Making The Move To PC – What You Need To Know

Making The Move To PC – What You Need To Know


Console gaming has come further than we ever could have imagined just twenty years ago. The end of the twentieth century brought with it the worldwide adoption of the worldwide web. Everyone was connected, and the rise of social media and mobile gaming swiftly followed. Before they knew it, the console creators were working overtime to find those unique selling points to retain their hardcore fans.
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Some moved toward controller-less gaming, like the Wii. Others developed global gaming networks with greater interactivity than ever before. The tools that were previously only available to PC fans were now wide accessible. This meant the industry opened right up. There were more developer opportunities, more design opportunities. Production budgets started to overtake Hollywood movies. So why are more and more people keen to rekindle the PC gaming passions of long ago?

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If you’ve never spent time with PC gaming, chances are you’re a die-hard fan. Convincing you to let go of your beloved console might be a challenge here. But if you’re willing to take your gaming experience to the next level, then a desktop PC could be just the start of it. Custom gaming pcs allow you pick and choose the hardware and power of your dream machine. In fact, you can customize just about anything you like.

Unlike some consoles, standard connections open up the world of peripherals to PC gamers. And if you’re looking for something specific, then simply buy the card to integrate it. You’ll need a keyboard to use the PC. This is enormously beneficial for lots of reasons. A QWERTY keyboard remains the easiest way to interface with any internet browser. When you’re searching for the best games on the market, then it definitely beats a console controller.

Some of the issues surrounding console lagging and overheating through extended strategy gaming use can be simply eliminated with the right cooler and fan system. You can work harder for longer when you customize your PC. Does PC gaming restrict your access to titles? On the contrary – there are thousands of multi-platform games that include a PC release. And thousands more dating as far back as the eighties are still sure to delight today.

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Perhaps it’s the added benefit of social media gaming that makes PCs so popular. Sure, they’re not exactly portable or mobile. But usually, it is possible to enjoy access to everything online that you’ve enjoyed on your phone or tablet. And yes, you can download apps, although not many are as useful or purposeful as you might like. As for multitasking, you can’t beat it, especially with a dual screen setup. But if you’re gaming, do you really want to be working on anything else?

In terms of doing more, the PC will win hands down. Are the graphics and sound any better? You can easily upgrade your custom PC to produce the quality you desire. Would you give up your console system? There will always be single-platform releases, so you might be missing out if you sold it. Enjoy.

Not Making Enough Money Online? Let’s Change That

Not Making Enough Money Online? Let’s Change That

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It’s fair to say that online sales are going to be a large part of the business model for most companies on the market today. In fact, a lot of businesses are selling almost exclusively online, and there’s a good reason for this. It’s a lot cheaper, and it allows the company to be more flexible which in turn means it’s more competitive on the market. That said, there will certainly be quite a few businesses that aren’t making as much money as they hoped to online. Why is this? Well, there could be various factors impacting the state of your online revenue. If you want to change things and improve the situation, you need to look at each of these in turn.

Limited Options

It’s important to understand that when you are selling online, the buyer is in complete control. This means that what they want they get, and most buyers want a lot more choice on the market. They want to be given plenty of options when they choose how to buy. So, some might want to buy online from your site, others might want to make a purchase straight off social media, and many more will be interested in buying from your app. By giving them more options on how to buy, you will see an increase in sales. This is just basic common sense because customers who wouldn’t buy because you weren’t offering the right type of transaction now will. This goes beyond sources of purchase too.

You might also want to think about how they complete the purchase. For more expensive products, you might want to offer finance options. If you allow customers the opportunity to purchase on credit, rather than as a single cash purchase, you can bet that they will be more inclined to complete the transaction.

Sales Enablement

What is sales enablement? Well, it’s essentially a new way of looking at sales and figuring out the factors that will make a customer more or less likely to buy. As such, it’s a very important factor to look into if you are interested in making sure that you get the most sales possible. There is even sales enablement technology available for you to use. This is software and hardware that will directly or indirectly impact the potential of closing a sale. A lot of companies are now looking into this possibility, and you should certainly be doing the same.


