Why Respectful Ways SEL programs are better

  • We design a custom Social-Emotional Learning program tailored directly to your needs. (We create and bundle different courses to address your school or program’s specific behavioral issues.)
  • We host digital, interactive courses that create a unique experience for every classroom using project-based learning with online modules orchestrating the SEL curriculum.
  • We are a comprehensive curriculum and signage program that both establishes a positive school climate and reinforces the message with Respectful reminder signs.
  • Fulfills hundreds of state and College and Career Readiness Common Core Standards.
  • We are a perfect asset to your cross-curricular plans and instructional needs. We’ve designed our modules to hit standards from science, to social studies, ELA to math. With our on-boarding support, all educators can teach Respectful Ways.
  • Courses are designed to give you the flexibility to teach when you want and how you want — on your schedule.
  • Easy-to-follow lesson plans and turn-key activities. We’ve done the class prep for you!
  • Full on-boarding support and continued training for all faculty.
  • Age-appropriate courses for three grade levels — including high school!
  • Better student engagement. Our fun activities and lessons use pop culture trends. We speak their language!
  • All our 6th through 12th grade modules offer original Rap songs to highlight the respectful messaging! Students read along and sing to the beat of the rap.
  • If your school adopted PBIS, your challenge is finding good SEL curriculum. We are your solution to PBIS curriculum mandates! Our lesson plans integrate with your PBIS matrix.
  • We hear you! Educator surveys are studied and used to make curriculum improvements. If appropriate, your suggestions are updated and digitally uploaded immediately. We also offer Pre- and Post-surveys for the children to fill out so you can monitor the effectiveness before and after each module is taught.
  • Online support community including a student forum, parent and educator discussion groups, educational webinars and Respectful Session Workshopsfor enhanced SEL training.
  • Parent involvement with every module, including “Respectful Ways Home Connects” that detail the lessons and SEL language students learn each week. All our “Home Connects” materials are offered in Spanish as well!

Program overview

We help you teach Emotional Intelligence.

Respectful Ways provides character education through a combination of preproduced online lessons and classroom aids and activities for three age groups: PreK-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade and 6th-12th grade. There are 18 modules for each age group, for a total of 54 unique courses, comprising a full year of curriculum.

Through a variety of guided activities, students learn the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning: CompassionPerseveranceRespect and Responsibility. We call this CPRR — helping you pump the heart into your students.

Each module comes with detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans, research-based activities and classroom aids that make teaching a breeze.

We also provide Respectful Signage for your classroom and common areas to supplement the message and reinforce a positive school climate.  Other reinforcement tools include banners, pins and posters for the school, and special awards and rewards for the students.

Our character development program is perfect for schools, camps, after-school programs and community youth groups.

If your school has adopted PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports), Respectful Ways works hand-in-hand with your PBIS behavioral matrix.

Ready to see a Demo?

About the courses

There are 5 interactive activities per module, each designed to be taught in 30-minute sessions over a two-week period.

Since every child learns differently, our activities are varied to ensure that each individual student feels involved and engaged. The project-based learning includes discussion, crafts, games, group activities, performances, writing, personal reflection and more.

The first activity in every course is the “Lets Chat Conversation Cards” which breaks the ice and allows kids to explore their feelings on the day’s topic. Next up is the “Time to Rhyme” activity, where students recite, analyze and expound upon original poetry. The following 3 activities are research-based and unique to each course. Each reinforces the message in varied, creative ways to ensure that every student is engaged.

Each course is guided by the character Riley Ways, the students’ ambassador who learns and grows with the students.

Check out an online course.



Contact us for a free consultation.

Let’s discuss your students’ needs to see if Respectful Ways is right for your school or youth group. Call Pam McNall at 678.464.0962.


Already have a Character Education program?

Respectfully, ours is better: We offer complete lesson plans for all ages, in a modern, online format that kids can relate to. Our turnkey lesson plans are more convenient and easier to teach. Plus, our online platform allows us to be more agile — we update content regularly, and even customize it to your school!

But if you already have a program in place, Respectful Ways courses can augment your existing SEL solution. You can access individual modules a la carte to directly address your school’s specific behavioral issues. You can assemble your own curriculum, or simply purchase classroom signs and awards!

We encourage you to adopt our risk-free trial program so you can experience the advantages firsthand.


Compete Lesson Plans by Age Group

We’ve done the work for you. Our research suggests a lesson plan comprised of specific modules for these three specific age groups. There are 18 modules for each level, to be taught every two weeks over the 36-week school year. If you want additional ideas, see the full list of available modules.


Choose Your Own Curriculum

We offer 54 different subjects for character education. Explore the available modules under each of the Four Pillars. Each module was initially designed for the appropriate age group, but all modules can be adapted to other age groups, or customized to your school’s needs.

Our research recommends rotating between the Four Pillars (Compassion, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility) and that a new module be taught to students every two weeks.

For the 36-week school year, choose 18 Guides — 4 or 5 module lessons from each of the categories to build a well-rounded curriculum.



Here’s what you get.

Below is our Full Service Respectful Ways Program, but your program can be customized to fit your individual schools needs.

