Our Impact On The Environment Might Be Even Bigger Than We Thought

Our Impact On The Environment Might Be Even Bigger Than We Thought

With summers seemingly getting longer and hotter, and more turbulent weather than we have ever experienced on record, it’s no wonder people are thinking about the climate. However, our impact on the environment goes a lot deeper than we might imagine. Here are the major crises we’re facing and what we can do about them.

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We have a growing plastic crisis

Pollution is a huge issue right now and plastics are one of the greatest contributors to that issue. Out of all the plastic we use, we use 50% once before throwing it away. This has led to billions of pounds of plastic floating in over 40% of the ocean’s surface. Green businesses are turning away from plastics, such as no longer using or selling plastic straws, or offering renewable materials for packaging. Changing how we consume could make a huge dent in the plastic pollution we produce.

We’re endangering our ecosystem

An estimated 150-200 species go extinct every 24 hours. We may not notice many of them, but almost everyone is noticing that bees are dying at an alarming rate. Bees have become the de-facto mascot of our growing biodiversity issue. As we encroach on the natural environment more and use pesticides and fertilizer, our native pollinators are some of the species at greatest risk. However, The Unfolding Earth highlights some examples of how you can create a safe haven for your own environment’s wildlife in your own garden.

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We’re poisoning our water

The use of pesticide and fertilizer impact not only the animals around us, but the water we drink, too. Furthermore, as WHQR shows, there are more and more reports surfacing about highly dangerous contaminants like GenX being found in our water supplies thanks to unregulated chemicals in industrial use. Besides limiting your own use of chemicals that can infiltrate our groundwater, you can make sure you and your family have safer water to drink and cook using reverse osmosis filters on your sinks.

We might even be making hurricanes worse

There is proof to suggest that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were made worse thanks to our own impact on the water. Rising water levels and temperatures may have played a part in the devastation of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. A year later, these communities are still rebuilding thanks to the efforts of volunteers and local businesses like Cane Bay Partners starting initiatives to provide generators, clean drinking water, and more. While doing our part to reduce our use of the resources that play a hand in climate change, it’s important to donate what time and money we can to rebuild, too.

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Our forests keep shrinking

A major contributor to not only the shrinking biodiversity of our ecosystems but also climate change, deforestation continues to represent a growing threat to life on Earth as we know it. As One Green Planet shows, one of the efforts taken to combat this is volunteer vacations to rainforests around the world that include protecting endangered species and helping to study the impact of logging.

It might all seem like doom and gloom. Individually, we can only contribute a little towards decreasing the impact we’re making on the planet. However, by being informed, we can be more aware of the greater change we can affecting when it comes to how we vote towards environmentally-friendly policy.


Ways to Get Money Online That Aren’t a Hassle

Ways to Get Money Online That Aren’t a Hassle


When you are in need of money the Internet can be a great way to find what you need. If you want to try and earn extra cash there are some good ways to do so. Whether you need a loan or just want to work a side job for extra money we have some tips for you. By trying some of these proven methods listed below, you can start easily making a few hundred extra dollars a week:

iPhone Applications for Money

If you’re like many who enjoy spending some of their time online exploring new websites and handy new apps for a smart-phone, it might be a good idea to turn that hobby into a job. Anyone can begin making money by exploring some of the more popular websites such as “Perk.com”. Platforms like this pay anyone willing and able to review the nifty website they have been using. In just 20 minutes, you can make 10 dollars.

Network for Social Investments

The world of investing can discourage many people who see it as too risky or something that is only for those on Wall Street, however, with the growing market for trading platforms online, just about anyone can get in on the action.  We’ve researched many of the best platforms and have found ones that make it easy for anyone to begin. It is free to start a practice account, and some providers offer new signers up to 15 dollars of funds at no deposit to start off with.  With almost 5 million global users, these websites are catching the attention of big named business newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal.

Peer & Online Loans

Peer lending websites have become popular in the past few years. They can be very helpful for those needing smaller loans. When you need money fast the Internet has peer lending sites like Prosper.com. If you are looking for a faster answer you can always try and traditional online lender when you need a loan fast.

