Motorsport Advice For Newbies

Motorsport Advice For Newbies

There are ways to take part in motorsport if you’re passionate about it, and you don’t have to have billions in the bank to make a success of it – although it will cost a fair bit of your hard earned money to get started.

Below we have some motorsport advice to newbies. Take a look to get your racing dream underway:

Join A Motorsport Club

You can find these clubs all over the country, where motorsport enthusiasts will be showing their cars and bikes. You will be able to meet like minded individuals and hopefully get some valuable advice on getting started, too. You can also search for forums and groups on social media.  

Take Part In A Few Track Days

Many racing circuits open their doors for amateur drivers to test their own road legal or track-prepared cars or motorcycles without speed restrictions. You must hold a driving license or the appropriate racing license. Taking out Track Day Insurance will also cover you, just in case. Make sure there’s nothing else you need for that particular track.

Get A Highly Qualified Coach Or Instructor

If you’re brand new, it’s wise to look for a highly qualified coach or instructor to take you round the track and give you some pointers before having a go on your own. It’ll only make you a better racer!


Go To Events

At events, you can observe the goings on, chat to regulars, and enjoy the atmosphere. See if you can volunteer there to gain even more experience.

Decide Which Discipline Is Best For You

There are many disciplines even when you’re an amateur, so think about it: do you want to try rallying, autocross, or speedway? You don’t want to spread yourself too thin, so focus on one and stick with it. Look at this as your opportunity to get some experience and have some fun.

Start Saving Money

Although this is a fun sport and you don’t have to be a celebrity to do it, you’re going to need some cash. You’ll need your own car or bike, then you’ll want to modify it, and pay to travel the country to compete in events. Then there are things like entrance fees, insurance, licenses, and more. Many say you should start with around £5,000, but some say £10,000 is better if you want your own car to start rallying. There are hidden costs to bear in mind, too. You can look for used motorcycles for sale to help the costs a little bit, but it’s a good idea to set money aside each week/month to put towards your hobby.

Don’t Forget About The Paperwork

With motorsport, you have licenses, insurance, competition entry forms, car maintenance certificates, and more to think about. Buying an MSA starter pack is usually advised when you want to start racing, as this includes a novice license. Do your research.

Be realistic about what you can achieve – you’re not going to become a champion overnight!

However, if you get as much time practicing as possible and ask lots of questions, you will improve and love racing before you know it.

Everything You Need To Do To Be A Better Motorbike Rider

Everything You Need To Do To Be A Better Motorbike Rider

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There’s no wonder that motorcyclists have got such a bad reputation these. There are always so many different stories in the media about road traffic accidents that have involved someone on two wheels, and all of these stories make it seem like motorcycling is anything but safe. However, that isn’t always the case – in fact, a motorbike is as safe as the person who is riding it is. Someone with plenty of experience on the back of a bike is obviously going to be safer on the streets than someone who has none. And that isn’t the only way you can become a better motorbike rider. Here are a few other great tips that can help you improve your safety on the back of a bike!

Get Plenty Of Experience

Of course, the first thing you need to work on is your experience. If you have only just got your motorcycle license, then you need to spend quite a bit of time building up your mileage and gaining more experience before you head out on some very long journeys on your own.This is for your own safety just as much as for other road user’s safety. If you call Brauns Law today, I’m sure you will be able to tell you all of the things that will happen in the event of a crash. I’m sure just listening to them will make you want to get more experience on your bike as soon as possible!

Always Wear The Right Safety Gear

It is also essential that you wear the right safety gear for every ride. Even if you are just going to bike a really short distance, it is still crucial that you have everything on that you should. That includes a helmet and some leathers. The helmet will protect your head if you ever come off your bike, and the leathers will ensure that you don’t get too badly cut or grazed.

Be Patient

It can be easy to weave in and out of the traffic when you are on a bike. As a result, many motorcyclists end up impatient when they are stuck in traffic, and try to weave their way to the front of the queue. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very safe strategy and it could lead to an accident. The best strategy is to stay patient and simply filter through with the cars when it is safe to do so.

Always Follow The Rules Of The Road

A responsible bike rider also needs to be very aware of the rules of the road and follow them to the letter. The rules aren’t in place just to annoy you – they are there to keep you and other road users as safe as possible. So, be sure to stick to all of the rules and regulations as much as possible. There’s no excuse!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can become a better motorbike rider. What will you do to improve for the better?

