The Benefits Of Humanizing A Politician

The Benefits Of Humanizing A Politician

Most successful politicians aren’t particularly extreme in their beliefs, and nor are they those who think too far outside the box. Instead, for your average elected official, the biggest draw they have to this field is their passion for helping their local community and country as a whole. Of course, though, it can often be hard to look at people like this in a good light. A lot of people find it hard to see the human side of people in government, especially when they have harsh beliefs and policies. This is a shame, though, as it doesn’t have to be this way, and you have loads of ways to humanize the people looking after your home.

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This process starts with a little bit of learning. A lot of politicians are also proud parents and wives or husbands, and understanding this side of their life can make them feel a lot more grounded, while also explaining some of the beliefs they have. You can find this information on sites like Wikipedia, but this can still go further. There are loads of sites around the web which have articles surrounding people like Mike Crapo which can give you an insight into their normal life. Everyone has things going on which can be hard to handle, and knowing this about the politicians you like will bring them right down to earth.

Of course, while the options above will give you the chance to start in the right direction, it could also be worth looking into the idea of actually talking to the politicians which you like. Social media is a great place for this. Quite a few officials have accounts on sites like these, and will use them to get the word out about their work and personal lives. Along with this, though, they will also talk to their voters on a platform like this, but you will have to get it started. Even if you only get a comment responded to, it could still help you to feel a connection. Alternatively, you could also seek them out at a local rally or event.

A lot of people will wonder why they would want to put this sort of work when it comes to the politicians they follow. In reality, though, it isn’t too hard to see why this is important if it’s always on your mind. Of course, when you look at someone as a human, it will be easier to understand the way that they think, giving you the chance to rationalize the thoughts which they have. Along with that, it can also be a powerful resource when it comes to helping you to form your own political beliefs. There are few things better for broadening your views than reading about other people’s.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to change the way you look at your elected officials. When they are doing things you don’t like, it can be easy to get a negative view of someone like this, and this makes it hard to see them as a person. In reality, though, the probably have their own challenges to contend with.

A Sustainable Start To Your Agriculture Career

A Sustainable Start To Your Agriculture Career

Anyone considering a career in agriculture needs to learn about potential problems. With climate issues and green living on all our minds, many are fighting for change here. And, if you don’t do your research, you could struggle to make a go of things. People just aren’t willing to pay for unsustainable practices anymore, and rightly so.

The sad fact is, farming is one of the most harmful environmental practices out there. Over 37% of the world’s methane emissions come from farmed animals. Agriculture also uses 70% of the world’s freshwater resources. Add to that the fact farming in America alone has led to 260 million acres of deforestation, and you should start to see a theme. Often, agriculture just isn’t sustainable.

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And, consumers are realizing this reality. Diets like veganism have increased by 600% in the last three years. It should come as no surprise, then, that many farmers are feeling the pressure to keep up with the changing tastes of a nation. Add these issues together, and it seems there’s one obvious solution – sustainable farming. It is what it says on the tin, but how exactly can you achieve it?

Stick to crops

While small-scale animal farms cause less environmental damage than factories, all herds contribute to methane emissions. Just one cow will produce 100 kg of methane in a year. Instead of opting for animals, then, you might be best sticking with crop production. This suits the veganism trend we spoke about, while also going some way towards reducing any damage. In fact, many argue that crop production is good for soil. So, this alone could see you getting customer onside from the off.

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Improve your processes

Of course, even crops can do environmental damage. Most of the water waste we spoke about goes towards this cause. And, most deforestation happens for this cause, too. But, there are some ways to reduce that damage. Proper water irrigation systems can ensure you minimize the amount of water you use. It’s also worth ensuring you get the most out of every acre of land you have to hand. That way, there won’t be any need for further deforestation or destruction. If you aren’t sure how to maximize land potential, companies like River Country Cooperative offer agronomy programs to help you. If that appeals, don’t hesitate to visit them and get started. If not, take these matters into your own hands. Do your research, and take time planning systems with the least environmental impact.

Find new uses for spare land

The chances are that you’re going to have additional land on your hands. This is especially true if you aren’t farming animals. Admittedly, there’s a temptation to turn those free fields into crops, too. But, in keeping with sustainability, it’s worth keeping at least a little land aside for conservation. By planting trees and encouraging wildlife here, you can make sure that you’re giving a little back. And, that can go a considerable way towards getting the public onside.

Analyzing The Harmful Side Of Veganism

Analyzing The Harmful Side Of Veganism


In the past ten years, veganism has risen by 160%. Regardless of the potential for growth, this is an impressive number. Even more remarkable is the fact that 375 million people around the world consider themselves vegans or vegetarians. You may point out this is only 0.05% of the total population, yet hundreds of millions of people can’t be ignored.

Using these stats, it’s easy to say one thing – the lifestyle is popular. Sure, the vast percentage of people still eats meat, yet the tide seems to be turning. However, as this happens the spotlight falls on the life, it begs one question: is it as helpful as it advertises?

