When you run a small business or are working from home in any capacity, there can be underlying stress to combat. Everything falls on your shoulders. From accounting and taxes to pitching, bid writing, and closing those contracts. 

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There are many supplements that can help your body reduce stress and anxiety. It is worth considering if they might be right for you. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: There have been studies that show people who received an omega-3 supplement had around a 20% reduction in anxiety symptoms. 

Lemon balm: The great thing about lemon balm is it is part of the mint family and is known for its anti-anxiety effects. 

Avoid Procrastination

One of the quickest ways to get stressed and anxious is if you aren’t learning how to manage your working time more effectively, and instead of spending a lot of time doing nothing too productive. You reduce your working hours and have to squash everything in. While there are people who say that procrastination is a great thing, it is better to have a well-organized to-do priority list instead. 

You might choose to organize your working week into time segments, or you may prefer to write a to-do list each morning. Work out a system that gives you breaks and solid, focused work time too. 

Fresh Air

You might not enjoy heading for a walk in the woods, perhaps a sport is more your speed. Golf is a great option for getting fresh air and relieving tension too. Plus, the social element can really bring it into a whole other realm of relaxation. Like most hobbies, there are cool gadgets that you can purchase too. A great set of golf clubs, the right clothing, and golf carts all add to the experience. 

Systems and Tools

If you have a range of admin items that you do every day, then it might be time to look into how and where you can automate what you do. If you spend a lot of time in your social media, then consider tools like:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Chatfuel
  • BuzzSumo


If you aren’t getting enough breaks between working hours, or enough sleep each evening, then your stress levels will rise pretty rapidly. If you are drinking coffee late into the evening, or watching TV, scrolling your phone, or playing video games, then you are keeping your mind stimulated. It is important that you, as a business owner, are on top form as often as possible. Try to finish work as early as possible, and wind down over the space of a few hours in time for bed. This will give you the best chance and get some good quality sleep. 

When you can recognize your triggers and learn what brings your stress levels down, you can preempt and take care of it earlier. High-stress levels over time can lead to a range of health problems that will impact both your personal and professional life. 

Find things that make you feel happy and relaxed, and you’ll bring work stress down with ease. 

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