By Jerry Mooney

It’s easy to believe that if you want to start your own business and become an entrepreneur, you have to head to a big city. The successes of Silicon Valley and the power in New York City will always make you feel that way. But, packing your bags and head for the bright lights doesn’t have to be on the agenda for you if you’re a country bumpkin at heart. Because even small towns and rural countrysides need businesses too. In fact, they may often need your ideas, talent, and passion more than some big city does. So if you do want to start up on your own, and you really don’t want to leave your hometown, here are five rural business ideas that could be worth your dime.


Business idea number one is always going to be farming. It’s what a lot of agricultural land and rural areas thrive off of. So don’t discount it. You also don’t have to assume that you have to run a working farm in any particular way. You could choose to go into any kind of farming that you’d like; crop farming, cattle farming – even growing produce or farming fish. You just have to consider what your local area would be great at producing, and what it needs.


Next up, you could consider running a hunting business. Hunting is a huge part of country life, and it can be fascinating to those not used to it. So why not get into the business yourself? By getting your hands on a suitable property, such as those sold by Ranch Marketing Associates LLC, you can get started. Regardless of the kind of hunting you’re used to, you could set it up as an activity style business, with lodge and board included.

Cabin Rentals

The last point leads us nicely onto this one – because a lot of tourists and visitors do want to head out to the country for a mini break or a long vacation. And most of them want a picture-perfect idyllic kind of spot to stay in. So, that makes cabin rentals a hot topic to consider – especially if they’re by a lake and you can offer water sports as part of the deal.

Coffee Shop

If you live in a town that does see a lot of tourism, or you want to move to one, then you might want to open up a coffee shop. This can also work for a town that has a lot of hustle and bustle about it naturally. Because busy towns are full of people that need refueling. If you can come up with your own quirky USP, it will always go down a treat too.

Spa Retreat

And finally, what about a luxury spa? Again, we’re thinking lakeside here, ideally in a remote location, where guests can come to be pampered and switch off under the stars with the sounds of the quiet countryside to soothe them. It might require a bit of an investment, but you should be able to charge a pretty penny for something like this too.

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