Investing In Early Stage Startups-A Beginner’s Guide

Investing In Early Stage Startups-A Beginner’s Guide

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There’s something of a rock and roll atmosphere surrounding startup investment these days, And it’s not much of a surprise. Get involved at the earliest stage possible, and you could buy in cheap and earn a mint in five or ten years time.

But with everyone looking for the next Facebook or Google, not every startup company is going to make it that big. And the bare fact is that most startups fail miserably, which can make it an incredibly tough job to pick a winner.

That said, spreading your risk around and limiting your spending can make a big difference. And with careful planning, all you need is that one big win to make it all worthwhile. With this in mind, here’s how to get started with investing in early stage startups.


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Be a founder

Got a great idea? Then why not make it happen you? If you have the fund available, you can pay for web developers or software programmers to create anything you want – and you will have full control over the success of your company. As long as you have the right management experience and surround yourself with a good board, why not make your money through your ideas?

Grab some penny stocks

Penny stocks are incredibly popular these days as they require little initial investment and – potentially – could give you huge returns. Imagine buying penny stocks in the likes of

Facebook all those years ago, and you could get some idea of the levels of profit you can make. But before getting started, it’s important to understand what have been the best penny stocks of all time. It will give you a good overview of the type of business that tends to climb to the top and could bring you the best returns.

Become an angel

Angel investors are at the deep end of the startup industry, seeding early stage startups at the very first stage of funding. It’s angel investment that gives startups the money to get their products out there into the wild, and without angels, many startups would simply never take off. The sums of money involved can be variable – one startup might only need $10,000, while another could be asking for a million. And you will need to balance that amount with a percentage of control in the company, of course. But with a few different companies on the go and sensible exit plans, it’s possible to get excellent returns on the stock market as an angel within five or so years.

Funding services

Finally, why not take a look at investment opportunities in services like CrowdCube? These types of service offer online investing, equity crowdfunding and business finance opportunities. Essentially, you look at early stage companies on a list, choose the ones you like, and add your money to their funding for a return at a later date – assuming they are successful, of course. As with every other type of investment, there are no guarantees, of course. But if you have a nose for a good business idea and evaluate the team that intend to make it happen, there is not much stopping you from making real money through these platforms.

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If You Stop Caring Your Employees Will Stop Trying

If You Stop Caring Your Employees Will Stop Trying

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One of our favorite life lessons is that perception is reality. It is as simple as that. But this issue of perception is a very real issue for business leaders. You see, every employee has an opinion of their superiors and, more often than not, that perception is carved out by the superior. They have to make a conscious effort when it comes to how they want to be viewed, and this is where a lot of problems tend to stem from.

Most leaders don’t realize the importance of having a personal connection with their employees, but by making your employees feel valued and appreciated you are encouraging them to go above and beyond the requirement of their role. A personal connection increases happiness, and happiness can be held accountable for productivity.

Where does happiness come from? Simple. Being valued and appreciated, and here is how to do that

Be There For Them Personally

A good manager makes sure they are there for their employees in every aspect of their working life. A great manager makes sure they are there for their employees in every aspect of their life. Full stop. End of. What better way is there to show you care than helping them through whatever personal issues they may be battling with. There is a word, sonder; which is the recognition that every passerby has a life as complex and vivid as your own. Recognize that and make sure your

employees know that you would go above and beyond to personally support them. It is a sure-fire way to create an unbreakable bond.

Be Creative With The Perks

Employee perks are part and parcel of having a job, but what will set you apart is your ability to get creative with these perks. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top of expensive. It could be something as simple as surprising them by upgrading the office furniture, getting some desks that have a splash of color, or more ergonomic chairs. It could be book tokens that set them apart or better yet giving them a Kindle, which will encourage them to read up on your industry too. Have a fridge full of beers that can be enjoyed every Friday afternoon. Encourage vacations. Bring in a masseuse. There are so many ways to get creative, it is just a matter of doing it.

Be Interested In them

One of the best ways to become known as a great and caring conversationalist is to listen and take a genuine interest in their lives. Everyone has a hobby or something they love, and by taking an interest in this area of their lives you are proving that you don’t just view them as worker bees. So get to know their families, ask about their honeymoon, tell them you bought some new tech based on their recommendation, find out what the score was at their kid’s little league game, decorate their desk in the theme of their holiday for the two days before they go away. All of these things are so little but it shows that you have a genuine interest in them as people and that is a great way of making them feel valued and appreciated.

