Four Ways To Protect Your Patient’s Privacy

Four Ways To Protect Your Patient’s Privacy

Running your own medical clinic is hard, but when you are dealing with a breach of data and your patient’s details have been exposed, that’s when things get really rough. Data security is so important for patients in a medical setting that there is even a specific act that protects everyone: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Also known as HIPAA, this act protects the rights of everyone receiving medical care by binding healthcare providers in confidence. 

If you are running your own clinic, then you should know that data security is one of the most important things in which you can invest. You can add a measure of safety by restricting the access that people have to your data. So, within your organization, ensuring only certain trusted parties should have full access to confidential records and adding extra password protection to it will also help. Patient safeguards have always existed, and you need to avoid a lawsuit by protecting your patients the best way that you can. Along with good ERP software for enterprise, you can use these four following points to protect the privacy of your patients. Let’s take a close look at what you can do:

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People Over Data

You are a business, yes, but you are also supposed to be compassionate in what you do. If you ensure that you are thinking about the people who are able to access the restricted information, you’re going to do better for your patients. There are over 100 million patient records exposed every year, but you can avoid it if you limit how many people in your business have access to that data in the first place. 

Get Everyone In On Security

It’s so easy to forget that your data is more than just the electronic records. We need to think about software for protection and data analysis, sure, but we need to think about the other way that patients could be exposed. Their physical details on paperwork and files can be at as much risk as the electronic records. You need to promote a security culture in your business, and you can do it by implementing proper training on data security.

Let Patients Have Their Own Access

Patients may want to see their own records, and so should they – it’s their information after all! You can make sure that they have the access they want by providing them with a secure app to access their information, or you can allow them their own password and username to log in from home.

Make HIPAA The Norm

You need to remember that it’s people you are dealing with. HIPAA is not something to tick off as “done”, it should be the center of yoru clinic and your policies. Provide training on it and raise better awareness – it’s the best thing that you can do for your patients, and you can create a culture of safety.

People want to feel safe and with the tips above, you can do exactly that.

Moving Abroad: What to Consider

Moving Abroad: What to Consider

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Planning to move abroad is drastically different to visiting a destination as a tourist – it’s a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The preparation involved with moving abroad can often be stressful, so we’ve compiled a short guide to help simplify all of the vital considerations that you’ll need to make before finalising your decision. 

Visa and Residency

If you’re in the early stage of moving abroad, the first most important aspects that you’ll need to consider is your Visa or residency permit. Visas allow people into the country, for example tourists or those wishing to work, whereas residency permits are for when you plan to live in the country long term (not to be confused with citizenship). 

Your home country will have certain agreements with the country you are planning to move to in terms of the types of permits you will need to live, work, or study there. Make sure you thoroughly understand the intricacies and legalities of the process, for example what you will need and require to pass. If you are an immigrant who is planning to live and work in the US, you’ll need to ensure that you have a green card issued through USCIS processing before you move. 


Understandably, you’ll need to have employment lined up in your chosen country in order to support yourself and your loved ones if necessary. Unless you are financially stable with savings or passive income, or you are married/in a civil partnership with someone from the country you are moving to, you will be required to provide proof of employment when applying for residency. This will usually be in the form of a work contract or other evidence that you earn income as a freelancer. 


To avoid any financial issues while living abroad, ensure to be realistic in line with your budget, and take care to understand any accommodation contracts and check reviews online if necessary. If possible, view your accommodation in person or at least through a video tour, and never send funds to anyone before signing your contract. 

Health Insurance 

If you are an EU resident or an EU citizen, then you will most likely have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is issued by your home country. This entitles you to emergency health care in any of the other EU member countries, meaning you won’t be left in a vulnerable position if you need medical attention. Each country has its own unique regulations regarding entitlement to health care, so be sure to research this in depth. 

Transporting your Belongings 

Make a practical plan of what you are planning to take and decide how you will be transporting your important belongings. People moving abroad most commonly use the likes of sea freight as a cost-efficient way to transport their goods, while some prefer to use air freight. In terms of your new home, it’s worthwhile to outweigh the financial pros and cons of transporting furniture and household items or choosing to rent them in the new country. 

How To Spend Less Money On Your Car

How To Spend Less Money On Your Car

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As you probably know very well, owning a car is far from cheap at the best of times. First, there’s actually purchasing your car, and then you’ve got to think about costly aspects such as fuel, upkeep and repairs. For many people, a car has become an essential part of everyday life, so how can you reduce these costs and save as much money on your car as possible?

