Things move at an alarming rate. Business change as new tech is developed and industries morph and adapt. But if you are a trucker, whether in business for yourself or working for someone else it may not be time to adapt and change, because in the next few years the changes to the industry may just cost you your job. Perhaps this is what you needed to find a job closer to your family. Look at the benefits too, otherwise you won’t be able to take anything from the situation. Or you could start learning the skills you always wanted to learn to change your career. If you work for something, then you will have rights. It is those who are subcontracted that need to be careful.

The changes are surges in driverless technology. It means that in the next few years trucks could be driving without input from the drivers. This means many drivers won’t have jobs. If it happens sooner than later then there are going to be loads of people needing a different skill set. Get ahead of the curve, if you are a trucker, think about what you enjoy and start to learn. Change, adapt. Find something else you can enjoy. If you want to stay in trucking then look into this technology and become proficient with it. Perhaps you can be an attractive proposition if driverless becomes mainstream and you find yourself being able to work on the driverless trucks. It is popular with large companies because it means there will be less accidents down to trucker error which costs companies lots of money, for more information you can learn about this incident, which highlights some harrowing crash statistics. Company owners are going to do everything that benefits them, which is fair enough. They will be paying less out in compensation, and also less out in wages.


The industry as a whole is becoming harder to find work in. This is due to companies now demanding certain qualifications and medical checks that not all meet. It is getting harder and harder to be employed as a trucker because there are less jobs and better skilled people. You can get around this by investing some time in the right training which will make you more attractive to recruiters but even then it is going to be competitive.

If you own your own truck you could soon become redundant. There are many new laws coming in regarding green trucking. This means your vehicle needs to meet certain emissions tests. If it doesn’t then you are going to be less attractive to potential employers who are looking to appear environmentally friendly to protect their image. You may invest in a different truck but it will cost you thousands. Think about getting rid of your current truck when you still can and perhaps seeking a job instead of using your own truck. It may not be an attractive proposition but it really can make the difference in you being able to continue working through these diverse and far reaching changes.


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