Temporary Medical Facilities: What to Consider for Their Setup

Temporary Medical Facilities: What to Consider for Their Setup

Factors to Consider in Setting up Temporary Medical Facilities

by Sharon Jones

The number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in the Philippines continues to rise. The problems related to the pandemic continue to worsen, including the full capacity of hospitals, lack of proper isolation facilities for persons under investigation (PUIs) and persons under monitoring (PUMs), and lack of personal protective equipment (PPEs) for frontliners.

To help assist hospitals that handle COVID-19 related cases, the Philippine Red Cross put up a medical field tent at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Quezon City. The city administration of Imus, Cavite, put up at least five field hospitals, each equipped with ten beds, an oxygen tank, and other health amenities.

If the needs arise, local government units (LGUs) and hospitals might need to modify their interior space or set up more temporary medical facilities. In this case, they must consider the following elements outlined by the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange (ASPR TRACIE).


The surge of patients is expected to continue amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For this issue to be addressed, it is critical to have a hospital-wide approach and integration with concerned departments and supervisors. Hospitals and healthcare facilities must discuss the emergency department volume versus the expected amount of patients, coordinate discharge plans, and address staffing issues. The cost of operation must also be considered. Additional expenses may include lighting, security, additional staffing, and rental or acquisition of tents.


Advance planning and analysis of data from previous similar events will help hospitals establish their thresholds in their additional temporary facilities. Considerations may be made based on the volume of the emergency department or patients that need to be admitted. LGUs can expand their hospital capacity by renting or acquiring medical tents with the help of trusted tent manufacturers in the Philippinesthat can cater to their diverse needs.


Hospitals, LGUs, and the national government must be well-coordinated, especially if they plan to set up the temporary facilities in locations that might potentially affect traffic flow. Moreover, they should work well with the local barangays to help minimize the influx of patients by educating citizens about proper health care and alternative options to a hospital visit.

Considerations for Staff and Patients’ Behavioral Health Needs

This pandemic has claimed lives and caused anxiety, worry, and fear. With the rising number of PUIs and PUMs and the lack of testing kits and hospital facilities, it is understandable that the patients, along with their families and the hospital staff, feel stressed and tired.

Patients and their families are concerned about their health and their healthcare, and receiving treatment in a non-traditional setting may add to their stress. Meanwhile, hospital staff might be working extra shifts or might know the patients, so they are likely overworked and stressed. They might feel more stressed when they need to provide care in an unfamiliar environment, such as a temporary field hospital.

Thus, LGUs and hospitals must provide for the behavioral needs of patients and staff. They can do this by encouraging short breaks and stocking hospital break rooms with healthy drinks and snacks. They can also provide antibacterial wipes or alcohol and post self-care and proper hygiene reminders. Maintaining an adequate supply of PPEs, encouraging its use, and providing on-site faith-based support for both patients and staff can aid them in this situation.

With these considerations in mind, LGUs can set up better temporary medical sites and be a step closer to winning the battle against COVID-19.

Choosing The Best Company For Your A/C Requirements

Choosing The Best Company For Your A/C Requirements


No matter whether you are looking for a business to provide air conditioning for your home or your business, you need to choose with care. There are many businesses out there today, and so you need to know how to narrow down your selection carefully. With that in mind, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at the different factors to consider when looking for an A/C company.

Check their experience and certification – There is only one place to begin when looking for the best company for your A/C requirements, and this is with their level of experience. It is important to make sure the company has a number of years in their locker and that they have an experienced team. You should make sure that all members of the team have received the required training and that they hold the necessary certification. 

Discover how much the job is going to cost – Aside from checking the experience and certification of the company, you will want to find out how much the job is going to cost. Not only is it a good idea to get a quote, but you will want to make sure the quote provided is a fixed cost. After all, there is nothing worse than getting a nasty surprise at the end and realising that you have been charged more than the initial quote.  

Make sure they offer a wide range of products – You need to make sure that the company has everything required in order to run your A/C unit efficiently. This includes everything from air control dampers to eco-friendly modules. There have been many inventions in the world of A/C over the past decades, and so you want to make sure you have the most up-to-date models. 

Be certain to get a warranty for the work carried out – You will also want to make sure you get a warranty for the work carried out. Any business that believes in their work will have no problem offering a warranty. If this doesn’t come with the service, you’re not going to be protected. 