Adventure Is Waiting For You

Adventure Is Waiting For You


Sometimes life can get repetitive. When we find ourselves in a rut, we often forget that life is fun, stimulating and adventurous. When this happens, we often look to change things up, reset our minds and get back in the groove. This can be challenging or simple. Maybe we need to change jobs, try a new hobby or simply drive a different route to work. In any case, sometimes we need to be stimulated. And when we do we often don’t know where to turn. Here are a few things that can put some pep in your step.

Little Things

Often, we take the little things for granted, but there are little things that really matter. Many of us enjoy our morning coffee. When life gets too hectic, though, we might grab a coffee on the way to work. This can be okay, but it often eliminates the enjoyment of relaxing and easing into the morning. When the coffee we have at home isn’t as good as that from the cafe, then we enjoy that less as well. We can get some extra zip, however, if we have our own coffee that is cafe quality, like that which you can make from Anthony’s Espresso, When our machines can duplicate cafe quality coffee, we can have the best of both worlds and give ourselves a little nudge out of the rut.


Sometimes we just need to get away, reset our minds and change the scenery. When we see how others live we often refresh our appreciation for our own lives. We remember that we have it good, but we also wake up our minds, stimulate our bodies and refresh our souls. Such adventures are easily discovered through sites like G Adventures.


Sometimes we need more than an adventure. We need something more permanent. A change of scenery is nice, but if it only lasts a week, sometimes we simply return to our ruts. But moving can create a longer-term reset. We often avoid moving, not because we can’t afford an upgrade, but because moving is a hassle. Just like you deserve good coffee and adventure, you deserve help with your move. Use experts like This makes moving simple and easy and you can enjoy changing your scenery.

Sometimes we just need a little nudge to get going again. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the nudge is or can be, but it doesn’t have to be enormous or difficult. Look at the simple options available to you and you might find yourself re-energized and refreshed.

7 Reasons to Take Your Bike on Your Next Vacation

7 Reasons to Take Your Bike on Your Next Vacation


Cycling has a vast range of benefits, and it’s something that more and more people are taking up. You’ve probably overtaken cyclists in your car (leaving them plenty of room!) or walked past bikes chained up outside stores and businesses. But, have you ever considered the idea of cycling on vacation?

Of course, there are keen cyclists, who travel the world taking part in races and cycling events. They don’t just take their bike away with them on their usual vacation. Their bike is why they’ve gone in the first place. This isn’t what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about using a rockymounts monorail to strap your bike to your car, taking it with you of your trip. Well, there are plenty of reasons that you should give it some thought. Here’s a look at just a few of them.

You’ll Meet People

Going on vacation can be a great way to meet new people. But, only if you get out there. If you spend your whole time in the car traveling to sights, or in your hotel room, you are limiting your chances to meet new people. Get out there on a bike, and you’ll meet people every time you stop for a break. It’s also a great icebreaker and gives you something in common with other cyclists along the way.

You’ll Bond

One of the reasons that we go on vacation is to spend some quality time with our family or friends, away from work, school, and real life. Then, we get there and spend all of our time chatting with people back home on Facebook or sharing our holiday snaps with the world on Instagram. Quality time often gets forgotten.

Getting out there on bikes gets you all away from technology, gives you some quality time to do something together, and gives you something to talk about. It might even turn into a hobby that you all enjoy and continue when you get home with weekly rides and picnics.

It’ll Save You Money

Most of us go on vacation armed with a wad of spending money. Intending on spending it on fun days out and souvenirs. Then, the cost of public transport and cabs starts to eat away at our funds. Taking a bike means that you can travel around your destination for free.

It’s Good for You

Very few of us go on vacation with the hope of becoming fitter or losing weight. In fact, most of us are keen to take a break and let things go. Cycling means that you can eat and drink what you want and spend time lying by the pool while maintaining your fitness levels.

It’s Good for the Planet

One of the most significant benefits of cycling and the main reason we see people cycling to work every day is that it’s great for the planet. Cars are a leading cause of harmful emissions. Avoiding them is great.

You’ll See More of the World Around You

When you’re not stuck in a car or on a bus, looking at the world through a window, you see more of it. On a bike, you’ll see some areas cars can’t go, and you’ll be able to stop and explore whenever you want to.

It’s Relaxing

Exercise isn’t always relaxing. But, after a stressful day with your family, or a hectic day sightseeing, getting out there on your bike can give you a way to chill out, relax and burn off some tension.

Top Things You Need to Join a Fishing Club This Summer!

Top Things You Need to Join a Fishing Club This Summer!

