5 Good Reasons To Get A Dashcam

5 Good Reasons To Get A Dashcam

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Dashcams are more than just fun toys. In fact, they can have many benefits. Here are just five reason why you may want to invest in a dashcam.

Provide evidence when making insurance claims

Having a dashcam in your vehicle can be a big advantage when making an insurance claim. It could provide video evidence that you weren’t at fault in an accident, helping you to claim the compensation you deserve. Some drivers even buy two or more dashcams so that they can record the road from all angles – this could be useful if someone drives up the back of you or clips your wing mirror.

Provide legal evidence when reporting criminal activity

A dashcam could also help you to report any signs of criminal behaviour you witness whilst driving. This could include others’ unlawful driving or even criminal behaviour happening on the roadside. Your footage could even be used to help with police investigations reported by others. All in all, by owning a dashcam, you could be helping to fight crime.

Provide legal evidence when protecting yourself against false claims

You can also use a dashcam to protect yourself against false claims and convictions made against you. With the help of a criminal defence expert and dashcam evidence you may be able to defend yourself against fines and tickets that you feel were undeserved (there could even cases of number plate cloning in which you can use dashcam footage to show you weren’t the driver). Dashcams can also be used in insurance fraud cases where you may have been deliberately set up to cause an accident.

Record video footage of road trips

Dashcams can also be perfect tools for capturing memories of road trips. Even if you have lots of passengers on board to film events on the road, a dashcam could help to capture those surprise moments that unfold before anyone has a chance to film them. As for solo drives, it could be the only way to capture those fun and exciting moments on the road.

Monitor other drivers using your car

Another great use for a dashcam could be to monitor other drivers using your car. If it’s a business vehicle, there may be employees who you share it with – a dash cam could encourage these employees to drive economically and sensibly, which could help you to keep fuel costs down and protect the reputation of your business. A dashcam could also come in handy if you’re child has just learnt to drive and you want to similarly check how they’re using your vehicle. 

Skyscrapers Keep Getting Taller. Why?

Skyscrapers Keep Getting Taller. Why?


Skyscraper fanatics in the 1980s and 1990s didn’t have much to talk about. There were a few tall buildings in the world, but the number of mega projects was few and far between. Things began to change, starting in 2005. The city of Dubai, of all places, announced that it was going to undertake a skyscraper building project the likes of which the world had never seen.

800-Meter Towers Become Mainstream

Dubai saw the writing on the wall for the oil industry over twenty years ago. The Emirate recognized that if it wanted to get away from the oil sector, it would have to reinvent itself. Tourism and leisure would be the way that it did this, and so city planners began looking at ways to entice the rich and the famous to the city. 

Architects proposed an 818-meter tall building, which they initially called the Burj Dubai, that would stand as the centerpiece for a new urban development. Nothing had even come close to the 600-meter mark, let alone 800-meters. What Dubai proposed to build was extreme. 

For around 25 years, the Sears Tower in Chicago was the building with the highest roof and the highest number of floors in the world. The World Trade Centre Towers One and Two weren’t far behind. And the CN Tower in Toronto was the tallest freestanding structure, though not much of a tower if we’re honest. All of those towers were under 500 meters, and they were the tallest the world had to offer.

The Burj Dubai, now Khalifa, would utterly surpass them. It wasn’t an incremental increase – it was a step change. The tower would propel the world into a new era of supertalls where anything seemed possible. 

What Made It Possible? 

The first thing that made these tall towers possible was the removal of supporting columns from the interior of the building. Almost all buildings taller than forty floors use a central column, off which hang the various levels. The Sears Tower is an example of this in action. If you could remove the cladding and floor plates, you’d see just a big concrete stack which contains the elevator shafts and stairwells. 


Improvements in risk management services made supertalls more likely too. Companies got better at managing the risk of building large construction projects and figured out ways of cutting their insurance costs. That famous picture of men sitting on a cross beam high up on the Empire State Building couldn’t happen today. Conditions are much, much better. 

The concrete core of buildings was also reinforced with steel rope. The rope sometimes called rebar, not only made the concrete stronger but also meant that it could flex in the wind. 

The limits of this combination of technology have not yet been reached. Plans are in place for a one thousand meters tall building in Abu Dhabi, just along the coast from Dubai, with engineers predicting completion at some point in the next decade. And even taller buildings are on the drawing board. 

It’s an exciting time to be interested in the engineering of tall buildings. 

3 Ways To Put Your Patients’ Needs First In Your Healthcare Practice

3 Ways To Put Your Patients’ Needs First In Your Healthcare Practice


A healthcare practice can run profitably, providing it has enough patients stepping through the door. And hopefully, this will be the case for your practice, providing you are putting your patients’ needs first. If you aren’t, your patients might (and forgive the phraseology) lose patience with your practice and take their care needs elsewhere. 

