Essential Guide For A Productive Home Office

Essential Guide For A Productive Home Office

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Whether you work exclusively from home, or you like to get a head start on your paperwork, everyone needs a quiet space to work in the evenings. However, when you’re away from the energy and motivation of an actual workplace, you’re more likely to get distracted by home comforts like the fridge, the TV, or your complete control over the music. Not to mention other distractions such as dirty dishes, pets, and children demanding attention, or noisy neighbors. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the perfect home office, thus increasing your productivity.

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Keep your work life separate

Experts recommend that you shouldn’t bring your work home with you, but this is a tough rule to follow if you work at home. The best solution is to eliminate as many home touches as possible to make the place feel more like an office. If you have a spare room that is rarely used, set up an area in the corner where you’ll have minimal interruptions, but can still get comfortable. Maintain that boundary within your home where work begins and ends.

Get comfortable

Although people who work from home might be tempted to work at the dining table, on the sofa, or even in bed, your mind works better if you’re working on a proper desk and seated in a good chair. However, it has to be the right kind of chair. Since you’re likely spending several hours a day sitting in this chair, you want to take precautions against back pain and long-term discomfort. The key to reducing back pain, headaches, and poor concentration is to have a Crossford ergonomic office chair that provides good lumbar and pelvic support to promote healthy posture, better breathing, and improved concentration and endurance through long hours of seated task work.

Make the most of your breaks

When you’re spending the entire day parked in front of your computer, how does scrolling through Facebook qualify as a break? The next time you’re due for a break, step outside your office for ten to fifteen minutes and either make yourself a hot drink, find some quality reading material, or invest in some simple exercise equipment to get your blood flowing. A set of resistance bands, light weights or even a jump rope is really good to get you out of the sedentary lifestyle for a few minutes each day. Not only will your brain function a little better, but eventually all the exercise will add up.

Keep your tech up to date

If you’re working from home it’s easy to feel like you have no co-workers picking up the slack when you’re overwhelmed, but you would be mistaken. Technology is the best colleague all remote workers can have, because it can make everything run more efficiently; that is, if it works. We’ve all felt the frustration and panic when your computer experiences a technical fault with an upcoming deadline. If your technology is breaking down one too many times, it’s time for an upgrade.

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Expensive, Unhealthy & Frustrating: Is Your Car Dragging You Down?

Expensive, Unhealthy & Frustrating: Is Your Car Dragging You Down?

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As a car owner, are you starting to wonder why you even persist with that thing you’re driving around? It can often seem like a real waste of your time. Lots of people are now starting to rethink their devotion to their cars. Instead, they are looking at the alternatives. By seeing what other options are out there, and whether they’re realistic, they can save money, time and stress. Your car really can weigh you down and make life that little bit harder if you let it.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Rather than dealing with the finance-draining and health-damaging effects your car can have on you, you could change your lifestyle for the better.

Embrace Cycling or Walking for Small Journeys

When you’re trapped in your car whenever you need to go somewhere, it’s not good for you. Many people have jobs that involve sitting at a desk all day. If you are also sitting down when you travel to and from work, your lifestyle will probably be very sedentary indeed. This is one of the main things that doctors and health experts are linking to the rise in obesity and the health problems that it causes. Cycling or walking are two great alternatives to getting to work by car. Even if you only choose these options once or twice a week or just during the summer months, it will have an impact on your health and fitness.

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Drive Less by Sharing Cars

You can cut down on your driving, not to mention your carbon footprint, by sharing driving responsibilities. This usually happens in the form of a workplace carpool scheme. People will share cars, meaning that only one car will have to carry people to work rather than four or five people driving themselves. From a green perspective, this is a massively positive move. But you don’t have to even think about that side of things because it will certainly save you money, and that’s what’s most important. Talk to people in your workplace or your boss about whether this is something that they would be interested in setting up with you. It has the potential to benefit everyone.

