The Financial Survival Guide That’ll Get You To Payday

The Financial Survival Guide That’ll Get You To Payday


We all know that making our money last until payday at the end of the month can be a bit of a struggle at times. For instance, months like December when there is so much to buy can be extra difficult to get through. But it doesn’t always have to be so disheartening once you do get to the end of the month. There are plenty of ways you can make your money last a little longer, no matter how big or small your wages may be. Read on to find out more.

Always Set A Budget

One of the best things we can all do to help us save a bit of extra money is to write up a budget. In this budget, you should include your monthly income as well as any regular expenses that you know you will face over the coming month. This should give you a good idea of how much cash you should have left once you’ve paid for all your usual bills and other expenses. Once you know how much money you have left for the month, you should find it easier not to overspend.

Consolidate Your Debt Repayments

If you are trying to pay off various credit cards and other loans, you might find that saving when trying to make a number of different monthly repayments is very difficult. There is one solution that will really help, though – you just need to consolidate all of your debt repayments. If you take a look on the CardGuru website, you should find the perfect credit card that you could use to pay off all your current debt. You will then only have to deal with one consolidated debt repayment each month. Many people find it easier to save once they do this.


Review Unnecessary Expenses

When you are writing up your monthly budget, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at your expenses and see if there are any that you could do without. For example, you might still be paying for a subscription service that you no longer need. If you do find a few expenses that you no longer need to pay for, it’s important that you cancel them as soon as possible. Then you should find you have a bit more money to play with throughout the month!

Save At The Start Of The Month

Another really useful tip that many people use to help save a little bit more each month is putting some savings away as soon as they are paid. If you know you can afford $100 each month, then move that over to a savings account straight away. Then the rest of your money is to live off. You should find that this prevents you spending your savings on accident.

Always Sleep On Big Purchases

Buying things spontaneously is most people’s downfall when it comes to making their money last. If this sounds like you, then this tip may help you last until payday – simply sleep on large purchases.

Good luck making your money last!

What Do You Need To Do To Protect Your Business?

What Do You Need To Do To Protect Your Business?

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Protecting your business should be high up on your list of priorities. No matter how safe you think your business is, there is always going to be something that you will miss, and this is not going to bode well when it comes back to haunt you. As such, we have written this article to ensure that you know the steps that you can take to protect your business. What are these? We’re glad you asked.

Keep It Secure

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your business is secure. There are many issues with security both physical and online, but you need to have the best possible protection in place. For example, your business building should have some sort of security whether this is people or security cameras is up to you. As long as you have something or someone watching out for your business at all times.

When it comes to the online side of things, you need to ensure that you have encryptions, passwords, firewalls and antivirus software up and running on all aspects of your network. This way, you are going to know that it is secure, and you will have the peace of mind that you need to keep everything running smoothly.

Insure It

The second thing that you are going to need to do is to check that you have all of the necessary insurances in place. There is a long list of policies that you need which include but are not limited to premises liability, employers liability, workers compensation, and public liability. These are just a few of the policies that you need to be looking for if you want to protect your business. If you don’t have the necessary coverage, you are going to find that your business is left vulnerable and unprotected.

Hire The Right Team

If you want to keep your business safe, you need to make sure that you have hired a great team to have behind you. Without this, your business is never truly going to be safe. Even if you trust every single member of staff in your company, you still should have them sign some sort of confidentiality document that says they are not going to share private information about your company with anybody else. This is the only way that you can be sure this isn’t going to happen.

As well as this though, you should talk to your employees. Let them know what data is confidential and what isn’t. Speak to them as though you are their equal and they will respond in kind by protecting your business. Your employees are going to be the backbone of operations of your business, if you don’t have them on your side, you need to get them there quick.

We hope that you have found this article useful, and now know some of the things that you are going to need to keep your business safe. If you follow the advice laid out in this article, your business is going to stay safe and secure for years to come.

How to Choose a Pipe

How to Choose a Pipe


Choosing a pipe to smoke marijuana in seems like it would be a simple thing to do. And it can be — if you don’t care about getting the best possible piece. You can use everything from a soda can (gross!) to a cheap gas-station piece (low quality!) to smoke your marijuana, if you’re willing to slum it like that. But you shouldn’t, because finding the perfect marijuana pipe will really elevate your smoking experience. Your weed will go further, your smoking ritual will become more pleasant, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in the right pipe for your tastes from the start.