  • 270 Research-Based, Diverse Activities to Fully Explore the Lessons
  • Original Poems, Lyrics, Songs and “Promise” Pledges
  • Physical Respectful Signs for the Classrooms and Common Areas
  • 3 Grade Tiers: Pre-K to 2nd, 3rd to 5th and 6th Grade +
  • 4 Expertly Crafted Umbrella Curriculum Modules
  • 54 Total Exploratory Guides
  • 162 Exploratory “Let’s Chat!” Questions to Spur Deeper Guide Understanding
  • Customized After School Program
  • Customized Banners and Respectful Signage to establish a Positive School Culture
  • Parent Involvement with Every Module, Including “Respectful Ways Parent Page” PDFs Detailing the Lessons and SEL Language Students Learned
  • Parent Discussion Groups
  • School Rallies with Custom Banner
  • Customized Program Planning with CEO
  • School Counselor Support
  • Fundraising Opportunities With An Emphasis On Community Engagement
  • An Online Portal hosting all your modules with Added Comprehensive Teaching Tools
  • Full On-Board Training by Trained RW Staff
  • Online Teacher Community and Educator Discussion Forum
  • Educational Webinars and Respectful Session Workshops
  • Integrative App Support
  • Access to CEO for Onsite Teacher Training and Support
  • Companion Teacher Guide Supplements
  • Live and Recorded Webinars with Award Winning Educators, Best-Selling Authors and Child Psychologists
4 Things You Need To Do To Turn Your Blog Into A Money Making Enterprise

4 Things You Need To Do To Turn Your Blog Into A Money Making Enterprise

Blogging is a great way of writing about something that you’re passionate about and also connecting yourself with likeminded people. For some, it’s simply a hobby that they do as and when they feel like it and for others, it’s a means of making money. Many people don’t realize how much money there is to be made in blogging and some don’t even realize that you can make money at all from it. Are you interested in monetizing your blog so that eventually you can consider becoming a full-time blogger? Take a look at these 4 things you need to do to turn your blog into a money-making enterprise.


Reach out to companies

One of the things that you’ll be doing when you’re making money through your blog is working with companies. Businesses that are trying to promote their products seek out bloggers to review their products and post it on their blog. When you’re just starting out, it’s likely that you will only get a keep and review opportunity. However, as your DA rises, you will find that companies are more than willing to pay for reviews from a sought-after blogger. The sooner you begin reaching out to companies, the sooner they will be willing to pay you.

Define your look

The one thing that you will need to do as soon as possible is to define yourself as a blogger. While you’ve already got your blog set up, do you have a particular phrase or word that you use regularly? You will also need to create a logo for your blog and for any social media posts that you comment on too. Use a logo creator online to experiment with different looks for your blog. Once you’ve created one that you like, stick with it so that your logo becomes recognized by your fans and companies alike.

Concentrate on SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the most important things that you need to concentrate on with your blog. It basically helps you gain more traffic and exposure. This happens because of search engines picking out keywords within your posts. Think about when you want to find something out, you head to a search engine right? Try and use keywords that are relevant to what you’re writing about so that you’ve got a greater chance of appearing higher in search engine results.

Grow your social media following

Finally, your social media accounts will be where you’re sharing your blog and the posts you’ve written, so it’s important to grow your social media following further than just your friends and family on Facebook. Use apps like Crowdfire, Tailwind and Buffer to help you reach further with your content. The use of hashtags whenever appropriate is also a fantastic way of gaining followers and sparking interest.

Use these four pieces of advice when it comes to your blog and you will be well on your way to making a decent wage from your blog alone! Check out how you can quit your job and become a full time blogger and apply those techniques to your blog so that you can take your blog even further. Good luck with your money making enterprise.

Five Fun Things You Can Learn Online in Weeks

Five Fun Things You Can Learn Online in Weeks

If you would like to increase your chances of career progress and financial freedom, or simply want to live a healthier and more balanced life, you don’t necessarily need to go back to college. Thanks to the improvement made in information technology, you will never have to leave your house, and still learn new tricks, even if you are an old dog. Find a list of a couple of fun courses you should take now.

Image via Grand Forks Air Force Base

Persuasive Speaking

Communication is essential for every job. No matter if you work in retail or are a stock broker, you will need to be able to persuade your potential clients, buyers, and colleagues. There are several great persuasive speaking classes available online, even free ones. You can learn to be a better communicator in just a course of a few weeks, and improve your career as well as your professional relationships.


If you are looking to achieve financial freedom, you sometimes need to take matters into your own hands. If you have no idea what is futures trading and would like to find out whether or not you have what it takes to make it in the world of investment, you can get some taster sessions that will introduce you to the main concepts and methods in less than a couple of months. It is always a good idea to seek ways to manage your finances better.


If you are busy building your business or your career, it is important that you find an effective way to take a break, relax, and practice mindfulness. There are thousands of online yoga courses found on DailyOM that will not only teach you the basic yoga moves, but also help you get over some of the frustrations in your life, such as relationship troubles and unhealthy habits.  

