Why is Driving Getting More Dangerous?

Why is Driving Getting More Dangerous?

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Though cars are now designed specifically to keep us as safe as possible should a collision occur, it often feels like the roads are getting more and more dangerous. Part of this is simply that more people are driving – and driving regularly – than ever before – but this can’t be the only reason that the number of injuries and fatalities are going up.

People are more distracted while they are driving and often have a lot of things competing for their attention at once. Combine this will spending more time on the road and an excessive amount of technology and you have the perfect storm for getting into an accident.

But before you start to panic and start searching for more information about accident help, there are some things you can do to improve your driving and ensure that – on your side, at least – good skills are being shown.

Minimize Distractions

The first thing that all drivers should do is minimize the number of distractions they could get caught out by. If you are driving with kids, make sure that they understand that you need to concentrate on the road and not on them. Be clear about what is safe behaviour and what isn’t and don’t be hesitant to pull over if your kids are distracting you to make sure they calm down before you continue.

Your phone is another source of easy distraction. Make sure that you put it out of reach and don’t use it while you drive. If you think you might struggle to resist the temptation, use the driving mode or turn it off completely until you reach your destination. Alternatively, if you have a car with Bluetooth, you can connect your phone and use it hands-free.


Never drink and drive.

Be Smart with Your Time on the Road

If you are planning a long journey, you should always factor in rest stops to make sure that you are fully alert on the road. Another good idea is to use public transport instead so that you don’t have to focus on the road at all.

Lots of people have a long commute time and this can be quite dangerous – especially if you are tired after a long day at work. See if you can reduce this time by working from home a few days a week or using flexible working to avoid rush hour traffic.

Technology as a Help and a Hinderance

The technology used in cars is brilliant for a lot of things, but sometimes it can be more of a distraction than a help. For example, sat nav is ideal for getting you somewhere new but if you spend too long focusing on the instructions and not on the road, you could easily get into a pickle.

Always think carefully before using a technology and pull over if you are spending more time concentrating on the tech than the road. Plan your routes ahead of time to get a feel for where you are going too.

How You Can Get Involved in Engineering

How You Can Get Involved in Engineering

Everyone has a dream job that they aim for even when it seems like it’s a million miles away from their present reality. There is nothing at all wrong with having aims and ambitions in your career, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No matter how old or young you are, there are always ways to get into a specific career area, whether that means entering your very first job with no experience of making a switch a few decades into your career. Here are some of the ways you can get involved in the engineering industry if that’s the one sector you’ve always dreamed of working in.

Find Your Niche

First of all, you need to find the particular niche that you’re most interested in within the field of engineering. This is not a small industry by any means; there is a lot going on so if you want to eventually have a career in engineering, you need to know your niche. Pretty much everyone in engineering has their own area of specialization.

Enter Education and Get a Qualification

Getting a qualification is usually an important step to take if you want to get into the world of engineering smoothly. You have to have something to back you up which says you know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about. If you don’t have that, why would anyone want to hire you? Going back into education might be daunting, but it’s something you probably need to do.

Talk to Those Already in the Industry

It’s definitely a good idea to reach out to people who already work in the engineering industry because they can help you to learn more about what it takes to succeed within it. They have the experience and the knowledge of what’s it like to work on the inside, so they can impart some of that knowledge to you.

Keep Enquiring and Building Your Knowledge

If you place yourself at the very cutting edge of all the really interesting things that are currently going on in the engineering industry, you will be able to build your knowledge and keep learning. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to achieve if you want to eventually pursue a career in engineering. Things like horizontal directional drilling using trenchless technology represent new frontiers. So find these kinds of advances in the area of engineering you’re most interested in.

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Don’t Give Up

Finally, you should remember not to give up. If there’s something that you want to achieve, you should keep aiming for it and working towards it. You’ll get to where you want to be eventually, so don’t give in to any temptation to throw in the towel.

Engineering is one of those industries that is always going to be there and it’s always going to be important. That’s why there will always be a demand for people like you who want to get involved and develop a career in engineering. It’s something that you should start working towards right away.

5 Ways You Can Make Your App Better

5 Ways You Can Make Your App Better

Does your business have a mobile app? How’s that going for you? Most businesses are jumping on the app bandwagon because it’s seen as the right thing to do – but is your app performing as well as you expected it to?

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If your app needs improving, then you should put some plans in place to take it to the next level. Get the help you need with these five ways you can make your app better.

1. Get rid of bugs

Most people choose an app over using the mobile version of a website because it’s quicker and easier to use. However, if your app is slow and tends to crash or the functionality is poor – your users might delete the app and go elsewhere. Regularly testing your app is important, and a few software testing company such as this one could help you make sure that your app is up to scratch. Review your app regularly to make sure it’s functioning as it should be.

