example, you should be able to recite your production costs, retail prices and bulk-buy offers without taking a breath. To secure funding, you’ll need to convince a lender or an investor to trust you, as well as your business model, so it’s really important that you’ve got the figures pinned down.

Be efficient

Even if accounting isn’t your strong point, you need to make sure that you’re efficient when it comes to record keeping, making and taking payments, processing invoices and updating the books. You may have people to do this for you further down the line, but if you’re just starting out, make sure you have systems in place. If you’ve done a job, send an invoice, and make sure it’s paid on time. There are options like cashflow finance available if it’s taking a long time to collect payments from clients, but you want to try and create a streamlined, swift process from day one. Use your head as well as your heart, and don’t be afraid to chase missed or late payments. This kind of job doesn’t appeal to many, but sometimes, in business, you have to put yourself first. If you’re owed money, and you haven’t got enough in the bank to pay employees, you can’t put up with outstanding bills.

Learn when to invest

As your business grows, you may be thinking about putting more money in to facilitate expansion. This is a goal for almost every entrepreneur, but it’s essential to know when to invest. You need to be financially secure before you take any risks. Make use of market research and analyze your sales figures and marketing reports. Look at what techniques are working or which products are flying off the shelves and focus on these. If you’ve got a range and there are some that aren’t selling at all, consider discontinuing them and increasing production for the items that are making you money.

If you’re trying to figure out how to bankroll your business, take these tips on board and hopefully, you’ll get off to a flying start.

Troy Lambert 

It’s Okay To Need Help

It’s Okay To Need Help

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There's a strange and rather pervasive attitude in modern society that seems to tell people that the only way to get through life is on their own. Not to say that people aren't told to go out and find people to have in their lives, but that being totally independent is more important than just about anything else. For many people, the idea of needing to reach out to other people for help and support is a sign of weakness. As though there is something inherently wrong with needing other people around you in order to succeed in your life. However, this attitude is not only inaccurate, but it's also potentially dangerous. In a world where support from other people is no important, trying to go it alone can leave you feeling exhausted and isolated. With that in mind, here are a few instances where you may want to reach out to other people for help and support.

Workplace problems

If you’re struggling with something at work, the worst thing that you can try and do is to push through it all on your own. A lot of the time this desire comes from the fact that employers are always looking for employees who can take the initiative and work independently. While these skills are important, they’re by no means the only ways of working. After all, being able to collaborate and work within a team is just as important, and part of that is being able to reach out to other people for help. Speak to your colleagues or more experienced and qualified people to get advice on how to proceed in certain situations. Trying to do it all on your own is just going to lead to frustration and a lot of mistakes getting made.

Legal trouble

In an ideal world, this is something that would never come up or be an issue but, sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. Whether you need an immigration lawyer, a defense attorney, or even something as simple as a lawyer to help you get a mortgage, having someone qualified out there who can help you wade through all the complex legal jargon can be totally invaluable. Sure, there’s plenty of information out there that you can find yourself, but when it’s something as important as the law, that’s not really a risk you want to take.

Personal issues

This is probably the place where the vast majority of people seem to feel the most reluctant to reach out for help. If you’re having problems in your personal life, it can feel embarrassing or even shameful to talk to someone else about them. But keeping everything bottled up is just going to make it worse. Whether you need to just talk to a friend or you need to get in touch with a qualified professional, being able to talk through issues with people can make a huge amount of difference. Not only do you get different perspectives on the situation, but simply talking something through can really help you to figure it out in a way that just going over and over it in your head doesn’t allow for.

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