That’s why we’re here today to talk about picking the perfect pipe. Below, we’ll lay out all of the criteria that you might want to consider. We’ll guide you through your options and help you pick out the perfect piece. Are you ready? Here’s how to choose a pipe.

How big do you want your pipe to be?

The first question that you should ask yourself when you’re shopping for a pipe is which type of pipe you want. Because there are a lot. You could get a simple bowl with or without a carb. You could get a bubbler, which is a bowl with a water element. Or you could get a bong, which has all kinds of features, including a reservoir for cooling water.

But to figure out which type of pipe you want, you need to ask some practical questions. The first of those is the one above: How big do you want your pipe to be? If you’re looking for something that you can tote around in your pocket, then no amount of features will make you want to choose a bong.

What features are you looking for?

Size isn’t everything. The second part of your decision on pipe-types is all about features.

Actually, size is a feature — it can help determine the size of your hit. But there’s much more than that to talk about here.

How do you want the marijuana smoke to feel and taste? Cooling water and ice catches can make the bong smoking experience significantly smoother than the bowl smoking one. And, of course, cooler and smoother smoke means that you can take bigger hits — an appealing thing to many marijuana users.

Consider the many features that great pipes have. A carb is a basic one, but things get pretty upscale pretty fast. Ice catches, removable slides, even percolators that diffuse the smoke into cooling water — the list goes on and on.

While we’re on the subject of features, we should consider materials, too. Pipes are frequently, but not always, made of glass. But there are other options, including cheap plastic. And then there are the fancier forms of glass, such as scientific glass (which is different from regular glass, and makes for a sturdier piece).

These features can vary within types of pipes — for instance, not all bongs have ice catches — but they’ll be particularly valuable for helping you decide which general type of piece you want. If you want water cooling, for instance, you’ll be looking at bubblers and bongs.

Budgeting for bongs

How much should you spend on your pipe? Your budget will go a long way toward determining what your options actually are.

We can’t tell you how much to spend, but we will tell you this: It’s worth investing in the brand-name stuff. Quality HISI glass will outlast cheaper alternatives and provide a better experience that keeps paying off long after you’ve absorbed the hit to your wallet. In many cases, you’ll find that you’d rather get a humbler piece from a trusted name than a more over-the-top option that lacks the durability and reliable features of a brand-name piece.

And there you have it — use your size and features preferences to narrow down the types of pipes you’re looking at, and then use a sensible budget to target the right brand-name solutions from reliable retailers. That should narrow down your options quite a bit and help you find your ideal pipe!

How to Take the Pain Out of Commuting to Work

How to Take the Pain Out of Commuting to Work

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Having a job is a privilege for many, and we often put up with a lot of stress traveling to work, just to arrive stressed and drained, instead of making the most out of our work-life balance. Cities and suburbs are getting more and more congested, and it is almost impossible to avoid traffic in the peak hours. If driving to work and being stuck in traffic every day is taking too much out of you, it might be time to think about new ways to get to your workplace and improve your health and wellbeing. Below you will find a few tips on how to get the most out of your commute.

Start Off Early

The earlier you start off the better you will get through traffic. You can spend the extra time you have in the morning to visit the gym near your workplace, or to listen to a podcast before work. You will save fuel and time, and spend the morning without rushing, so you might even reward yourself with a few minutes sitting down and having a nice breakfast in peace, instead of trying to munch on your toast while queueing in traffic.

Plan Ahead

You will need to keep an eye on the roads in your local area to be the first to know about roadworks and accidents. If there is a planned road closure on your regular route, you will need to find an alternative way to get to work, or even start off early. Take the stress out of your mornings and peak night traffic by being informed of the things that might affect your commute time. Some satellite navigation systems will give you information on the speed and volume of traffic automatically.

Learn Your Escape Routes

It might also be a good idea to learn some alternative routes, in case you learn that there is a roadblock or accident. You will need to know which turn to take to avoid queueing up for hours. There is nothing worse than not moving anywhere and worrying that your boss will get angry with you for not being on time. Just imagine if you had a meeting first thing in the morning and you turned out 30 minutes late? It would certainly not help you achieve your career and promotion goals.