Little by little

One of the best pieces of advice you can take is to always take care of a problem with your car as it comes up. A slight rattling noise may be a small problem and be a fairly cheap repair. However, ignoring it could turn into a larger problem that would cost you much more or even worse, damage your car beyond repair. Even resolving smaller issues such as replacing your headlight bulb will help spread the cost of maintenance on your car and prevent you from having to find large sums of money in one go.

Learn more about your car

Even if you’re not much of a car fanatic, it’s important to learn as much as you can about your car. Different brands of cars come with unique features and knowing what they do and when they’re supposed to do them can help you take better care of your car – and your money!

You should also consider learning how to self-service your car to keep it in peak condition:

  • Learn how to top up and change the oil in your car. It’s an essential part of a car’s function and could save you a lot of money.
  • Pump up your tyres regularly. Your car should have come with a handbook which can give you direct instructions on how to do this.
  • Keep your coolant topped up. Again, this is an easy task that could save you tonnes of money.
  • Have a battery charger at home. It’s not unusual for car batteries to go flat from time to time, so having one at home can save you the hassle of calling for help. Alternatively, having a spare battery at home can do the same thing. powRparts and many other motor retailers can provide you with everything you need.

Consider finance or leasing

With finance and lease cars, you’ll often be required to take your car back to your dealer for servicing and repairs. The cost of this is often included in the price you’re paying for your car and can save the worry of having to find extra money if your car breaks down. Remember to check this is an included extra when taking out a finance or lease car.

Drive more efficiently

Finally, driving more efficiently will help you in two ways. Firstly, you’ll be saving money on fuel whilst helping the environment. Secondly, you’ll be reducing the chance of damaging your car whilst driving. Take on a more efficient way of driving and save yourself the worry of your car breaking down and breaking the bank.

The Kinds Of Contacts You NEED To Get Right

The Kinds Of Contacts You NEED To Get Right

The world is business is one that takes a lot of hard work in order to conquer. You can’t really stand still and hope things go for you – it’s not a simulation, you need to do pretty much everything and watch over it all. There are so many business tasks day-in-day-out, and days off are few and far between. Slacking off even slightly could mean you end up falling behind or landing yourself into potentially deeper issues. 

It takes a lot of effort, but it doesn’t mean all of the impetus is on you or your small team of staff members. A business that has aspirations of reaching the very top will need to have more and more individuals and groups involved with them. If you want to hit heavy heights, then you’ll need to have contacts in all the right areas – and they NEED to be the right choices. If you pick an individual or group that cannot provide the kind of reliability you need, then your entire operation could falter. There will be hundreds of contacts in your list over the years, but here are just a few that will absolutely need to be the correct ones:


Whether you’re hoping to create a retail outlet of some kind, or you’re working at a car garage, you need to make sure the firm supplying you with parts or materials will be reliable and professional. They’re the group or individual that will be allowing you to reach the next stage of your working day, so they need to be correct and on time. The last thing you want is a lack of communication and order, resulting in your business taking a big hit. 


You aren’t going to be able to distribute all of your goods all of the time. Businesses need to be on good terms with the right courier in order to get their order out on time and without damage. Fortunately, there are many companies with good reputations that you can find online if you look hard enough. You can get truck freight quotes and many other options that suit whatever it is you’re trying to do.


You never know what might turn around and bite you in the backside when it comes to the world of business – and that’s why a competent and experienced lawyer is super necessary. If you have someone that can defend you and represent you when you most need it, you’ll be able to go through your work with relative ease. A lawyer that doesn’t know what he or she is doing can be catastrophic. 

PR Firms 

The way you’re perceived by the general public is vital – especially if you’re a company that has grown in reputation and is on most people’s lips. You do not want to be seen in a bad light, as that will only lower your chances of boosting your success rate. They say any publicity is good publicity, but that’s not always the case. Having a stellar PR marketing team behind you will ensure that you’re kept on good terms with those you’re looking to build relationships with.

How to Beat Sedentary Lifestyle and Live Actively

How to Beat Sedentary Lifestyle and Live Actively

Sedentary Lifestyle Got You Down? Here’s How to Get Back Up

by Brian McKay

Modern conveniences have made our lives easier, but you can’t deny that they’ve also made us sedentary. When you can clap your hands to turn your lights off, there’s no reason for you to get up from where you’re sitting on lying down. Or is there?

Sedentary Lifestyle by the Numbers

According to an analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, American adults spend an average of 6.5 hours a day sitting. This number goes up to eight hours for teenagers aged 12 to 19. Furthermore, half of the adults in the country spend at least an hour of their personal time on a computer. Whether they’re buying accounts for and playing League of Legends or doing some other personal things, people are spending hours on the computer outside of work.

