By Brian McKay

Software, electronics, and the internet have changed the entire world, and continue to keep doing so. How we work, how we socialize, and how we live changes faster than ever. Not always for the better. Other industries shrink as tech makes it easier for machines to do our jobs than us. So, what’s the solution? If you want job security, then you need to work with that tech. Here are a few different ways you could do that.

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More and more of the products created today use electronics in them. It’s not just computers, phones, TVs, and the like. Toys, household appliances, lighting systems, they are everywhere. So, learning to design and create electronics could get you a place in an industry that only seems to keep booming. Start with a PCB design tutorial if you want to know how to get started. You’re going to need some real qualifications in order to find employment in this field, but you also have to be able to direct your own learning as it continues to evolve.

Machine operations

Manufacturing has changed a lot. Much of manual operating needed on the line no longer exists. But, the rise of automation has actually led to more career opportunities than you might believe. The skills needed to operate automated machines tend to be of a higher skill level than in the past, and there are still plenty of people needed to help repair, maintain, and optimize machines on the factory floor. Working with automated machinery can be much more lucrative than the factory jobs of the past.

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Data analysis

What about in the world of software? Of course, design and implementing software is a booming market, but so is being a consultant to the data that software provides. Data analyst courses teach you how to capture and read the data that most companies produce without even realizing it. But it’s more than just a technical job. It’s about deduction and problem solving within that data. Not only does it provide a challenge, it provides real workable solutions for companies to help them better understand their processes, their customers, where they’re experiencing loss. For that reason, it’s a very highly compensated position you can do full time for one employer or as a freelance consultant.

Digital marketing

If you’re not the most technically minded and more of people person, there’s still a place for you in the modern world. It still takes some training to learn in fields like social media, SEO, and online advertising. But at the end of the day, it’s all about understanding the market and using the tools available to help businesses and brands better connect with their potential customers.

The rise of the robots (and the software that powers them) is a real concern for a lot of jobs. Automation has already made huge swathes of employees in manufacturing redundant. It’s thought that this trend is only going to have a bigger impact in other industries as time goes on.


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