If you often face standing traffic on the roads, and there are bike routes that are safe enough for you to use, you can start cycling to work to save time and stay fit at the same time. However, if you have any respiratory illnesses, you might want to ensure that you are avoiding highly congested and polluted areas. If there is a country lane or a cycle road that is away from the main highway traffic, even a shortcut, you will be able to make the most out of your time and combine getting to work with your morning exercise.

Motorbike and Filtering Traffic

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Having a motorbike in the summer can be great fun, and you can explore much more than from a car. If you don’t share a ride with anyone, you can jump on the bike, take on an advanced rider course, and simply filter through traffic to save time. Not to mention that you will have much more fun and save money on fuel at the same time. You will, however, need to ensure that you can stay safe on two wheels before you attempt this technique.

Your Electric Scooter

If your workplace is too far to walk or cycle, or you want to have more fun, you could also get a scooter. Read some of the latest electric scooter reviews to find out which one is the most suitable for your needs. The range and the wheel size of the different models will vary, so you have to take into consideration the distance you have to travel, the weight limit, and the road or pavement you are going to use. Make sure that you can charge up your scooter at work every day and keep it safe.


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In case you cannot avoid sitting in traffic, you can team up with some of your coworkers and share the cost and responsibility. No matter if you only carpool once a week, you can take a day off stressful traffic and simply sit back to have a relaxed chat or listen to the radio without having to worry about what people around you will do. Some companies encourage and reward carpooling, so you can join a scheme and get discounts or health club vouchers.

Working from Home a Few Days a Week

In case you have a reliable computer at home, you might also be able to do your job from your office without going to work. No matter if you are preparing a presentation or using the cloud technology to catch up on projects or follow up client orders, if you never ask, you never get it. You can save a few hours and even have a lie in if you want to, get more done in a day, and hit your targets without getting stressed.

Changing Your Shifts If You Can

If you have a job that requires you to be physically present at the office or workshop, you can ask for a shift change. Even a 30 minute early start and finish will make a huge difference in your commute time and help you arrive calmer and more prepared. Of course, if you have to do the school run, you might not be able to get to work early, but you can always ask for a later shift that will also make a difference. Most of the traffic disappears by 10 a.m., so you can get to work twice as fast.

The stress we face every morning and night commuting to and from work can have a negative impact on our work performance and long term health. If traffic is stressing you out, make sure you find a solution and discuss your options with your employer.

Being A More Socially Responsible Businessperson

Being A More Socially Responsible Businessperson

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There are many reasons to become a more socially-responsible business person. When you’re successful, you’re in a fortunate position to be able to help drive change and make a difference to others. It’s important to make good links with your community, and being socially responsible can also help you find fulfillment away from your business.

With so many ways to make a difference, it’s never been easier to pledge to become more socially responsible. Take a look at some of the following suggestions and start setting an excellent example for others.

Why become more socially responsible?

While your business could be a great success and your profits high, it isn’t always enough to fulfill and satisfy you. Becoming active in making positive changes in your community, your environment, and can help you experience some of the other benefits of being a successful business owner.

It’s also something that’s important to your staff, your stakeholders and your customers or clients. They want to look up to someone who can lead by example, which is why customers respond well to socially-responsible businesses. Issues such as sustainability, ethics and helping others are hot topics at the moment, so if you’re wondering why your business should care about social responsibility, then you should look into it more.

Tips for becoming a more responsible business person

It’s never too late to change your ways, and even if you weren’t doing anything adverse before, it’s still good to take some positive action and look at ways you and your business can be more socially responsible. Some great suggestions include:

Use your connections

As a successful business owner, you’ll likely have a lot of friends in high places. While this can be great for doing business, it can also be useful for helping others. Perhaps you know somebody who is active in the community who could use your help on projects, or you know someone with the resources and knowledge to help out with some fantastic work you’re doing in the community? Having conversations and sharing ideas is how good work gets started, and you never know what could come from talking to a colleague or fellow business owner.

Building strong business relationships is a key element behind your success as a businessperson, but don’t just think about the value they could offer your business, think about the good work you can do together to make your community a better place.

