Six Ways Tech Has Improved Business Efficiency And Productivity

Six Ways Tech Has Improved Business Efficiency And Productivity


We live in an era completely and utterly dominated by technology. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a laptop, tablet, television, or, at the very least, a phone in someone’s hand or somewhere lying around. As much as people like to complain about all this new tech, it has changed our lives for the better, especially in regards to the business and working world. With that in mind, here are six great ways tech has improved efficiency and productivity in the world of business.

  1. Work From Almost Anywhere

Not too long ago, almost everyone had to go to work to get work done, but, these days, more and more people are choosing to telecommute and work from home or on the go. This saves staff and companies time and money, while also improving work-life balance, mood, and productivity. This telecommuting technology also means that you don’t have to travel to important meetings.

  1. Outsource To Professional Freelancers

Unfortunately, there are some tasks that your employees simply aren’t able to do. Thankfully, with the internet on hand, experts are now only a click away. This means that you can hire outside contractors to handle your marketing campaigns, build your websites, write your content, and so much more, saving you time that you would have otherwise wasted training your current staff.

  1. Automate Any Repetitive Tasks

Handing out monotonous and unimportant tasks to your team is one sure fire way to wreck your employee productivity. For this reason, you should use automotive technology instead. This allows you to regularly order any equipment you need, from pens to microplates, pay your bills, respond to emails, and much more. This saves frees up time you would have otherwise wasted.

  1. Schedule Social Media Marketing

Posting on social media is another of those tedious tasks that no one really wants to do. Unfortunately, it’s one that you can’t escape, as it helps you to connect with your customers and saves money on marketing. To save time and make your life easier, you should manage your social media channels using one tool, scheduling your posts weekly, instead of posting yourself.

  1. Communicate Easily With Employees

When you’re a business owner, clear and frequent communication with your entire team is absolutely crucial. Unfortunately, depending on your number of staff, this could be incredibly difficult to do in person. For this reason, you should stick to instant messaging and group chat apps. This way, you don’t have to hunt out specific individuals and can get responses quickly.

  1. Specialized And Focused Marketing

Old school marketing tended to involve posting ads in the local newspaper or paying thousands on television commercials in the hope that they’ll find the right audience. Today’s marketing, however, is a lot different, with personalized marketing that uses data to target exactly the right people. This means you no longer have to waste time on marketing efforts that see no return.


Technology is often viewed as a nuisance or distraction, but, in the world of business, it’s far from it. If you want to boost productivity and efficiency in your company, then improving your tech may be the way to go.

4 Reasons Why Bankruptcy Is Not The End

4 Reasons Why Bankruptcy Is Not The End

No matter what you do, how much you earn and how arduously you fight to maintain the delicate balance of your household finances, it’s all-too-common to find yourself trapped in a quagmire of debts. Modern living is expensive and in an era of wage repression, it can seem that no matter how hard we may work, how much overtime we pull down, how many sacrifices we make or how much we try to squirrel away, it never seems to be enough. We rely on credit cards to help us through life’s unexpected expenses and loans to help us keep our finances afloat. While we may feel like we’re treading water and paying down our debts a little at a time, all it takes is for a week of unpaid sick leave, failing to get the raise you were banking on or, a quiet patch for your small business or an unexpected redundancy to drag you deeper into the debt whirlpool.

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If your debts have progressed beyond the scope of consolidation to mend, you may be faced with the option of bankruptcy. You may, in fact, rail against it as you perceive it as the end of your financial wellbeing forever, or at the very least an admission of incalculable defeat. However, as anyone from the Law Offices of Ronald D. Weiss will tell you, bankruptcy needn’t be the end. Indeed, in many cases, it can set out the path for a brighter financial future. Here’s why…

You’re far from alone!

If bankruptcy is on the horizon for you, you’re in good company (financially speaking at least). There are a great many financially and entrepreneurially successful men and women who have been made bankrupt and gone on to find both wealth and success afterwards. From Will Smith and Lady Gaga to Walt Disney and President Donald Trump (whose companies have been declared bankrupt no less than 6 times), there are no shortage of wealthy and successful people who’ve overcome bankruptcy.

It can, in the long run, help your credit score

You could be forgiven for thinking that being declared bankrupt is the end of available credit forever. But this is far from the case. In fact, bankruptcy can actually be advantageous for your credit rating in the long term. By getting rid of “delinquent” account reports like late repayments and high credit balances or improving your debt-to-credit ratio, you could see your credit rating improve in as little as 6 months in the case of Chapter 7 bankruptcy (the most common kind).