2. Use a slick, modern design

When was the last time your app updated its appearance? If it resembles your web page or has a dated interface, it can be a turn-off for users. Pay attention to the latest app design trends to help you plan a redesign that is in touch with modern layouts and features. Remember that people are adopting phones that use larger screens, so your app needs to be able to cater for different devices too.

3. Make your app accessible

Web users with disabilities will use apps because they allow them to access content in a way that’s simple and easy to use. Phones come with fantastic accessibility features that can make it easy for a user to navigate applications easier than mobile versions of web pages. Consult with an accessibility specialist or a testing company to ensure that you consider all of the accessibility requirements of your business.

4. Allow more personalization

Consumers love to be able to personalize their experiences, which is why companies like Netflix and Amazon do so well with their mobile applications. Allow users to change settings and improve the functionality so that they can tailor the app to their needs. Even simple things like adding a profile picture can enhance the user’s experience and make them feel more connected to the app.

5. Boost your marketing

One reason your app might be underperforming is your marketing strategy. To make marketing work, you need to come up with ideas that will resonate with your target audience and make them feel a connection. You might want to bring in an external marketing company to help with your marketing needs and to run the campaign on your behalf. If you have any additional budget for marketing your app – make sure you put it to good use.

With some simple improvements, you can help your business get the most out of its app through better features and a better design that will make it a must for people to have on their mobile devices.


The Future of Robots

The Future of Robots

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Robots.  They are coming, whether you like it or not.  In fact, in reality, they are already here. The majority of factories today employ robots to do the lion’s share of work and have done for many years if not decades.  Robots are nothing new, yet, we are entering a new phase in their development.

Today, we are being introduced to life-like robots that we would have once only seen in a science-fiction movie.  The first robot citizen, Sophia (who was granted citizenship to Saudi Arabia, last winter) has started turning heads in a number of interviews where she has displayed a human-like ability to comprehend and respond to emotion; so rather than be limited to fast functional features such as bolting together car components, she is able to converse and “relate” on a human level.

For many, this is viewed as an amazing scientific breakthrough, whilst for others, they feel this is a slippery slope that is leading us toward an I, Robot film scenario which could have disastrous consequences if robots gain so much intelligence they can outsmart humans; and reverse the roles so that we are the “robots” doing menial tasks.

Of course, in the real world, where people run for Arizona secretary of state office and we are faced with increasing tensions between countries like North Korea and Russia… robots are the last thing on our mind – yet, it’s important to keep up with the latest advances, as robots do seem to be coming, and the future is now.

The question, and perhaps, a concern is that with such impressive computing power, and the apparent ability to interpret human emotion, could robots ever reach a stage in their development where they become more intelligent than humans?

The answer is probably yes… indeed, in some ways they are more capable and certainly more efficient than humans in the tasks they undertake, and whilst these tasks are currently limited to relatively menial functions – there’s nothing stopping robots taking the place of our armed forces, police and even healthcare functions.

Hanson Robotics, has created one of the most life-like robots the world has ever seen, in that it has a surprisingly human appearance and, according to several sources has the ability to relate and understand emotion.

The Sophia-Bot has artificial intelligence that facilitates deep learning.  Sophia has an interactive personality, akin to that of a child, that evolves and adapts to the situations she finds herself in.

Sophia explains, whilst demonstrating different facial expressions, that “I can let you know if I am angry about something or if something has upset me”, stating how she wants to live and work with humans so she needs to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people.

There’s an interesting political and cultural controversy surrounding this robot’s citizenship, namely that this female robot would appear to have more “rights” than human citizens of Saudi Arabia, yet the fact to focus on is that technology is aiming to become much more helpful… and it’s interesting to see what happens next.

How would you feel, if one day, rather than be met by an ‘imperfect human’ at the operating theatre, you were met by a robot that could facilitate your operation with absolute precision?  It’s an interesting thought and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on where this technology is heading.

The Daily Commute: 7 Ways To Stay Safe Driving To Work

The Daily Commute: 7 Ways To Stay Safe Driving To Work


If you’re one of the millions of people that drive to and from work every single day, then you’ll know just how terrible it can get at times. The traffic is often awful, the drive itself is tedious, and you’ll encounter more bad drivers than you can shake a stick at, but, unfortunately, it’s something that has to be done. Although you may have managed to get through each journey without too much trouble so far, there is always the chance that an accident can happen, so it’s vital that you do what you can to decrease the chances of an accident occurring. Here are seven safety tips to bear in mind.

