The Easy Way For Construction Companies To Avoid Lawsuits

The Easy Way For Construction Companies To Avoid Lawsuits

By Nigel Hilton

Workplace injuries are a constant danger for any company but they’re particularly troublesome when you’re starting a business in the construction industry. If you or one of your employees gets injured on site, you’ll have a whole lot of red tape to deal with and if the injury happened because you weren’t following safety procedures properly, you could find a big lawsuit headed your way. That’s going to cost a whole lot of money on top of the income you’ve already lost by being a man short. The key to avoiding injuries is being aware of the danger areas on site and knowing how to reduce those risks. These are the most common ways that people get injured in the construction industry and how you can stop it from happening to you.



Burns are one of the most likely injuries but they often get overlooked. People are usually vigilant of injuries from heavy lifting, falling objects, or power tools but they forget about all of the hazardous chemicals that are floating around. Handling them without using proper safety equipment opens you and your employees up to serious burns from even the smallest spillages. Beyond that, there is also a risk from exposed wires and leaking pipes that can easily burn you. Make sure that you’re using gloves and protective eyewear at all times.

Falling Objects


The risk of falling objects ranges from the very large to the very small. When you’re operating cranes and other heavy machinery, there’s a huge risk if they aren’t secured properly. If you’re not using a northern mat crane mat to secure the equipment, it can easily shift or topple entirely. If that happens then you risk injuring everybody on site as well as causing severe damage to the job as well. That’s going to set you back a long way, wasting time and money. If somebody gets injured by it as well, that’s going to be a big loss in profit.

There’s also a big risk from smaller falling objects as well. Construction involves a lot of working at height, usually using quite heavy materials. A brick falling from scaffolding is going to some serious damage to somebody that isn’t wearing a hard hat. Always be strict with enforcing safety clothes regulations on site and take extra care when working at height.



Another big risk of working at height is obviously the danger of falling yourself. When you’re up and down ladders and scaffolding all day it can be tempting to rush so you can get things done quicker. When you do that you massively increase your risk of falling off and seriously injuring yourself. You won’t be getting things done quicker when one of your best guys is laid up in a hospital bed. Having somebody hold the ladder steady while you climb might seem like a waste of a pair of hands but it’s far safer in the long run.

Cutting corners when it comes to health and safety might sound like a good idea but it’s only going to complicate things for you when somebody inevitably gets injured.

Best In Business: Where Do You Belong?

Best In Business: Where Do You Belong?

By Sharon Jones

Being in business will mean something different to us all. Not only will our business ideas be different, but so will everything from the way we earn money to the setup of the company itself. Because businesses are often as unique as the people that run them. And, the way that people choose to run their businesses will always differ. So much so, that not everyone will be great at being a boss. Not everyone was made to sit at the top. And if you know that you’re not the best to run a company, you may wonder exactly where you do belong? So let’s take a look at some of the key areas to consider.


First of all, let’s talk about what it takes to be that CEO – just in case you’re not really ready to rule it out just yet. Some people should be leaders. When you’re a natural entrepreneur like Issa Asad, then being the CEO could be for you. If you’re good at knowing how everything should fit together, overseeing a range of departments, making key decisions and generally being the driving force behind the business, then sitting at the top of the company is still something you should consider.


Or maybe you’re not so great with general leadership, because you’re so much more of a creative person. Well, when you’re creative, why not think about heading up the marketing side of things. Again, you may not be strong on strategy here, but you could channel all of your creativity into ensuring that every marketing campaign is as impressive as it can be. Being the director of marketing is the exact kind of role you could be in need of here.


When it’s number that you’re really great with, you should definitely think about heading up the finance team. Because sometimes, you can be a really great CFO, have a say on business decisions, but still keep your head in the numbers and not have to worry too much about running the entire company. And when you’re good with figures and finances, this is definitely going to be the kind of thing that speaks to you.


Next up, there’s also sales. Because if you’re incredible at landing deals and making great sales figures, then you don’t necessarily have to walk away from that to run the entire company. If there’s somebody better suited to being SEO, then why don’t you stick with the sales department and riving the rest of the salespeople forwards?

Staying Silent

And sometimes, you don’t have to worry too much about being involved in any way. Because you do also have the option of becoming a silent partner. When you don’t want to be overly involved in any of the business operations, you could put your money up and step back. Again, just like taking the seat as CEO, this isn’t going to be an option that speaks to everyone, but it is still an option if you’re not sure on where you should fit in.


Simple Steps To Your Stellar Set-Up

Simple Steps To Your Stellar Set-Up

By Nigel Hilton

Many people consider running their own business. It might stem from an idea you had years ago, you may have jumped on the lightbulb moment the minute you through of it, or simply you just love the idea of becoming your own boss. While it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to get a business launched and running successfully, there are ways any one of us can get started. I wanted to share with you some of the simple steps you can take to create your stellar set-up.


