How to Quickly Figure Out the Best Format to Encode Videos

How to Quickly Figure Out the Best Format to Encode Videos


By Abe Abbie

Trying to figure out the best format to encode videos isn’t easy. Not only are there lots of formats, but sifting through them to figure out which formats are compatible with various devices and how well they can compress your videos is time-consuming.

The good news is that there is a much faster way to identify the format that you should be using to encode your videos: Select it based on how the video is going to be used.

To be more specific, you should base it on the following ways that your video may be used:

  • Upload to online platforms or social media

If you’re going to upload and share your videos on online platforms, you should follow their recommended format and settings. That way you can avoid the video being unnecessarily transcoded multiple times, and preserve its quality better.

In most cases, the current recommended format for online platforms is MP4 with H.264, such as in YouTube’s Guidlines

  • Distribute to various users

In the event that you’re going to be distributing your video far and wide, the main factor to consider is compatibility. The format that you choose should be one that is the most widely-compatible – which right now is MP4 with H.264.

  • Burn onto a video DVD

To create a video DVD from your video file you will need it to be encoded in MPEG-2 as that is the format that most DVD players are able to read. Some newer players may support other formats, but the majority do not.

  • Store as raw footage before editing

Professional video productions would normally store raw footage with ‘lossless’ formats prior to editing, but most consumer video cameras will already compress them after they’re recorded. In such cases, it is best to just leave the video as is, until it is edited.

If you encode the video in a format at this stage it is likely going to be re-encoded in later after it is edited, and that could affect its quality.

  • Store on specific devices with limited storage

In the event that you want to store your video on a known device that has limited storage, you can explore other compression options. Nowadays the best step up is HEVC (H.265) as it can reduce the file size of H.264 videos by up to 50%.

Additionally, it is starting to be more widely supported, but you should still check that your device supports it – preferably with hardware acceleration.

Keep in mind that although it is best to encode the video in the right format from the get-go, you can always transcode it later with a video converter if need be. For example, you could use Movavi Video Converter ( to switch the format later on.

If you do transcode your video at any point, always try to keep the original version. That way if you ever need to transcode it yet again, you can use the original rather than the transcoded version – and prevent the quality from deteriorating over time.

Growing Your Business Through Digital Marketing

Growing Your Business Through Digital Marketing

Photo by from Pexels

Once you have started your business from home the next step is to grow it to meet your ambitions. You already know the benefits to starting a home business and what the key ingredients are for success, so now you will need to take the time to understand growth. Here we are going to discuss the factors that go into taking your company to the next level, specifically how to market yourself to attract higher numbers of users.


The importance of good search engine optimization (SEO) practice cannot be underestimated. SEO is the tools you will use to make sure that your website appears higher up in non-paid for search engine results. The reasons for needing this are clear, the higher up you can appear in search engines, the more traffic you are going to get. So what are the methods you should be using to improve your SEO?

Making some changes to your website will be the first port of call. There are plenty of guides out there which will help you optimize your site for search engines, so familiarize yourself with their recommendations and make the changes you need to make. In addition to traditional SEO improvements, you can also utilize third-party review websites to improve your search engine results. One reason for review sites helping to improve your website is your reputation. The more websites that have a write-up about you, the more legitimacy it gives you. For example,  a site like is looking to help people make more money. By providing reviews they are giving their reader base the information they require – and improving their own SEO due to the amount of time spent on the web page – and they are enhancing the reputation of Fundrise in this case due to it being confirmed as a reputable financial website.


Social Media

If you have already started your business, you have probably already explored social media. But getting the most out of your Twitters and Facebooks is a lot harder than it might first look. Building up a follower base takes time, but remains an important way of reaching your target market directly. To do this, you must first understand who is using the many different social media websites so that you are using your time wisely by targeting your audience only. This breakdown of users from Spredfast demonstrates how every social media company is being used in different ways, by different people, for different purposes.

We have mentioned Twitter, so looking at it we can see that on a monthly basis it has 317 million active users. The common age demographic in this user base is 18-29, and they are spending under three minutes per day on average. So if this age group is your target market, you need to grab their attention in a short amount of time each day.

Marketing is a challenge facing every company, but research and time will see you grow your business using digital platforms quickly and efficiently.