Creative Writing

If you have always thought about yourself as someone who has loads to say and teach other people, you can make your childhood dreams come true and learn creative writing. While you are not likely to earn a great deal of money off creative writing, you can express yourself and release stress through creating entertaining and educational stories and poems that will help others deal with their own problems.

WordPress Programming

Image via Jisc

No matter if you are a blogger, or simply want to edit your company website on the go, you can learn WordPress programming in just a few weeks. While you might want to outsource some of the tasks, you can save time and money if you know how to install an SEO plugin or change the template of your site. You can also learn some basic programming language skills that will make it easier to create your own codes for your site.

It is never too late to learn, and with the development of online training, it is easier to develop your skills and knowledge than ever before. Look for skills that you can benefit from for a long time, and set yourself a learning target for each month.


Do You Hate Driving?

Do You Hate Driving?


Driving can be a wonderful thing. It can represent freedom and independence and opens a huge amount of opportunities for getting out into the world and taking control of your life. That being said, it can also be an extremely stressful experience. Plenty of people actually find driving to be seriously unpleasant and will go to any lengths to avoid it. The problem is that these days, there’s not much that you can really do without driving. We drive to work, to pick up our kids and to see our friends. You can find ways to avoid driving if you really try, but for the vast majority of people, if you want to get around, you’ll probably have to get behind the wheel of a car. If driving is something that you really don’t enjoy and is the cause of a lot of stress, then the best thing that you can do is be prepared for some of the most common problems that you might some up against while on the road. That way you’re going to be much more able to deal with these problems when they actually happen. With that in mind, here are just a few of the worst things about driving.

A crash

Let’s start with the big one, shall we? A crash is probably the number one thing on a lot of people’s lists of fears when it comes to driving. A car accident can be one of the most unpleasant things that will ever happen in your life. Not only does it put you in a position of possibly having to be without your car for an extended period, but that’s just about the best case scenario! There’s also a major risk of some serious injury as well. Plenty of people are injured, or worse every year in accidents and, even if they are physically unharmed, a crash can have some extremely damaging, long-term psychological effects. It can make you never want to get behind the wheel of the car again as well as resulting in possible PTSD. If you do end up in an accident then you should make sure that you have a company like William W. Hurst to support you in the event of any claims that you need to make.

Reckless drivers

Most of the time there’s one really common cause of an accident, and that’s other people driving recklessly. If they do something particularly reckless and cause an accident, it can feel like you’re going to end up smack dab in the middle of it. The ideal thing to do in this situation is to find somewhere to pull up and wait until they’re well out of sight. If the way that they’re driving is causing a serious risk, then it might also be a good idea to try to take a note of their license plate and report them to the police. It might not seem like the sort of thing that the police would be interested in, but it’s far better to report that kind of driving before anything happens than after someone ends up getting hurt.

These kinds of things can turn driving into an incredibly stressful experience. The key is to focus on the positive side of driving. Things like the freedom it offers you and the ability to get around as easily as possible can making even the most stressful car journey worth it.

How to Cope With Overwhelming Financial Situations

How to Cope With Overwhelming Financial Situations

There’s nothing enjoyable about being deep in financial situations that you can’t see a way out of. Whether you’re in debt or simply struggling to make your incoming and outgoings match up, the difficulty can be overwhelming at times. You’re definitely not alone in feeling this way because lots of other people also find themselves in the same situation as you. Here are some ways to cope and get things softed faster.

Make Your Savings Work harder

When your financial situation is getting the best of you, your savings become even more important that’s ever. To make sure that your savings are always ready to serve you in the way you want them to, you should make them work harder. That means finding opportunities to invest some of them insecure and safe ways. If your savings just sit there in a low-interest account, they won’t be working hard for you.

Get the Right Help and Advice

With the pressure piling on you, it’s important to turn to people who have the skills and abilities to help you turn things around. With the right help and advice, things won’t seem quite so bad and you won’t feel as isolated either. It’s up to you to seek out this help when you need it. Whether you need help filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy or you simply need debt advice, it’s vital to go to the pros.

Know the Problem Inside Out

Whatever your financial problem is, it pays off to understand it and how it might be tackled. The more knowledge you have regarding the financial situation you find yourself in, the better. It’ll stop you falling into other mistakes and making a bad situation even worse for yourself. Speak to your bank manager or a financial advisor if you want to learn more about the problem. Remaining in the dark regarding these issues won’t serve you well at all.

Set Your Priorities

Setting your priorities is always going to be important because there are certain things you can cut and steps you can take to help ease your financial pressures. But it’s not so easy to do that if you don’t know what your priorities really are. For most people, the first and main priorities should be making sure that you clear debts sooner not later.

Track the Progress You Make

Lastly, be sure to track the progress you gradually make as you drag yourself out of the financial situation you find yourself in. By tracking it over time, you will grow to appreciate the successes you’re having and the progress you’re experiencing. And that’ll make you feel much more positive about the whole situation.

Image Source

When your financial situation is completely overwhelming you, you should try to stay calm and get through things in a methodical way. Panicking or doing something stupid isn’t going to help you or your money problems in the long run. So use these tips to cope with the situation and eventually pull yourself out of it.

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