Try out eBay

Many people don’t have the time or the space to start a garage sale anymore, but many are finding success online selling clothes and old stuff through websites such as Ebay. By using Ebay, you can leverage the auction method to almost guarantee getting rid of your old sweater you never wear anymore. Some extra savvy online sellers are beginning to study the trends necessary to get ahead of the market and exploit potential buyers. This opens the opportunity to buy some stuff in larger amounts before the demand rises when you can then sell for a handsome profit.

Start Writing Articles

If you can write well, joining a freelance writing website might just be one of the easiest and coolest ways to make extra money online today. Websites are constantly in need of new web content in order to generate visitors to their websites. Websites such as “textbroker” will work with these companies and hire ghost writers to produce this content. The process ends up making everyone involved a little richer.

Start a blog

There are hundreds of thousands of successful blogs on the internet today. These blogs usually tend to be a hobby for most that write them; however, little do people know that these blogs actually generate revenues. What makes this money making method especially attractive is that the blogger does not need to worry about finding readers; this is automated through services such as “Google AdSense”. 

Securing Your Personal Information and Data in the Online Age

Securing Your Personal Information and Data in the Online Age

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Nowadays, we are living in a technological world where a whole host of our lives are carried out online. This is brilliant in terms of convenience and accessibility. We can purchase products in a matter of seconds, we can connect with our loved ones through social media, and we have access to all sorts of information through news sites, blogs, and vlogs. But when we spend time online, we’re bound to input all sorts of information to access these services. We input card details and our delivery address when buying products and wares. We sign up to social media sites with our email addresses and input all sorts of personal information to complete our profiles, such as birth dates, place of study, and place of work. So, it’s not all too surprising that we should be extremely vigilant when it comes to protecting our personal information and data. Here are just a few steps that you should take to secure these things!

Monitoring the Dark Web

The dark web is something that the majority of us would actively avoid. It is part of the world wide web that can only be accessed through special software that allows all individuals using the dark web to remain anonymous, unidentifiable, and untraceable. As you can imagine, individuals with a staunch concern about not letting any authorities see what they are doing or preventing authorities from linking them with their activities are probably up to no good. The dark web is a prime location for criminal activity to be carried out and alongside various other problematic things going on in its depths, you may find individuals selling on others’ identities. So, how can you monitor the dark web without having to delve into its questionable depths yourself? Well, you can find out if your information is currently being sold on the Dark Web through independent companies who offer personalized cyber risk intelligence. They will monitor your social security number, email addresses, bank account numbers, medical identification numbers, and your passport number. They can also monitor phone numbers, drivers license numbers, your credit or debit cards, retail or membership cards, and social network accounts. In short, they have pretty much every saleable area of your identity checked.

Monitoring What You Post on Social Media

Social media encourages us to share our private lives with the world. We let others see how we look, what we like to wear, where we like to spend time, and who we are friends with. But you need to create a sensible boundary between what we can post and what we shouldn’t. Endless people have made the mistake of posting pictures on social media that contain their credit or debit card in shot with numbers in full view. People could easily note these details down and use them to their advantage. So, be sensible and check that any picture you post is free of such personal information.

These are just a couple of different ways to secure your personal information and data online. They are simple to carry out and can save you a whole lot of financial loss down the line!

Four Easy Ways To Increase Your Online Security

Four Easy Ways To Increase Your Online Security

It’s no longer only the problem of big businesses, but cyber security is still something that small businesses take for granted. If your business is experiencing some interruption and data anomalies, then it’s important that you know how to look after your online information in an efficient way. As a small business, you should be on your guard about anything and everything that could attack your company and cyber security should be right up there.

The common question that you can ask yourself as a business owner, is whether you are doing enough to protect your business from the threats that are out there. Obviously, if you have paid for managed IT services, you are aiming to have the best security and data control out there. You want your company to be protected and there are four very easy ways that you could make your business more secure and protect the interest of your business as well as your customers. Here they are:

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Proper Firewalls. The first thing that you should always do for your online security is installed the proper firewalls to protect your data. Hackers are becoming more intelligent as technology evolves, so the more you install the right protections, the more that people will try to find a way around them. Firewalls can protect your computer and your servers from malware that is looking to infiltrate your information. Installing the firewalls from the beginning will help you to protect your customers, too.

Separate Networks. If your business is an online one, you need to have a separate network for payments than your main company with all the data. If you have your payment network separate, you will be able to decrease the likelihood of an attack on your financial information. Cyber hackers will have to work harder to get into your information if you have separate networks, making them far more likely to give up.