Create the perfect business plan

A business plan is something all businesses need when it comes to just starting out. But it can also be something that you refer back to and add to as your business progresses. So getting one done from the word go is vital to your business success. However, so many entrepreneurs will skip over this step or maybe not dedicate as much time to it as they should. This can be a big mistake. Ensure you spend time creating an in-depth business plan so that you cover all bases of your business, especially outlining the first year of trading. There are plenty of articles online to help you create the perfect document.

Secure the right level of funding

Funding is a huge part of any business launch, which is why you need to ensure that you secure the right level of finance for your business project. You may want to use your own savings and invest yourself, or have friends and family invest into your idea. You could also consider business loans and capital investment options from places like swift financial partners. You could also consider separate investors where they look at going into business with you taking a percentage of the profits. There are many different options to consider, but make sure you choose the right option for you.

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Think about your branding and digital presence

Your branding and your digital presence are very important elements of your business. So take some time to consider your logo, your brand, your website and any marketing campaigns and strategies such as social media options. These key elements are going to help your business thrive, so they deserve your focus at attention. It is the attention to detail, that will help you succeed with your vision.

Dedicate your time

One thing that can be a little lost in translation is the idea of becoming your own boss and choosing the hours you work. Launching a business from nothing and turning into a success is going to take a lot of time and effort, so it is vital that you are dedicated to making this work. Not putting the hours in at such a delicate stage of the process, as in the beginning, means that you could end up with a failure on your hands. Make sure you are willing to do your idea justice and be passionate about what you do.

I hope that these steps help you create the stellar set-up you are imagining.


Still Gambling With Your Financial Future? Put The Odds In Your Favor In 5 East Steps

Still Gambling With Your Financial Future? Put The Odds In Your Favor In 5 East Steps

By Sharon Jones

Like the roulette wheel, personal finance is an environment dominated by the colors black and red. While we all want to work our way into the black, millions find themselves sat precariously under a red dagger. However, you no longer have to spin the wheel or roll the dice with hopes of a positive outcome. Change your tactics with the five simple tricks below, and your financial future will soon look brighter than ever.   


Improve current habits | Perhaps the most important factor is that you learn to take immediate action. This can range from taking greater care with big life purchases to trimming the fat from monthly bills. Improved spending habits can quickly boost your immediate and long-term situation. Furthermore, it’ll go a long way to promoting a positive mindset, which is the most powerful tool at your disposal. Essentially, if you get this aspect of your life right, other elements should soon follow.

Get a high score | Whether you like it or not, your credit history will impact your financial choices. Past problems, through unforeseen circumstances or irresponsible actions, will haunt you. However, these steps to repairing your credit score can start to offer rewards in a matter of months. Crucially, as long as you maintain the maturity, the positive influence will follow you for life. While personal wealth isn’t a game, a high credit score will certainly make you a winner.   

Learn to earn | Being careful and strategic with money is fantastic. Nonetheless, income levels will always be the key to overcoming most financial obstacles. The fear of losing work encourages many people to accept being undervalued. Build strong applications and work on interview skills to ensure you land the right jobs for the right wage. Whether it’s an internal promotion or switching to a new company doesn’t matter. Having the confidence to chase those dreams can unlock a brighter future.

Take control of investments | Even a good job doesn’t guarantee long-term security. External savings and investments are often what separates the good from the great. Choosing a self directed IRA Bitcoin account puts you in greater control of your assets. Ultimately, that flexibility significantly increases the hopes of success compared to traditional methods. For the sake of your emotional satisfaction, as well as your pocket, this solution can work wonders at all stages of life.

Know your entitlements | Appreciating your worth at work has already been mentioned. But you must also think about the money you may be entitled to from the authorities. Whether it’s financial help for parents or cheaper medical bills isn’t overly important. There’s a good chance that support is available. Sadly, it’s unlikely to come to you, which is why you must conduct the research yourself. It couldn’t even include writing off certain debts. Either way, missing out due to your naivety simply isn’t an option.   


Those steps alone won’t make you rich, but they will put you in a far better financial position. In today’s economic climate, that’s all anybody could ever ask for.

How To Be A Great Manager

How To Be A Great Manager


By Lina Martinez

Managing a business or a branch can be a great challenge and responsibility, it comes with huge rewards as well as a bucket of stress. But being a good manager isn’t always as straightforward as people think. Think about any job you have ever had – you will have had managers that you liked, who pushed you and challenged you to be your best. And you will have had managers that you hated and thought were the absolute worst.

Here are our top tips to being the best manager you can be.

Value your employees

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company if you manage a branch or a department you know that each employee has something to offer the company to make it better. It might be great customer service, leadership skills or expertise in a particular area. Don’t take them for granted – they are the reason your company will succeed. Show your appreciation for them with verbal praise and with physical shows of gratitude.

