Setting Up Camp – How to choose a good spot

Setting Up Camp – How to choose a good spot

For any outdoor enthusiasts, camping is seemingly a nice choice. However, setting up camp perfectly to enjoy wildness is not easy at all. At first, do you know how to pick the best camp-ground?

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Camping – it is not a story like luxury resorts or noisy cities. By contrast, here is the enjoying with sun, wind, rain, green and blue sky. After week days being tired of boring tons of work, you pack up, begin camping days and leave rush things behind. Here is the reason why you should not let silly troubles as setting up camp annoy your trip. And followings are some tips for you to get rid of such barriers.

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Ground surface

Among masses, the place which you choose to have sleep at night plays an essential part. Hence, do never disregard the step for make decision where the campsite should be. With the purpose of pitching a tend well, a flat ground with tall trees around is surely in need. It is because that you may wake up at midnight, then cram against the wall of the tent to go outsides. Therefore, such terrain will be suitable for the cases.

Moreover, choosing a camp-ground which is flat will make sure that you can enjoy a smooth sleep without dangerous protrusions. If the area is covered by sand or grass, you seem to be the luckiest camper so far. For the location as small depression, it is so nice for windy days, but the story no longer is the same as rainy ones.


Before setting up camp, there is another important thing that you have to consider much. It is the shade. Actually, it is not necessary for campers to search for the area with the shade all day long. But that is a must for the morning since the blazing sunshine in the morning likely wake you up with an annoying mood. After a day of hiking, you deserve sleep without bothering.

Especially, for campers to the desert, the shade is exactly a wonderful found. They can be a flat ground under the green or the one with brushes around. In a case that you cannot look for a satisfying area, bringing your shelter is partly an ideal option.

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Things above

In fact, no campers want to take themselves at risk. How is it going when you see something which is looming above? For the safety, you should never place your camp under dead branches of trees with a thought that they are still safe and seem not to break immediately. The things will be the same for the area of rockslide or the one with an avalanche. Since nature is unpredictable, let make sure that you are not close to hazards like these.

Things around

The story does not tend to stop at the things above you. Another note for how you are surrounding. For example, the campsite of your decision to pitch a tent is on a water edge. There will be bugs, insects, dangerous animals are waiting for you. Hence, preparing water by your own surely help you protect your back from lugging water.

As mentioned above, a flat ground is reasonable for an amazing camp. However, your decision should be change if it is a forecast of high wind afterward. In such cases, it is undoubtful that setting a camp which is hidden behind a boulder or trees will save you.

And more, you also have to take consideration for your camp impacts. There will be no problem when you start the camping in a place which seems to be a campsite already. In spite of being endless, the wildness still needs to be preserved for the future generation.


Sometimes, it is great for a campsite with more than two camping groups for parties or making new friends. While sometimes, you desire a quite area for relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty. Setting your camp with privacy is an opportunity of exploring the wildness. To be honest, some of you are looking for peacefulness in mind which cannot let others break out. Maybe, it is not hard to search for spots like path; you can get space for your vehicles, not be surrounded by too many campers.


In addition to elements including grounds for the camp, the shade, the privacy and the safety, now it is time for you to turn to the space. Assume that you pack up and pitch a single tent, the space does not matter. It just needs a small room in nature. Alternatively, you and your friends reunite for camping parties and have nights with big tents, the space should be larger. You imagine that it will look like houses with spaces for sleeping, spaces for cooking with a lot of gears like stove, knives,… and others for recreation. Because of such purposes, it is highly recommended for you to pick spots with big flat ground as well as all elements referred above.

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Local permission

The final thing which you must to pay attention before camping is in relation to regulations. These are different among places all over the world. Normally, the campsites are in national or state parks as well as forest or mountain. The authority of each spot has their own restriction for visitors with purpose of protecting the nature.

Forgetting to check the regulation may drive you crazy. For instance, you wake up in the morning with fresh air among the forest. Suddenly, there is a man coming and requiring you to get out from the area since you do not have a ticket.

Generally, picking the area for your campsite entails you to keep in mind which you are waiting for. Many questions as how many campers there are, whether the camp is near the water source and more should not be ignored. Besides the campground, you had to consider the gears are going along with the tent, for example, tent pole, straps or knife to cut off green hassles around before setting a camp.

This is why you should try night hunting

This is why you should try night hunting

Night hunting is something unappealing to many hunters. The reason is that you need special gears to hunt at night, as well as put your life at higher risk. But it is also more rewarding and exciting. If you can afford a thermal vision or night vision scope, then you should know 3 reasons why you should try night hunting once in your life.

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  1. Rare animal species

The most interesting period of the wildlife day is the evening. The forest will be more energetic than ever. A lot of animal species goes out of the shelter to find food. Then, it is also when nocturnal predators appear. Some of them you will never see in during the daytime. Therefore, night hunting gives you chances to hunt a lot of rare species.