All Around The World

The west hasn’t decided to pump money into veganism and increase food supplies. Nope, the raw materials come from countries around the globe, a lot of which that are poor. Avocados are in vogue today, as are beans and lentils. Unlike a slab of meat, these ingredients come from countries such as Brazil, Kenya, and Indonesia. In short, they have to be flown thousands of miles, emitting dangerous gases along the way. Ag sprayer nozzles can help preserve them for longer, yet the damage has been done. Meat may be cruel but it doesn’t travel as far.

‘Avo Look At The Price

As relatively wealthy people, a price hike isn’t the worst thing in the world. Indeed, vegans are happy to pay over the odds to save the planet, which is commendable. Citizens from less economically developed countries aren’t on the same page. And, it seems to be them who are paying the price, literally. Kenya has had to ban exporting avocados because the stock fell dramatically and the cost rose to $25 per fruit. Vegans are happy to take advantage yet people are losing out on the other side. Some would argue this isn’t fair.


SJW stands for social justice warriors; people who fight for causes no matter how big or small. Great, this is what the world needs. As a society, we are losing touch and need to fight back against the man. Sadly, as the last paragraph points out, this isn’t always the case. Plus, there is a developing trait connected to veganism: labeling. Vegans, believing their choice is the right one, preach and make others feel uncomfortable. Worse than that, they boycott, protest and scream obscenities at suppliers and customers alike. This attitude is permeating every walk of life and is splitting societies in two.


Human beings have evolved to need protein. In fact, all animals are the same. Chimpanzees are typical herbivores, eating a diet high in vegetation and fruit, yet even they hunt other monkeys. Why? They do it because they need the meat to provide protein. Cutting out meat in all forms could be potentially harmful to health. Sure, there are other ways to source protein, yet meat is the main source. Eradicating meat altogether isn’t the issue; cutting back should be the plan.

Veganism is a worthy cause, but it’s worth remembering that it isn’t infallible.

Farming Through The Changing Tastes Of A Nation

Farming Through The Changing Tastes Of A Nation

Continual demand for low priced meat has left farmers struggling in recent years. Many are having to work long days for little pay. And, things don’t look set to improve with Trump’s trade war with China rippling into the industry. It’d be fair to say many lifelong farmers are starting to quake in their wellies.

As though politics weren’t enough to throw the industry into dispute, agricultural workers are also dealing with the changing tastes of the nation. We are, of course, talking about veganism. While this was once the reserve of the militant few, 6% of Americans now refer to themselves as vegan. And, this only looks set to increase as people become more concerned about animal welfare and environmental impact. Plus, increased access to meat and dairy alternatives makes this lifestyle more accessible than ever.

But, while some farmers are trying to push the message that meat is best, others are adopting a vegan mindest with open arms. And, it’s possible that’s the best way forward. After all, when you can’t beat the people, you have to join them. And, these farmers are certainly seeing better success than their counterparts. Only time can tell whether that success will stand last for the duration. Right now, though, it seems like every farmer could do with following in their footsteps. But how exactly are these farmers embracing the trend?

A step away from animal products

Perhaps the most obvious option is to step away from animal products. Companies like MKC can help meat farmers move towards crop production. In truth, this a more lucrative option than many farmers realize. Unlike animals, crops require little input before offering rewards. While money per product is less, production like this can drastically cut outward costs. So, many would argue it’s a worthwhile trade. What’s more, this is sure to help farms stay afloat in a world where meat eating is no longer a given. Either way, it’s fair to say that the grass is greener on the green side right now.

Better conditions for animals

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In recent years, the focus has been on cheaper meat, sometimes at the expense of conditions for animals. But, things are shifting the other way. Now, most consumers are willing to pay more for meat raised in humane conditions. As such, farmers could also benefit from focusing on better conditions, even if it does mean raising prices.

Cutting out the middle-man

Aside from just being about cutting animal products, veganism means paying attention to what you eat. And, that means watching where you buy it. As such, farms which sell products straight to customers are thriving right now. Even avid vegans may be willing to buy fresh eggs if they can see chickens in the yard. Many are also willing to eat organic meat products from farmers they trust. So, focusing on a shop space could be the last step to farming success right now. Who knows, this could even change the face of farms in our community.


Are We Living In A World With No Democracy?

Are We Living In A World With No Democracy?

By Nigel Hilton

The world economic forum published an article in late 2017 that stated that democracy is on the decline. Countries around the world are seeing the democratic values decline sharply, but we can’t blame that will all the issues the world is facing at the minute. But a world without democracy is not one that we want to live in. Democracy covers a wide range of categories. It is measured by the function of a government, the state of civil liberties, and political culture to name but a few. There are still some countries leading the way that have a strong democracy, Norway and Iceland are to name but a few. So considering that democracy is on the decline, we’re going to explore what a world with no democracy is, and what is being done to try and strengthen it around the world.

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Economic Growth

Democracy actually effects economic growth more than you would realise, but there have been many studies carried out that have tried to prove this different. It is in fact common belief that it has no influence over economic growth at all, but you can’t ignore the statistics. The lower the level of democracy goes in a country, the lower the level of economic growth. This is because political regimes aren’t being carried out to protect the economic growth of a country. The effects of which can be catastrophic for the economy and cost of living within that country.

