By Sharon Jones

Being in business will mean something different to us all. Not only will our business ideas be different, but so will everything from the way we earn money to the setup of the company itself. Because businesses are often as unique as the people that run them. And, the way that people choose to run their businesses will always differ. So much so, that not everyone will be great at being a boss. Not everyone was made to sit at the top. And if you know that you’re not the best to run a company, you may wonder exactly where you do belong? So let’s take a look at some of the key areas to consider.


First of all, let’s talk about what it takes to be that CEO – just in case you’re not really ready to rule it out just yet. Some people should be leaders. When you’re a natural entrepreneur like Issa Asad, then being the CEO could be for you. If you’re good at knowing how everything should fit together, overseeing a range of departments, making key decisions and generally being the driving force behind the business, then sitting at the top of the company is still something you should consider.


Or maybe you’re not so great with general leadership, because you’re so much more of a creative person. Well, when you’re creative, why not think about heading up the marketing side of things. Again, you may not be strong on strategy here, but you could channel all of your creativity into ensuring that every marketing campaign is as impressive as it can be. Being the director of marketing is the exact kind of role you could be in need of here.


When it’s number that you’re really great with, you should definitely think about heading up the finance team. Because sometimes, you can be a really great CFO, have a say on business decisions, but still keep your head in the numbers and not have to worry too much about running the entire company. And when you’re good with figures and finances, this is definitely going to be the kind of thing that speaks to you.


Next up, there’s also sales. Because if you’re incredible at landing deals and making great sales figures, then you don’t necessarily have to walk away from that to run the entire company. If there’s somebody better suited to being SEO, then why don’t you stick with the sales department and riving the rest of the salespeople forwards?

Staying Silent

And sometimes, you don’t have to worry too much about being involved in any way. Because you do also have the option of becoming a silent partner. When you don’t want to be overly involved in any of the business operations, you could put your money up and step back. Again, just like taking the seat as CEO, this isn’t going to be an option that speaks to everyone, but it is still an option if you’re not sure on where you should fit in.


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