Benefits To Owning A Car

Benefits To Owning A Car


By Nigel Hilton

The process that leads up to you having your own car is a very exciting one. It’s the beginning of having your independence and freedom without having to worry about relying on anyone or anything else other than yourself and your car. Having said that though, it’s very important that you think long and hard about everything that goes into it, as although you may already have an idea, there are a lot of hidden costs and rules that are very easy to overlook if you’ve never done this before. But as long as you keep your head on your shoulders and think responsibly, as well as listening to the right advice for you and your circumstances, then there’s no reason you should have any problems.

There are so many different benefits to having a car, that will essentially have a huge impact on your life for the better. Here are a few examples of what those things are.

It can fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

When deciding on what car you want, it’s important to think about all the things that you do every day. While the kind of vehicle you have will greatly alter from whether you’re a single young adult, to a married one with a family. So think about that kind of lifestyle you live and what you’ll be using it for. If you do have kids, then it will need to be big enough to fit the family in for those school runs. If you work rather far from home, then you’ll want to consider getting something that is more fuel efficient to suit longer drives. You’ll also want the best comfort to make your journeys as pleasant as possible. Once you know what you need, then you can start thinking about what you want, like the colour, and any added features to customise the appearance.

You can go your own way.

If you’ve always had to rely on public transport, then you’ll know what a bore it can be. You have to make sure you’re ready and waiting for a set time in order to get to your destination, and even then, you may not end up at the exact location. You might have to walk another ten or fifteen minutes because the train isn’t close enough, or the bus only sticks to its assigned route, and this can be really frustrating. Whereas when you have your own car, you can leave at whatever time you want, and get to exactly where you need to be without having to work out where all the public transport drops are. This can end up saving you so much time, and you’re not having to rely on anybody, and that’s always a very nice feeling to have.

It’s catered to what you need.

There are plenty of different deals out there that will make your life a lot easier, depending on what exactly you need. Take having a Nissan for example, you can save more on Nissan extended warranties by taking out the right kind of deal for you. So if you know that you’ll be using your car a lot, driving long distances regularly, then you will of course benefit from taking out a longer warranty, as a pose to if you only use your car for running errands, then you wont need one. So it’s important to evaluate your situation so you know in advance what kind of features you will need.

It doesn’t have to be bad for the environment.

A lot of people will tell you to opt for public transport as much as possible as this cuts down on gas emissions. And while this is still a valid point, with the likes of technology getting more and more advanced, we now have vehicles that are electric, which means they let out zero emissions while driving, as well as being a lot cheaper to run. So you can protect the planet while living a sustainable life all by the vehicle you choose to drive. So when searching, have a look at things you may have never thought about before. You may find something that you absolutely adore the look of, and it’s environmentally friendly too. That’s a win-win situation right there.

You can become an explorer.

For argument’s sake, this can still be done if you didn’t own your own car – but it would be far more difficult. Have you ever dreamed of just being able to take off somewhere and go on a road trip around the country? Exploring new areas, seeing new things, and tasting new food. It’s such an exciting idea, and yet when you have your own car, you could be doing this every weekend, or whenever you have time off from work. All you need to do is pack a bag and head on out. There is no booking required because you are your own form of transport, leaving you in complete control of your adventure. You could even invite a few of your friends to come along for the ride with you so you can all create fun memories together.

So as you can see, there are plenty of amazing reasons as to why you should get a car. Sure, it can be pricey, but it’s one of those investments that you choose to make after knowing the ins and outs, because it’s a good investment that your life will greatly benefit from. It opens so many doors for you that make life easier, as well as a lot more fun. You won’t ever have to second guess going somewhere ever again, because you know that you can just drive there yourself. Having a car will give you a new lease of life, and you won’t believe you ever managed without one. So do all the necessary research and get all the advice that you need from people that know what they’re talking about, and then enjoy the process of finding your brand new baby who will introduce you to a life of freedom.


Motorcycle Accidents: How To Keep Yourself Safe While Riding A Motorbike

Motorcycle Accidents: How To Keep Yourself Safe While Riding A Motorbike

By Ashley Thompson

Riding a motorbike is admittedly “awesome” and something to look forward to, especially if you’re properly trained to drive one. However, accidents don’t choose anyone, and as such a motorcycle accident is still something that can happen to you. It’s important to understand what motorcycle accidents are, and how to keep yourself safe while riding a motorbike. After all, safety is key when it comes to avoiding accidents.

A Motorbike Is An Extension Of Yourself

Some action films often have rookie martial artists use weapons they can’t master. Their mentors always say, “Treat the weapon as if it were an extension of your body.” This works the same way with your motorbike, though don’t treat is a weapon. Rather, treat the motorbike as an extension of your body whenever you ride it. This means the care it receives should be just as meticulous as the way do with your body to be appropriate for your needs.

