How To Get Your Child Hooked On Sports

How To Get Your Child Hooked On Sports

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Every parent knows how difficult it can be to get their child out of the house and active. With so much entertainment going on inside – think the internet, Playstation, and television – it’s a hard sell to say to your child, ‘why not go out into the cold and throw a ball around’ and then expect them to agree to it. If you’re able to get your child interested in a sport, however, then there won’t be a battle – they’ll go out there and play because they want to. And isn’t that the dream?



Let Them Decide

But of course, you can’t hand your child a football and expect them to take to it instantly. You have to let your child decide on their own which sport they’re naturally drawn to. If they express an interest, then sign them up for a taster training session. It might only take an hour before they realize they’re hooked, or they discover it’s not for them, and there’s been no great loss.

Introducing Slowly

When they do find a sport they like, don’t instantly rush to buy all the equipment or make that sport their whole life. Start slow. Think of a passion for a new sport as a planted seed; it needs to be watered and given time and space to develop. If you get ahead of yourself, you might find that any interest they had in the sport has been quickly erased before it even began. Essentially you should adopt a cautious, casual approach until you know they’re interested in it.

Make It Fun

At the beginning of their sporting journey, the best thing you can do is to make it fun for them. Regardless of what the sport is, you should forget about making it competitive – save that for later, when they want to test their skills against others. On warm summer days, you can host silly games between the family, in which the objective is to have fun playing the game with just a hint of competitiveness. For example, if they’re a budding cricket player then look at buying cricket trophies and hand them out to whoever wins. Nothing breeds passion more than having a good time!

The Right Encouragement

In the early days you’ll be taking a backseat and letting the sport get its grips into your child, but eventually there’ll come a day where you need to offer some gentle encouragement. How you handle this might affect your child’s sporting future, so tread carefully. Come on too strong and you run the risk of sapping the fun out of the game; don’t offer enough robust encouragement and it’s possible they’ll let the sport drift away when really they should still be playing it.



For Everyone

If you have multiple children, then a good tactic is to introduce a game that everyone can play. If everyone enjoys it they won’t even see it as playing sport – they’ll just be having fun with their siblings; only you will know how active they’re being!


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eSports: Big Business, Big Brands, Big Marketing

eSports: Big Business, Big Brands, Big Marketing

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The term eSports still hasn’t made it into the mainstream vocabulary just yet. It’s getting there, and some outsiders have heard about people sat in gaming chairs, headphones on, controller’s lodged in their hands. Oh, yeah, your computer can do more than just browse stuff. Don’t worry, with eSports set to break the $1Billion mark in the next couple of years, the mainstream will start hearing a lot more about this huge business.

If you work in marketing, however, well, you’re most probably sick of the word eSports because it has been buzzing around the industry for a little while now, and it is a buzz that is only getting louder. There are no two ways about that. That’s because eSports isn’t new, it isn’t a fad, it isn’t one of these easy come, easy go trends like Pokemon Go. No. It is a full blown disruptive phenomenon.

It is proving to be a mega-business, far bigger than anyone could have ever expected, and it is single-handedly changing the face of both entertainment and culture thanks to the growing popularity it has among young people. It has grabbed their attention, shaken it with both hands and refused to let go.

What’s more, big brands are now getting involved because they’ve seen what an influence it has. Intel was the first big name and that has had the longest running sponsorship deal, but other brands, like Taco Bell, are also getting involved too. But before we get into why and who, let’s get stuck into some facts first.


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What Is eSports?

In its most basic form, eSports is competitive video gaming being broadcast to a live audience. The first part of that statement, the gaming competitions, is nothing new. What is, however, is the size of the audiences that watch these competitions, which has radically exploded thanks to the growing sophistication of Windows VPS and the advancements broadband streaming.

How Big Is eSports?

In a word, huge. The fact it has managed to stay under the radar of mainstream entertainment is somewhat shocking because the leading eSports streaming site,, snatches more peak traffic than any other online site, bar Google, Apple, and Netflix.

Yup, stands at number four in the rankings, ahead of YouTube. Way ahead of YouTube,

actually. To give it a figure, commands 45% more views than YouTube with users watching 420 minutes of competitive gaming each and every month. That’s the average. When it comes to the big game days, things like League Of Legends, all we can say is ‘wow’ because the only event that commands a larger live audience is the Super Bowl.


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What Is Attracting Marketers To eSports?

The thing that has marketers rubbing their hands together is this idea of co-creation. It is something that live streaming has that makes it more attractive to those brands that are looking for places in which they can market themselves. Let’s take the popular site of as a prime example.

When you open up Twitch in your browser and watch a game, you’ll see gamers sharing a screen that is being streamed by the broadcaster, you will also see a video of the broadcaster, which is usually made up of a pretty emotive and hysterical experience. But what makes the whole thing super important to a marketer is the live chat window. This is where the real action is; questions, answers, debates, suggestions, discussions and reactions. This is where the idea of co-creation comes in.

