Should You Text Your Customers?

Should You Text Your Customers?


If you are looking for a new way to communicate with your audience this year, there is one method which stands out from all the rest and can be of great benefit to your business. Texting is often seen as something which you only do with your friends, but it can actually be a very useful tool in your marketing campaign too. If you want to learn more about texting for business, read on.

People Read Their Texts

Take a look at your mobile phone right now and see how many emails you have which are unread. Now, do the same with your text messages. The beauty of text messages is that we see them as more personal and we therefore read them right away. You can get this company or any others to help you set up texting for your business and you will immediately notice a much larger reading rate than emails. The act of sending and reading a text is much less fuss than an email which is why they are so popular.

Customers Like To Connect

When you make a connection with a brand and start to buy their products on a regular basis, you want to feel closer to the company and form a trusting bond with them. Your customers want to connect with you on a more personal level and this is why brand social media accounts are so popular. By sending your audience a text rather than an email, you will form a more personal connection with them, due to the reason we stated above. Your audience will feel closer to you and your brand if they are able to send you a message directly rather than sending an email to an automated mailbox.

It’s Simple

These days every man and his dog has a mobile device to use and take around with them everywhere they go. Because of this, a text can be a much more convenient way of communicating than any other form. Most people will avoid phone calls during the day because they are either busy at work or hate answering the phone to strangers. A text message is less invasive and it allows you to get the message across to your audience much quicker than any other type of communication.

You’ll Reach More People

The beauty about text messages is that they allow you to tech a huge audience of people in a very short space of time. This is a way more effective way of talking to your customers than phoning them all individually, yet it still has that personal touch which you will not find with an email. If you want to make a lasting impression on your customer base within a few minutes, texting could be the best option you can ask for and will save you a huge chunk of time out of your working week. Plus, why spend the time creating an email with graphics that no one is going to read when you can send an SMS?

Easy Ways You Can Get Your Website To Work Harder For You

Easy Ways You Can Get Your Website To Work Harder For You

By Lina Martinez

What is more important than having an attractive shop front is a high footfall area for most business these days? It is having an active online presence in the form of a website. In fact, to achieve this, it is essential that you focus on the following key aspects. Keep reading to find out what they are.

funneling system

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One critical aspect of getting your website to work harder for you is to use a funneling system. This concerns how the website is structured, as well as content placement, all of which is designed to appeal to potential customers that are at different levels of engagement along the sales process. For example, good websites will have different type of contents that will interest, nurture, convert and retain customers respectively.

In fact, you could say that there is something for everyone regarding content. Although it is also essential that it not become too generalized, as an approach tailored specifically to your business’s target demographic. The reason being that this has been proved to be much more effective than a generalized approach when it comes to sales and marketing.

Brilliant landing pages

You can also get your website to work harder for your business by ensuring that your landing page is as effective as possible. Luckily there are quite a few different things you can do to ensure this.

One is A/B testing where you have two different options and then see which is the most effective for collecting lead and closing sales.  The next is using targeted pop-ups to draw the customer’s attention and present special offers just at the right time.

Having a good landing page can make all the difference.

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Yes, such functions are on the more complicated end of the website creation spectrum, but happily, you can also use tools like this landing page creator on WordPress to help you make them. Something that means such developments are accessible for all, and not just those that are well versed in professional web design and coding.

Chat boxes

Last, of all, don’t forget that attrition is a major issue regarding your company website. Attraction is where visitors end up clicking away before you can carry out a valued action, such as collecting their information or making a sale.

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One way to reduce this problem and make your site work harder for you is to include some simple and easy ways for customers to contact you and make any queries they have. Chat boxes are particularly good for this because of their instant nature. What this means is that customers can get immediate replies to any questions they have, something that is reassuring to them and can help your business to close sales.

Of course, it’s also a boon to have such an easy line of communication with your customers because it can help you respond better to their needs and feedback on your website. Something that can help you improve it further, and ensure that your site is working as hard as possible for the success of your business.



A car is one of the most expensive purchases an individual makes, that is why when something about it goes wrong, it comes with the deepest regret. Perhaps one of the most regrettable factors about it is when you thought you purchased a new car, but only a few weeks down the line it starts malfunctioning and it causes you more and more problems as time passes by—something that a new car usually wouldn’t put you through. When a car comes with a lot of defects despite being new, this is called a lemon. But what exactly are its telltale signs? Here are a few signs that you should watch out for to know if your new car is actually a lemon.

  1. Strong foreign smell

Just like in checking for authentic designer bags, using your sense of smell comes with great use in determining if your car is of good quality. If you notice that your car has a strong and strange foreign smell, you should be wary of what it could be indicating. Whether it’s something burning or it’s coming from a leak, the point is it could be dangerous and it can be the cause of your car’s problem. A well-functioning car wouldn’t have any traces of a strong smell and if it does, this may only indicate that there’s something wrong with its engine. Instead, it should only smell fresh and clean.

