It feels pretty damn good to be the boss. You’re the leader of your own business, you can hire and fire employees as you wish as long it’s pertaining to proper employment law, you can take your business in whichever direction you want, be able to work however many hours you want and so much more. You are in full control of your professional life. It’s a liberating feeling to know this but it’s hard to keep a hold onto. There are more factors that are trying to put a halt to your success than just related to business and finance. The modern workspace is sometimes like a minefield, where people are trying to not overstep their marks, and yet not be too sensitive that productive work cannot take place. Being the boss doesn’t mean you’re impervious to these issues also, because employees are not powerless in the least. They have just as many rights as you do, so knowing when a boundary may be being blurred is actually crucial to saving your own skin.

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Religious over-tolerance

As the boss, you get to say what goes on in the office. Being respectful of the different backgrounds you have in the professional environment is vital to creating a cohesive workforce that stands shoulder to shoulder proudly. However, there is such a thing is being too tolerant about certain issues that may be sensitive to other people. Religion really doesn’t have any legitimate place in the office, yet sometimes we allow people to get away with it because we don’t want to seem insulting. But treating everyone equally is of the utmost importance. A general rule of thumb is to ask all employees to keep their faith, away from work, practice it in their own time, and don’t bring it into the office. If they want to wear a necklace of their religious symbol, ask them to tuck it into their shirt. Praying at work should not be allowed as it momentarily stops work, foists more work onto someone else, and can stir up tensions. You’re responsible for keeping it neutral and therefore everyone will be happy.


Being too friendly

Colleagues can get so used to each other, that they forget that they’re at a place of work sometimes. If an employee is beginning to become a little too friendly, remember to take a note of it, when it happened and what. Touchy-feely actions should not be tolerated as it can often turn on a dime and make things much worse for you as the boss. Being accused of making a sexual advance on an employee is a serious matter, and only a Sex Crimes Lawyer will clear your name. An employee might lie and blow something way out of proportion in an attempt to either get a large cash settlement from you or simply to ruin your reputation. The lawyer deals with false accusations, sexual harassment, rape and groping to name a few. They will use witness statements to build a case, look at your prior history and gather all the evidence to clear your name.

Being the boss has many perks, but you’re not untouchable. Always keep your distance from employees that are making love interest advances, and be responsible for creating a neutral playing field when it comes to the sensitive topic of faith.


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