Law! What Is It Good For?

Law! What Is It Good For?


Have you ever thought how the law protects you? There are a lot of people across the country right now who feels as though the legal system is working against them, perhaps with good reason. Black Americans and ethnic minorities are statistically more likely to serve prison sentences compared to white Americans and an estimated ⅓ of people serving prison time are supposedly innocent. You would be forgiven for doubting the power of the law and whether or not it always works in your favor. But if you think about it, you’ll see that for the most part, the law is protecting you, your family and your rights. To examine this, we’ll look at some examples of the law in action.

Justice For Injuries

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For the average American, the legal system is typically going to be used to ensure they get fair compensation for an injury. Every year, business owners are inundated with claims from workers who have been injured on the job. For instance, a worker might have slipped on a ladder that didn’t provide enough support and damaged their back. Or perhaps they were injured after being urged by an employer to lift something that was too heavy.

In cases like this, it’s important to know that you can take the employer to court and sue for damages. This is particularly crucial when the injury has been severe because usually, it affects their ability to work or their quality of life. As such, damages are often paid out in a structured settlement, whereby compensation is given when the claimant needs it the most. As you can see then, this is one of the cases where the law is on your side.

Protection Of Property

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Did you know that you have the right to protect your property? Let’s say in the middle of the night someone breaks into your home. Immediately, this individual has broken the law even if the door was left open, they are breaking and entering. At this point, the individual is a threat to you, your family and your property. Legally, you can take action to protect these three things. That means you have the legal right to defend your home with force. There have been a number of cases in the media where people have protected their home with a weapon and injured the criminal. In other countries, homeowners have been forced to pay damages to the criminal. But here justice does win out.

Hate Crime

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You might have caught the recent comeback of Dave Chappelle on Netflix. In one of the specials, he tells a story about how three youths hit him with snowballs while driving and used a racial slur against him. He was right in stating that an action like this is a felony and he could have ensured the youths were arrested for their crime. The law is there is to make sure that hate crimes are not tolerated and if there are witnesses cases like this are even more clear.

So, you might think that the law is constantly against you and it is certainly not as balanced as it should be. But it still does a lot to protect your rights and ensure justice is served, even in today’s tense political climate.

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College Rights We Need To Keep Fighting For

College Rights We Need To Keep Fighting For

We’re in another great age of fighting for rights, it seems. Internet privacy, transgender rights, and religious freedom seem to be some of those coming under fire. You would hope a college student wouldn’t have to worry as much about that. What with living off ramen and fighting to get good grades, they have enough on their plate. But college campuses are some of the places where the discussions on rights are getting more and more heated.

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Free expression

It’s a controversial idea to some. When the line between free expression and hate speech seems blurred, which side is safest to land on? It’s a question that requires a look at the context to really judge. In the context of college, however, there’s a fear that we’re coddling the mind of the average student. Though it should be a place of safe education for all, it should be a place where ideas can be exchanged and explored. This includes those ideas that should be rightfully torn to pieces. What we shouldn’t do is pretend they don’t exist.

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Equal opportunity

There are no blurred lines about this right. While it seems like the people in power at the moment are all-too-happy to backpedal on rights for women and transgendered people, colleges are where that can be of most harm. We need to protect things like Title IX athletics and enrollment rights and ensure they’re enforced wherever they need to be. Otherwise, we’re leaving people vulnerable to harassment and groups like transgendered people cut off from the opportunities they should have every access to.

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Personal safety

A lot of campuses have been making moves in the right direction in terms of guaranteeing the safety of their students. Landmark cases like that of Angie Epifano saw Amherst College investigating and updating its own sexual assault policies. But even still, even in low-crime areas, students have a higher risk of coming in contact with violence and unsafe situations. Pressure needs to keep being applied on colleges to put aside their public relations for the sake of being able to guarantee student safety.

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Peace of mind

It’s a problem that’s growing in every kind of environment. At home, in the workplace, and in the lecture hall, stress is a growing concern. Fewer students feel like they’re able to cope with the stress they feel in the academic environment. One of the greatest concerns, still, is the state of the economy and dealing with a heavy student debt with no guaranteed career prospects. Student loans really can ruin a life financially if they’re left unchecked, which is why so many are still getting public momentum behind the idea of student loan forgiveness pushed by people like Bernie Sanders during the primaries.

Advocating to protect rights isn’t always an easy thing, especially when it seems like protecting one right might infringe on another. However, in today’s political landscape, it’s becoming clear that said campuses are now the breeding grounds for many a political movement, so it pays to get involved and make a difference early.

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Do You Know Your Workplace Rights?

Do You Know Your Workplace Rights?

As an employee, you have certain rights that have to be respected by the people that employ you. That’s true across the country, and you should be aware of what these rights are if you want to stay protected and make sure that you don’t get exploited by your bosses. If you don’t know your rights, you will never be able to properly stand up for yourself.