Calculate How Much You Pay for Repairs and Upkeep

When people think about the costs of running a car, they normally focus on fuel costs and insurance premiums. But there are so many other costs that you should factor in as well. There are costs associated with the basic upkeep for the car. And there will normally be repairs that have to be carried out during the lifetime of the vehicle as well. These can often be very expensive. They come about at the worst times too. Sometimes, there is no obvious reason for them. Then other times, a car accident can cause them. Either way, they’re going to be costly for you. Calculate how much you pay for these things, and then ask yourself whether it’s worth it.

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Ditch Your Aversion to Public Transport to Save Money

Many people just have a real dislike for public transport. They don’t like being near other people as they commute to work, and they don’t like hanging around at stations, platforms and bus stops waiting for that late train or bus to arrive. It’s understandable that you would think in this kind of way. But if you really want to get ahead and save money, you should stop hating public transport so much. In reality, it’s probably not as bad as you think. In most cities, it’s now affordable, punctual and easy to access. If that’s the case, drive less and ride more. What have you got to lose? Your fuel costs will almost certainly be smaller than your ticket fees.

Think About the Impact of Unreliability

If your car is not the most reliable vehicle in the world, you could have problems with keeping things affordable. And when they’re not affordable, they’re not sustainable for you either. Unreliability is not just about paying for repairs, though. It’s more about the impact those breakdowns and problems have on your day to day life. If you can’t make it to that meeting or keep being late for work, your dodgy car might even cause your career to stall. I’m sure that’s not what you want to happen. Think very carefully about this issue before deciding which step forward to take next.

Look for a Cleaner and Cheaper Driving Experience

There are so many advances pushing forward that are making it possible for us to drive in a way that is cleaner and cheaper. This is all about renewables and clean power. Many cars now don’t even need fuel to motor along. Instead, you can drive an entirely electric car. These cars plug in, allowing a battery inside the car to charge up. These cars are improving all the time, and many people see them as the future of driving. If that’s the case, why not embrace the future right now? It could be one of the smartest moves you ever make. You’ll spend less and pollute the environment less too.

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If You Carry on Driving, Learn How to Drive in a Way That Cuts Costs and Breakdowns

It’s possible that you will decide to carry on driving your car. Even if you decide to drive it less, that doesn’t mean you have to drive it in the same way. And the way in which you drive your car does matter a lot. There are good ways and bad ways to do it. If you want to drive in the right way and you want to make sure that you don’t use up more fuel than you need to, you should take a driving course. By braking more smoothly, accelerating more steadily and approaching turns in the road differently, you can conserve fuel. On top of that, you will also be able to avoid accidents and breakdowns when you drive more carefully.

If you take all of the points above into account, you should be able to avoid many of the problems associated with driving.

Life In The Fast Lane: 6 Reasons Why You Need Fiber Internet

Life In The Fast Lane: 6 Reasons Why You Need Fiber Internet

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that technology is evolving at lightning speed! In fact, things are moving on so quickly that today’s gadgets will often feel “out of date” by tomorrow! Of course, it’s not just gadgets and electronics that are evolving all the time. The way that we connect to the Internet is also changing, and for the better, I’m pleased to report.

These days, you can now have high-speed Internet access on the go thanks to 4G or LTE mobile networks. But, what about at home? Well, there have naturally been some improvements on Internet speeds there too. Nowadays, fiber connections are the ones to go for in the quest for super-fast surfing. If you’re still using old DSL technology, now’s the time to upgrade to the 21st century! Here’s why you need fiber Internet in your life:

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  1. More reliable and stable than copper

The thing about fiber Internet is that you don’t have to worry about constant drops in speed or even disconnections. You can enjoy always-on Internet using an infrastructure that is light years ahead of copper wire technology! Plus, fiber enables you to have faster Internet speeds than traditional DSL connections.

  1. Affordable high-speed Internet

One of the concerns that many people have is that high-speed Internet access is only available at a high cost! Thankfully, the price of fiber Internet has come down in recent years. It’s now just as affordable as standard DSL broadband. In fact, in some cases, it pays to upgrade as it’s CHEAPER!