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During daytime, the most common hunting targets are birds, whitetails, or some subspecies of bulls. Meanwhile the night, you can hunt wild boars, coyotes, and even panther. Some especially big bulls also work at night. Moreover, you can look for animal’s bedding grounds to hunt. Feeding grounds sometimes are too large, so beddings are easier and more effective.

  1. More challenging

Night hunting doesn’t not only give you special targets but also give you an opportunity. It’s the opportunity to feel more excitement and adrenaline inside you. Night hunting, in every aspect, is a lot challenging than day hunting.

Hog hunting is common night hunting practice. They are not only pigs, they are wild boars. They are mightier, smarter, more sensitive, and harder to be hunted. They walk in random patterns and do not leave many trails to follow. They are hard to be recognized in the dark. But more important, if you don’t approach properly, you may lose them or even be counterattacked.

To hunt a predator is the most challenging thing. They are carnivore animals, their senses are a lot better than human, so they can easily detect us. They are also too smart to be hunted by normal traps. Moreover, each kind of predator has different hunting and living habits, as well as other customs. Therefore, you must learn and prepare for any specific species and specific conditions. You even need to spend much time to observe the animals. There are many things to do to have a successful hunt, and thus more exciting.

  1. Improve survival ability

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Hunters need to learn how to survive in the wild. And night hunting is the hardest test for your survival abilities. Under the moonlight, there are a lot of targets for the hunt, and also a lot of threats for you. As said, predators are very sensitive, and if you’re careless, you may become their food. In the jungle night, you have to spend 200% of your power to survive.

In the dark, your visibility is limited. Even when using a thermal scope, your vision is also narrower than it is in the morning. If you don’t move properly, you can alert the animals so they will know your location. When you are spotting some animals, there may be some others are spotting you. You must their pattern comprehensively, and timely react to any of their moves. If you feel danger, you need to escape in the safest and most quiet way. Otherwise, you will provoke the predators, being chased and attacked.

Although it’s appealing, you mustn’t forget that night hunting is dangerous. So, you need to remember some precautions to keep yourself safe and alive.


  1. Have at least two tactical flashlights

Vision is your survival in the dark. Without it, you are blinded, thus are hunted. A good police flashlight is reliable and can last for days. But you must have a second one in your bag for the worst situations. May be the hunt is longer than you estimation and the light is out of battery. Or you accidentally drop it during work. Everything is possible, so you need an extra light support ready in your bag.

  1. Buy a bushcraft knife

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If you are camping, knives are just supporting tools. But if you are hunting, they are more effective than you think.

For some reasons, you will need other weapons aside from your rifle. Maybe it gets errors or runs out of rounds, your gun should not be your only weapon. A knife, especially bushcraft knife can be the choice. Those bushcraft knives are for survival purposes, so they are as tough as small swords. They can be used to secure a weakened but struggling animal. Or you can defend yourself against agressive predators, even bad manners. Intruders will think twice when they know that you have weapons.

Hunters also need a shelter to rest and recovery during the hunt, the knives will help you. You can use them to cut or carve wood and make tinder to start the fire. Their solid pommel can be used for hammering tasks to nail something to the ground. You can also use knives to fix other gears. Their sharp, thin points can be used to turn the screws and other tiny parts.

  1. Try blind shooting strategy

Blind shooting means you will hide and shoot from in a shooting blind. This strategy is especially good for night hunting. Blind shooting reduces chances of getting detected from other dangerous animals. You are safer when aiming, no sudden attacks will happen until you reveal yourself.

You can spot the location of the targets in the morning. Then, place your blind nearby in the evening and wait for them to appear at night. This strategy allows you time to carefully choose targets, angles, and perfect shooting moments.

The blind also protects you from the severe cold of the night forest. You may spend hours out there without a good chance to kill the animals. A long time exposure to the cold can result in sickness. Being sick is the forest is the worst thing ever.

With the fact that there are more hunters use an AR-15 rifle to hunt, blind shooting can improve your results. It’s because you can easily deploy a bipod. The downside of an AR-15 rifle is the aftershot recoil and barrel hops. They move your reticle around, resulting in inaccurate shots. Using a bipod will eliminate those factors and increase shooting precision. A shooting blind allows you time to aim and the ability to use a bipod. Therefore, it generally increases your shooting accuracy.

Look for a good AR-15 bipod here to increase your shooting accuracy.

Rare animal species, especially predators, and higher difficulty are exactly the reasons why you should try night hunting. It is also a good way to test and improve your survival abilities. Just remember to call some fellow hunters to hunt with you as it will be safer and more effective.