Play to your strengths

No one person can be great at everything, annoying right? But each person has strengths that can be used to benefit the company. This applies to you and your employees; your strengths are what will make you a good manager, and championing the strengths of others will make you an even better one.


While you need to play to your strengths, you shouldn’t just forget the thing you’re not that great at. In these instances, you need to delegate tasks to others. Delegating is also something you need to do to ensure your sanity; there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done on your own.


Being a good manager means being fair, to both your employees and yourself. When arranging holidays you need to make sure that you get yours too, but that you are fair in when you take them. When someone is late for work, or when if they are having trouble at home, being fair in the way you deal with those situations will mark you as a good leader over a bad one.

Know your job

Knowing the limitations and details of your role will help you be a better leader. Each industry has different ideals for their management staff, you should always become familiar with any tips that are particular to that role. An example would be these 15 restaurant management tips to improve the way you work. The team is the most important thing, and you are the one who needs to be a leader, mentor, and shoulder to cry on if need be.

Give feedback

Your feedback should always be creative and delivered positively. When delivering negative feedback, you should always bolster it with something positive too, like a creative and critical sandwich. Look at these 10 tips for giving good feedback to get a better idea.

Treat people with dignity

Sometimes being a manager get-go to people’s heads, or the stress of a situation can cause you to lash out at those under you. Make sure that you don’t fall into that trap. Your employees are people too.

Champion not punish

When your employees make mistakes, it’s easy to jump in a tell them off. Instead you should use them as learning tools to prevent them happening again. At the same time, rather than concentrating on the bad – champion the goods things they do instead.

Be transparent

When explaining situations to your employees, whether they are good or bad, be 100% open with them. Don’t just say that something is changing without giving a reason why and telling them the full implications of that change. You might feel that is counterproductive, but being honest will gain you more loyalty than keeping things from them.


Be confident in what you do. A good leader never looks like they can’t handle a situation or don’t have faith in what they’re doing. If you don’t believe in a new venture then how do expect your employees to?

Manage your time

When preaching time management and good practices to your employees, you need to lead by example. Set yourself deadlines and stick to them, and encourage others to do the same. If they see you slacking off, then what motivation do they have to get the job done in time?

Take time training

When you have a new hire, or if someone needs a top up on training, always give the time to see it through. Don’t let their training go uncompleted just because you couldn’t be bothered. Their ability will define your company, so put the effort in and watch them grow.


Small Business Cash Flow Troubles Solved

Small Business Cash Flow Troubles Solved

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By Sharon Jones

When you’re running a company, you need to make sure you are not running into issues with cash flow. Even small businesses can have this trouble, ending up in debt or dealing with heavy business costs. How you handle situations and issue like this will determine whether your business is going to be a huge success or a massive failure. The pendulum really can swing that far in both directions so here are a few little pieces of advice if you want to make sure that you fall on the right side of this line.

Don’t Leave Debt Lingering

You need to make sure that you don’t leave debt for your business to grow. If you owe money to another company or you just need to pay your electricity bills, make sure you deal with this issues as quickly as possible. There may be times when you don’t have the enough money in your account to cover business bills. In situations like this, rather than leaving people hanging, it’s best to borrow, taking out a personal loan to pay it off and then get back on track later when you can afford it. You can explore sites like to learn more about short term loans that can help you get back on track. Or, alternatively, just make sure that you always have enough money in your accounts. You can do this by limiting your budget expenses.

Keep Things Small

A lot of business owners immediately want to get big. They want to make massive levels of profits and to do this they think they need huge numbers of staff, expensive offices and serious marketing campaigns. But that’s not the right mindset to have when you start a company. Instead, you should be looking for ways to keep things small, tight and manageable. This will dramatically reduce the cost and ensure that you can keep things under control. It will also ensure that your business does achieve a high level of efficiency and this is important. Without an efficient business model, you’ll be bleeding more cash than you can save.

Get Help

Make sure you are getting help with your business. Now matter how small it is, you can still run into trouble with managing your accounts. If you hire a professional accountant, you can avoid the issues here and ensure that your business finances are handled the right way. A small business accountant is a service that is far more affordable than most people realise. Indeed, it’s quite possible that you can have more than enough money to pay for this but are ironically avoiding doing so in the hopes of saving money. This is always going to backfire.

Keep Accurate Records

Finally, no matter how much you’re spending, no matter where you’re spending it. Make sure you keep accurate records. There are two reasons for this which are explained on The first is that an accurate book of records is going to help you sell your company if or when you need to. Second, and perhaps more importantly, accurate records will ensure you know exactly where you’re spending so you can cut costs if necessary.

We hope you find this information helpful, managing the financial issues of your small business.

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