There is no surprise that when your customers have a better experience of an improved customer journey, that it translates into revenue. If they like what they see and how they are treated, they are likely to spend their money. A negative experience is not going to help that at all. But there are many factors that play into how well a customer’s journey goes. Depending on what industry your business is in, it could be anything from the people who deal with orders on the phone, to lighting and atmosphere in a store.

So here are a few ways to create a better customer journey in your business, so that ultimately you are able to expand your business and create a loyal customer base that will keep coming back.


Understand Your Audience

In order to know how to improve their experience with you, you need to think about who your customers are and what they will want. If your target customers are millennials, then something tech based, or a well designed website with social media interaction can be what they’re prefer. If you are a dentist office, for example, and you can have a whole host of people come in each day. So you have to think about what ties them all together; time and nerves. Some people can be nervous and want to get in an out as quickly as possible. So making sure you have things like a Piezo transducer buzzer on the desk to call for a receptionist, for example, can be a little thing that can make a difference to a customer that is rushed or nervous.

Decide What You Want To Deliver

What does a good customer journey look like to you? In many cases, working backwards and starting with the end result can be a good way to go. If you want your product to be in people’s homes within 48 hours of it being ordered, then what do you have to do to get it there? Look at the delivery channels, supply channels, and the ordering process; could this be possible? Then you can go through that process like a customer would, to see if it is up to scratch.

Unified Team

If you hire employees to work for you, then they need to be on board with what you are wanting to do, as well as what the business code of conduct is. Educate them, speak to them, and set an example from the top. Often when employees can see the bigger picture (for example, loyal customers from good deliveries means business growth), they can be more likely to get involved as they see how important their role is in the business.

Be Flexible

You have to be prepared to change things up in business. Your original plan or idea may not be executed as well as it once was and need to be changed. But be open to that and to trying new things. It could be just what your business needs.

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