  • If you use your motorcycle often, you should make sure it has regular maintenance on all its parts. This is essential for parts such as the brakes, mirrors, engine, and things that can affect the way you control the bicycle and parts that ensure its integrity.
  • Make sure that if there’s extensive damage, you have it repaired or replace your motorcycle entirely. It can be an investment and it can hurt your pockets, but it wouldn’t hurt as much as it would if you get in an accident.
  • Make sure you know your motorcycle inside and out. Study the manual properly, and ask repairmen to teach you about what you could do to maintain your motorbike by yourself, and what to watch out for so you know when to call for them.

Protection, Preparation Helps

When they say “use protection,” there’s always a reason behind it. When it comes to using motor vehicles, ensuring there are enough means to protect yourself from any danger is extremely essential in ensuring you are free from risks when operating said vehicle. This is the same reason why potentially-dangerous tools have manuals to use them, or how people in dangerous places are required to operate with the right kind of protection. The same applies with a motorbike, as there is essential gear that should be worn to ensure you’re that taking necessary precautions to prevent severe injuries.  

  • A helmet is essential for riding a motorbike, and some countries actually make it mandatory for all passengers to possess and wear a helmet when using or riding a motorbike. This is because when accidents occur, there are still odds of your head being hit by something, which can cause dangerous and lethal damage. This means a helmet can at least provide you with a degree of protection from such an occasion.
  • Other motorcycle gear includes guards for limbs, and sometimes even a jacket or a suit with padding. Wearing them and removing them can be a hassle before and after rides, but the extra protection they offer you can be an invaluable way to protect yourself from the dangers of the road. If there’s an opportunity for you to buy such equipment, do so.
  • If your motorcycle has a container, do try to make sure you have a first-aid kit there, and other forms of immediate medical care. Get appropriate training to use them, so you know how to help yourself or others should you get in an accident where medical aid is taking too long to respond.
  • Preparation extends to your knowledge in hand as well. It’s also a good idea to have a better understanding of traffic laws related to motorcycles, such as those of bike accidents. Lawyers here can be of assistance regarding that matter.

Always remember that safety is extremely important, especially when riding a bike. Since a lot of the body’s parts are exposed, it’s relevant to at least know what safety tips are in terms of being a rider, and following these tips in order to ensure that you’re going to have a great time on the road.


Riding a motorbike is undoubtedly “cool,” especially when you have the attire and the helmet to match. However, motorcycle accidents don’t choose its victims, and it doesn’t matter how awesome you look, you may still find yourself a victim of a motorcycle accident. Knowing how to keep yourself safe while riding a motorbike can help you have more awesome trips without the hassle. After all, when you’ve gotten all the safety factors covered, then maybe you can have more time to focus on dishing out the awesome with your bike.

Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson is a promising young law writer. She hopes to apply her years of study into helping explain legal issues to the public. Ashley loves cooking and often cooks for her family during weekends.

What Happens In Your Brain When Alcohol Is Involved While Driving

What Happens In Your Brain When Alcohol Is Involved While Driving

By April Sears

Driving is an activity that requires a particular degree of focus and training in order to do it properly. Sometimes, it can become an instinct of sorts and as such you may know what to do at any particular time. This might make the notion of multitasking something that is tempting. Unfortunately, things such as texting or putting on makeup can potentially be risky when you do it while driving, and all the more if you drive while drunk. However, understanding the full implications of these are best understood if you get a basic idea on what happens in your brain when alcohol is involved while driving.


Do understand however that the facts below aren’t necessarily for everyone, as people have varying degrees of alcohol tolerance that should be taken into consideration, as well as other conditions that alcohol can affect. As such, it’s best to consult a doctor or a medical professional about the specifics of alcohol consumption before or while driving.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, or the NCADD, said that it’s important to understand just what happens to the body when alcohol is consumed in order to understand its effects on your functions in day to day living. However, it’s also important to consider the dangers of alcohol when involving tasks that can potentially be harmful to others, such as drunk driving.

  • It’s relevant to take note that drinking alcohol in itself isn’t bad. It’s only when alcohol is consumed too much that it’s become a dependence that can make it become qualified as an “addiction.” However to casually drink alcohol to get the occasional relaxing vibe isn’t entirely bad.
  • Unfortunately, it’s when alcohol affects the body and mind that’s supposed to retain focus while driving that’s the problem. This is because drivers have a responsibility not just to their cars but to other drivers and pedestrians as well, the way pedestrians also have their own rules to follow.


