4 Ways to Attract Better Talent

4 Ways to Attract Better Talent


Every business wants to ensure that they bring in the best talent possible to ensure their team is well-equipped to handle everything that the business world can throw at you. It is not enough to merely hire the best candidate for the job. However, you must attract the best talent so that there are no doubts about how effective they can be for your business. 

Invest In Spectacular Systems

As offices all over the country shift closer towards relying on cloud storage and data management systems, you must demonstrate that your business is ahead of the curve, or at the very least, keeping up with current trends. 

By investing in spectacular systems and working with inc-systems.com to understand all its nuances and quirks, you can attract innovative and technologically minded candidates who want to work for a company that knows what it is doing when it comes to data and digital processes. 

Use Your Existing Team

Your existing team is a fantastic way to humanize your brand and give it the edge over other businesses. You can use them to discuss how fond they are of the companies, and while this could be construed as bias in some circles, it is not as biased compared to what an employer or business owner would say. 

They can use social media to discuss the positives of the brand. As many potential employees will search for information about the business, you want to ensure that your business is presented in ways that would attract candidates, rather than turn them away. 

Cultivate a Captivating Culture

Company culture is something that has had a greater focus over the past decade or so. Businesses have seen how Google and Facebook cultivate an office where work and play are, generally, well-balanced. 

You don’t need to create a Google-like campus, but you can still strive for a company culture that puts respect and understanding of the person at the forefront. If potential employees believe they will be considered people, rather than commodities for making money, your business will look much more attractive. 

Build a Positive Brand

Building a positive brand is sure to attract the very best in your industry. You want to be a business that people talk about how much they want to work for you. You want to be a business that people will congratulate others when they tell them they work for you. 

You can use social media campaigns and charitable events to promote your business as one that people would want to work for. However, you cannot use these means just for the sake of doing so. Every post you make, an opinion you share and cause you support must be genuine. Otherwise, consumers and potential employees will see straight through you, and you’ll come across as disingenuous. 

The Best of the Best 

Trawling through resumes and conducting interviews will be easier when you attract the best people to your company. You cannot expect them to apply for no reason, though. Instead, you must give them a reason for wanting to be there. 

The Upward Curve: Keeping Business Morale Up On A Budget

The Upward Curve: Keeping Business Morale Up On A Budget

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For many businesses, it can seem that morale and costs run in opposite channels to each other. If you end up cutting costs in your business, morale can easily go down. But when you start to invest more money into your employees they can feel better as a result which transforms the business in terms of its productivity. But what happens if you need to boost morale but you don’t have the budget? Morale is crucial across the board but if you need to minimize your outgoing, what does it take to boost your business?

The Little Tokens Of Appreciation

When we think about spending money on our employees we tend to equate it with a certain amount in our mind. We think that if we spend a “certain amount” this shows employees that we care a “certain amount.” But while you can purchase staff appreciation gifts for your company, this, in conjunction with showing them that you appreciate their effort, will go to boost morale. If you don’t have the money but whatever little you can afford you pass on to your employees, this communicates to them that you have their interests at heart. Much like the person that will give their last dollar away if you are able to get something together which you can pass on to your employees, no matter how little it is, this speaks volumes about your character.

Include The Families

Many organizations have a very professional relationship with their employees and it goes no further. If you really want to make your employees feel part of the framework you’ve got to go the extra mile and think about it from their perspective. If you are a company that is obsessed with targets and deadlines and nothing else matters what does this communicate to the husbands, wives, and children of your employees? They’re not going to have a good opinion of you! Think about an open invitation for significant others at your next event or a “bring your kids to work day.” This doesn’t just benefit them, especially if they’re struggling to get child care, but it helps employees to see a more human side of each other and yourself. This can help to nurture a stronger connection because you’re getting that sneak preview of what they are like outside of the office.

An Open-Door Policy

If you really want to encourage morale but you don’t have the money you must look at how you operate. If you are someone who is shut away in a corner office and too busy to speak to others, this doesn’t communicate the right message at all. When you think about how your employees perceive you, taking the opportunity to sit amongst them is one thing, but actually ensuring that your employees feel heard is another. You may want to sit among your employees on occasion but if everybody has their head down and doesn’t feel they can speak up, what does this really say about how you lead? It’s possible to have fun and get work done. Besides, when people are happier they will work better. And having an open-door policy is hard to nurture but it could make all the difference to your organization.

Explore New Markets For Business Success!

Explore New Markets For Business Success!

One of the best ways for a business to turn over more cash and increase the profit is to expand into other areas. Areas where revenue streams can be developed and tapped in to. Finding these markets can be hard, and they’re of course industry specific. The trick is to do it without overstretching yourself, and to be able to test the waters to see if your idea will succeed without necessarily wasting too much money. Now is better than ever to do this. So many businesses have had to shut down due to Coronavirus. Others have had to lay off staff, or decide to close down certain operations. If you have the ability to push into new areas, you might just save yourself running into a wall and flatlining your business. There’s undoubtedly going to be a global recession, where businesses struggle even more in the wake of Covid-19. Look ahead. If you can see any holes to push into with your business, you might just mitigate the issues the recession might bring. 

