Fascinating Facts About Renewable Energy

Fascinating Facts About Renewable Energy


Energy is what makes the world go round. It powers our computers, cars, homes, and cities. For hundreds of years we have been using different power sources to make our lives easier, and with growing technologies it has become easier and easier for us to access the power we need. 

The classic sources of power include burning coal, transporting oil and gas with penthouse tubes for use in plants, and nuclear power plants. Of course, as the world’s reserves of these power sources begin to diminish, we need to look to other sources that can be sustained for a long time. 

This is why renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower have been so transformative in our world. Today we want to take a look at some of the most interesting facts about these resources and how they will better the world. 

1. Solar energy has the capability to power the whole earth for a whole year. The sun’s energy is limitless and we can use solar power every single day to power every part of our lives. 

 2. 50% of the energy used in the US is through biomass. Wood and paper are both primary sources of this power.  

3. Geothermal energy was first used in 1860 to power hotels in Oregon. Hot springs in the area were used to help heat water in rooms. The first geothermal plant was not introduced until 1921. 

4. China is the leader for wind power generation globally. There are more than 92000 turbines in China that are capable of powering vast parts of the country. 

5. Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm was the first offshore wind farm built in 1991, close to Lolland in Denmark. It was taken down in 2017 due to cost. 

6. Solar Impulse 2 was the first plane to be powered entirely by renewable energy and completed its tour in 2015. 

7. Hawaii is home to the largest wind turbine in the world, standing at 20 stories. 

8. Wind, Solar, Water (hydropower), Biofuel and Geothermal (from the heat under the earth) are the major renewable energy sources worldwide and are continuing to grow. 

9. By 2050 the whole world could be solely powered by renewable energy sources. 

10. The photoelectric effect was discovered by Alberty Einstein in 1921, and this is the basis of how solar panels work in our world. 

11. ‘Green internet’ is an eco-friendly approach adopted by giants such as Google and Apple, and it involves them using renewable energy to power the internet. 

12. Geothermal power offers a larger global resource than oil, gas, coal, and uranium combined. By using the heat generated under the surface of the earth, geothermal power is an effective source of power and can be used for many purposes. 

13. The European Union (EU) got 17% of its energy from renewable sources in 2016 and this percentage continues to rise as the EU tries to cut carbon emissions. 

14. Water is the most common source of renewable power in the world and can meet the needs of over 28 million people. 

15. The largest hydropower station in the world is the Three Gorges hydroelectric power plant in Yichang, China.

4 Steps To Maintaining Your Car Engine

4 Steps To Maintaining Your Car Engine

The engine is one of the most vital – and the most expensive – parts of any vehicle, whether you have a stickshift or an auto such as a 4L60E transmission. Sadly, because it is such an expensive and generally quite a complex piece of machinery, very few of us spend the time needed looking after it and maintaining it. However, the engine needs regular check-ups and maintenance to keep it going and prolong the life of your car. In this article, we look at five important things that you can do to keep an eye on your engine and help to improve its lifespan. Read on to find out more!

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Check the engine’s cooling system. 

The engine’s cooling system maintains its internal temperatures and redirects excess heat out of the engine. It is particularly important to check this if you are planning on going on a long journey – fail to do this, and you risk your car overheating and blowing the head gasket. This is a costly situation that you want to avoid! The cooling system contains four key elements: the radiator, thermostat, water pump, and fan. It also needs to be topped up with coolant. 

The most straightforward was of looking after and keeping your engine from overheating is to check that it has the right amount of coolant flowing through the cooling chambers of the engine. It needs to be above the minimum level, but below the maximum to avoid any leakages.

Change the air filters regularly.

Cars need a continuous stream of air to run efficiently. The air mixes with the fuel in the combustion chamber to power your car, so it needs to enter into the vehicle and filter out any impurities. Every so often, check your air filter to make sure it is clean and debris free, remove any leaves and dead bugs and replace if necessary.

Change the oil regularly. 

Oil is the blood of the engine, so you need to make sure that it is changed regularly. Engine oil lubricates the essential engine parts, preventing them from overheating and reducing wear and tear. As a general rule of thumb, change the oil every five thousand miles or so, but older cars may need replacing more often than this. Keep an eye on the color of the old oil – if it is black, this may suggest there is an issue with your engine.

Keep an eye on the fuel filters.

The fuel filters play an essential role in making sure that clean fuel is injected into the engine, so keeping them clear and free from debris is critical to prevent impurities from entering the engine and clogging it up. Keep an eye on the fuel filter in the same way that you would the air filter, and change when necessary.