For the ongoing health of your business then, you might want to focus on a few key areas, as follows.

1. Improve your waiting area

Your patient care begins as your patients enter your practice. The waiting area needs to be comfortable and welcoming. It should be warm and designed in such a way as to evoke feelings of calm and peace; useful for those patients feeling anxious about their health visit. There should be plenty of space too, so patients have the freedom to gain a little bit of privacy away from other facility users. It’s in your best interest to redesign your waiting area with the aid of professional medical design firms such as Levitch, especially if there are any significant problems with your current layout.

2. Hire the best reception staff

As the face of your healthcare practice, your reception staff have the potential to make or break your business. If they are cold, rude, and unaccommodating to your patients’ needs, then they are failing in their jobs. Both on the phone and face-to-face, your receptionists need to be warm, sympathetic, and above all, caring. For your patients benefit, hire the people who can evidence their caring credentials, and commit to regular customer service training so your front-of-house reception staff can fully put your patients at ease when they enter your practice. 

3. Improve waiting times

Consider this in two ways. Firstly, for any patients needing an appointment with you, don’t let them wait for very long. If they are worried about their health but can’t get an early appointment with you, they might very well look elsewhere for their care needs. And besides, the longer you make your patients wait for an appointment, the more danger of life to your patients if their health needs require early attention. 

Secondly, don’t let your patients wait an age in your waiting room. While there will be times when you are busy, and appointments might overrun slightly, your patients might only get frustrated and walk out if they are forced to sit for longer than is reasonable. This is evidenced in this survey, where 30% of those surveyed stated that they had indeed walked out when made to wait.

To make life easier for your patients, you might want to bring in more staff as a means to cut down on waiting times with regards to both aspects we mentioned. You might want to extend your opening times too, be that in the week and at the weekend. You will then be able to accommodate more patients a week, and despite the expense of new hires and longer opening times, you might also make more of a profit within your healthcare practice.


As an owner of a healthcare practice, the needs of your patients need to be your #1 priority. We have discussed just a few, but use feedback surveys to fully understand the needs of the patients who attend your place of business. By caring for them, they will care for you, and by this we mean they will continue to make use of your services for their health needs.

Thanks for reading.

Can You Be Smarter?

Can You Be Smarter?

To some, it can seem like smart technology is taking over the world. But, that doesn’t really have to be the case. Instead, it can make your life better and more enjoyable. You just need to know what you’re dealing with, and how best to get the most out of it. And because this is something that’s really growing at the moment, you’re likely to find that there are many ways you can get smarter in life. Let’s take a look.


First of all, we have entertainment. Now, we all know that the internet has very much changed the way we live. Hopefully, for the better for most of us. Yet, you can also apply it to things like TV and movies, your cell phone, and then also different voice technologies too. It’s safe to say that life can be more enjoyable, thanks to smarter technologies.


Also, we have sports. In more recent years, there has been a wealth of development in sports. Not only in the technologies that professional sports can use, and that we get to see on TV, but also in fitness. Smart watches, health trackers, and apps all make sports, health and fitness easier and more accessible.


But then also, you’ll find that the idea of getting ‘smarter’ can be applied to your energy usage too. If you’re not already smart, you may not really know what it is and what it can do. Just take a look at the infographic below to find more out about this.

Infographic Design By University of California – Riverside
The Impact Of Television On Your SME

The Impact Of Television On Your SME

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Listen to any “expert,” regarding TV, and you’ll hear the same thing. “TV is dead,” they proclaim, “the way forward is new media.” And, it’s easy to see why businesses believe this to be the truth, the growth of search engines and social media being the main indicator.

However, television is by no means dead and gone, as evidenced by the $32bn in affiliate revenue they receive yearly. The truth is there are pros and cons, all of them with the ability to affect your SME. 

To make sure you’re on the right side of history, it’s essential to understand the specifics. Here are the main ones for your information.

New And Old Media Mix

Yes, the likes of Amazon Prime and Netflix are making it tougher for traditional media outlets to have it all their own way. But, to say these upstarts are killing TV is a myth, and the reason is simple: partnerships. Thanks to the rise of the internet and smart TVs, online sites are now available in the form of apps on a TV screen. New and old media aren’t at war; they’re in a partnership. As a result, the viewing figures are still high and TV marketing is as effective as a result. You have to figure out which platform is the most effective.

TV Companies Have History On Their Side

History means a lot when you factor in the size and stature of a company. The opening paragraph mentioned affiliate fees, and they are the perfect example as to why history is important. New platforms charge less for numerous reasons, one being destroyer pricing tactics and fewer overheads. However, TV companies with a historic reputation can charge more thanks to the perception of their brand. ESPN’s sub per month, for example, is eight times higher than some of its competitors. This evergreen source of funding only secures their dominance and makes them an effective tool for businesses.

