For some of us, sports come naturally. Such individuals wouldn’t feel right without at least half an hour of running. Then, there are those of us at the opposite end of the scale, who gasp in horror at the idea. We’d love to be ‘sportier’ or ‘fitter,’ but it doesn’t seem to happen. No matter how hard we try, we always seem to slip back into our couch potato habits after a week or so.

That’s why many of us choose to join a club instead of going it alone. This can work wonders for both the time we stick to something and our social lives. As a result, we end up feeling fitter in every way. And, we don’t even have to deal with the guilt of failure.

Given that you’ve clicked on this post, we’re going to assume that you’re considering clubs like these. The chances are that you even have some idea of what type of club you’d like to join. Still, you don’t know how to select between the options in that field. Lucky for you, we have some pointers which could see you choosing a club you’re happy with for a long time to come.

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Check accreditation

Before signing up for anything, check for accreditation which puts your mind at ease. All you need to do is decide what you want from the club in question. Then, do some checks to settle your mind that they can offer what you’re after. It may be that health and safety certificates are enough to see you signing up. Or, you may look out for a club which has received awards or produced award winners.

Look over the grounds

For the most part, clubs have grounds. This is especially the case if you’ve chosen a sport such as soccer or baseball. You can’t play either without a pitch. But, pitches vary, and that could make all the difference to your enjoyment. That’s why it’s also worth looking at the grounds before committing. Any club will allow you to do this if you ask. During your investigation, look out for things like whether the grass is real or artificial. If it’s the latter, don’t be afraid to ask whether the club use artificial turf infill for safety. Ask, too, about rainy day playing. Is there a cover or indoor pitch? These all impact your enjoyment, so it’s best to know about them before parting with your cash.

Read those reviews

With the internet, there are readily available reviews for near enough everything nowadays. And, sporting clubs are no different. The chances are that past and present members have posted their thoughts online. So, read them. Reviews can actually be more helpful in finding the right club than anything else. If people report having made friends and had fun, you can bet you’re onto a winner. If, however, the reviews pick up on a lot of negatives, it may be best to move onto the next club on your list.

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