Lastly, when you’re selling online, you have to remember that your website is the most effective marketing tool in your arsenal. As such, you should be thinking about whether it working at it’s maximum potential. If you’re not seeing a high number of sales, it’s possible that your web design is turning customers away. That’s easily fixable by getting in touch with a pro website designer and ensuring that the design of your site is completely targeted to your customer’s preferences.

Take this advice, and you will be able to get more sales online, ensuring you maximize your potential revenue.

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5 Things To Do If Your Business Is Hacked

5 Things To Do If Your Business Is Hacked

Every company worth its salt has an IT team that are on the ball. IT is a big part of any business now, especially as technology is evolving at such a rapid pace. The trouble with the rise of the digital world, is that cybercrime is also rising. Criminals are becoming savvy to new business systems and software updates, and are taking advantage of companies in the worst way.

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If your business is one that gets hacked, you need to know how to recover from it. Every company that has a digital connection is a possible target for hacking, as hackers no longer only target high-profile organizations. Your business needs to create a plan so that in the aftermath of hacking, you know what to do. Consulting your IT team should be the first step, but we’ve put together a list for you of things you should be doing to make sure that you can recover quickly from someone hacking your confidential data. Check out the list below and be prepared, just in case it ever happens to your business.

  1. Identify. Most companies find identifying where the hacking has happened in their data to be difficult. It can take over a year to identify a security breach and to be able to detect it, you have to have a basic understanding of the operations of your business. You should have a fantastic IT team that can detect any issues in data. They should be looking for any anomalies in the network and the way people use it.
  2. Investigate. Once you have identified the breach, you need to investigate how many of your machines at work have been affected. You may need to call in professional agility disaster recovery specialists for this, as the professionals are trained to do more than your IT team can do and they’ll be able to identify and restore. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s a targeted attack or one that was picked up simply by someone clicking an unsecure link online.
  3. Containment. After a cyberattack, your company needs to work quickly and efficiently to contain it. Before you go ahead and pull the plugs out of all the machines, you need to be able to track where the breach happened so that you can stop it from happening again. Once you’ve been hacked, pulling the plugs out wouldn’t help!
  4. Repair. Reinstalling programs, backing up your data again and repairing the systems that have been hacked by changing all your passwords again is a step to recovery after hacking. Your staff will also need to be retrained in internet usage, but you should also be mindful of who you share confidential passwords with. While you may trust your employees, the tighter you are on security the better off you’ll be.
  5. Communicate. There’s a chance that depending on the type of breach, you have a legal obligation to report it to your clients. Be careful and seek legal advice before you do this, as you don’t want to compromise your business unless necessary.

Post-Car Accident Action Tips

Post-Car Accident Action Tips

Being involved in a car accident can be a shocking and frightening experience. Anyone unfortunate enough to have been involved in one will know it can be extremely confusing and difficult to know what to do. It is really important to know how to react in a situation like this so read on for information about the important things that need to be done when a car accident happens.

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Emergency Services

Stop and take a moment to make sure that you, and anyone else that may be in your car is alright. Then, survey the scene to see if anyone involved in the accident has been hurt. Even if everyone seems to be alight, the majority of the time it is still always advisable to call the emergency services.
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If it is a very minor accident, however, and everyone appears to be perfectly ok then there may be no need to call an ambulance. The police, however, will still need to be contacted in order to register the accident and deal with any necessary traffic diversions, whilst debris is cleared away and of course, the police need to be contacted in order to deal with the necessary paperwork.

Taking Down Details

Secondly, you will need to make sure that everyone exchanges details after the accident. You will need to give the other parties your details, and you will need to make sure that you take everyone else’s. If you are concerned that the accident was your fault, don’t be too hasty in assuming responsibility or being overly apologetic as this could potentially be used against you if the accident ends up going down the legal route.

