“Running” The Business Efficiently: Getting Your Company Disaster Ready

“Running” The Business Efficiently: Getting Your Company Disaster Ready

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It is something that we should all have at the back of our minds, but we can be somewhat naive if we think that a disaster won’t happen to us. It’s part and parcel of many businesses and granted, it all depends on where they are in the world but it makes common sense for you to have a plan in place, not just for yourself or the business, but your employees as well, should disaster strike. What are the best ways for you to prepare for a disaster on any scale?

Preparation Is Key 

If you want to survive disaster you have got to prepare yourself adequately. It may sound like common sense, but many businesses that don’t have a plan in place can struggle; and when disaster strikes, it’s too late to backtrack. Create a written plan that gives specific information on what to do depending on the disaster, whether it’s a natural disaster or infiltration by hackers. Preparation is crucial, especially in the technological sense, because of cyber attacks. You can make the most of IT audits, or having a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on-site that can help you ensure you’ve got everything in place.

Look After The Company’s Data 

You may have a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) or another database on site. If there is a disaster, you need to ensure that your data is backed up. Preferably you need to put it on to a cloud-based system. Because if you are a business that operates with paper documents, or even has servers on-site, backing up files to protect your business data, as well as your customer data will ensure that the business gets back on track.

Establish A Communications Plan 

This isn’t just for the benefit of your employees, but it’s for your customers as well. If your business suffers a temporary setback because of a natural disaster or a data breach it’s important to keep in contact with your customers so that they know what’s going on. You don’t want to lose loyal customers because of something that you failed to communicate efficiently. You can easily keep in contact with them via social media or email. And if necessary, put some information outside your physical property, especially if you are running a brick and mortar store.

Look At Your Insurance

One of the best ways to prepare for any disaster is to have an adequate insurance policy in place. You have to spend a lot of time preparing yourself for this, by knowing what you need coverage for. It’s not just about coverage for the property, but you may need packages like business interruption and extended coverage, which can help should your business be completely wiped out in the interim. As well as this, continue to review your insurance package so you know how much coverage you have for your business, especially if it’s growing.

It’s not something we like to think about. But getting your business ready for disaster will ensure that you weather the toughest of storms.

Different Types Of Cooling For Businesses

Different Types Of Cooling For Businesses

The importance of cooling and climate control in data centres is something which simply cannot be undervalued. In today’s day and age, the IT equipment used generates an extensive amount of heat and this can cause a huge amount of problems if it is not contained properly. It is therefore essential that you are able to control the room’s climate and air flow to ensure that your equipment does not get damaged. 


There are a vast number of different data centre cooling methods available today and choosing the right one can often be a relatively difficult process. In this article I will give you a brief overview of the main data centre cooling procedures available. 

First and foremost, there is cold aisle containment or hot aisle containment. These methods are highly popular because they are extremely cost efficient. The process involved basically consists of the separation of the hot areas from the cold areas. The cost savings entailed with this method is not the only reason behind its popularity. Cold or hot aisle containment is also popular because it is efficient and very easy to deploy and utilise. Furthermore, it can be employed in any business data centre – no matter the size of the room, and there is also no need for any restructuring of the data centre either.

However, probably the most widely used procedure to control climate in data centres is that of downfall air conditioning. There are in fact arrays of different types of air conditioning which can be installed. The main reason that most people prefer air conditioning is because of its reliability. However you have to be careful when deciding which air conditioning system to go for as a lot of them can use up a considerable amount of energy. Choosing an HVAC service with care can ensure that you do not end up with an energy-draining system. 

Another aspect you should consider when looking into data centre cooling is the possible utilisation of chilled racks. These can be used in conjunction with the two methods previously touched upon in this article. They are particularly desirable if you have any high density requirements in your data centre, as they can be used as an added cooling medium. 

The three systems and methods mentioned in the article are the most commonly used and well liked of all the data centre cooling options available. However, there are other alternatives obtainable on the market if you feel you would like to explore elsewhere. Nevertheless, the overriding feeling from the feedback regarding climate control methods is that these three are by far the best. 

At the end of the day, it is crucial that you take the time and consideration to decide which cooling method is the best for your data centre as it is an extremely important decision. Once you have decided what option you would like to go for, you also have to make sure that you take the effort to carefully seek a highly reputable and experience company to install it for you.