  1. Irregular tire tread

A tire tread with an irregular surface usually means it hasn’t been spun regularly and therefore, it is not well-maintained. With the regularities of the season, this indicates that sometime during the transition of seasons, it had not been changed and so it caved in with the change in temperature.

  1. Mechanical complications with the windows and locks

Any mechanical complications with the windows and locks can only indicate one thing—it has been poorly made. In our modern era, we keep a certain standard of automatic windows and locks, all powered by the car’s electrical system and wiring. If your car’s window becomes stuck as it ascends or descends, this will only cause more complications in the future. Also, a faulty lock system can compromise your safety whether or not you are inside the car. However, you can easily check this yourself and address the issue before it even comes to a point of costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars just to repair the electrical system.

  1. Damages in the interior

When you buy a used car, damages in the interior should be expected. The wear and tear will be visible, however, this can mean you’ll be spending a lot of money just to replace the parts that are damaged. Whether it’s the pedals, a ripped leather cushions, deep scratches on the dashboard, and cracks on the window—spending a lot of effort, time, money, and asking yourself if it’s worth all the hassle should be considered. Also, these damages can only be a peek at what other damages the car has in its engine.

  1. A faulty steering wheel

If you have driven a car and you have noticed something strange about the steering wheel, then it’s better to have the car replaced altogether. The steering wheel should be responsive to every turn that you make. If it’s loose, then it could mean there are underlying problems with its steering fluid, alignment, and slack. Not to mention, this little problem can be fatal when you drive this car on the road knowing you don’t have a complete control of your car because of the faulty steering wheel.

  1. Weird sounds

Using your innate sense can really help you indicate if your car is a lemon vehicle. By using your sense of smell and sight for the signs above, you should also use your hearing. If your car makes weird sounds while it is running, this is a strong indication that the problems in your car can be really big such as a head gasket that can be bound to blow up anytime soon or a liquid leaking in your engine. The very moment you notice these signs, it is time to have it checked for your own safety as the consequences of it can be fatal.

Making sure your car is a good quality car as you’re paying a large amount of money for it after all. However, you are also paying for a car that can drive you safely. There are laws that can help you obtain the warranty for your lemon vehicle, and you can get back the worth of your money through the help of your lawyer. Click here to get in contact with one now.


Sabrina Wright

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Sabrina Wright is a vibrant young law writer currently writing her next big project. Her modern outlook on the law field is reflected on her informative pieces. Sabrina loves cooking and often invites her friends over for barbecue.

Why These Skills Will Never Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence

Why These Skills Will Never Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence

By Jerry Mooney

If you are running a  business, and use software to complete some of the tasks within your workflow, you might want to know which jobs are likely to be around for many years, and which will be replaced by AI. If you are planning your operations and would like to redesign your supply chain to meet the demands of the 21st century, you need to ensure that continuity is guaranteed in your organization. Below you will find a list of jobs that are not likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next few years.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Customer Service

People still buy from human beings, despite the existence of online shopping sites. Some people will need personalized advice, and they would rather walk into a travel agent’s office to explore their options and compare packages than simply conducting an internet search. While customer service staff will need to learn some technical skills to make the best use of the resources available through search engines and computers, they will be needed to add a personal touch.

Problem Solving

While computers are good at calculating probabilities, they lack the human intelligence and experience that is needed to solve urgent issues. We can’t imagine a robot negotiate a conflict between a customer and the sales agent, or between two colleagues. If there are urgent issues to solve, experienced managers with adequate training and quick thinking will still beat robots. Whether it is a late delivery your company needs to deal with, or staff shortage, you will need to have an experienced manager to intervene, instead of getting the computer to calculate the best solutions.

Decision Making

You will need to develop your decision making skills throughout your life. There are different things to take into consideration that a computer might not be aware of. Whether it is deciding whether or not to hire a new worker, switch suppliers, or  enter a new market, your experience will never be matched by a computer’s abilities to assess the situation. Robots will not take into consideration the human factors, which are often more important than the financial outcomes of decisions.

Creative Design

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Whether you would like a logo created or an advertisement for your brand, a robot will not be able to understand your vision, mission, and values as well as a human being. Graphic design involves creativity, and it is something computers lack. Your image is unique, and perceived by humans, so computers cannot construct messages that talk to people, only manage interaction with other forms of artificial intelligence.

Ethical Judgment

If there is one thing that computers and artificial intelligence don’t understand it is ethics. It is often not logical, and decisions can be hard to explain. You will need to develop your ethical norms and judgments, and a robot is unable to do this, as they don’t interact with people on a daily basis. A robot might advise you to use the water from the cheapest source, and wouldn’t take into consideration the interest of the communities living nearby. You could end up in a scandal that can cost you your business.