By following these four simple steps, you will give your car a chance of lasting a little bit longer and not face an enormous repair bill for something that could easily be prevented.

The Essential Guide To Family Car Buying

The Essential Guide To Family Car Buying

If you look at your driveway only to see a bit of an old banger staring back at you, it might be time for a new set of wheels. While you may have opted for a sporty little number or a torque laden classic in the past, now that you have a young brood, you need something more practical. You may be tempted to go for a brand new car. However, the moment you drive this vehicle away from the forecourt, it will have depreciated dramatically in value. Instead, it’s time to consider a top quality used car. Take a look at this essential guide to family car buying.

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Now that you are a parent, you need to consider your budget and ability to maintain the running costs of your new car. The more expensive vehicles with larger engines can be more expensive to insure. However, if you go for a slightly smaller hatchback, you will have less of an outlay initially, and you won’t have to fork out too much each month for your insurance. If you are concerned about your tax obligations and the fuel economy of your new motor, you might be better off investigating hybrid vehicles. These cars are electric and require a recharge rather than gas. This means that they cost less to run each week, they are better for the environment and they require no tax.


As a new parent, you want to make sure that your children are safe and secure on every journey. Check out the Euro NCAP website to look at the safety review of the car you are looking to buy. The vehicles undergo rigorous testing and a final score is calculated. The site will also list the safety features of each car and their efficacy. At the very least, you should be purchasing a car that has blind spot sensors, an advanced braking system and side impact bars. It doesn’t matter what car you buy, you must always remain a defensive driver. You might be a cautious driver, but you cannot account for the actions of other road users.

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While a leather trim might be your dream, it might not be practical. If you do go for a car with a luxury interior, it might pay to whip on some neoprene rubber seat covers to protect your suede or light colored fabric from toddler fingers and spillages. You also need to consider whether there is any point in buying a small hatchback, if you are soon looking to move out into the country or you want to expand your brood. If this is the case, an SUV might be more apt. Consider the long term lifestyle of your family and buy a car that suits. If you do long journeys on the motorway an SUV that does at least forty miles to the gallon is a good shout. For inner city driving you will need a smaller, perkier car that will fit into the tightest of parking spots.

It can be tricky to find your next vehicle. However, follow this guide and you will find your ideal family car.

How Genetic Engineering Is Utilized In The World

How Genetic Engineering Is Utilized In The World


When it comes to science, genetics has by far made the largest impact on biology as well as other parts of society. When we look at the uses of genetic engineering in the world, there is certainly a lucrative opportunity for growth. 

Today we want to explore genetic engineering in all of its forms and also think about the benefits it can bring to every aspect of our lives from medicine, to business, to crime. 

To solve crimes 

One of the biggest and most important use of genetic engineering and research is the development of methods to catch criminals. Crime is rife in the world, and some crimes go without justice because the evidence gathered by police cannot be substantiated. When it comes to missing people or murder, unsolved crimes are common and DNA testing can change this. The availability of great DNA technology makes all the difference to families and victims and can be a driving force for good. 


We all know what GM foods are, and these have been utilised by farmers for years to help aid in the nutritional value of foods, the disease resistance, and the size and aesthetic value. There are many ways that agriculture uses genetic engineering for success and this changes the crops we have access to. For example, Bacterium, Bacillus thurenginesis is a microorganism that produces protein that is toxic to insects. By coding for this protein and growing produce that contains it, it will keep insects away and allows crops to thrive. 


Perhaps the first thing we think about when considering genetic engineering is its application in the medical world. As we explore medicine in more detail, the use of genetic engineering becomes clear in several ways. One way is in the use of animal testing using genetically engineered knockout mice for certain applications. Another is to utilise microorganisms and manipulate their genome so that they produce large quantities of chemical drugs to fight off disease. By creating a carrier virus or bacterium, scientists can inject this and it works as an active treatments for all manner of patients. 


When thinking about something such as genetic engineering, the last thing you likely expect to see is energy production. However, new technologies are being constantly developed that allow energy to be created and utilised for a number of jobs. Bioengineering is a popular way to do this and by creating biofuel crops with higher yield this allows us to use biofuel for longer and more efficiently. 


There are many unique industries in the world that genetic engineering can lend a hand to, and the production of chemicals to be used for multiple applications is one example. As we stated earlier, microorganisms can be genetically manipulated to produce large quantities of certain chemicals and this can massively reduce the cost of synthesis. 

Nine Cyber Security Tips For Any Business

Nine Cyber Security Tips For Any Business

Many of us conduct a lot of our business online now. With company websites, cloud software, remote working and a reliance on the internet, it’s essential that businesses prioritise cyber security. You should use an IT management service like Zeta Sky, but there are things you can do yourself. Keep customer data safe and protect your business from cyber attacks and hacking with these top tips. 