It can actually save your small business

Filing for bankruptcy needn’t be the end of your small business, either. In fact, in many ways, it can be your best defense. It protects your business from creditors who may otherwise attempt to liquidate your enterprise. You will still have to repay your debts but a bankruptcy application gives you the legal ability to reduce or delay your repayments or both.

After all, your creditors want their money back and they’ll be happier to get it back slowly when under a structured and court-approved repayment plan.

It can cause you to fix your bad habits

Finally, if you have allowed bad choices and habits to compromise your financial wellbeing, bankruptcy could be the learning experience that could see you mend your ways and steer your finances back into the black for good!

Want To Get A Music Agent? You Should Be Doing This!

Want To Get A Music Agent? You Should Be Doing This!

Do you think you’re ready to get an agent as an artist? You might think you’re ready, but there’s every chance that you’re not. You need to make sure you’re putting yourself out there consistently, finding ways to share your music and content, promoting different things you do, finding paying gigs, and more.

Here, we’re going to talk about what you should be doing if you’re looking to get a music agent or manager. Read on to find out more!

Signs You’re Not Ready

There are a few signs you can look for to decide whether you’re ready or not, but the main sign is having minimal performance history behind you. Managers are looking for talent and skill in a person who has taken initiative, and a track record on top of this.

Below is an idea of what agents/managers can help you with:

  • Helping you get a higher number of shows
  • Helping you get shows at more prestigious venues
  • Taking care of the day-to-day business aspects of your career
  • Upping your online numbers
  • Improving your press kit and imaging
  • Upping your merch game
  • Seeking and securing recording or publishing deals for the band

You Need An Active Performing Record

You need an active performing record if you’re going to secure an agent or manager. It’s your job is to show up with a promotional package, performance history, and brand positioning that will enable you to give somebody enough confidence in you. An agent’s job is simply to sell you; you have to do the rest.


Creating A Unique Show

Your shows should be distinct and compelling if you’re going to differentiate yourself from the acts that are already out there. Effective, quality promotional materials that match your brand are also important. You won’t get noticed by people like Coran Capshaw if you’re not working hard enough to put on a great performance and get people to come to it.

Be Easy To Work With

Being easy to work with is key. It’s so important for your reputation and securing future work. You should be on time, willing to go the extra mile, and basically the exact opposite of a diva!

Working On A Positive Mindset

Working on a positive mindset will do you the world of good. It might take you a while to get a manager or an agent, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You have to keep going and believe in yourself. If you don’t, why would anybody else? Don’t let fears or doubts get in the way if this is what you really want to do!

Choosing The Right Booking Agent

Choosing the right booking agent is also key; if it’s not someone who gets your music, you shouldn’t be working with them. It should be somebody who understands music in general and ideally has a little leverage to help you to get to where you want to be too.

If you’re not doing enough to secure gigs and get your name out there, it’ll be even harder to find somebody who will help you!

Make Your Money Work Harder For You

Make Your Money Work Harder For You

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In today’s world, we are becoming increasingly stressed and overwhelmed by how much we have to do just to keep up – despite the fact technology is said to be making our lives better.

That said, whilst the majority of people are living in a reactive state of “keeping up” whether this is with social media notifications or mortgage payments there are a few people who are living a lifestyle of financial freedom – meaning having the time and money to enjoy life.

The way they manage such a desirable feat is by generating passive income as a result of leveraging assets rather than trading their time for money in the conventional way which most people do, where they trade a unit of time for a unit of money.

Increasingly, we’re seeing adverts on YouTube and Facebook of people that have managed to live a life of financial freedom at quite a young age, encouraging us to learn their secrets and discover how to break free from the rat race ourselves.

In this article, unlike those adverts, there isn’t a course to sell you on – it’s just simple advice offering some ideas into ways you can generate passive income, meaning you are making your money work for you, rather than you having to work for it.


Astute investors feel there’s a formula to investing that mitigates risk, this means there is still an element of risk associated with investing, yet they reduce that risk by following a specific strategy or insight derived.

We all know how much money we could have made by investing in cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, had we put a few thousand dollars or even a few hundred dollars into it a few years back… yet, there’s still opportunity within this area, and sites like allow you to buy and trade cryptocurrency with more ease than most people associate with this process.


If you don’t want to face the risk of your investment going down as well as up, then building an asset such as an online course and leveraging this time and time again, means that you are getting paid multiple times on an initial effort – the true definition of passive income, as often these courses are fully automated in terms of the marketing process and fulfillment.


If you are in the financial position to buy property and rent it out, then this is one of the most reliable and secure ways to invest your money so that you have your money working for you.  Let’s take the example of buying a $100,000 home. The mortgage, for simplicity, is $500 per month. There are three bedrooms in the property, and you rent each one out for $300 per month – thus, your gross profit is $400 per month.  