Risk Assessment

While robots are able to work with information provided for them, and analyzing probabilities, every risk and threat is different. If the computer doesn’t have a list of all variatiables, they cannot carry out a thorough risk assessment. There are dozens of human decisions involved in completing a risk assessment, and your attention to details will never be replaced by the diligence of a computer.

Planning and Building Design

As a creative task that involves complicated calculations and assessments, choices, and decisions, the job of an architect is not threatened by robots. Remember that the qualification takes long years to complete, and architects often take part in projects to learn while on the job. The same training cannot be provided for computers and robots. While they can assist building designers and architects in doing their job, they will never replace them.

Technological Management

While logistics are often managed by computers, and inventory management is often supported by software, While manufacturing and construction companies are taking advantage of the latest developments in robotics, artificial intelligence needs constant supervision. While automated systems can improve productivity, they cannot prioritize tasks or replace quality assessments.


Programming handled by computers could be dangerous, and it simply cannot be done. When designing an automated process, humans need to think through the different variations and feed information for the system to work from. You are not likely to see artificial intelligence create a software, as this will not be based on the needs of humans, but the limited knowledge of the computer and the software. Only humans can design software and artificial intelligence – for now – and this is probably the best way.

Training and Recruitment

Computers and robots lack empathy and emotions, so they will not be as effective in delivering training or assessing applicants than humans. You wouldn’t let a robot train your workers how to operate machinery safely. Today, if you search how to get your OSHA card you will not come across results that will provide you with robotic demonstrations and online quizzes only. You will need to have an access to a tutor who has experience, and can answer your questions. Likewise, if you want to choose the employee who is the best fit for your company based on your values, skills needs, and culture, you don’t necessarily want to leave the decision to artificial intelligence.


No matter which industry you are in, your organization is likely to be affected by the development of artificial intelligence in the next few years. There are, however, some skills that are not likely to be replaced by computers, such as creativity and decision-making. While robots, computers, and AI can help you improve your productivity, human input and supervision are necessary to help you achieve your strategic goals and stay connected with your customers, employees, values, and organizational vision. Use AI for improving productivity, but don’t trust them with complicated decisions.



By Angela Hall

With the continuous development of science and technology particularly evident in the medical field, it is a surprise that many of us are still uneducated or ignorant of the truth behind some myths about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). As implied by the name, an STD is acquired through sexual intercourse; however, that is not the only way to get it and spread it. The diseases that fall under this category include genital warts, genital herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and some types of Hepatitis.

If you still think like your neighbor who believes that a person with HIV is one step away from death or who advocates that oral sex is a safe practice to avoid STD, then you’re on the wrong page. Let’s clear up some myths and misconceptions that many still believe even in this modern age.

Anal and Oral Sex Are Safe Practices to Prevent STDs

Anal and oral sex are indeed safe practices… if what you want to avoid is pregnancy and not STD. Although there is a lower risk of contracting STD through oral sex, the greatest risk is attributed to anal intercourse, as the skin in that region is most prone to tears. STDs that can be transmitted orally include gonorrhea and chlamydia. If you have any sores or cuts in your mouth, it is also possible to transmit HIV.

Birth Control Pills Protect Me from Acquiring STDs

The name of the pill itself tells you its only purpose. This is a myth, as birth control pills prevent you from getting pregnant, not STD. Condoms, on the other hand, can lower the risk of acquiring the disease during vaginal intercourse.

Two Condoms in Use at Once Will Protect Me

This is another myth. Given that condoms lower your chance of getting STD, using two at a time will not help. Instead, it will only aggravate the situation. The friction between the two protective sheaths can increase the possibility of them tearing, breaking, and leaking. So much for being so sure that it backfires on you!

HIV Is Only an Issue for Gays and Drug Users

This is an absolute myth! Thanks to the power of media, HIV was portrayed as a disease only gays and drug users acquire. The truth is that regardless of your race, nationality, socioeconomic background, gender, or sexuality, you can contract the disease if you’ve been exposed to the virus through any blood or sexual means, even childbirth.

I Can’t Have an STD if I Only Sleep with One Partner

This is as mythical as the existence of unicorns. Sure, you can be confident that you’re sleeping with one partner, but the question lies in your lover’s history. Acquiring STD is a two-way risk; if your partner is involved in sexual contact with more than one person, or has been in the past, and the other person has or had a disease, the virus can be transmitted from them to your partner and then to you.

I Can Acquire the Disease from a Toilet Seat

This myth has been going around since the invention of the toilet seat, and even now, when we have automatic toilet flushers, there is still no scientific evidence that proves this true. Again, STDs are contracted primarily via sexual intercourse and possibly through oral and anal sex. Typically, bacteria and viruses causing STDs don’t live outside the body for an extended period. There is also no evidence supporting the claim that feces and urine on the toilet seat can cause STD.