  1. Buffering is a thing of the past

Let’s face it; one of the reasons why people go online is to stream multimedia content to their devices. Downloading movies always sucks with DSL connections because there are the buffering blues that you must endure! Good news: you’ll never have to wait for ages for a movie to download thanks to fiber! So, whether you watch opera on demand or listen to music on Spotify, content will get delivered to your devices immediately.

  1. Perfect for multiple users

The chances are high that you’re not the only person in your household that wants to use the Internet. One of the selling points of fiber is that many people can simultaneously use it to download stuff without any lagging problems.

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  1. Great for gaming

Do you enjoy playing multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto V? If so, you will no doubt want a stable connection with zero lag for co-operative gameplay. Why settle for second-best when you could get a simple upgrade to fiber Internet?

  1. Free Internet voice and video calls

Do you hate paying for your phone calls? Who doesn’t! These days, you can access a variety of online services that allow you to place voice or video calls. For such services to work at their best, it’s vital to have a high-speed and reliable Internet connection such as fiber.

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Changes To Make Today To Impress With Your Office Tech

Changes To Make Today To Impress With Your Office Tech

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It’s so easy to have old pieces of tech in your office. After all, you might not have the funds to upgrade them right now. And we get so reliant on certain pieces of tech that we don’t want to change them. After all, we don’t want to affect the productivity of our business. However, for the sake of the future of your company, you need to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest tech in the office. Not only so that you can impress clients when they come to visit, but to ensure you are running your business as efficiently as possible. But a lot of people get stuck on what needs changing. After all, there are some older technologies which can still help you run a business well. Therefore, here are some changes to make today to impress with your office tech.

Switch to all-in-one computers

A lot of businesses use computers on a day to day basis to complete the work at hand. After all, it’s a great way to communicate with the outside world. In fact, a lot of people communicate with clients through the device. However, a lot of companies are still running on older computers. And these take up a load of space so they might be bringing down the efficiency of your company. After all, you might only have space for a specific amount of computers if they have a large tower and screen. Therefore, for the sake of the future of your business, you should look at investing in some all-in-one computers. Getting rid of the tower means you will have a lot more space for computers in the office. Not only this but a lot of these are touch screen, so you don’t have to worry about a mouse and a keyboard too. And when clients come to visit, they will be left impressed with your up-to-date computers! After all, they look super stylish, and it will show your business is up to scratch with the latest tech.

It’s time to upgrade the printer

It’s likely your business will have at least one printer on hand for staff to use. After all, you might need to print off emails to keep as evidence. And it can also be essential for when meetings are occurring to have specific details printed out. However, for the sake of the future of your business, you might want to consider upgrading your printer. After all, there are so many different options out there which are more efficient than just your traditional printer. For one thing, you might want to go for a printer which has long lasting ink. After all, we all know how frustrating it is to run out of ink every month. Therefore, there are lots of new printers like the Epson EcoTank which can actually run for up to two years before you have to head out for a new supply of ink. And it will make your business a lot more efficient. You might also want to upgrade to a 3D printer. After all, these are fantastic for printing out models which will impress clients when you go for meetings. And if you are in the design or engineering industry, it’s a fantastic addition to your office. You can look online to find the best 3d printer for your business. And be prepared for clients to ask lots of questions about it. After all, they will be left in awe when they see you have one in the office!

Go for 4K screens

It’s easy to go for any old screen when you get your employees computers. After all, there might be a certain package which entitles you to a specific monitor. But it might not be the best display for work purposes. In fact, work will significantly improve if you get a 4K display for your employees. After all, they will get a clearer view when trying to complete the job at hand. And it can be essential for people in the creative industry to ensure they do the work to perfection. It can also be less hassle with one of these monitors. After all, they require fewer cables so it can fit better on the desks. And it cuts the need for expensive setups with one of these monitors. It will also benefit your employees’ health in the long-run. After all, with a better screen, it can reduce eye problems as they won’t have to strain to see the screen.

And rather than traditional smartphones, you might want to kit out your staff with wearables. After all, it can give them more freedom to answer calls while working. And it can ensure you have a healthy workforce who are always on the move.

