The black Friday and cyber Monday sales are some of the most profitable sales for businesses. If you want to make as much money as possible over the course of these sales, then you’re going to need to avoid the mistakes that we have outlined below. Take a look and you might be surprised at what tends to go wrong. 

Don’t Let Cart Abandoners Go

Letting people leave when they have a full cart of your items is a huge mistake. You should have a follow up to ensure they come back and buy the items. They may change their mind at the last minute, but if you remind them and give them a gentle nudge, they are more likely to complete the purchase. 

Don’t Assume Your Customers Know What They Want To Buy

A personalized shopping list with gift guide can help your customers figure out what to buy. Don’t assume your customers know what they want! 

Not Preparing Your Mobile Site 

Your mobile site must be ready for all of the traffic and attention come the sales. People want to easily be able to see your offers and other discounts – they shouldn’t have to scroll for miles! Mobile purchases are huge over black Friday weekend, so get things ready! 

Not Having Adequate Stock Levels 

$484,000,000 is lost in sales due to inadequate stock levels! Make sure you’re fully stocked and ready to go. The infographic below will help you further!  

credit to Skup

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