Once I Had an STD, I Can Never Have It Again

This is a myth even if we’re talking about chicken pox. Yes, it’s possible to contract STD again even after getting treated for it the other time. In fact, many people find themselves acquiring chlamydia and gonorrheal infection multiple times because they keep having sex with the infected person. If the doctor says to abstain from sex, he or she means to abstain from sex. Period.

Herpes Cannot Be Transmitted If There Is No Outbreak

This is a myth. Even if there are no visible signs of the disease, herpes can still be spread. The best way to prevent it from spreading is to take immunosuppressant drugs. If not, the risk of getting herpes is always high.

HIV Means You Are One Step Away from Death

With the advancement and development of technology, it has become possible to treat HIV infection. HIV can’t be cured, but therapies to treat it make it possible for people with the infection to live longer, healthier lives. They can even have kids who are negative of the virus.

STD Is Obvious in a Person Who Has Been Infected

This is a total myth. People with infections mostly can’t tell they have it. Even doctors who specialize in reproductive health can’t tell at a glance if a person has an STD or not. It is because STDs don’t always have apparent signs, and they don’t always cause symptoms. Even if one feels and looks healthy, it is still possible to carry the bacteria or virus that causes the infection.

Most of the time, we brush off correct information and stick with these myths that we know, but more often than not, it leads us astray. With these myths busted and the facts set out in plain sight, we hope to help you practice safer sex and live a safer life. You can click here to research more on the health implications of getting infected with STDs.

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Angela Hall

Angie is a health enthusiast who specializes in spreading STDeducation across the country. She enjoys what she does and loves to travel to different areas. She loves to write for websites and is a family girl at heart.

9 Ways Tech Can Help Your Small Business

9 Ways Tech Can Help Your Small Business

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By Lina Martinez

When you run a small business, it can be very challenging to know exactly where you should be channelling your funds. After all, you want to invest in the best possible areas to help increase your chances of running a successful enterprise. However, technology is always going to be an area in which it is worth investing, no matter what kind of business you are running. Here are just a few of the most common tech-related areas that small companies choose to invest in.

A Great Website

In the modern age, every business needs a great website. As well as servicing your existing clients, this also sells your services to prospective customers. And if this is the first impression that people are getting of your company, it needs to be a strong one. A strong website is also the foundation of a high search engine ranking, which is what customers are increasingly using to find their goods and services.

Social Media

The great thing about social media is that it is a promotional tool which you don’t have to channel a huge amount of money towards. However, you do need to dedicate time so that you are getting the most out of your accounts. So, if you are running the accounts yourself, you can’t just sporadically post things in the hope that you will naturally acquire more followers. Instead, you need to have a very clear strategy that you are following to achieve success.

A Smartphone or Tablet

Though you are already likely to have a smartphone and tablet, it may be worth investing in a separate one dedicated to your business. This way, you can very clearly differentiate between your personal and business lives. Carry it with you at all times and you can always be ready to deal with any issues that happen while you are out and about.

Simplify Invoicing

If you run a business which requires you to provide invoices to your clients or track your expenses, an effective system is essential. And there are many different options out there these days which you can make the most of. Many of these systems are easy enough to learn, and they are also accessible from a range of computers or mobile devices.

Specialised Technology and Apps

Depending on the type of business that you run, there will be a host of specialised technologies and apps which will help you out. So, if you are managing a hedge fund, you could look into trading software for quantitative trading. Perhaps you are running a logistics business and an online scheduling app would come in handy. As advances in technology are being made all the time, it is always worth looking into anything which could benefit your business.

Offsite Storage

Many companies are now investing in cloud-based storage systems to ensure that all their important records or files are securely backed-up. As well as giving you peace of mind, they also allow you to access your files whenever you are and mean that you have less need of physical storage space.

Project Management/Calendar System

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When your small business starts to take off, you are likely to find that your time is very stretched indeed. So, keeping everything organised is an essential part of your company. A calendar system such as the one provided by Outlook or a project system like BaseCamp can be enormously beneficial. This way, you and everyone else in your team can access your schedules and documents, as well as being able to share updates as and when you need to.


As real-life crime rates decrease, criminals are increasingly operating in the virtual world. Therefore, it is always going to be worth investing in technology that protects your company from attacks. First of all, your wireless networks need to be protected with a secure password. You should also have the latest anti-virus and malware programs installed and updated. And you also need to ensure that you have a company-wide policy of changing your passwords on a regular basis.

Streamline Payments

Managing your cash flow is one of the most crucial aspects of running a small business. After all, you won’t get very far without money coming in. Digitising your payment systems makes it easier for clients, and also helps you to keep track of your finances much more efficiently.

Keeping your business up to date with technology is essential, and these nine areas apply to most small businesses.    


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