Tech Hacks: How To Speed Up Your Computer

Tech Hacks: How To Speed Up Your Computer

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Computers have become an essential tool in modern life, particularly with regards to the business world. As such, we desperately need our PC’s to run as quickly as possible, to ensure our working days aren’t slowed down.

The problem is, what happens when your computer is slow? Check below to find out how you solve this issue with ease:


Keep Your PC Updated

One of the main reasons your PC might be slow is because it’s not updated. You’re running outdated software, and the drivers in your computer are outdated too. When this happens, you’re essentially using old software to try and run your PC. It’s a bit like crawling around instead of walking, you’re just making life harder for yourself.

So, check for updates on your PC and make sure everything is updated. It’s such an easy way to fix things, but it can make a huge difference and really speed up your computer. Try and stay on top of your updates and keep your PC updated regularly. This should prevent you from ending up in situations where your computer is constantly slow.

Delete Useless Files

Our computers are filled with files that are pretty much useless to us. This could be a bunch of temporary files that get downloaded onto your PC whenever you download things online. Or, it could be a bunch of outdated files in apps that you have no use for anymore. Either way, you should delete all the useless files on your PC, as they can use up storage and slow down your performance.  

There are a few things you can do to get the job done. Mainly, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool that can be found in the System Tools part of your PC – just search for it using the search bar near the start menu. This allows you to select all the different types of files you want to get rid of, and it will show you how much memory you can free up. If you use a lot of Java apps, they might have Java garbage collection built into them which gets rid of all the junk stuff from those apps automatically. You should check if other apps can do this too as it will help you free up even more space.

Disable Background Programs

Another big reason your PC is running slow is because you have loads of background apps running when you aren’t using them. Sometimes, apps are set to run in the background without you knowing. Other times, you don’t close them properly, and they just run and run and cause your PC to go slow.

It’s easy to see if this problem is the cause of your slowness. All you have to do is right click the bar at the bottom of your screen and select ‘Task Manager.’ This will display all the programs that are running at that time. Simply click on ones you don’t want to run and end them.

Outdated software, hardly any storage, and background programs are the main source of computer slowness. Solve them, and your PC will be running at peak speed once more.

5 Technological Services To Start Outsourcing Today

5 Technological Services To Start Outsourcing Today
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In business, you can have a lot on your plate. Not only do you often have to be the brains behind the firm, but you also have to ensure it runs smoothly too. You can’t be expected to be good at everything, however. Whether you’re a numbers guy or a words girl, you may find that some of the areas in between are a big mind boggling to you. When that’s the case, you’re often best off outsourcing it. This can certainly be the case when it comes to technology. There are so many advances in tech happening all the time, not only will you save time and money by outsourcing certain areas, but you’ll also rest assured that an expert is taking care of things for you.


If your business has a lot of printing needs, you might find that you can save yourself a lot of work, as well as the time and money, by outsourcing your work to a printing company. Whether you have marketing material to produce, or you use a lot of paper based products in the service you provide, using a professional service will save you on paper and ink and ensure that the result is executed to a high standard.


Unless you are a whizz with information technology, you may want to think about hiring an expert IT company to take over the majority of your IT management. If you have a large business with complex IT needs, it could save you a lot of hassle. If you are in need of a network setup, it would make things a lot easier for you as you will have specialist assistance available as a part of your agreement.


Depending on your type of business, you may be interested in outsourcing micromachining services. If you have a product that you make and want to ensure that you have a company that can execute your laser cutting services, you could save money and issues in the long run by using a firm which is experienced with the technology. It could also save you the initial outlay too.

Social Media

If you’ve never really understood how to create and execute a social media strategy, it could be one of the technological areas that you could benefit from outsourcing. Social media, marketing, and content agencies can ensure that you have a solid social media strategy and keep the conversation going online. If you don’t have the time or the resource to take care of it yourself, you may find a lot of value outsourcing this service.


Owning a website is crucial to most business operations in this day and age. However, it’s not always that easy to create something yourself. If you have specific requirements, but you’re not that skilled with web design yourself, you may want to outsource this. You could also then benefit from the ongoing services website companies can provide, like support, management and even email support too.

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