Alcohol: The Basics

Alcohol is something that’s called a depressant. This means it slows down the central nervous system, which is composed of major organs such as the brain. As the brain is the one controlling our primary functions, alcohol dampens the brain’s connections in order to “depress” high level activity, which leads to that tipsy yet relaxing feeling. Alcohol in the brain can affect things like:

reaction times and vigilance, and concentration also tends to be decreased. This is why drunk people are sometimes barely able to perform tasks that require focus.

  • The feeling of drowsiness and relaxation is very common after consuming alcohol, causing the urge to sleep.
  • Multitasking suffers with alcohol exposure as a dampened nervous system can’t focus on tasks appropriately.
  • However, as alcohol also allows the body to release endorphins or our feel good hormones, alcohol consumption can also lead to overconfidence, which elevates the odds of risk taking.
  • When applied to drunk driving, all these effects on the brain mean that the driver in question isn’t going to being able to focus and multitask on one task, which is not exactly the kind of driver that gives a guarantee of following rules and basics.

Alcohol: The Statistics

According to the US Department of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, research states that there’s evidence that skills related to driving really do tend to be reduced when alcohol is consumed. For instance, vision and tracking can become impaired due to exposure to alcohol.

  • The ability to see objects in fine detail along with the contrasting movements of the eyes and their overall control tends to be impaired. This more or less extends to tracking abilities, which impairs a driver’s ability to maintain their position with respect to the changes in their surroundings.
  • Drivers also have impaired perception and vigilance when consuming alcohol. Their level of watchfulness or alertness with respect to a given task can become decreased, as their ability to process information is also lessened.
  • Perhaps scariest is the reality that motor skills relevant to driving are affected as well. Undivided attention due to alcohol consumption is lessened, as the ability to focus on more tasks are lessened. Not to mention psychomotor skills, or the ability to coordinate physical tasks at the same time.

These factors, combined together, can potentially affect a person’s overall capabilities to drive. Alcohol consumption can be good when done without having to drive, as the latter is extremely risky, and not to mention may impose penalties on you when you are caught. If you are wondering about how alcohol will affect your body in general, it may be best to ask a physician about the full effects of drunk driving on your system. You may also confer with a lawyer such as those here as to just how traffic laws are incorporated into these health effects, including in cases such as driving under influence.


Sometimes, it’s hard to be convinced of things when you don’t necessarily “see” how it can directly affect you, and as such some people find it hard to believe things unless they see them for themselves. In the case of when alcohol is involved while driving, some who have been a bit reckless and “successfully” drove home while intoxicated may tell you that the “threat” isn’t exactly as what people describe. So maybe the above realities on what happens in your brain when you drive while intoxicated can at least help clear your head on the dangers of drunk driving, and perhaps why traffic laws are strict about people who commit these acts.

April Sears

April Sears has been a law writer for more than two decades, and she is currently working on her next piece. She also writes pieces on law topics for the common reader. April is family woman, and she loves spending her free time with her family.

Rock Climbing For Beginners

Rock Climbing For Beginners


By Jerry Mooney

Rock climbing is a sport which is becoming incredibly popular amongst many in this day and age. If you fancy giving this fun, full contact sport a try this year, here are some of the tips you need to take into account…

The climbing gym

Don’t just find the nearest rock edge in your area and start climbing. Climbing can be dangerous and it involves a lot of skill and practice. When you start out, head to a gym which has a climbing wall section or even a climbing class where you can be taught the basics in climbing. Reach out to other climbers and try to learn from them the best way to approach the wall.

Bust the jargon

If you are serious about getting into rock climbing, you need to start learning the lingo. For example the best rock climbing shoes are ones which are made with smooth soles and sticky rubber. This helps your grips and movability on the wall. A harness is a rope with a belt and loop attaches which will allow you to climb without worrying about hurting yourself. A belay is a device used for when climbers are securing a rope for another to ascend, and to control the slide down on a rope to the ground.

Perfect your moves

Before you step out onto real rock, make sure you have perfected your moves and you know exactly what you are doing. It will take time to become comfortable enough to step outside, but once you do you should be skilled and ready for the challenge.

Understand the risk

Climbing is a dangerous sport. You need to make sure that when you do finally get outside. You recognise the risks of the sport and don’t try to jump in too early. Stick with simple walls to start with until you have nailed the technique and then slowly work your way up to the big boys.

Go with a crew

Rather than simple going out on your own and finding a wall you think you’d like to climb, try joining a group of experienced climbers and climb with them. This will be a great learning curve for you because you will be able to watch what they do and they will be there to guide you if you are struggling with it.

Don’t rely on others

Although it is advisable for you to listen to the advice of more experienced climbers, you don’t want to be depending on them for your safety. You need to learn how to tie knots, check your anchors and secure your harness yourself. This way you have the peace of mind that you are safer when you go out alone.