Of course, using the computer for hours on end is only one manifestation of a sedentary lifestyle. If you work behind a desk, are constantly stuck behind the wheel during rush hour, or love to relax by planting yourself in front of the TV, you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, which can result in multiple health complications. And since these actions and situations are ingrained in your daily life, it can be difficult to change your routine.

But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Below, we have a few tips on how to sit less and move more.

1. Think before you sit

Before you plop yourself down on a chair to do (or not do) something, ask yourself: do you really need to sit for this? You might not notice, but you probably sit mindlessly all the time. Talking to someone on the phone? Sitting. Reading a book? Sitting. Attending a meeting? Sitting. All of these have alternative ways of doing them without being stationary. You can do chores while taking a call, listen to an audiobook while jogging, and do walking meetings instead.

2. Take frequent breaks

If, like plenty of people, your job requires you to sit in front of the computer from 9 to 5, you have to take it upon yourself to move. You can do this by taking breaks from sitting. Try the Pomodoro Technique or just set a timer for yourself for when you have to get up and stretch. If you’re using a laptop, consider asking for a standing work station.

3. Park farther

Walking more is the single easiest thing you can incorporate into your life to become more active. There are plenty of ways to do this, such as investing time for a walk or a jog, but you can also incorporate it in activities where you typically won’t. Parking your car somewhere farther than your building, for instance, means you’ll be forced to walk.

4. Make activities fun

Being more active doesn’t mean you have to do punishing exercises. You can have fun and still be active with the help of technology. Play Pokemon Go, which requires you to walk around your neighborhood, or play exergames (exercise + games) using action-packed games from your Wii or Xbox console.

It’s not healthy to stay in a sedentary lifestyle. Introduce the changes above to your life and find out the benefits of being more active.

Top Five Reasons Why Road Accidents Happen

Top Five Reasons Why Road Accidents Happen

What Causes Car Accidents?

by Jerry Mooney

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.35 million people die each year due to road traffic crashes.

Roadway incidents happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to driver negligence, other times external factors are the culprit. In any case, all drivers must practice caution. We identified some common causes of auto accidents belong along with ways on how to prevent them.


Speeding is a major cause of fatal road injuries. Drivers who go beyond the speed limit are at greater risk of losing control of the vehicle and causing a road incident. What’s more, the quicker a car accelerates, the longer it takes to slow down when faced with an obstacle.

The smallest increase in speed can heighten your risk of triggering a road collision. That’s why it’s crucial for motorists to know and stay within the speed limits while they’re driving. In turn, urban planners must put up visible speed limit signs and reminders at key points along the road.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving may be caused by action that diverts your attention from the road. This includes texting, eating, receiving phone calls, picking up items on the floor, reaching out to kids in the backseat. These activities can seem harmless at first glance, but can be fatal when done in the wrong moment.;

Stop yourself from constantly checking your phone by turning it off or setting it to do not disturb mode. Keep your phone out of sight or buried in your bag so you won’t be tempted to reach for it.

Improper turns and lane changes

Stop lights, turn signals, and marked lanes are there for a reason. When drivers ignore these guides, they put their own as well as other drivers’ safety at risk.

Pay close attention to signs and obey correct turn signaling etiquette before you change lanes. In turn, urban planners must invest in quality signage and functional stop lights to create a better driving environment. Cities can also partner with thermoplastic road marking paint suppliers to create weather-resistant markings that will promote safety for both vehicles and pedestrians.


Impatience often pushes drivers to problematic maneuvers. This includes tailgating or driving too close to another car. This proximity prevents drivers from reacting in time if the vehicle ahead of them brakes suddenly.

For every 10 mph you travel, leave at least one car length between you and the car in front of you. Allowa three-second cushion to pass but be alert so you don’t have to rush and keep up with traffic should you miss your signal.


Wet roads. Decreased visibility. Reduced tire traction. Traveling in the rain can be a nightmare for many drivers.

Even the best roads can become slick and hazardous during rain showers. Wet surfaces often cause vehicles to skid or spin out of control, increasing the risk of auto accidents. What’s more, a significant layer of water on the road easily causes cars to slide. Oil from the vehicles can also build up on the road, leaving greasy surfaces that makes for dangerous driving conditions.

While you can’t control the weather, you can take extra steps to weather-proof your vehicle. Most rain-related incidents are often intensified by poor car maintenance. This includes deflated tires that fail to provide a deep enough grip on the road. Rain can also lead to foggy windows which can impair your visibility. Installing a quality defogger and a reliable set of windshield wipers can help maximize visibility.

Getting into a road accident can be a traumatic experience. It can result to injuries, trauma, and financial struggles. Driving responsibly will not only help protect your vehicle but may also save a life.

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