New Products To Ship

If you sell specialty or even general products, then it’s usually easy to start selling more of them. If you just distribute these, it’s even easier. The trick is finding a gap in the market and then selling on a product into that market. If you manufacture products yourself, you may have more difficulty as there are updated guidelines for manufacturing during COVID-19. Whatever you decide to do, it has to be backed up by well informed market research. Will the items you want to manufacture or simply just sell on be needed and wanted during a recession? Are they a luxury item or a necessity? Luxuries will be bought less if the recession bites particularly hard. Focus on your due diligence and remember that areas all will respond differently. This is also the case with whole countries. Some will be hit worse than others. Research is the only true chance at success if you push new products.


Expand Into The Online Space

If you don’t currently have an online presence, now is the time to cultivate one. Some businesses are still high street operated or have no actual need to operate online. The issue here is that if something goes wrong, like it likely has with Covid-19, then your business won’t have any other option than to close. If you move into another area, you might be able to have money coming in from another stream. First you need to analyse what you do and work out whether it is suitable for the online space. It probably is. In fact, if you look online you might find competitors from other areas doing just the same. Look at what they do and work out how to best emulate them. It can be costly to do so, so make sure you really put the research in to see whether it would be cost effective. Pushing into the online space can range from simply setting yourself up on social media, to paying a lot of money to developers to set up your website.

Use Your Competitors

If you want to move in a new direction, have a look at what your competitors have done or are doing. This might be something you’ve resisted in the past, but it doesn’t mean outright copying them. Instead it gives you something to work off. If they operate in the same sphere of business as yourself, and have moved into other areas, this can be a logical step for you to take. Essentially, you can see whether that element has been successful or not and can use it to your advantage.

Employees May Have Ideas Too

If you’re struggling for ideas too you can use your employees. Especially those who have been in your sphere or industry for a long time and have experience outside of your workplace. Ideas sometimes come right from the bottom. Those people who are helping you run your business. It’s always worth asking them what’s going on and how they think the business can grow. They might have seen interest from somewhere else, or perhaps they have had a direct query. Brainstorm some ideas with them and see what they can come up with. For a start, this will increase morale because it shows that you’re willing to listen to other people’s comments and it also shows you’re fighting for your business and by extension your employees’ futures. You can do this online if you didn’t want to meet up due to Covid, think about Microsoft Teams or Zoom to conduct your meeting.

How to Effectively Cut Costs on Your Business Operations

How to Effectively Cut Costs on Your Business Operations

Ways to Reduce Business Expenses

by Sharon Jones

Given the current situation of the world, economies around the world are getting more complicated, and it’s taking a toll on small businesses. It’s expected that after the coronavirus pandemic, there will be around 7.5 million small businesses closing in the United States alone.

This is why many businesses are struggling to stay afloat amidst the pandemic. There are various ways to cut costs while resuming operations, and here are three of the most effective options to continue business without reducing the quality of your products or services:

Outsource Your Labor

Being one of the popular cost-cutting strategies businesses have been using even before the pandemic, outsourcing specific tasks to BPOs has become a common practice in various industries. While most business owners assume that outsourcing is limited to administrative tasks, it can extend beyond that depending on the outsourcing company you hire: from regular BPOs to software-outsourcing companies that can provide specific needs.

By outsourcing your labor, you won’t have to pay for an in-house team for all your business operations. Of course, there are disadvantages and benefits of outsourcing and hiring an in-house team. It all depends on how much you want to save and how practical it is for your business to outsource certain operations.

Lower Your Office Space Costs

If your business is renting office or commercial space, it might be practical to find cheaper areas to operate for the time being if you can’t negotiate for better terms with the property owner. The closer you live to your city’s business center or high-end district, the more valuable the space will be.

If you want to cut office costs entirely, you could change your business to a work-from-home model until such time your business can return to working in an office. More companies are adapting to a work-from-home model, removing the need for an office. If your business can operate without an office and have all your employees working remotely, this is an excellent way to reduce your overhead costs significantly.

Cut Supply Costs

Your business’ supply costs can pile up and prove to be one of the most significant expenses in your operations. Now is an excellent time to start buying directly from manufacturers to avoid the added costs of shopping retail or from a middle-man that’s making the cost of your supplies higher. Now is also a good time to start buying supplies in wholesale or bulk to reduce the overall cost of supplies soon.

If you’re not willing to ask your supplier for discounts, you might want to start looking at the market for another supplier who can provide the same supplies for much less. If your original supplier isn’t willing to meet their competitor’s price, it’s in your business’s best interest to take your business with the new supplier. But if you have a good relationship with your current supplier, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount to help your operations during these trying times.