Then, in addition to the immediate revenue generated by rental income you have the long-term prospect of capital appreciation in that often properties will rise in value rather than go down.

In summary, there are several ways you can have your money work for you – it’s just a different psychology to that of the employee who relies on trading their time for money.

5 Simple Rules For A Secure Retirement

5 Simple Rules For A Secure Retirement

There aren’t many people that think too carefully about retirement at the moment. People tend to want to live in the “here and now” instead of the “future and then” and while that’s nice for your current lifestyle, the days may be long but the years are short. Before you know it, you’re getting your retirement watch and a meal for your long service and then you’re stuck with a bunch of free time that you have no idea what to do with.

Saving for your retirement can take your entire life – however long that may be – but you should plan to be living well into your 90’s which means planning your finances to stretch you that far. The good thing is that investing in your golden years doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You want to move ahead into financial security and the faster you do that, the more secure your retirement years will be. By following the five simple rules below, you can sit comfortably when your retirement years finally arrive, knowing you have enough to keep you secure.

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Start Early. You may not be thinking about the future right this second, but you really should be. The more you set aside now, the bigger your returns will be later. Starting in your mid-twenties can feel rather organized, but this is the best way to behave when it comes to setting cash aside for your retirement.

Save, Save, Save. Ideally, you should be putting 10% of your earnings every month into a savings account. You can either let it sit there, or you can get some advice about investing it somewhere for a long-term investment from regulated Forex brokers. These guys can help you to work out what to do with your stack of money, so it’s earning back more for you than anything else.

Tax-favored Accounts. You could choose to save in a regular savings account which is taxable, but you could make a smarter decision and go for a retirement account that provides you with the right types of tax breaks. An IRA can put you in a better position later on in life.

Real Estate Investment. Where possible, try to save for a house of your own that – by the time you retire – is yours to have outright. Owning a house gives you a tangible asset and it’s going to pay you back in kind by the time you get to retirement and you choose to sell on.

Go For 4%. Ideally, you want to withdraw 4% of your total retirement account as your salary baseline. The remainder will continue to accrue interest as the time moves forward, and you can up the amount you withdraw in line with the rate of inflation.


Your retirement has to keep you warm, fed and clothed – and in golf clubs – so start early, invest wisely and save, save, save!

5 Reasons to Start a Nonprofit Organization

5 Reasons to Start a Nonprofit Organization

The first thing people might think when considering a nonprofit organization is “why? I want to make profit!”. However, that’s one of the biggest misconceptions about nonprofit organizations and it’s mostly due to the name. In reality, nonprofit just means that any profits you make from selling goods and services is cycled back into your business in order to achieve a mission. For instance, that mission might be to solve social problems like poverty, or it could serve communities such as becoming a club or church.

There are many reasons to start a nonprofit organization, so we’re going to go through a few of them in order to convince you to start one as your next entrepreneurial venture.


  1. Specialized Support

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a nonprofit organization is the specialized support you get. For instance, you’ll find specialized IT support for nonprofits, you’ll get protection from personal liability and you may even receive government grants. The extra assistance you get will help you achieve your goals and ultimately boost your business.

  1. You Can Be Passionate

A nonprofit organization is excellent for anyone that has a passion for their community or a will to solve a social problem like disease, hunger or even offer education. If you’re passionate about something in the world, then you could potentially use a nonprofit organization in order to achieve those goals. It’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly one of the best ways to realize a passion or follow through with a life-long dream.

  1. Nonprofits Last A Long Time

Nonprofits will continue to exist even long after you leave because their purpose is always relevant. You’re not competing with other companies like a traditional business. Instead, your business will stay relevant especially if you’re successful at achieving your goal. A good example is the Kongō Gumi construction company in Japan, a nonprofit organization that was founded over 1440 years ago.

  1. Organized and Efficient

One of the best things about a nonprofit organization is the scale at which you can achieve your goals. You can be a huge global business yet still be incredibly efficient thanks to all the help you get. In addition, you’ll be surprised at just how organized you can be with external help from business advisors that aren’t trying to swindle you or compete against you.

  1. Employee Benefits

Employees in a nonprofit organization are likely to receive benefits that other businesses don’t. This includes discounts to their health insurance or even benefit programs that can convince them to stay onboard for the long run. There are countless advantages that employees will benefit from, such as working for a mission that helps the world or with a community issue, and they’re more likely to put in extra effort knowing that their cause is a just one.

As you can see, nonprofits have many advantages and there are plenty of ways to get started. As long as you have a mission you want to achieve, a nonprofit organization is a fantastic idea.

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