Calling All Petrolheads: Set Foot Into The World Of Motorsport

Calling All Petrolheads: Set Foot Into The World Of Motorsport

By Nigel Hilton

If you’ve always loved the thrill of watching motorsport on the TV, whether it’s Formula 1, Indycar or MotoGP, you might want to transform your experience from viewer to active participant. If you’ve never thought about heading out onto a racetrack yourself, it might be time to get behind the wheel and experience first hand, the adrenaline inducing thrill of motorsport. Motorsport is becoming more and more accessible to the enthusiast and amateur, and while you won’t be able to pick up the keys to the latest Formula 1 machine, you may be able to try your hand at karting or trial biking. If your aim is to start taking the sport more seriously, there are many avenues down which you can take your racing venture.

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Start In A Kart

Ask any professional at the pinnacle of their motorsport how they started in their career, whether it’s Lewis Hamilton or Valentino Rossi and they will tell you that they began karting in their youth. They will have joined a karting club and raced around tracks trying to beat their pals, learning to hone their competitive spirit from an early age. Karting can be your first step onto the racing arena and can see you venturing onto a tournament circuit where you can compete and race week in week out.


To progress in any motoring sport, you’ll have to decide the specific path you wish to go down. Are two wheels rather than four more your bag? Do you enjoy the stamina of endurance racing? Or is the traditional four wheeled racing your hobby of choice?

To take your motoring more seriously, you’ll need to learn from the experts by watching them closely. If you are becoming more adept at stock car racing, it’s time to head down to the Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series meets and examine the drivers maneuvering and overtaking tactics. It’s a good idea to witness trackside the skills of the pros and try to emulate them in your driving.

If you love nothing better than getting dirty on the rallying track, you should venture to your local rally meet and chat to the drivers and navigators. At the end of their meets, they tend to mingle with the spectators so try to pick their brains while you can. The drivers love nothing more than inspiring young enthusiasts and helping you hone your skills.

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Becoming A Racer

After you’ve explored all of the options, settled on your specific motorsport and you’ve joined a local club, it’s time to venture out onto the race track for real. You’ll need to ensure all the boring legalities are covered. Make sure you have the relevant racing licenses and all of your insurances ready. Apply for your competition place early on and join the circuit at the start of the season. You are now a fully fledged competitor.

Motorsport is one of the most physically and mentally demanding activities. Why not shift your motorsport enjoyment from hobbyist to competitor and start racing.

How to Regain Confidence on the Road After a Minor Accident

How to Regain Confidence on the Road After a Minor Accident

By Nigel Hilton

Big or small, car accidents are scary stuff. They remind us of what could have been and just how lucky we are to walk away with nothing more than a few scratches – but sometimes, the reminder keeps us from getting back behind the wheel at all. Accidents affect us psychologically and what used to feel like a safe and comfortable zone is now a risky, dangerous, and traumatic way of transporting yourself from A to B.
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Fear grows as we give in to it and have the potential to grow monstrously huge with time; the more you accept it, the more likely it is to find a home in your mind. Here are a few empowering tips on how to overcome it after an accident, and confidently get behind the wheel once again.

Talk about it with others

It’s common knowledge that the more you share something, the less you allow it to expand in your head – yet, it’s easier said than done. It might seem strange that sharing your story repeatedly should be able to take your mind off it, but the wisdom still stands: talking about it decreases those insensible and intrusive thoughts of fear.

You need to pick your conversation partner with care, though, and someone who is particularly prone to negative thinking should be your least favorite choice. A good friend, for example, who can listen and reinforce your confidence by noting that you’re still here today is an excellent option.

Write down your experience

Talk about how the accident happened and write the details down as well; most people find it helpful to write a narrative to deal with their emotions. If you almost threw a cyclist off his bike, had to make a massive turn to avoid the cat in the middle of the road, or had a larger accident with an eighteen wheeler wreck, write it down and put everything in chronological order.

The problem with fear and trauma is that our memory tends to fade with time, which again leads our mind to fill in the gaps. It will make the experience seem a lot scarier than it was, making you numb at the mere thought of ever driving again.

Don’t let your confused mind lead you in the wrong direction, and make sure you visit the site of the accident so that you’re not feeding the anxiety beast. Read more about the benefits of writing experiences down in this article.

Bring a friend with you

The first time you get behind the steering wheel again, you should try not to do it on your own. If you’re feeling at ease and not as stressed about it as you thought you’d be, it might be sufficient to do a few test drives on your own. Laying up at night, on the other hand, and dealing with frightening thoughts is a clear sign that you should have a bit of friendly support by your side.

You never know when something unexpected is to happen, and it’s going to boost your confidence a lot to have a calm and steady person next to you in the car. With time, you won’t just be a calm and happy driver – but you’ll be a lot more careful on the roads as well.