3 Ways To Set Your Medical Business Apart From The Competition

3 Ways To Set Your Medical Business Apart From The Competition

The healthcare industry is incredibly competitive and if you are opening a new practice in an area that already has other practices nearby, you may struggle to get patients. People would prefer to stay with their current practice if possible, so you need to find ways to set yourself apart from the competition and offer something that they cannot if you are going to succeed. A lot of new business owners make the mistake of assuming that everybody needs medical care so you’re guaranteed to get plenty of patients, but that simply is not the case. If you are just starting out, these are some of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. 

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Invest In The Latest Technology 

If you invest money in the latest medical technology, you can offer a better level of care to your patients and provide treatments that they may not be able to get at other medical practices. For example, companies like Medtronic Covidien provide equipment for minimally invasive surgeries. If you invest in that technology, you can perform surgery that has a much reduced recovery time, which is a huge benefit to your patients. If your competitors are using more invasive surgery methods, you are likely to get a lot of patients coming to your practice instead. 

It’s not just surgery that you have to consider either. Medical technology is evolving all the time and new products can help you to improve the experience for your patients at all levels. It’s important that you keep up to date with the latest medical technology and invest heavily in up to date equipment. 

Focus On Relationships With Patients 

Trust is incredibly important in the healthcare industry because, in some cases, patients are trusting you with their life. People value a good relationship with their medical professionals and they want to go to a practice where the doctors remember them and have a good grasp of their medical history. If you are treating different members of the same family, having an idea about the medical history of the entire family can help with making more accurate diagnoses as well. That’s why it’s important that you focus on building a strong relationship with all of your patients and giving them a more personal service. 

Offer Online Services 

When people are busy with work or family life, they may find it difficult to find the time to come in for an appointment. That’s why you should try to make life easier by offering online services. If you focus on creating content on your website that offers good information about health issues, and maybe even some basic self diagnosis tools, you are giving your patients another way to assess their health. You should also consider offering remote appointments over video call if people cannot make it to the practice. Offering these extra services is a simple way to go above and beyond for your patients. 

These simple things will help you to set yourself apart from the rest of the medical practices in the area and get more patients through the door. 

After The Handshake: Starting A New Job After Being Unemployed For So Long

After The Handshake: Starting A New Job After Being Unemployed For So Long

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It can be met with mixed emotions. Perhaps you’ve been out of work for a long time due to circumstances beyond your control, or you’ve had the opportunity to take your time to look for a rewarding career. But whatever you’ve been through, when you start a new job after being unemployed for a long time it can be one of those overwhelming components that is fraught with new beginnings, good and bad. Going back to a job can seem like everything is going right again, but also, it can be very intimidating. What are the things that you should think of when starting a new job after a long period of unemployment?

Getting Yourself Match Fit

It’s important to remember that you keep yourself like a well-oiled machine. After a long period of unemployment, you get used to certain routines that don’t fit the daily grind. As well as this, you need to think about keeping yourself in the right state, physically and mentally. A pre employment medical can help you to see if there’s anything that needs addressing, especially if you’ve been off due to a long period of illness. As well as this, think about getting into the routine way before you start the job. Sometimes there’s not a chance, especially if you are informed on the Friday you’ve been successful and you start the Monday after. But, what you can do in the short-term is to prepare yourself mentally.

Minimizing Anxiety

It’s scary. There are going to be moments where you don’t feel equipped to deal with it. But this is all parts of getting into a new routine. Finding ways to calm your anxieties isn’t just about something like mindfulness or meditation, which can be impossible in the midst of a busy office. What you can do, is take a leaf out of those in positions of power; they “prime” themselves for their day. One of the great things that we can all do is embrace the power of positive self-talk. By giving ourselves the chance to talk ourselves through the day before we get to the office, it helps us to retain some control but it also gives us the chance to go through everything. This desensitizes us to the intimidating aspects. 

Don’t Compare It To Your Last Job

One of the big mistakes we can all make is that we get into the routine of our last job. This isn’t a productive way to go about things, especially if your last job didn’t end in a satisfactory manner. Instead of this, look at it as a new beginning, and make it a chance to reinvigorate yourself, develop new positive relationships, new goals, and reinvent yourself. It’s a big thing you’re jumping into, but this doesn’t mean you have to settle back into your old ways. The big mistake we can always make is comparing it to our last job and start to do things the way we used to because we think this is a way to keep afloat. Instead, prepare yourself for a few weeks of your head feeling full of information. It gets easier, and remember to keep yourself adequately fueled, and give yourself a break! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Does Money Make You Appy?

Does Money Make You Appy?