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They Instill Stereotypes

From a business’s point of view, is an accident in the workplace is a big deal as employees can take employers to court and win. The problem with television, however, is the fact that they normalize dangerous behavior. According to this slip and fall attorney, there are lots of programs on TV that trivialize accidents and don’t show the aftermath. For companies, it’s problematic as it might influence your health and safety practices in a bad way. Get them wrong and you can be out of business in a flash.

TV Is Compartmentalized 

Switch on the boob tube and you’ll see different channels for different things, from sports to movies and nature documentaries. Savvy businesses can take advantage of this by using the right channel to market to their audience. With the proper analytics, you can figure out the types of programs your base is likely to watch and put the advert in front of them for consumption. With the rise of Big Data, it isn’t tough to find out anything, especially TV preferences.

Television affects businesses in different ways – will you make sure it’s positive?

Reasons your Users Don’t Trust your Website

Reasons your Users Don’t Trust your Website

If you are having a hard time converting customers, then this could be down to a trust issue. Here are a few reasons why that may be the case.

You Aren’t Leaving a Good First Impression

First impressions can last up to 6 months. You need to think of your website as being the face of your company, and you also need to make sure that it is constructed as such. If your site is taking a long time to load or if it is not functioning properly, then this could be pushing your visitors away. It only takes around 7 seconds for your customers to develop an impression of your site, and if 3 of those seconds are spent loading, this drastically reduces the amount of time you have to impress them. If you are concerned about your customers leaving your site due to poor functionality, then you need to try and spend some time working on your website design. Choose fonts, images, colour schemes and more to create a logical flow of information. You also need to make sure that your site isn’t too busy, as this could increase the time that it takes to load up.

Payment Connections

More and more people are now shopping online. This is great, but this also means that your online security needs to be on-point. You need to be offering products that are high in quality and you also need to make sure that you are offering a secure payment option too. If you don’t then your customers may not feel comfortable entering their details on your site and you may even find that you have a high cart abandonment rate too. If you want to get around this, offer payment methods that are widely recognised by all of your customers. You also need to offer payment options that are recognised across the world. This can include credit/debit card payments, PayPal and even Google Wallet too. Window shoppers will often take a very close look at your SSL certificate too. If you don’t have one, this is a sign that your site cannot be trusted at all.

People Aren’t Talking About You

People who shop online will almost always look up your site online before they buy from you. If you cannot be found online, or on any trustworthy review sites then this could be really impacting your sales. You need to have a lot of testimonials present and you also need to make sure that your customers feel confident in you. Studies show that 88% of people trust reviews that are written by other consumers, so encourage the customers that you do have right now to talk about you. You also need to make sure that they are rewarded for doing so as well.  This will really boost your sales and it will also help with your overall conversion rate.

You’re Far too Mysterious

There is a high chance that your visitors are curious about the features of your product, and that they also want to learn about your services too. They might also want to know more about your shipping rates, and conditions. If they cannot find the information that they need then there is a high chance that they won’t buy from you. If you want to stop this from happening then you need to have complete transparency. You also need to make sure that you have a solid FAQ, and that you don’t leave your visitors hanging. It’s also worth investing in UX research software as this will give you the chance to find out exactly what your customers are looking for.


You’re Hard to Get Hold of

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to connect with a business. If you are keeping your contact information hidden, or if you have a form and no email address then this can give your customers a bad impression. If you don’t want to appear unfriendly then you have to make sure that all of your contact information is accessible. You also need to take note that some customers would much prefer to contact you by email, or even phone over chat. If you want to make sure that your customers are getting the service that they need then make sure

that you are offering various contact options simultaneously.

You’re not on Social Media

We live in an internet world. If you have an inactive social media account then this can send the wrong message about your business. Customers may believe that you are no longer in business or that you are not interested in connecting with them. Either way, this will have a detrimental impact on your business and you may find that it costs you loyalty too. If you want to get around this, you need to keep your channels active. If you do not have time to do that, it may be worth you hiring a social media manager. When you do this, you can count on them to help you with the posts that you want to go live, and they can also help you to track your results too, so there are plenty of benefits. You also need to make sure that you are responding to any comments and questions that your followers are leaving. If you don’t then your customers may feel as though you don’t care about what they have to say or even that you are not concerned with their opinion. Again, this can impact your business, so take the time to respond to every single person who posts on your page and also make sure that you are putting in the work to maintain those good client relationships.


By following the above tips, you can be sure to boost the amount of trust that your customers

have in your site, and you can also boost your sales too. If you are still struggling to get your customers to trust in your business, then it may be worth analysing your competition to see how your service offerings differ.

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