Take the time to read reviews – Last but not least, you need to make sure you take the time to read reviews that have been left by others. Feedback from family and friends can be helpful, but this is not the only sort of feedback you should be looking for. You should also make the most of independent review websites. There are a number of sites that have been established so that people can rate the service they have received from contractors and traders. These sites can be a great source of information. 

As you can see, there is a lot that needs to be considered when you are looking for the best A/C company. However, if you carefully consider everything that has been discussed above, you can give yourself the best chance of selecting the right company for your requirements. 

Technology Upgrades for Businesses in 2020

Technology Upgrades for Businesses in 2020

Photo by Floriane Vita on Unsplash

With technology always changing and improving, you have to always be adapting in your business as well. With the start of a new decade, it is essential to look at your technology systems and make any upgrades to make sure you are as current and efficient as possible. 


Your website and any apps need to be able to transition across different types and sizes of screens. From desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, customers should be able to navigate through your interfaces easily. You also need to think about if your website or app interacts with any other websites or apps regularly and how you can make that interaction smoother. With the ease of clicking online, you will lose your audience if it becomes too hard for them to find what they want. 

Don’t Forget Security

An ever-present risk to running businesses online is the chance for information to be stolen. Having your business information stolen can wreck your finances and mess with your systems. Having customers’ data stolen is even worse. In addition to those customers having to sort through identity theft, they will no longer be your customers. The negative press associated with a breach in security will also harm your company in the long run and prevent new customers from coming to your business. 


Making sure all your systems are up-to-date is very important. Updates to your software will make sure that you are running smoothly, performing at optimum speeds, and are experiencing glitches. Updates can also be necessary for security reasons and efficiency. 

Email Hosting

One thing you might want to consider when updating your systems is to switch to email hosting. These systems are stable and take the burden of managing this system off your shoulders. It also adds a sense of coherency to your business which increases your standing in the public’s view. Picking one email hosting site for all employees to use can also ensure that employees don’t lose track of important communication in their email accounts. There is usually also a chat option that allows for more instant communication around the office for quick problem-solving. 

Consider the Cloud

If your business isn’t too large, you should consider using the Cloud to store all your files. This is a cost-efficient and safe way to solve your online storage problems. They also provide security for these files and pairing this with another form of storing data is an excellent way to back-up the data. Having these files on the Cloud makes sure that all employees have access to what they need, but also ensures that your files are safe. 

Talk to a Professional

When in doubt, consult with a professional. There are so many intricate details that go into your technology-driven business, that it is impossible for you to stay abreast of all the changes. It may also be a good idea to outsource your IT service and support to an IT company instead of handling it on your own. This way, you know you are getting expert help with all your needs.

What Makes Good Market Research?

What Makes Good Market Research?

Any business, young or old, should be utilizing market research if they are looking to launch a new product or service, if they are seeking to expand globally, or if they are planning on opening a new premises. Market research allows you the power of analysis rather than relying on guesswork. Astute market research will enable you to focus on your target niche, fulfilling their needs and honing your item or service so that it surpasses your rivals. Take a look at these steps you need to take to ensure that your market research is effective.

Image credit Pexels – CC0 Licence

Spot Trends

If you keep a close eye on your rivals within your industry, you’ll be able to spot trends easily. Are your customers looking for a certain item or is one of your services becoming more popular? If so, work towards tapping into this trend and honing a new and improved service or item. Ask specific questions in your market research and ask the right people. Choose your demographic carefully and don’t deviate. The more specific your sample, the more useful the trends and research that you can analyze. You can use market research that is already in the public domain, but you need to be careful that you can attribute it to your niche. And, be aware that this data could also be out of date.

Get Out There

Conduct research in numerous ways. Consider utilizing survey software to send out online questionnaires to potential demographic hits. These surveys are presented in a non-threatening way and are effective to get the millennial generation involved. Alternatively, you could also employ third party market researchers who get out there and have a physical presence either on the street or sat down with a focus group. Surveys, discussions and interviews can all be useful when trying to analyze qualitative data. Software can also help you to input the answers and create databases that are searchable and that will automatically pull out key data for your consideration.

Image credit Pexels – CC0 Licence

Use An Agency

We all know the big guns when it comes to market research. Global agencies like Kantar and Ipsos MORI cost a lot of money to outsource to, but they also have the finest analytical minds in the business to analyze your raw data. By focusing on these data sets, they can pick out information that you may not have even considered. They will work with you to construct questions and focus groups. If you don’t have the cash to go for a large market research agency, stick to a more local agency. These can be more effective especially if your business is more regional and it needs a geographical sensitivity.