Technology and Automobiles The Perfect Match

Technology and Automobiles The Perfect Match

by Brian McKay

A couple of hundred years ago, not really that long in terms of time, we had to wind up the front of the car to get it working. Eventually, after days or weeks, we would get to our destination. Now, we have vehicles that can drive themselves and you anywhere you want. Progress is a beautiful thing, and the automotive industry is one of the best places to see great technology come to life.

Here are a few of the coolest tech gadgets that you can take with you on your next road trip, even if it’s just to work and home again.

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash

Where once upon a time you would need to arrive bright and early at a dealership and spend most of the day finalising your car. You can open your laptop and bid on an auction and have your new car delivered. Sound like fun? Check out more from Equify Auctions today.

Dash cams have been protecting drivers for years. But, in recent years photographers and videographers have used regular road driving footage in their work. The devices are designed to give a crystal clear image of the road (either behind or in front), record your GPS location and automatically saves the video upon impact. The nifty kit that can keep you safe and provide support for your insurance, and you can also make really cool videos with too.

Coffee anyone? Most drivers spend ages at drive-thrus, either for a much-needed caffeine hot or a snack on the go. If it is the former, then this is something that you might want to invest in. If you wake up late, or you have a long day and drive ahead of you – say hello to the Handpresso. This little perky coffee maker plugs into your cigarette lighter or 12-volt port and hey presto – fresh java. It’s designed to work with your own ground coffee of ESO pods. Completely unnecessary, but much wanted.

An Automatic Car Adapter, this bit of kit plugs into your standard diagnostic port (ODB-II) on most cars. It then allows this device to pull useful data directly from your vehicles onboard computer. However, it doesn’t work with electric cars. You then will have a handy app on your phone that you can use to show a garage when it comes time for a service or if you’ve unexpectedly broken down.

If you were blown away in previous years by the 3D holographic dancers on the stage, then you’re going to love this. The Hudway Cast isn’t cheap, but it is incredible. It wirelessly displays your smartphone screen. This is perfect for people who use their phone in place of a dedicated GPS like a TOMTOM or a Garmin. You can still access the primary function you use on your phone (hopefully not while driving), and see the directions on the HUD the whole time. While it isn’t actually holographic, it does look it, the transparent lens focuses the virtual image around nine feet in front of you.

3 Ways To Get The Best (And Quickest) Internet Connection

3 Ways To Get The Best (And Quickest) Internet Connection

Ok, so it doesn’t seem like the most interesting topic ever, but trust us on this one, it’s important. The internet has quickly become one of the most vital tools in our lives; you can check in with friends, keep updated with work, find out anything with the click of a button, and if you’re not into any of that then, well, you can look at memes. Wherever your online interest lies, having the best internet connection can make your life so much easier, so it’s worth trying these quick tips. No more buffering, please…

Image credit

See if you can get fiber-optic

Fiber broadband is a lot quicker than the standard (ADSL) wifi, so if it is available in your area then it may be a good idea to make the switch to one of the fiber broadband providers instead. This is particularly true if you have a lot of devices, or if you’re into online gaming and need a quick connection. It can come at a higher price, but it’s worth it if you need to have fast speeds for a lot of people, so having a look whether you can get your hands on it – that is, whether the cables run to your house – is worth a shot.

Check that your internet speed is what you’re paying for

You may be paying out a lot of money to have the quickest internet speeds, without actually getting the benefits of it. Annoying, right? Well, you can do a website speed test if you want to make sure that you’re up to speed, and it will tell you both your upload and download speeds (and if you know that then you’re a tech whizz in our eyes). You may have to do it a few times throughout the day to see what your results really are, but it’s worth doing if you want to make sure that your connection isn’t lagging behind.

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Move your router

The reason that your internet may seem so slow, and your Netflix shows are taking forever to load, could be that your router isn’t in the best place. Moving it around a little and seeing whether it works better when plugged in elsewhere is a good idea, and it will save you the hassle of trying to get a new broadband provider when you don’t really need one. There could be something blocking it (who knew a wall could change your internet speed?), so play around and see where you can get the best connection.