Government Power

The government holds a lot of power, that’s always been the case. But the power the government has often causes so many issues in the world. There is only so much the public can do with regards to this, but the state of civil liberties does protect us somewhat. It means to government can’t change civil rights such as the ‘free exercise’ which allows people to practice their religion. What it doesn’t protect us from is the decisions being made about wars and the things that are really damaging our countries. The National Endowment for Democracy is funding non-profit organisations that are trying to change the level of government power in countries that might have a lower level of democracy, and in turn bring countries closer together. Because it isn’t just government power that democracy determines, it is just so much more than that. Countries such as North Korea have zero levels of democracy, and their ruler does in fact have full power of the decisions that will affect his nation.

Public Political Influences

The public can only have so much say in what the government does, as we’ve already said. But, the higher the influence of the public, the higher the level of democracy. It is giving the public the right to decide smaller decisions that happen within the country. Take the recent brexit of Britain. 72% of the population turned out to vote, which saw a rise in the level of democracy within a country. The less influence the public has, the more decisions that the government could make that would not go in favor of the public.



Gun violence has been a major controversy lately and that’s mainly because of the recent school shootings in the country. People, especially students, are now calling for the ban of firearms but just how much of a risk does gun ownership bring to the table?  According to The Guardian, American civilians have at least 265 million firearms, which when distributed, makes it equivalent to having one firearm per American. If that is the case, you could assume that most people by now would know about the legal factors to consider when owning a firearm and the charges it involves. To shed light on that topic, we have rounded up the key things you need to know legally about firearm/weapon charges:

Who can own a firearm?

With over 52,026 federally licensed firearms dealer nationwide and Walmart still as the nation’s largest dealer, it becomes obvious that anyone can look into guns anytime and anywhere they wanted to. With the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Actimplementing a background check before any purchase, it requires a certain standard before you can get your hands on a firearm. Now let us dig up what exactly the main requirements are for an individual to be eligible for gun ownership:

Legal age

By federal gun laws, an individual should be of legal age, meaning at least 18 years of age, in order to be eligible for gun ownership.

The permit and license to carry firearms

Most of the states require an individual to possess a permit to carry firearms. However, some do not. In fact here is a list of some of the states where one can easily purchase a gun without a gun registration, permit, and license required to purchase firearms:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Wyoming


  • You have renounced your US citizenship
  • You reside in the US illegally
  • You have been discharged dishonorably from the military
  • You are a certified drug addict
  • You have been convicted of domestic violence against a parent, guardian, and spouse
  • You have been issued a restraining order from someone by being found guilty of stalking, harassing, and threatening the individual
  • You have been diagnosed as mentally ill
  • You are a fugitive


Federal laws have allowed multiple states to regulate their own laws when it comes to legally-owned firearms carried by individuals in a public setting by implementing a “Right to Carry” which falls into the following four categories:

  • Anomalous Open Carry States – the local government is allowed to implement restrictive open-carry laws among its people who choose to carry their guns in public.
  • Permissive Open Carry States –  gun owners are allowed to carry their guns in public.
  • Non-Permissive Open Carry States – the government will only allow the carrying of firearms in public for the main purpose of self-defense, hunting, and target practice.
  • Licensed Open Carry States – gun owners with a permit and license are the only ones legally allowed to do openly carry their firearms in public.



Anyone under the age of 18 years old, and yet has a possession of a firearm, is considered as illegal. As given by different federal laws in each state, penalties for the convicted minor will also differ as he/she can face jail time from 90 days up to 3 years, and will also be eligible to bail out for $1000 up to $100,000.

The only exception for a minor to possess a firearm is when he/she is with parents and is carrying the gun with their permission for it to be used for hunting or target practice, otherwise, it would be considered illegal.

Illegal possession of firearms


A lack of valid ID, a lack of or expired Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, and inability to present a safety certificate upon purchase can subject you to penalties. You can pay from $1,000 up to $25,000 and can face up six months of jail time and up to five years of imprisonment.

Convicted Felons

Nearly all of the federal state laws prohibit convicted felons from possessing any weapons/firearms for the safety of the public. It may even take up to 10 years before a convicted felon can gain the right to possess any firearm, and he/she will also be facing 10 years of imprisonment if found with illegal possession of firearms.

Should a convicted felon wish to restore his/her rights to possess firearms, he/she may do so by involving executive actions such as a pardon from the governor and judicial actions such as expunging of records.

What can you do to be free of charges?

In order to fully avoid the charge with regards to possession of firearms, it is best that you follow the federal state laws and to always carry with you the certificates, permits, and IDs that will prove to any authority that you are indeed eligible to carry around firearms. Should anything be charged against you that you think it was violating your right, you may consult a lawyer who can help you sort through the legal procedure.

Many times, employees who are facing firearm/weapon charges are more likely discriminated in the workplace. Thus if you have legal concerns on workplace employment discrimination, you may click here to get more information.  

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