The summer presents so many wonderful opportunities for getting outside and enjoying the natural world. There are a lot of things you are going to need to consider when you want to make the most of the great outdoors. One of the best things I love to do when the summer arrives is to go fishing. And there are plenty of chances to expand your love of fishing by joining a proper fishing club this summer.

This is something that lets you flex your fishing muscles and better explore your passion for rivers, lakes, rods, and all different kinds of fish. So, I think it is essential to do what you can to improve the way you approach fishing. If you want to get the most out of your fishing experience and join a fishing club this summer, these are some of the things I think you’re going to need.


Knowledge of Fishing Etiquette

Believe it or not, there are actually accepted rules and etiquettes you need to keep in mind when it comes to fishing. I found that becoming au fait with things like the rules of fly fishing etiquette is actually really important when it comes to getting the most out of your fishing experience. Also, trust me on this, when you join a fishing club you’re going to need to know the accepted rules and regulations, and being familiar with what is expected when fishing will help with this.

The Right Gear

I would also say that it is essential to make sure you have the right gear to choose from. This is vitally important because it can really make a big difference to the whole process of club fishing. Whether this is getting uniform with custom embroidery that relates to the club or making sure you have the best selection of rods on the market, the right gear is actually crucial. So, I would advise you to do as much as you can to get this right and make the ideal choices moving forward.  

Different Bait

There are lots of different types of bait you can use when you go fishing, and these can have different outcomes and results. I always make sure to focus on improving and enhancing my fishing adventure, and I find I can enjoy the most success by having a diverse range of bait to choose from. You should visit bait shops and check out the different options to choose from, as this can make a big difference.

Which Club is Right for You?

You also need to make sure you think carefully about which sort of club is the right choice for you to join. I was always of the belief that fishing clubs are all much of a muchness, but this really isn’t the case. Take a look at the way different clubs are run, as well as the rules and mandates they have. Clubs that encourage group or couple fishing are preferable to those that allow solo fishing.

When you are trying to choose the ideal fishing club, you have to think about what it can offer you. Fishing is such a rewarding and peaceful pastime, but you need to make sure you have the right gear, and that you’re au fait with the etiquette and rules if there are any. You can have a great time fishing this summer, and it is important to think about what you need to get the best out of joining your new fishing club this summer.

4 Fitness Hacks We Can Learn From Our Kids

4 Fitness Hacks We Can Learn From Our Kids

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There’s a lot to love about kids. They are happy, energetic and lovable. They bounce around life without a care in the world and are by no means cynical. In short, they are the people we want to be when we get older.

Although we are the parents, the people who guide them, it’s the children that teach us a lot about living, and fitness is no exception. Forget personal trainers and gym buddies because your kids have the answers. All you have to do is watch and learn.

Here are the things you see when you stop to take a look at their attitude towards health.

They Say No

And they say it, like, a lot. “Eat your vegetables,” drink your water” and “stop snacking” are all things which fall on deaf ears. Kids do the opposite because they don’t want to bother eating their leafy greens. The tip here is not to follow suit. Children can do it because their metabolisms are on the highest setting and they burn off calories. They bounce back; adults don’t. As you age, you can’t afford to do the same things you did as a youngster. It’s essential to eat right and exercise to stay in shape and add years to your life.

They Try New Things

Some kids are skeptical, but most are happy to do the things they think they will love. As long as it involves the outdoors and excitement, then they are ready for an adventure. Sure, they might need to read this Prepared Bee survival guide before they go camping, but that’s not much of a sticking point. Adults are less open for one simple reason: self-esteem. You hate the idea of signing up for dance lessons or joining a new gym because you think people will judge. Well, with an immature attitude, it doesn’t matter what they believe.

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They Socialize

Leave a group of children in a room and they’ll be best friends within one hour. How does this help your health and fitness goals? It does it through solidarity. Funnily enough, middle-aged men and women aren’t as fearless as their kids. You need someone by your side to lose weight or to eat healthily. Sadly, friends and family won’t jump on the bandwagon, so you need to find a new clique. Socializing will encourage you to try new things, such as joining a club or sticking to a diet.

They Never Stop

Once they’re in bed, you stretch out on the couch. You’re shattered, and it’s because the kids don’t stop moving all day. Their energy is limitless, and that’s what keeps them slim and young. Parents can’t keep up, but they can try basic tricks to stay on their feet. For example, swap driving for walking. The calories you burn by doing this should eliminate any excess fat and get you down to your target weight. Never stop moving, people.


Are you taking notes? Don’t you think you should be?!

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