The best thing way that you can react is by staying calm and just provide the details that are asked of you.

Insurance & Legal Proceedings

If any damage has been done to your vehicle, you will need to contact your insurance company to make a claim and get the ball rolling in repairing your car.

If you were to blame for the accident you are also going to need to hire an attorney to defend you should the accident be taken to court. If there was any alcohol involved and you were found to be over the limit then you are going to need to hire a DWI defense attorney in your local area, that will be able to help you through the legal process.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

It is also important to remember that whilst accidents happen, most of them are completely avoidable. By making sure that you don’t drive when overly tired or after drinking alcohol will mean that you only drive when you are completely alert and awake. Also, make sure that you are not open to distractions when you drive.

It is now illegal to answer a phone call whilst driving, and texting whilst behind the wheel can also result in legal action. Grumpy and squabbling kids, eating lunch from behind the wheel are also ways that drivers can get distracted and the result can be accidents. So make sure that you are always taking measures to drive in a calm way and that you are focused on the road, and nothing else at all times.  

Could A Career Jump Into The Tech World Be The Right Move For You?

Could A Career Jump Into The Tech World Be The Right Move For You?

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By Nigel Hilton

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The working world is often a mysterious place. At the tender age of 16, 18, or 22, you’re suddenly propelled into a job, and there you shall stay until you’re ready to retire. It can be a daunting prospect. At that age, not everyone knows what they want to do with their lives. Even when you get part way through your career, you still may not know. So how can you be sure that you’re making the right career choice when you’re only just stepping into adulthood? Sometimes, you have to listen to your inner thoughts, and admit when a change is needed.

When you’ve got a passion for technology, you’re skilled, and you’re on top of the trends, a career in tech could definitely be ideal for you. But what do you do if you’re a doctor, or a teacher, or a clerk? Are you supposed to keep your passions to yourself and head into work every day ignoring the feeling that you might be in the wrong career? No, not necessarily. If you want to be able to enjoy your job, love going to work every day and feel fulfilled, moving into your ideal technology job could be your next move.

Consider Your Current Position

To work out whether or not a job jump into the tech world could really be for you, you should start out by looking at your current job. But don’t just think about how much you hate it – that’s not productive at all. Instead, consider why you don’t like it. What is it about your current job that you don’t like? What do you like about your current career? By writing this all down, you’ll start to think about the things that you want out of a career.

Know What You Want

As your mind starts to weed out what you do and don’t like about your career, you can then automatically work out the things you’re going to need in a career choice that is right for you. Finding your ideal career path isn’t easy, but knowing whether you like to be in a small office, or work on your own, whether you like creative challenges, or prefer strategy will definitely help you to see what tech-related role could work for you.

Do Some Research

With a rough idea of what kind of job role you’re looking for, you’re going to want to do some research. There are a whole range of career options available to you in the tech world, so you’re going to want to read all about then to figure out if any appeal to you. Alongside things like IT and development, creative and design, there are also lots of managerial, strategic, administrative and even promotional roles that could work for you, so be sure to consider them all.

Speak To Someone That Does What You Want To Do

At this point, you may feel like you have a whole load of options running around in your mind. It can often be confusing and all-consuming. So, to help you figure your thoughts out a little bit more, why not try to speak to someone that does the job that you might like to do? Not only can you find out what it’s like to work in IT, design or development, but you’ll also be able to understand the real aspects to the job that you can’t find anywhere online.

Hone In On A Dream Role

Now that you’ve done your research and asked a few questions, you’re going to want to narrow down your choices. Working in tech gives you a lot of options to consider, so you’re going to want to really visualize what that dream job looks like. What will it involve? Will you be designing products, creating code, working on the business side of things or even in sales?