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They don’t lie when they say that there’s an app for everything nowadays. Whether you want to check the weather or monitor your steps, you can download one handy program to make it happen. As apps come to the fore of modern living, it’s now possible to make money through them, too.

While you’re working your day job, this ability could see you double your income or more. And, all you’d need to make it happen is the mobile phone that you already carry with you!

Of course, there are a host of apps that claim they could make you money. The more downloads an app gets, after all, the better the profit the creators stand to see. As is always the case, then, you don’t want to download any old thing, especially not when you need to enter your card details! But, some verified options could see you earning the big-time as you go about your daily life, and we’re going to consider some of them here. 

Online betting apps

Online betting has been growing in popularity as a side hustle for a while, and the latest online casinos as listed on deluxecasinobonus.com typically come complete with apps. These are designed with modern betters in mind, and they could see you earning on your commute or your lunch break. The ability to keep a closer eye on bets you place also ensures you can either withdraw or increase bets as you need. That could leave you with much better odds, and a betting side-hustle that pays the majority of the time. 

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Stock trading on-the-go

Most stock trade platforms now also provide apps to users, and these can take your trading possibilities a great deal further. As with betting, having an app to hand allows you to keep a closer eye on your stocks. This means that you’ll always be able to keep on top with stock prices, and can withdraw money at a moment’s notice if things take a turn for the worst. The best stock trading apps to consider at the moment include – 

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Robinhood
  • Stash
  • TradeHero

By opting for verifiable optionss like these, you can make sure that the stocks you’re buying are real and, more importantly, liable to provide returns.

Selling that suits you

In years gone by, selling through sites like eBay and Facebook was a pretty long-winded process. It involved uploading snaps onto your home desktop and only being able to check them once you got home. Now, apps like the eBay offering found on https://apps.apple.com make it possible to sell wherever you are. This way, you can take pictures on your phone and upload your items on your way into work. You can then follow auctions or simply get straight back to buyers, making a smoother experience all around, and guaranteeing that you can sell anything with ease. 

Apps like these offer fantastic money-making opportunities, and they’re yours for the taking in the app store on the device of your choosing. 

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Reaping the Benefits of Trusting Employees

Reaping the Benefits of Trusting Employees


As a business owner, it can be challenging to let go of your hold over all aspects of the company. It’s not because you’ve gone crazy on power but because your company is your baby. You feel you have its best interests in mind. 

There are issues with this, however. The main one being that by ignoring opinions from others, you back yourself into a corner. You become resistant to change. You don’t get the full perspective. You’re smart, you’re successful, but there’s something to trusting your employees that can make you even more successful if you listen to ideas and give them the chance to prove themselves. 

Open Communication

A lack of communication is one of the main problems employees face when completing tasks. It might be that they’re scared to voice their opinion or they feel that they don’t understand enough. Cultivating this attitude is an issue, and can hinder the growth of your company.

An open-door policy is a fantastic way to start, as this allows employees to come to you with whatever problems they might have. In turn, this communication helps to build trust between you and them, and it also allows everyone to get to know each other better. 

Employees love a workplace where people feel free to speak their mind if they have a problem or don’t understand what you require of them. By allowing this, you manage to see your employees as people and not commodities. It’s essential to see them like this, as it breaks down the barriers of the Employer/Employee relationship and instead builds bridges that can only lead to greater success. 

Releasing the Reins

Your employees are adults. They are educated, and they know what they’re doing. They have experience that is different to yours, but different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

You’ll find that loosening the reins and letting your employees take on tasks without you overseeing them can be beneficial for morale and productivity. Nobody likes to have someone breathing down their neck all day, every day, and this newfound freedom should benefit both them, you, and the company. 

The transition won’t be smooth, but once you get used to not being in charge of everything, you’ll find yourself with more time and less stress. Isn’t that what we all want? 

High Risk, High Reward

For new companies, it can be hard to get off the ground, and this is why thinking outside the box can often prove fruitful. You can’t always get the best of the best, but you can often find diamonds in the rough that scream potential if they are only given a chance. 

Successful people love to go where no one else has gone before, and that could include giving people a chance who might not get an opportunity elsewhere. While others may consider these people high risk, all they often need is a chance. It’s not always that simple, of course, and you may need to protect yourself and your company but more often than not everything works out fine. 

You can read more about insurance procedures for high-risk individuals so they (and you) are protected should something happen both on or off the job. 

Taking a Punt

Trusting employees doesn’t mean handing control over and letting the inmates run the asylum, far from it. But working alongside your employees instead of in front of them means you can share ideas and thoughts in a more trusting environment.

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