Passwords. All usernames and passwords should be regularly changed as part of your good business practices. The more complicated your passwords, the harder it is for people to get into your information. Keep your employees vigilant about their information and make it a company policy to keep passwords confidential and case sensitive.

Software Upgrades. There are so many ways that you can protect your data and information, and there are many options that your IT provider can relay to you about the software that you use. Testing your firewall capabilities is important because otherwise, you have no way of knowing whether there is a breach in your own security walls. Add software training for the key employees in your company, too, in case of an emergency breach.

Protecting the information that your customers entrust to you when they purchase from your company isn’t just important, it’s essential. Never let your business be the one to run the risk of losing the information that counts; you’ll lose your reputation along with it if you allow the data to be challenged.


Is EDUI The New DUI?

Is EDUI The New DUI?

As a road user, you’re always careful to conduct yourself with the same safety and courtesy that you’d expect from other road users. The trouble is that modern living seems Hell bent on forcing us to break the rules. It seems like we’re in an increasingly massive hurry and yet always seem to be running late. With our attention pulled in so many directions even something as simple and intuitive as driving with due care and attention can seem like a tall order. We live in an era of electronic distraction where a never-ending stream of data screams at us from a number of handheld devices. From news headlines to sports updates, movie reviews and the ubiquity of our social media feeds, our digital devices bring (literally) a world of information to our fingertips.

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All that data can be intoxicating. It can compromise our judgment, impede our decision making and cause us to be needlessly cavalier and take avoidable risks in ways that can endanger ourselves and others. The parallel with drunk driving speaks for itself. And just as you can get help with a lawsuit when injured by a drunk driver, so too should you be able to seek justice against a driver who is driving under the influence of electronic distraction. Which is why last year the EDUI (Driving Under The Influence Of Electronics) law.

Washington Pilots The EDUI Law

Last July the law was brought into effect to curb the increasingly common incidents on the road caused by distracted drivers. While most states have pretty comprehensive legislation in place to protect road users from drunk drivers, the uneven legislation when it comes to driving while distracted by electronic devices necessitated the law which empowered police to pull over drivers seen holding or using an electronic device. Drivers caught doing so would face an on the spot fine of $136 which would rise to $234 if the offense was repeated.

One Year Later

So, one year later what’s changed? This article from the Kirkland Reporter demonstrates that like any addiction, letting go of our electronic devices can be a tough habit to klick. Distracted driving in the area is still responsible for more collisions than driving under the influence of alcohol and police officers admit to being frustrated that they find themselves giving out multiple fines to the same people. Nonetheless, distracted driving incidents seem to be taking a downward turn.

What You Can Do

But while legislation can lead us in the right direction, we must all take individual responsibility for one another’s safety on the road. This means ensuring that we only use our devices when stationary (using them to contact emergency services is still allowed). The good news is that with more and more vehicles using safer infotainment systems to access digital device functions in a car safe way, the future is looking bright for drivers. Cell phone manufacturers are getting in on the act, too. Newer versions of iOS, for example, will limit function if they detect a velocity that indicates that the user is driving.

However, more than half of surveyed drivers indicated that they would stop using their cell phone or other device if told to do so by a passenger. Even when we’re not at the wheel, we should encourage others to do the right thing!

The Important Things Your Small Business Needs To Be Aware Of In 2018

The Important Things Your Small Business Needs To Be Aware Of In 2018

As a small business owner, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot that you need to be aware of. When you’re trying to run your company, grow the business, and manage the day to day activities, you have a lot on your plate. But, if you want your business to be a success, you do also need to make sure that you’re concentrating on a few very important things.


First of all, there’s empathy. And this matters because, unless you’re empathetic and you care about your customers, you may fail to market to them effectively. So get to know them, try to understand them and their needs, and you should find that your marketing activity gets results.


Next up, there’s the idea of privacy. And no – not your privacy, but the privacy of your consumers. With GDPR launching, this is a hot topic. So you need to make sure that your privacy policy is compliant. If not, you could be in big trouble.


Thirdly, there’s also security to be aware of. If, right now, you’re not really taking any measure to protect your small business, then you could be making a mistake. Sure, you think that you’re small and that nobody would want to target you. But that attitude could be why they do! So make sure that you take a look at the below infographic on cybersecurity and make sure that you become a little more knowledgeable about it.

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