Leave A Little Early

If the traffic is particularly bad, and you’re worried that you’re going to be late for work, then you’re going to make silly and dangerous mistakes that could risk the well-being of you and those around you. Because of this, it’s always sensible to leave a little earlier than you think you need to so that you don’t feel the need to rush. If there is traffic, then this means you’ll be less likely to be late, and if there isn’t, then you have a bit of free time before you have to head into the office.

Maintain Your Car

You may have bought the safest model of car on the market, but if you don’t maintain it properly, then things could still go wrong that put you in danger on the road. It’s vital that you keep up with your car maintenance if you want it to keep running without too many issues. Checking your tire pressure and tread regularly is incredibly important, especially in poor weather, so make sure to do this at least once a month. You can read your car’s manual for maintenance advice.

Adjust Your Mirrors

To increase your chances of staying safe on the road, it’s vital that you’ve got the best vision possible and that you’re aware of your surroundings. To ensure this, you need to adjust your mirrors, so that the edge of your car is in your field of vision. This gives you a much better perspective, as it shows you your position on the road, which helps you to properly gauge distance and avoid bumps.

Choose Sensible Footwear

It’s important that you consider the impact that your shoes could have on your driving before you get behind the wheel. High heels, for example, could catch on pedals or floor mats, which could delay or obstruct acceleration, or, more importantly, braking. You should always wear low-heeled or flat shoes when driving, preferably with some grip on them, and then you can change into your work shoes before heading into the office.

Have A Test Run

Before you start your first day at a new job, it’s always sensible to have a test run of your route to work and see how long it takes to get there with the traffic. This means that you’ll know what to expect when you actually need to be in work so that you don’t get as stressed and frustrated. This will also help you to remember your route so that you don’t have to use a satnav, which might distract you while you’re driving and result in an accident.

Don’t Lose Focus

It’s essential that you remain focused every single time you get behind the wheel, but this is even more important when you’re driving to work, as the roads are so busy. This means that you should avoid texting while you’re driving, or you may find yourself needing a car accident lawyer. You also shouldn’t eat while you’re driving or play with your satnav, as both of these distractions commonly cause accidents too. Your focus should solely be on driving and nothing else.

Keep Your Cool

If anything can distract you from driving, it’s your emotions, and, unfortunately, these can get pretty out of control when you’re stuck in traffic and surrounded by people that seem like they’re trying to cause an accident. In these situations, it’s important that you keep cool, or you’ll start to make dangerous mistakes. Taking a few deep breaths and listening to music often helps, but, if you have to, you should find somewhere to pull over and regain your composure.

Commuting to work is rarely fun, but it shouldn’t be as dangerous as it often is. If you want to make your journey to work a little bit safer, then follow these simple tips.


Should You Text Your Customers?

Should You Text Your Customers?


If you are looking for a new way to communicate with your audience this year, there is one method which stands out from all the rest and can be of great benefit to your business. Texting is often seen as something which you only do with your friends, but it can actually be a very useful tool in your marketing campaign too. If you want to learn more about texting for business, read on.

People Read Their Texts

Take a look at your mobile phone right now and see how many emails you have which are unread. Now, do the same with your text messages. The beauty of text messages is that we see them as more personal and we therefore read them right away. You can get this company or any others to help you set up texting for your business and you will immediately notice a much larger reading rate than emails. The act of sending and reading a text is much less fuss than an email which is why they are so popular.

Customers Like To Connect

When you make a connection with a brand and start to buy their products on a regular basis, you want to feel closer to the company and form a trusting bond with them. Your customers want to connect with you on a more personal level and this is why brand social media accounts are so popular. By sending your audience a text rather than an email, you will form a more personal connection with them, due to the reason we stated above. Your audience will feel closer to you and your brand if they are able to send you a message directly rather than sending an email to an automated mailbox.

It’s Simple

These days every man and his dog has a mobile device to use and take around with them everywhere they go. Because of this, a text can be a much more convenient way of communicating than any other form. Most people will avoid phone calls during the day because they are either busy at work or hate answering the phone to strangers. A text message is less invasive and it allows you to get the message across to your audience much quicker than any other type of communication.

You’ll Reach More People

The beauty about text messages is that they allow you to tech a huge audience of people in a very short space of time. This is a way more effective way of talking to your customers than phoning them all individually, yet it still has that personal touch which you will not find with an email. If you want to make a lasting impression on your customer base within a few minutes, texting could be the best option you can ask for and will save you a huge chunk of time out of your working week. Plus, why spend the time creating an email with graphics that no one is going to read when you can send an SMS?

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