By having a live chat stream allows users to interact with the other fans and the other viewers, and from this, they can learn. That’s pretty cool. That’s where a streamer really gains in popularity because they take the time to explain a decision, what they did and why they did it. What’s more, though, the live chat also allows users to influence the decisions made by the

streamers. That’s the key.

The ability to influence decisions is what sets eSports apart from other forms of entertainment. It is this idea of social involvement that makes it active consumption, and that is is what makes it a co-creation experience.


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Which Are Brands Already In?

This is somewhat similar to those life experiences where you and your mates are totally up for doing something, you’re just waiting for one of you to go first. Like you’re all sat at the top of a vert pipe on your skateboards, you’re just waiting for one of you to drop in. Saying that there are some big names already attached to the world of eSports.

Intel has been on board since 2006, and throughout that time it has focussed on sponsoring the Extreme Masters, which has a bunch of different titles playing in this tournament. In fact, it’s reach and influence in this industry has become so successful in terms of marketing that they get hundreds of thousands of people coming to their stage events every time they hold one.

Coca-Cola has been a major sponsor of a League Of Legends for a few years too, and through this, it has organically built a healthy reputation. This includes the Twitter handle @CokeeSports

becoming the brand’s second biggest social media account after @cocacola, not to mention the brands venture into a collaboration with IGN, together launching eSports Weekly.

These aren’t the only two big name brands that have seen the potential of eSports, though. Red Bull, Taco Bell, ESPN, and loads more are building their brands through their involvement within the eSports community.

Which Startups Should You Be Watching?

Okay, we have mentioned, and from what we have said it is to think that this is already an established business, but it is still booming. It is still growing and expanding and breaking down walls of what is considered to be eSports.

Reddit is another one, given that it is a hub that is cherished and celebrated by communities that have mutual passion-points. That is where it’s eSports bridge comes in because hundreds of thousands of people spend hours each and every day discussing their favorite games, videos, live streams and more.

The last one on our list is Kamcord. In essence, what Twitch has done to desktop gaming, Kamcord is trying to do to the world of mobile gaming. What’s more, all early signs seem to be good because there are millions and millions of users already enjoying this platform, with the average stream time per person per day standing at around the twenty-minute mark.

The Fun Side Of An Active Lifestyle

The Fun Side Of An Active Lifestyle

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With working hours getting longer and longer – most people work over 60 hours a week –, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing career over fitness. After all, you can’t have time for both, or so it seems – and it can be a little tricky at first to find the benefits of exercise if you are too stressed out to find any time for sports. Additionally, the medias have developed an image if healthy that can be a little overwhelming, if not scary, for most people. Healthy has become a synonym for visible six packs or bird food. In truth, keeping a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be torture, contrary to what the press wants us to believe. There’s a big gap between being healthy and working hard on the perfect body – whatever your idea of perfection is. And it is this gap that we are interested in. Let’s look at the active side of life without thinking about fitting in a super tight top.


A healthy runner

Why Do I need To Stay Active?

For a start, the main question might need to be addressed: Why do you need to be healthy? Indeed, with stressful work environments, it can be difficult to remember that you are much more than a hard-working employee and that eating a light salad for lunch is not taking care of your health. Being physically active, even if it is only 30 minutes every day, helps you to feel more energized and to stay focused when you are at work. So, for all those of you who are worried about not getting the results they want at the office, a trip down the gym sounds like the perfect solution. Additionally, exercise keeps your muscles and your brain active, which means that it

improves your mental performance too. If you need another reason to hit to the treadmill, think about cardiovascular diseases.

Little Tips To Get You Going

Now that we’ve established how important an active lifestyle is, it’s good to think of a few ways to make it possible. For some families, getting a dog is all they need to take on new outdoors activities and stay fit. For others, it’s about finding the proper space to exercise at home, or maybe create that space by building a home gym studio. It doesn’t have to break the bank; you can find plenty of affordable home improvement projects using metal buildings to create a clean and fresh sports room. All you need then is to get your gym equipment sorted. Treadmill, anyone?

A Healthy And Yummy Diet

Last, but never least, a healthy lifestyle is a mix of staying active and eating the right foods to fuel your body. There’s no miracle: If you are after a long and happy life, you need to take care of yourself. It starts by being kind to yourself, not by indulging in comforting junk food but by giving your body the natural vitamins and minerals it needs. Only then can sports make you stronger and fitter. But healthy eating habits doesn’t mean that you need to stick to raw kale and protein shakes. A healthy diet consists of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, proteins from meat, fish or vegetal substitutes, and carbs. While this means less processed foods, there’s nothing against a smoothie, a glass of wine, or a dish of pasta. So enjoy your food!

It’s A Great Year For Sports Fanatics

It’s A Great Year For Sports Fanatics

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We love our sports on this section of the web and 2017 is an epic year for this passion. There are so many incredible sporting events happening around the year annually and you’d be crazy to miss out on some of them. Here are the best global sporting events you can start getting excited about right now.

Tennis Is Back

Yes Wimbledon will be kicking off in a few months and that means we can look forward to everyone getting out there and taking to the courts. As for the tournament itself, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. England will obviously be hoping that Andy Murray will rise to the challenge once more but it’s definitely going to be a heated competition.