Investment Beginnings

Investment Beginnings

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So you want to start off in investment? Perhaps you have left a sizable amount of cash, or maybe you saved it up yourself. Investment is the way to go. You can increase your money if you are careful and invest in the right areas of business. This means doing your research and knowing where your money is going. This isn’t like TV, where people place money somewhere and end up with millions. There is a significant risk to certain investments like hedge funds and stocks. As such, this article only highlights the safer kinds of investment. The ones where money is easier to make as long as you are careful. You can make a living from investment, no doubt. You just need to be careful and appropriate. These tips can help you make the right decision as to what stream you want to focus on. Good luck in your investment endeavors!


Investing in property is one of the better ways to go. You can approach it in different ways. You can buy to let. Meaning you can earn a passive income from renters. Or you can buy, make improvements and sell at a profit. When you are looking for houses for sale you need to ensure they tick certain boxes. This means you need to do extensive research into the area as well as just the home. Local amenities, any more projects that could lower the home’s value, etc. You must do this otherwise you are opening yourself up to loss. For your first investment stick to where you know best. When you get a flair for the game you can start moving out to other areas and taking advantage of more opportunities.




This isn’t in the investment of gold in the stock markets. Instead, it is in the actual purchasing of solid gold. This is a great investment to make at the moment, as the value of gold seems to be climbing ever higher. The trick is to buy low and sell high. You need to ensure that you find a reliable sales branch and that the gold is pure and stamped. Now you just hang onto it until the value rises. Traditionally this is in the summer when the investors all go on holidays and stop buying it, meaning the price raises. But you can’t rely on this to be true all the time, so keep an eye on it.



Certificate Of Deposit

Commonly known as CD’s, these enable you to place middling to large amounts of cash into savings accounts for high interest rates. Banks offer these because they like you to invest your money for long periods of time usually ranging from a year to two. However, you cannot touch this money during the term of agreement. If you do you will lose any interest already accrued. So before investing be sure you don’t need the money for the given time. Also, don’t just invest with your bank. Have a look around for the bank or society that offers the highest rate of interest first. This way you get more money when the term comes to a close.




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The Most Intriguing Ways You Can Make Money With Property Investment

The Most Intriguing Ways You Can Make Money With Property Investment

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Everyone should know that investing in property is a very smart way of making money. There are plenty of ideas out there, and most people opt for property flipping. Well, keeping that in mind, this article will contain three intriguing and more ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas that you can try out. Check them out down below:


Turn Your Property Into A B&B

Bed & breakfasts are very profitable business ventures if you get them right. The key to this idea revolves around the property you invest in. You have to ensure you find someplace in a popular tourist location. Somewhere with plenty of expensive hotels nearby is always a good idea. Now, this might sound counter-intuitive as you set up a B&B right by your big rivals. However, most people choose to stay in B&B’s because they’re a lot cheaper than hotels. Make sure your rates are less than the local hotels, and you will get a lot of business. Also, you could invest in property by a very popular location that doesn’t have many hotels nearby too. Therefore, you get a lot of tourists paying for rooms as your place is the closest accommodation to this popular location.


Convert A House Into A Pub

A brilliant idea for making money through investing in property is to buy a house and convert it into a pub. Houses are great for things like this, as you can get a lot of floor room on multiple levels. What you’re looking for is a very old and big house, preferably Victorian style. This is simply because it gives you more space and there might be a basement to store supplies and a garden for outdoor drinking. The conversion process itself may take a while and cost a lot of money, but it will be worth it in the months and years to come. You can bring in a lot of money from a pub, it’s a great business idea. My advice is to ensure you create as much space for customers as possible. Have large indoor areas and get your hands on some outdoor pub furniture for a beer garden too. People like pubs with a lot of space, they hate it when they’re cramped. Beer gardens are also highly profitable in the summer months!


Turn Your Property Into An Office Block

Another very interesting idea is to invest in a large house and convert it into a few offices. With a big house that has three or four floors, you can get a good four or five offices out of it. Again, the key is location. Invest in housing close to a city location, and you will find lots of businesses interested in renting out your offices. Then, you can earn a lot of money through rent, and there’s a better chance of replacing tenants quickly when compared to a traditional buy-to-let investment.

If you’re after an interesting idea to make money from a property investment, then give one of these three a try.

Is A Property Portfolio The Next Step For You?

Is A Property Portfolio The Next Step For You?