By Haris Quintana

Southeast Asia with its cluster of diversely rich countries makes a very fascinating region to travel to. These countries are gifted with indigenous cultures, history and nature’s blessings. The people too seem foreign and fascinating with their mix Indian, Chinese, and western culture. The same region also has the largest Muslim populations as well as Buddhist communities.
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Photo courtesy of Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

The local cuisines, temples, trails, and beaches all at affordable prices make Southeast Asia a very touristy region.


Those who are fond of architectural monuments and remarkable structural designs will love their visit to Brunei. Just make sure never to leave the country without trying their native delicacy Ambuyat. Also, the Billionth Barrel monument is a sight worth seeing!


Cambodia is a country with astounding temples and a colourful culture to boot. Not to mention, the eighth wonder of the world, the temple complex of Angkor Wat is in Cambodia.  The empire of the gods is not the only attraction though. The historically evil Tuol Sleng Prison is equally fascinating and scary at the same time.  


Singapore has loads to offer. A backpacking trip to Southeast Asia can never be complete without a stop in the lion city. The skyscrapers, the gardens, the trails and places like the Raffle hotel all come together to make Singapore one of the best places for a retreat. Frequent flyers can buy Singapore airlines points to save some money on the trip, and enjoy the lavishness of Singapore on a budget.  

Island of Java:

The Indonesian island Java is a land of mystery and magic. Once upon a time, this land was the heart of Hindu-Buddhist Empire and while these people are not here anymore, what they have left in their wake still stands proudly and mysteriously. One of the most distinguishing attractions of Java is Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple. Made of 2 million blocks of stone, this temple was built over 75 years in the 8th and 9th century. By the time 14th century rolled around, this temple was found abandoned. The history of this temple is lost and no one can tell from where the temple came from. It lays hidden amidst the jungle, beneath layers of volcanic ashes.  Today it is a World Heritage site.


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is not a very old city. It started off as a trading post during the 15th century and has gradually turned into a city that is home to eight million people. The city’s floating markets and picturesque setting make it popular among backpackers. Temples, snake farms, bars on every corner and peculiar shopping centres make Bangkok one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia.


If Philippines is Asia’s best kept secret, then the province of Palawan is Philippines’. This island is an unsurpassed destination for professional divers. Not only are the diving spots in Puerto Princesa perfect in every sense of the word, but Japanese ship wrecks from WWII attract explorers and adventurers from all over the world .

If you are planning a trip this year, perhaps a visit to Southeast Asia should be on the top of your list.

Getting Ready for Football Season

Getting Ready for Football Season

By Troy Lambert

It’s time for NFL football, and fans in the United States are gearing up, doing everything from ordering single game tickets to hats, jerseys, and foam fingers declaring that their team is number one.

This year, there are a few other things fans should be doing to get ready. Here is a short checklist for you.
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Is This Just Fantasy?

That’s right, training camp and pre-season is the time to pay attention to just who you want to add to your fantasy roster. Whether you are looking for bragging rights in the office or winning the fantasy pool every week and banking some skrilla, the draft is right around the corner, and you don’t want to be that guy whose starting running back is benched for the first four games of the season.

Place Your Bets

Okay, it is true that unless you live in Nevada, Oregon, Montana, or Delaware sports betting is technically illegal in the United States. Two things: that might change this October when the Supreme Court will rule on whether the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is unconstitutional or not; and even former President Obama said he would pardon himself if he were caught betting on sports.

So go ahead and lay your wager down. According to the NFL is the most gambled on sport worldwide, and if your state has a lottery, it might finally be legal for you to join the action this football season.

Get Your Healthy Snack On

No one wants to enlarge their team’s fan base by simply eating too many Cheetos and increasing the size of their own backfield, but it is hard to avoid during football season, when you really want to just sit and watch your team succeed.

So if you are going to snack (and you are, trust me), you need to choose your snack foods wisely. Reach for healthier choices like veggie trays and low-fat, low-calorie snacks rather than an extra-large stuffed crust pizza with a side of three bean nachos.

Besides the fact that even Febreeze and the best-filtered HVAC system in the world can’t fix the end results of that, and you might be watching the game alone if you keep that up.

Over to You, Gym

Most people who actually drink the beer depicted on beer commercials don’t look like the actors in the commercials. The reason? They haven’t seen the inside of a gym since high school PE class.

Unless you want to find yourself on People of Walmart when your fan jersey and your sweats can no longer keep up with your NFL expansion, you need to make time to work out during the season. It’s tough, because it’s winter and cold outside, but remember your reluctance to go to the gym when you are making fun of Miami playing in Green Bay in January

Football season is just around the corner, and it is past time to get ready to enjoy the great American pastime. (See what I did there?). So gear up, get ready, place your bets, get your snack on, and don’t forget your friend gym. It’s going to be another great season.

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