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By Sharon Jones

If you visit any college in the land, you’re likely to come across lots of fit young men and women sweating it away on the football, volleyball or basketball fields to make a few. You might wonder how they find the time to take sports so seriously when they have so much school work to do, but if you knew about the many benefits for college spots, you shouldn’t question it one little bit, and if you’re currently at college, you would try getting involved too! Not convinced, here are just some of the brilliant benefits of playing college sports:

Get a Scholarship

Okay, so the most commonly recognized reason for individuals to get into college sports is the scholarships that great athletes can win. Of course, unfortunately, most of us aren’t great athletes, but if you are, there’s no denying that you can benefit from free or subsidized tuition should you choose to play, so it’s well worth mentioning here.


Team sports are an excellent way to get to know new people in college. Whether you’re the shy type, someone who likes to know as many people as possible, or even someone who wants to make as many lasting connections that could help you out in the future as possible, get your name on that softball lineup card, join your college’s football team or get involved in lacrosse. Why? Because you’ll form lifelong bonds with your peers, ensuring that you have a social life/support now, and quite possibly, high powered connections to help you get along when you graduate, and you’re looking to start your career!    

Avoid the Freshman 15

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Many people, when they head off to college for the first time gain a lot of weight. This is probably a combination of always having had someone else cook for them and the convenience of fast food when studying for that important test. Whatever the cause, getting involved in college sports will help the average student involve college weight gain and quite possibly help to alleviate the stresses of college life too.

Do Better in Class

Did you know that playing sports can, as mentioned above, reduce stress, improve concentration and even boost your willpower? These are all skills that the average student needs to master if they want to do as well as they possibly can in class, so even if you’ve never thought of playing basketball or tennis before, give it a try, and you might just be surprised by the results.

Boost Your Resume

A lot of employers know that a person who plays sports is quite likely to have learned how to be a team player, have lots of motivation, stamina and a competitive way of thinking, amongst other things. These are all excellent qualities to have in the average workplace. So having a long history of college sports on your resume really can’t hurt.

Of course, the main reason you should consider giving college sports a go is because it’s fun. Do it for the fun and the extensive benefits will surely follow!


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