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What Is A Property Portfolio?

A property portfolio, put simply, is a collection of properties all owned by one individual or a company. Property has always been a great investment. In today’s age, when millennials are torn between renting and buying, property portfolios are becoming increasingly popular. Mistakenly seen by some as a get-rich-quick scheme, building a property portfolio is no mean feat. It takes time, dedication, and a serious amount of money.

Owning one property outright doesn’t give you the same financial freedom a property portfolio does. Owning multiple properties is a great way to keep cash flowing even when you retire. Most people who have a portfolio of properties earn a decent amount from rental income. Of course, some of that has to go to the portfolio manager and for upkeep, but the rest is theirs.

Do You Need A Property Manager?

Managing a property on your own is fine. As the landlord, you’ll have to see to your tenant’s concerns and be available at all times. This becomes tricky when the landlord has multiple properties or has a full-time job too. Then it becomes necessary to have a company manage your properties for you. A manager will deal with tenants directly, collect the rent, and handle any maintenance and repair issues. If you have multiple properties or don’t live near to your properties, a management company is a good idea. These companies are expensive, however. So you’ll need to make sure you are making enough money through your various income streams to cover the costs.

To Loan Or Not To Loan…

Finances can always be a subject of contention, but no financial issue is as contentious as loans. Some people see them as helpful little handouts to give you the boost you need when you’re strapped for cash. Others see them as the quickest way to get yourself into some serious debt. When you’re building a property portfolio you’ll need a large amount of money. Obviously, you need to own the property you’re going to live in. But you’ll then need to put a deposit down on another property. If you are renting this property you need to make sure that the rental income is greater than the monthly mortgage repayment. Otherwise, you’ll be out of pocket. If you’d rather buy outright or need help with the deposit, a loan could be a good idea. has information about which loans to go for, how much you can afford to borrow, and how the process works.

Where To Buy?

Do your homework and buy in an area which has maintained, or increased its value over the years. Certain neighborhoods will always be expensive and always sell well. Others won’t, but there may be more people looking for housing there. Research thoroughly before committing to a property. Have a look at rental websites and get a feel for what you can charge in which areas. Remember, you’re buying this property to make money, not be a forever home for you and your family.

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Accidents At Work Through The Owner’s Eyes

Accidents At Work Through The Owner’s Eyes

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Every year there are thousands of accidents at different business properties all around the country. Business owners would love if this problem could be completely eradicated because overall it costs millions in legal damages. However, it’s fair to say that accidents through the eyes of the business owner are substantially different compared to the experience of the employee.

To explain this, we need to look at cause and blame behind work related accidents. It is important for business owners to realise that typically they will be held accountable for an accident. This will be the case unless it can be shown that the accident was directly caused by the actions of the employee. However, even in this case, an employee could argue they weren’t given enough training or that they weren’t provided with the right safety gear. So, even if the employee makes a mistake, the owner could still be accountable.

Some business owners may think that employees intentionally injure themselves at work for a payout. While this does happen, research shows it’s a lot rarer than most people believe. Business owners must understand that while a payout can be substantial in most cases, it doesn’t cover the full amount of lost wages. However, if business owners do want to avoid even the possibility of a worker faking an injury they must treat them with respect and ensure they feel appreciated. They should also have security systems to record any accident taking place.

Protecting Your Business And Yourself

There are a few ways to protect yourself and your business from the cost of a personal injury claim. It is strongly recommended that any business owner has a workers compensation coverage plan in place as soon as the doors of their business open. Sites such as have full information about this, what it entails and why it’s important. But, essentially by having workers compensation, you can stop employees being able to file a lawsuit against your business. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are fully protected in the event of an injury, but it should certainly lessen the blow.

On top of this, you may want to think about providing as much training as possible to your employees. If you do face an accidental injury claim, showing that employees had the highest level of training will act in your favour. It demonstrates that you did everything you could to prevent the possibility of an injury.

Taking The Right Action

Finally, it is important that in the event of an injury the right steps are taken. You should begin by recording the injury in your official logbook as well as taking extensive pictures of the environment where the injury occurred. You can find out how to properly document an incident on

You may want to advise the employee to see a medical professional and ensure they get the right treatment for any injuries. Once you have done this, inform your legal advisor what has happened and they will instruct you on the right steps to take. Do not try and exert blame on the employee or yourself as this will lead to further issues. You may want to read more about your liability in the event of an accident on

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