Be kinder to the environment

We all have a responsibility to help our environment. But as someone in a position of responsibility, you can help to set an example amongst your staff, your peers and others. There are basic steps that every business can take to be more green, through introducing policies and practices that will cut everything from your paper use to how much energy your business uses. If you want to make a bigger difference, make a significant pledge. Set targets for your business to help it achieve certain sustainability targets and you’ll be sure to not only impress fellow businesses, but your customers too. With the world in a more precious position than ever before, it’s time to think long and hard about how your business can help the planet.

Crowdsource some ideas

You could find that your quite far removed from the issues that your employees and stakeholder care about, so why not ask them what you should be doing? Consulting with your employees is a good way to take their thoughts and considerations into account, and could lead to some positive changes for your organization. As them what they feel should be a priority for your business, and whether they have any ideas for increasing social responsibility.

You could also empower your employees to go out there and make a difference. By providing them with the time, the resources and the support for their own projects, you could inspire a lot of positive change and help employees feel that they’re doing their part too.

Support community projects

Giving back to the community is good for your business. Your business is a part of the community, so why wouldn’t you want it to thrive?

You’ll be surprised at the number of ways that your business can give back. From sponsoring local events and sports teams to taking part in different community projects, your time and resources can make a lot of difference to those in need. Becoming a business known for helping people can be an incredible way to bring some light and positivity back into people’s lives, including your own.

There have been many studies that show that encouraging employees to volunteer creates a happier workplace. Why not start a regular volunteering scheme that will allow your employees to help out with a project or group during their working hours? Some regular engagement with the community and helping others can help your business become a friendly face to others, while also transforming your work environment for the better.

Help political education

Low voter turnout is a recurring problem in the world of politics. While you might not have strong political leanings or even wish to share your political views publicly, there are still ways you can help with political education and improve awareness in your community. You could donate time and resources to groups who dedicate their time to political education, providing a more valuable resource than you thought could be possible.

You could also use your position to help others understand how politics affects them. From sharing ideas and education with fellow business owners to exploring the use of Christianity in politics with your church group, there are different ways you can use your influence for good. Don’t focus on supporting a political party or politician, as this could polarize your staff and your clients, and instead – focus on supporting politics and the need to be engaged in the decision-making process.

Reassess your business’ values

Does your business have values? Having some core values can be a good way to reinforce what you and your business stand for and what you want to be achieved. Setting business values gives you and your employees something to guide you in your work. Reassessing your values can signify a new era for your business and lead to some exciting new things. Involve your colleagues and employees in this work – it could be an amazing opportunity for them to feel a part of the business’ work.

Share your wisdom

Business owners inspire many people, particularly those who dream of being entrepreneurs or being a success in their field. Sharing your wisdom could help you inspire a whole new generation of people to go out there and achieve their dreams.

On a smaller scale, while not visit some high schools to talk about your career, or be a speaker at a local event? You could also look at internships and other opportunities that could help others succeed by following your influence. Remember that social media and the internet can be great platforms for connecting with others, so why not offer advice to the masses and keep inspiring new generations of success stories?

Become a mentor

Mentoring is another way you can help others along the path to success. There are many benefits of becoming a mentor, and you could find it a rewarding experience. Do you wish you’d had someone to guide you and offer valuable career advice when you were starting out? Why not be that person for someone else?

Becoming a mentor will also mean that you keep in touch with what’s going on in the world. Mentoring can be a two-way learning experience and provide you with new insights you might not have considered before. It doesn’t have to be a large commitment, but it could make a big difference to someone who’s feeling lost or unsure about their career and path in life.

Be more charitable

Business can make a big difference to their communities by being more charitable. You can start with the basics by offering charitable benefits as an option for your employees, or you could pledge to donate a certain amount of your profits to charity.

Being a part of fundraising activities also help your business to do good for others. Your power and networks can make it easier to encourage others to get involved, so pick a good cause that needs help rather than just jumping on a popular or well-known effort. Being a charitable organization puts your business in a positive light, and it can help you feel good about what you and your business is doing to help others.

Making a difference as a business owner is something you can do every day. From adopting new policies to being more active in the community, you’ll be surprised at the effect that just one person can have. Not everything in business is about profit and loss, so make sure you use your influence for good and drive some positive change.

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