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  1. Application Whitelisting. When you’re running a company with a large team all using laptops or other devices owned by the business, it can be a challenge to keep track of the use of cloud applications or other software. To help with this, use application whitelisting to be certain that only software applications that you’ve approved can be run on company owned devices. All other applications are automatically blocked by your malware protection. Restrict administrative privileges to only those who actually need to stop anyone from installing software that you haven’t approved to be used. 
  2. Multi-factor authentication. Add tougher security elements, beyond a simple account password. Add more security measures, like a passphrase or PIN, a physical token, software certificates or biometrics data like a fingerprint. 
  3. Restrict administrative privileges. Only employees who actively need it for their job, such as IT staff, need administrative privileges. By restricting access, you can make a big improvement on your net security quickly and easily.
  4. OS and application patch management. Any software, applications of operating systems that you use should be patched thoroughly and regularly. Keep their security tight and up to date by patching as soon as fixes become available.  
  5. Disable untrusted Microsoft Office macros. Office can, and should, be configured to automatically block macros from the internet. It will only allow macros that have been pre-vetted. Pre-vetting protects against common ingress attack methods from hackers.
  6. User application hardening. You should have in place security measures like blocking web browser access to things from the internet like Adobe Flash Player (uninstall it if you can), advertisements and untrusted Java code. This will guard your network and make sure that the firewalls you use even more effective. 
  7. Next-generation firewalls. A next-generation firewall is an effective security system for your network which will detect and block more sophisticated cyber attacks. A strong firewall will boost your security policies at the application, port and protocol level. A NGFW combines a number of important security options, such as URL blocking, packet filtering, SSL inspection and application awareness. 
  8. Bring in a SIEM solution. Smaller businesses won’t always need to go as far as this, but if your business is growing rapidly, you should definitely consider a security information and event management (SIEM) solution. This will detect and respond to threats to security continuously. This means real time collection is enabled and the solution can conduct historical analysis of security events. With this data, you can stop similar breaches from happening to you again in the future. 
  9. Employee training. Train your all your staff on your IT security protocols to automatically add an extra level of security and protection against data breaches. Train them on how to recognise scam or phishing emails.
Server Protection And Safety

Server Protection And Safety

A server rack is a product that many businesses need to invest in. In the current day and age, work practises have become highly technologized. IT lies at the core of most companies. This means that a lot of businesses have networks and other hardware. They have a pivotal role and they need to be protected, which is where the server rack comes into play. Nevertheless, it is certainly not a case of any old server cabinet will do. There are several key features you need to look out for. These range from cooling attributes to cable management. However, this blog post deals with safety and protection specifically. You want to make sure that your servers are never compromised. After all, they are likely to play an integral role and if anything was to happen to your servers it would damage your business to a significant extent. 


Nowadays you are able to find a wealth of server storage devices that come complete with built-in applications for data backup, although you still need companies like alexssa.com to ensure effective backup of all data. This not only provides you with added security, but also with convenience as well. If you are currently looking to buy server cabinets then it is highly recommended that you go down this route. Assess your options because there will be those that boast a more sophisticated level of protection. Aside from this, if you want to reap the utmost level of security it is recommended that you make multiple copies and then store several off-site away from the primary data centre in a remote location. Many professionals will recommend that you prioritise data backup as well. This means that you should essentially put your data in order from most important downwards and therefore those that feature at the top of the list need to be backed up more frequently. 

In addition to this, security does not only relate to ensuring you have thorough backup system in place at your business but it also relates to the physical protection of your servers. It is imperative that you purchase high quality security features to guarantee that no one has access to your servers that shouldn’t. If you take a look online you will see there are a wealth of different security accessories available for purchase. You should definitely ensure that all of your server cabinets come complete with a locking function. Think about who is going to get access to these servers and how they are going to be granted access. Why give every single employee the ability to get inside the server racks? There is no need for this and you will just be maximising the risk for something to go wrong. Instead, just give a key to those who require it. Alternatively, you could use a code system so that people need to enter a pin to get into the network cabinet. 

Protecting and securing your data racks consists of a careful process which involves two sides of the spectrum. Firstly, you actually have the backing up of data itself. You can actually find data cabinets which add this process by providing you with additional features for backup. On the other hand you then need to consider the physical side of things i.e. making sure no one has access to the server racks who shouldn’t and that they are not in a position whereby they are an easy target for theft. If you can tick both boxes you will minimise risk substantially at your company.

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