Minimum Wage

Everyone who is employed by a business is entitled to a minimum wage. This can vary depending on various things, such as the type of contract, your age and where you’re located. But the fact remains that everyone is entitled to a certain level of payment. You should find out what your minimum wage is, and make sure that you are being paid it. You can’t let yourself get ripped off by an employer who just wants to save a bit of money.

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Safety in the Workplace

When a company employs you, it’s up to them to offer you a working environment that is safe to work in. They can’t make you do a task that’s unsafe without providing you with the right gear and equipment to protect you. That’s against the law. And if you do get heard as a result of something like this, head to That way, you can get compensation for what happened to you, and that will help keep you afloat financially.

Social Security

Social security payments should be paid by both the employer and the employee. Each should pay 6.2% of your income towards this. That money will then help you to be more financially secure later in life when you reach retirement age. If your employer is not paying into this pot, then they are breaking the law, and you should look further into it. You have a right to these social security payments, and you shouldn’t accept any excuses from your employer if they’re not being paid.

Protection Against Discrimination

Discrimination is against the law, and if you feel like you have been subjected to it in the workplace, you are within your rights to take legal action. Talk to a lawyer and see what they tell you. There is no reason to roll over and accept this kind of thing anymore. It could be discrimination related to religion, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation or many other things. No form of discrimination is legal, and you are protected from it.

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Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblowers are people who report concerns about a business to the press. They could be uncovering misdeeds or criminality. If the release of this information is helpful and positive, you will not be sacked because you will be protected by employment laws. Whistleblowers are responsible for all kinds of positive work, and they’re very important in society, so it’s a good thing that they can be protected in this way. It means you can speak out without fear of punishment. You can find out more about whistleblowing at

The RIghts Meant To Protect You From Cops

The RIghts Meant To Protect You From Cops

The political climate is changing and people are beginning to notice that the police necessarily aren’t on their side all of the time. That’s not to say that they’re not necessarily good people. However, when they believe a crime has taken place, many have trouble not turning it into an ‘us vs. them’ thing. That’s why there are rights to protect yourself from the police and knowing them can be a lot of help.


Probable cause

If you’re not committing any crimes and grabbing the attention of the police, it’s likely that you’re only going to get in an encounter with them if there is probable cause for them to suspect that you have committed a crime. Proving that probable cause is essential. If they can’t, then even if you’re later in trouble for having contraband, then a possession lawyer could help you avoid a charge entirely. Probable cause includes things like smelling contraband, speeding, traffic violations and other indications that you are committing a crime.

Your right to consent (or not)

In every case, unless you are provided with a warrant, you should not consent to a search. Consenting to a search throws probable cause out the window. Unless they have a warrant, you don’t have to consent to a search. Even if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t consent.  Saying ‘no’ can prevent a search altogether in a lot of cases. Searches can also damage your property and waste a lot of your time. The most important thing to consider, however, is that you never know what they will find if you consent to a search. Even if you think you’re fine, you can’t be 100% sure of it.

Your right to silence

You have a right to refuse to answer any question a police officer asks you in certain situations. If they have you pulled over the road and they ask for your license and registration, it’s a good idea to cooperate simply to keep things going smoothly. If you’re being detained or under arrest, make sure that the officer confirms it. When they do, you can inform them that you’re invoking your rights and that you want to talk to a lawyer. It’s not enough to simply be silent.

Your Miranda rights

This is one that people get confused. You can get out of a charge if you can prove a lack of probable cause. But you can’t do that, as some might imagine, if you weren’t read your Miranda rights when being questioned. You only get read your Miranda rights when you’re under arrest and being questioned for a crime. Both those prerequisites need to be true in order to have your rights read to you. Don’t wait for them to read those rights, either. Invoke and exercise your right to silence if you’re being detained or arrested first and foremost.

Understanding your rights, where they apply, when they don’t, and when to get help, is essential. If police are searching, inquiring, or arresting you, they’re not on your side and you need to protect yourself.

Where Next For Businesses After Brexit?

Where Next For Businesses After Brexit?


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The recent British referendum result to leave the EU came as a big blow to many businesses and companies who are established in the UK. Many people thought that the vote would surely go in favor of the EU and Brexit would not go through. Once the results came in, there were certainly many business owners watching their TV in absolute shock! Now this poses a big question for many international businesses – where next after Brexit? Here are some of the top choices for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to relocate from the UK.

Paris, France

Once the results were announced, it didn’t feel like the city of Paris wasted any time trying to attract London-based businesses over the English channel. The city even launched an advertising campaign last autumn! In fact, the city might not have needed to spend so much on their ad campaign, as it is believed that big banks have already been in talks about moving to the French capital. There will definitely be benefits with this move, as they will prosper from being directly in Continental Europe and can take advantage of the city’s cosmopolitan workforce.

The United States

Of course, there is always the option for businesses to leave the EU altogether. The EU already as many trading agreements and deals set up with the United States, so companies may start relocating across the pond to take advantage of these lucrative deals. Plus, after Trump became President of the United States this January, it looks like he may try to strike a very profitable trading deal with the UK. That means companies based in the US will be able to make the most of trading with the UK as well as EU nations.