Don’t focus on the fear

It might seem like an impossibility to ever go rock climbing if you are afraid of heights or scared of falling, but just remember that these are innate fears which everyone has, and they keep us alive. Push past your fears and focus on what you can achieve.

College Sports: Why You Should Play

College Sports: Why You Should Play

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By Sharon Jones

If you visit any college in the land, you’re likely to come across lots of fit young men and women sweating it away on the football, volleyball or basketball fields to make a few. You might wonder how they find the time to take sports so seriously when they have so much school work to do, but if you knew about the many benefits for college spots, you shouldn’t question it one little bit, and if you’re currently at college, you would try getting involved too! Not convinced, here are just some of the brilliant benefits of playing college sports:

Get a Scholarship

Okay, so the most commonly recognized reason for individuals to get into college sports is the scholarships that great athletes can win. Of course, unfortunately, most of us aren’t great athletes, but if you are, there’s no denying that you can benefit from free or subsidized tuition should you choose to play, so it’s well worth mentioning here.


Team sports are an excellent way to get to know new people in college. Whether you’re the shy type, someone who likes to know as many people as possible, or even someone who wants to make as many lasting connections that could help you out in the future as possible, get your name on that softball lineup card, join your college’s football team or get involved in lacrosse. Why? Because you’ll form lifelong bonds with your peers, ensuring that you have a social life/support now, and quite possibly, high powered connections to help you get along when you graduate, and you’re looking to start your career!    

Avoid the Freshman 15

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Many people, when they head off to college for the first time gain a lot of weight. This is probably a combination of always having had someone else cook for them and the convenience of fast food when studying for that important test. Whatever the cause, getting involved in college sports will help the average student involve college weight gain and quite possibly help to alleviate the stresses of college life too.

Do Better in Class

Did you know that playing sports can, as mentioned above, reduce stress, improve concentration and even boost your willpower? These are all skills that the average student needs to master if they want to do as well as they possibly can in class, so even if you’ve never thought of playing basketball or tennis before, give it a try, and you might just be surprised by the results.

Boost Your Resume

A lot of employers know that a person who plays sports is quite likely to have learned how to be a team player, have lots of motivation, stamina and a competitive way of thinking, amongst other things. These are all excellent qualities to have in the average workplace. So having a long history of college sports on your resume really can’t hurt.

Of course, the main reason you should consider giving college sports a go is because it’s fun. Do it for the fun and the extensive benefits will surely follow!


Improve Your Health Today Before It’s Too Late

Improve Your Health Today Before It’s Too Late

By Lina Martinez

Is the belt on your trousers starting to feel a bit tighter? The simple truth is that your waistline is growing. If you’re happy with that then great but your health may be suffering because of it. If you let yourself get to a stage where you are clinically obese then it could result in an early death. So how are you going to go about changing that other than promising yourself you’ll try harder and let everyone know you’ve made up a silly New Year’s resolution. Here’s how…

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Be honest with yourself

If you need to replace the Casters on your office desk chair then it may be time to think about losing some weight. If they’ve completely collapsed in on themselves then that’s a pretty good sign you should have started doing so,etching about it yesterday. It’s often difficult to be brutally honest with yourself but it’s a necessary evil. Find some scales and do a quick bit of research into what a healthy BMI for someone your height and weight should be. If you’re tipping just over the edge then he first step is getting yourself a diet plan.

You are what should eat

That’s right, if you’re stuffing pizza and cheeseburgers down your throat then washing away the sins with fizzy drinks then you’ll be gaining pounds at lightning speed. The opposite of what you want right? A well balanced diet doesn’t just mean five a day. Extreme cases are cause for extreme measures. You really will have to start counting your calories. A great way of doing this is to prepare your food with a weekly plan and stick to it. Deny yourself those in-between meal time snacks and say no to those sweet after dinner time treats. If you’re clueless when it comes to what to eat then it could be in your best interest to seek advice from a nutritionist. Find out what’s actually good for you. There’s lots online about diet and health.

Time break a sweat

If your not already sweating at the idea of a diet plan then you soon will be. Dust of that gym membership card and put it to use. Exercise can be as simple as walking. If your doing it daily it will all add up. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see change immediately. These things take time and your already stepping yourself in the right direction. Sports are another great way of getting out the house, losing a few pounds and making some great friends in the process. Have a look online if there are any clubs near you that host your favourite sport. People are always looking for new members to build up the team. If you’ve got kids then why not help out or join a team together.

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Don’t leave it till tomorrow or say you’ll start next week. Start now and give your body the best chance it can get. Your fit future self won’t be able to thank you enough.

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