Formula 1

The F1 season began in march and will race onwards until late November. Lewis Hamilton has already won the Chinese Grand Prix and we’re sure he’s hoping to pass the finish line first in a few others as well. The races are always worth a watch, if not just for the insane crashes.

The World Cup Begins

Of course, the biggest sports event that starts this year is the world cup. The qualifier matches are being laid out right now to find out who is going to make the final cut. Will America make it through again? Is Scotland in with a chance? And does it even matter when Brazil are sure to wipe the floor with every team? If you’re interested, do make sure that you check out the infographic below for the full knockout stages.

Fun Sporting Activities To Get Kids Up and Moving

Fun Sporting Activities To Get Kids Up and Moving

Getting kids interested in sports and fitness at a young age puts them on a good path for later in life. Staying fit and lean is important for overall health, plus competition can help to teach them how to be gracious whether they win or lose. If you want to keep it fun and keep kids active, here are a few sporting activities to get kids up and moving.

Throw a Sports Day Event

Maybe you’re planning for a community event, or for a child’s birthday party? Throwing a sports day event is a great option. Running, skipping races and relay are all solid sports day activities- great for getting kids up and moving about. But be sure to add in a few fun and silly races too to break up the day. Three legged race, egg and spoon race and sack races are all fantastic ones to consider for a few laughs. Don’t forget plenty of prizes, you could even have custom medals made up and present them after the event.

Set Up a Team Sport

To rev up the competitiveness and for even more fun, how about signing them up a team sport? It could be something casual like a game of football at the park, most recreational areas also have basketball courts. Alternatively you look for classes at sports centres. Cricket, hockey, even water polo are good choices. Again having prizes for the winners will make everyone work that bit harder, plus it’s an opportunity for kids to socialise and mix with others their age too.

Go Trampolining

Trampolining is so much fun it hardly feels like exercise. Yet it’s an incredible cardiovascular workout. Plus it helps to tone and strengthen muscles, as well as teaching kids balance and control. There are trampoline parks dotted around all over the place, these have things like foam pits and other fun things to do too which all burn through kids never ending energy. Plus they’re positioned in a way that it’s impossible to fall from the trampoline so no spotters are needed. On the other hand, you could always see what lessons are available for their age group local to you.


Try Ice Skating

Ice skating is a lot of fun, and improves balance. It also tones the legs and gives the heart and lungs a workout too. Ice skating is something you can do with all the family, it’s a real treat for kids and is great exercise without it feeling like it at all. For tweens and teens, many ice skating rinks have disco evenings which again is a chance to socialise as well as get some exercise in. If you want the competitive element, book them in for ice skating lessons. Competitions in this sport are about as cut throat as it gets, and can teach a lot of patience and self discipline.


What do you think the best sporting activities are to get kids away from their screens, and up exercising?

10 Things to do to Stay Active

10 Things to do to Stay Active

The busier our lives become, ironically, the harder it is to stay active. If you’re one of the many sat at a desk for hours every week, you may be worried about the amount of exercise you’re getting. It’s difficult to fit it all in, but there are some things you can do with the family to ensure you stay active. Take a look at this top ten list for keeping your body busy, as well as your mind.

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Top Ten Tips

  1.       Get Outdoors – We aren’t always lucky enough to have good weather in this country but when we do, there are lots of activities that the whole family can enjoy outdoors. Some of these include a bike ride, a long walk, water sports and you could even make the most of the snow by going sledging! If you’re not used to getting out and about, you may need Big 5 Sporting Goods coupons to save some money on active wear.
  2.      Take up a new hobby – If you’re stuck at the office all week, you’ll want to find something that will relax you, as well as keep you active. Golf is a great solution to this dilemma. It has everything you need; fresh air, exercise and relaxation. You can find out more here.
  3.       Join some classes – If you have young children, they may already be in weekend or evening exercise classes. Perhaps they do martial arts, football or dance classes. Have you ever thought about joining them? Most classes will offer an adults only version of what your child does or even family sessions.
  4.       Housework – Doing the housework can really kick up a sweat. It may not be as fun as going for a bike ride but it will certainly keep you active. Put some music on in the house and get the whole family involved. It’s killing two birds with one stone.
  5.       Work exercise – You may think there’s nothing you can do about your lack of exercise while you’re at work but there are ways to change that. Getting up and going for a walk or stretching at your desk keeps your blood flowing. Some people go as far as taking an exercise ball to work with them. Why not find out more about work exercise?
  6.       Eat healthily – There’s no point in planning extra activities into your timetable if you haven’t got the energy to do them. We all need the right fuel to make sure we can get through the day without needing power naps. Introducing more fruit and vegetables into your diet and taking a multi-vitamin should do it.
  7.       A family dog – Having a dog means you’re forced to go out for walks daily, whether you want to or not. A dog requires exercise and it can be a great motivator. They’re also fabulous family pets – they’re loyal, loving and protective. However, if you’re not at home most of the day, you need to research which breeds don’t mind being alone for a few hours.

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