Market research is fundamental if you are a new business looking to get ahead of your competitors. However, it is also beneficial to those ventures who have been around a while and need to relocate their mojo. Think about using market research whenever you are launching something new, expanding your business or looking to attract a new demographic to your market.

Simple Technology Which Has Changed The World

Simple Technology Which Has Changed The World

(Image Credit)

Modern humans are obsessed with technology. It’s only taken a couple of centuries for people to fully-embrace electronics, with those in the past struggling to trust the products which use this resource, and a lot of failed attempts to create simple tools with it. Of course, though, nowadays, there are a huge range of devices and machines which fall into the category. Some are extremely complicated, while others are deceptively simple, though they all have the potential to change the world. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the world’s most influential tools and devices from the last few decades.


To kick this off, it’s time to think about something which you use every single day. Microchips, or processors, are best known for their appearance in digital tools. Devices ranging from computers to children’s toys use microchips, and the digital age simply wouldn’t be possible without them, making them one of the most important inventions in human history. Using electrical reactions to solve complex problems, these small pieces of technology can be viewed as the brain in a lot of products. Of course, though, they’ve changed an awful lot since they were first invented back in 1959. Smartphones, computers, and other digital devices couldn’t exist without this sort of technology.

Combustion Engines

Steam engines have been around for quite a long time, with people figuring out that you could convert heat into kinetic energy all the way back in 1698. These engines are far too large and heavy to be used in things like cars, though, and this is why they aren’t used anywhere near as much as they used to be. Instead, combustion engines are used. Skipping the step of using steam as part of the process, these machines are powered by explosive combustion of fuel, creating a pressurized chamber which forces pistons to move in sequence. Of course, this makes them very complicated, but this is something which you can learn about online.

Temperature Control

It’s easy to take the heating and cooling systems you have at home for granted, as you have been living with them for your whole life. In the past, though, fire was the only tool people had to warm their homes, and this has to change for humanity to reach its current population levels. Heating and air conditions don’t only keep you comfortable; they are saving your life. Of course, though, along with this, temperature control is also used in refrigerators to keep food from going off. This enables people to store food for far longer, while also making it possible to transport it before it is eaten. Along with this, a vaccine fridge can be used to keep medication fresh, and this is possibly even more important than controlling your food.


Most people take at least a couple of photos each week, with modern smartphones providing excellent cameras to those who don’t want to lug around something bigger. Of course, though, cameras have existed for a very long time, and the original concept for technology like this revolved around a small hole and dark space, known as a camera obscura. It didn’t take long for the film to be created, giving people the chance to preserve images caught like this, though this has since developed into digital photos. Cameras are used for loads of different jobs in the modern world, from taking selfies, to observing the furthest reaches of space, and this makes them a very important piece of technology.


The idea of measuring a room to make sure that a piece of furniture you want will fit is nothing special, though a lot of people don’t realise quite how difficult it has been to get to the point that measuring things is so easy. Ancient cultures, like the Romans, had their own ways of measuring things, though this would usually revolve around systems which could easily be changed. As time went on, more and more ways to take measurements were created, but it wasn’t until the modern day that this science was perfected. Nowadays, pretty much anything can be measured, from heat and distance to radioactivity and processing power.


Some people don’t like the idea of money, viewing it as something which slows progress and makes life harder. In reality, though, being able to carry around coins, notes, and cards makes life a lot easier. People of the past would trade goods with one another, using battering to get the best deals. A chicken might not be worth the same as a goat, but to someone desperate for a chicken a trade like this would be a no-brainer. It didn’t take too long for issues to arise, though, and money was designed by ancient cultures as a way to control the way that people trade with one another. Without money, it would be incredibly difficult for technology and science to develop as it has.


Finally, as the last of the inventions on this list, it’s time to think about one of the most important developments humans have ever made; the wheel. Before this simple tool was created, people would have to rely on rivers and seas to move large items, with taking them across the ground being incredibly difficult. From the chariots of Roman times to the cars which people use today, the wheel seems like a simple thing, though making something which is perfectly round takes a huge amount of work, and those in the past would often struggle with this. Modern people have a lot to be thankful for, and the wheel certainly falls into this group.

With all of this in mind, you should have a good understanding of the technology which has changed the world over human history. Some of the developments are modern, while others happened thousands of years ago, but they are all instrumental to life. As time goes on, more will join these items, and you may even be able to think of more which could be added today.

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