Understand The Prospects

With a couple of strong contenders lined up, you’re then going to want to look at the typical career maps for each role. Whether it’s a coder or IT technician, you’re going to want to work out what the career progression looks like. Aside from the earning potential, each career choice can bring, you’re also going to want to consider the end goal. If you want to be a partner in a business or even CTO, you need to be sure that your starting point can get you there.

Get Some Experience

Right now, it probably feels like you’re getting closer to that dream tech career path of yours. And you more than likely are. But, in order to make sure that it’s right for you, and that you can actually land a job, you might want to think about getting some experience. Doing some side projects, interning, or even freelancing are great ways to not only test the waters in a specific career but also get yourself the experience you need to get hired too.

Make Your Resume Shine

When you know what you want your career to look like, you’re going to want to start applying for jobs. But, before you get ahead of yourself, you’re going to want to make sure you improve your resume. It needs to make you stand out as the best candidate for the role – whatever that is. So keep working on that experience and make yourself shine.

Network Like Crazy

You’re also going to want to start networking. It’s even something you might want to start doing early on, just to make connections as early as you can. Networking can not only show the industry that you’re looking to join, but it can also be an excellent way to find that dream job, open up opportunities and start to make a name for yourself in technology.

Or, Jump In At The Deep End

And, of course, there’s always the option to start out on your own. There are so many different options for a startup, and if you find that you have a passion for a particular thing or a strong idea for a product, why not start to explore that for yourself? That’s the thing about the technology industry; it’s always evolving, so there’s always room to squeeze yourself in as a part of the evolution.

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How Can You Power Up Your Earning Potential With Modern Technology? Find Out Here

How Can You Power Up Your Earning Potential With Modern Technology? Find Out Here

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We all have different aspirations in life, but earning more money is a goal that unites us all. Even if you’re not a money orientated person, there’s no denying the fact that financial health makes modern life more comfortable. Any opportunity to improve your situation is one that should be grabbed with open hands. In today’s world, technology may be your greatest ally.

Modern technology has changed the world as we know it in many different aspects. So, how can it be used to increase your earnings over the comings weeks, months, and years? Let’s take a closer look.

Become A Stronger Candidate

Continued development is a crucial factor in any successful career. Education should be a central focus, and an MBA in Accounting can open up plenty of new doors. Whether you’re an existing account wanting to become more employable or another worker aiming for a more lucrative job isn’t important. Extra qualifications will always aid your cause.


Meanwhile, online facilities can also be used to build stronger portfolios, resumes, and cover letters. A website is another great way to show potential employers and clients what you can do. If nothing else, it underlines an attention to detail that many candidates won’t possess.

Find New Opportunities

Being a great employee is one thing, but you won’t be able to prove it unless you are aware of the available jobs. First and foremost, most companies now post their vacancies online. This can be directly through internal channels or through external recruiters. Keeping an eye out for those posts could be the first step to landing your next role.

Meanwhile, the World Wide Web is also a great place for networking activities. Establishing useful partnerships through LinkedIn and social media can work wonders. Often, business is about being in the right place at the right time. Play a more active role in the right circles, and your chances of being there are far greater.

Starting A New Project

The thought of launching a business is one the crosses most people’s minds at one time or another. Nowadays, as long as you have a productive home office space, the possibilities are better than ever. And the thousands of home-based success stories offer all the confirmation you could ever need.

There are various approaches that may be taken. You could launch a small side project, such as a blog or small online retail store. Alternatively, you could become a freelance contractor working from home or take a leap of faith by starting a full-time business. Either way, a positive workspace is essential.

Negotiating A Raise

For many workers, poor pay is the only reason that they want to leave their current role. Therefore, a salary increase could be all that’s needed to put a smile back on your face and boost bank balances. The internet allows you to see what people in similar jobs get paid. When combined with these practical negotiation tips, you could be set for a raise. Frankly, that should be all the motivation needed.

Even if your bosses say no, they can see that you have ambition. This may lead to future progress. Look for new jobs elsewhere in the meantime, and you’ll soon find an improvement one way or the other.

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