So, there we have it. Three ways to improve your internet speed and connection, and potentially save you a bit of money in the process. So get hunting for a fiber provider, check your internet speeds to see what the deal is, and move your router so that it can be at its best, and you can go online without anything blocking your way. Now, where were we? Oh yeah, we were just about to stream a movie…

Custom Services Are Improving Health Care

Custom Services Are Improving Health Care


In today’s world of innovation, aging and diminishing health aren’t as permanent as they were in the past. Now, technology and understanding provide solutions to our health challenges and even those that are a product of aging. Now, we haven’t yet discovered a fountain of youth, but we have figured out better ways to cope with and overcome those conditions that often accompany aging. This has become evident in a couple of areas.

Hearing Aids

A cliche is that the elderly can’t hear. It is often the subject of jokes and considered an eventuality. However, hearing aid technology has gotten so good, and our understanding of hearing health has improved to the point where many challenges of the past can be overcome. Now, hearing aid devices are customized for their patients so that they best accommodate the needs of their users. Companies like work to provide the right hearing solution for their patients to match their needs and budget. We no longer must simply accept that our hearing loss is untreatable.

Home Health Care

One of the problems of the past regarding health care was that it was generic, one-size-fits-all. Health care usually requires custom solutions and attention as every person is different, with different needs. Thankfully, industry leaders are evolving to this understanding. Check this out, where Spectrum Healthcare is innovating in how they bring health services to their patients. Spectrum provides personalized, flexible, accountable and trusted service to advance the expectations in personal health care.


Personal Training

As people are looking for the quick fix as far as getting fit is concerned, we’ve seen so many articles online that push the best way forward to get fit when in actual fact good old fashioned exercise is the key. You can set up a gym, or become a personal trainer yourself, and take advantage of the rise in unhealthiness in the world. Yes, the irony is that for as many people who are obsessed with their health, there are as many, if not more, who don’t care.

Health Foods

People try to overhaul their diet, but the best way is to introduce healthy foods bit by bit. You might have seen these paleo bars on the market, which are predominantly made up of nuts and dates. There are so many health food suppliers, like Global Foods UK that provides dates in various forms for businesses. The great thing about these date bars is that they are usually cold-pressed, in other words, you can make them yourself without cooking them. So if you’re looking to start a health food business from home, this could be your entryway.

The good news is that there are tremendous advancements in understanding and providing health services and health care. As we understand more and deliver more, we can all find optimism in our health as we age.  

IoT I Changing The World And How We Do Manage Supply Chains

IoT I Changing The World And How We Do Manage Supply Chains


The internet is more than cat videos. It has become an incredible source of information, news, entertainment, and social interaction. An underappreciated element to the power of the internet is the development of the internet of things, IoT. IoT has machines communicating with each other in ways that were almost impossible to imagine only a short time ago. This development has evolved to where machines can efficiently monitor themselves, order necessary supplies and signal their needs. These implications have permeated gaming, supply chains, and transportation to improve quality in all areas.

With the expansive availability of electronics, the access to resources is no longer a barrier. Costs are down and the technology is powerful. Therefore, utilizing things like telematics,, is not only possible but cost effective. An exciting application is how we can now monitor and effectively manage transportation fleets, like delivery. This makes a truck fleet routes more efficient and communicating with delivery targets more responsive. Dispatchers can monitor trucks, relay information, avoid traffic and infrastructure issues. Trucks can be rerouted or informed of issues so they can make informed decisions to improve their efficiency.

IoT technology also allows the machines to function autonomously. An example is vending machines. IoT allows the machines to monitor their inventory, contacts suppliers and order refills when supplies are low. The entire transaction can be made digitally and without human involvement. Combining solar with IoT makes the system even more independent of human necessity. For example, your machines can be connected to solar panels or even more productive hydro solar solutions, click here.

These products can interact with the electric grid, making sure that your system is always properly powered while using the most efficient, least expensive and greenest options. Then, when replacement parts or service is required, the machines can order the appropriate services. This allows the machines to demand electricity from the grid if the hydro solar production doesn’t meet the demands of the machine. This is all monitored as well so the machines can order more machines when necessary.

It is an exciting time. Technology is solving age-old issues, improving efficiency, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, advancing machine learning to contribute to a more productive economy and society. This is all being done with decreasing expense, increased flexibility, access, and reduced dependence on humans.

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