Relocating to Australia was once almost impossible, and businesses were put off by the long distance. However, now that the Internet has brought the world closer, and modern shipping container modifications make it safer and easier to transport company equipment, lots more business owners are considering the move. Plus, there are now business and investment visas available for non-Australian nationals, helping them to set up and promote their new business. Even if you are already an established business owner, it’s worth considering expanding to an office down under to maximize on all of Australia’s trade deals that have been in place for decades.


Want to operate your business from the EU’s heartland? Then head to Germany. Angela Merkel puts so much money into the EU that Germany is one of the nations that benefits the most out of the institution. Not only that, though, but Germany’s friendly relations with its neighboring countries make importing and exporting extremely easy and efficient. Frankfurt am Main is Germany’s main financial city, but new businesses should consider moving to Berlin, which is one of the best start-up locations in the whole of Europe.

Don’t let Brexit get you down – as you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to relocating!


A Dying Horse (A Move Towards The Collective)

A Dying Horse (A Move Towards The Collective)

By Skot Ward

What I see is a system collapsing due to the course and evolution of an inexorable progress made within the dynamic nature of the human animal. What I see within the eyes of those who refuse to allow this process to happen, is a palpable fear and anger, an aggression seasoned so strongly with desperation that it is impossible to swallow any longer. They are clinging tightly, they are fighting so hard to remain relevant that their actions appear stupefying and ludicrous to anyone with a modicum of common sense. The vitriolic hatred being stirred incessantly by these contemporary influential poster children and demagogues, is fanning the flames of divisive intolerance, and the result is nothing more than that of a last-ditch effort to beat a few more miles out of a dying horse, and the death of a self-serving desire for narcissistic self-deification merely to secure a place in our collective history. And that’s the irony right there now isn’t it? Individuals, seeking to secure a place in collective history?

Everyone is looking for a superhero, a savior, but no one wishes to sport the cape themselves, or to help others put them on THEIR shoulders. The saddest thing that there is to conceive of is the knowledge that our potential as human beings outweighs any other thought we can think of, but we choose instead to scatter those squandered possibilities and probabilities across a vast wasteland of nothingness, hoping that one day someone or something will come along and put all the pieces back together again; giving us all something to believe in once more.

By wasting our collective potential, we are doing nothing for the good of mankind, we are merely trying to keep ourselves from waking up from a shared dream which is quickening into a nightmare. We deny the reality around us because we are comfortable with persisting in our illusions. Illusions are something we can control, they’re not as scary as the results of the decisions we’ve made which we refuse to be accountable for. All of our little temporary dreams causing so much permanent damage. Are we ever going to acknowledge it? Or are we just going to let everything collapse into ruin?

We are the energy we prepare the spaces for within ourselves. We are whichever wave we choose to surf into the twilight of our horizons. It seems as though as of late upon this planet, we fear the burden of a struggle. We perceive the passage of time to create and formulate the solutions to our problems as a waste of our time, as if solutions are just supposed to magically appear before us whenever we make decisions. Or that a divine intervention will happen, just when we need it to, in order to steer the course of the planet so that it doesn’t tumble over the edge of the falls. So, inevitably we give in don’t we? We acquiesce to the flow of energy around us no matter what it consists of, and if it happens to run contrary to our values and belief structure, well, then just we hope that one day we may have the ability to reconcile its tenants against our own so we can justify all of our thoughts, actions, and inactions.

We don’t need a superhero. We don’t need a savior. What we need it’s to subvert the dominant paradigm of thinking about who we are, and what we’re capable of as human beings. We need to become familiar with the concept that “we” can become “I.” That the self can be plural. That we can be of one mind, with 7,000,000,000 vessels to work it’s concepts and ideas through. We need to stop with our incessant, selfish, individualistic “me first” thinking, which has succeeded only in destroying our world and driving it insane. We are constantly looking for simple, yet comprehensive solutions, a better way outside of ourselves, the highest yield with the least amount of labor. We elect officials to deal with global problems so compounded that delving into them at length would be an impossible task for one person to handle, and then we rant and rave, cry foul, and spit vehement hatred at the very person we have made solemnly responsible for them when they cannot follow through with what we’ve expected of them.

When in the course of our history have we ever ever looked in the mirror to realize that the overall solution has been there all along? Have we ever once pointed our fingers back at ourselves in that reflection and simply just asked, “Can I do it?” Could it possibly all start with me? Yes, as a matter of fact that’s the only way that it very well can succeed.

Do it. Come together. I dare you.



Skot Ward describes himself as such:  I’ve had 41 trips around the sun to make sense of this little blue dot floating inside infinite space. I truly believe that if enough people care, we can all make sense of it together.

Brian McKay describes him as the coolest guy he has ever met at a wedding.

Image courtesy of Flickr, under a creative commons license.

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