Like any business owner, you want to keep your business running and help it survive the current situation. You might have to tighten your purse and cut out a few non-essential costs in your business. But if you act smartly, you can avoid the worst of the economic changes and slowly rebuild your business when things slowly go back to normal.

Time is Money: Boosting Productivity in Business

Time is Money: Boosting Productivity in Business

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-in-black-jacket-holding-black-smartphone-4064833/

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘time is money’,  but in business this really is true. Your time is money, and making the most of it will boost your profitability and ensure your company is reaching its full potential. There are a number of ways you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of yours and your employees working hours and earning as much money as possible- here are some ideas for going about it. 

Go open plan in the office

While individual working still has its place, it’s no longer considered the optimal way of working. A more team led environment comes with open spaces will promote the sharing of ideas. Open plan environments tend to be brighter, airier, and more pleasant areas in which to work, which can boost worker morale and improve productivity overall. Unfortunately, coronavirus has impacted the way offices and the world in general works, so now it might not be possible to schedule any significant changes, ensuring you’re abiding by social distancing guidelines. But long term as the world returns to normal; this is something to consider. Happy employees make productive employees, giving them a nice space to work from is just one way you can boost morale and get the best from your workers. 

Update your hardware and software

There’s nothing that can stifle the flow of activity quicker than inferior technology or equipment stopping you in your tracks. Whether it’s outdated software that crashes, printers that jam or computers that crash, and lose information, these things can seriously affect your entire business. You need to spend money to make money, invest in new hardware and software so that your staff can do their jobs properly. You may need to update things like cabling with a company like jabbercomm.com as you go along to keep everything up to date. 

Outsource when you need to 

Even if your business is a smaller venture, as you grow, you might find that you struggle to keep on top of things, If so, now would be an excellent time to consider outsourcing and hiring other companies to tackle some of the workload for you. These are non competing companies to yours which specialise in specific areas allowing you to hire them to do individual tasks or run entire departments. For example, you could hire a company to deal with your marketing, so you don’t have to, or look into managed IT services. You could work with a freelance writer who will write blog posts for you, or utilise an accounting company to deal with your finances. It means you can continue operating without falling behind or having to go through the hassle of hiring your own employees (or more employees). It boosts productivity while staying manageable for you to run everything from the top.

Can A Business Recover From Legal Pursuits?

Can A Business Recover From Legal Pursuits?

History is filled with the tales of business collapses of companies that have faced legal issues. 

As early as 1494, the Medici Bank, which was owned by the Italian Medici family dynasty, collapsed after members of the family illegally used significant funds from the bank to sustain their lifestyles. 

In 1963 in the US, Allied Crude Vegetable Oil Refining Corp collapsed when leader Tino De Angelis was exposed for defrauding clients for his own benefit. 

In 1983, Carrian Group marked the largest business collapse in Hong Kong history when an auditor who raised the alarm on accounting fraud was murdered. An accounting advisor committed suicide to avoid legal pursuits. 

In 2002, Adelphia Communications filed for bankruptcy on the basis of internal corruption. At the end of the investigation, members of the Rigas family were sentenced to prison. 

Pixabay – CC0 License 

These are only some of the many cases of business collapse throughout history that have occurred as a result of legal pursuits against the company or some of its members. Entrepreneurs, therefore, may wonder if a business can recover from legal pursuits? The answer depends on the offense, the relevant defense system, and the recovery strategy. 

CEO or public-facing figure is arrested

What happens to your company when one of its eminent public-facing figures is charged with a crime? While the collapse in the stock exchange market may be imminent, you could save your business reputation and survival by working with trusted criminal lawyers who can provide the help you need. A criminal lawyer does not erase complaints or crimes, but it is a person who can help shed a more realistic light on the situation. A one-off event of violence, for instance, may have been the result of high stress and harassment. Fraudulent estate planning could be caused by poor advice rather than intentional criminal activity. Providing the defense required can protect your business from further damage. 

Your taxes are not up to standard

Small businesses are the first to fall into accounting traps. If you don’t work closely with a professional accountant from Day One, it can be hard to keep your corporation tax return up to standard. However, tax mistakes can be recovered, both with the tax authorities and in the public opinion, if you reach out to a professional accounting service agency. 

Your audience is more likely to lose faith in the brand if they realize that you were able to zero out your federal income tax or receive a considerable rebate. This is the case for Amazon, for instance, which enjoys an effective tax rate of -1% rather than the usual 21%. For individual taxpayers, it is frustrating to know that a successful company can legally cheat the system. 

Pixabay – CC0 License 

Your product is dangerous

Can you recover from an unsafe product? Facts show that you can if you take swift actions. Johnson & Johnson recalled a product that had been tampered in 1982. The recall was expensive and led to profit loss. However, the decisive action allowed the company to recover within a few months. The lesson: Quick response can save both lives and your business. 

In conclusion, why nothing can exonerate a business from legal complications, securing the appropriate defense mechanism, and acting quickly with the best interest of your customers at heart can prevent dramatic consequences. Many companies have faced legal challenges that have redefined their brands for the better. 

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