Has life got a little boring? If it feels like all you do is sleep and work, it’s time to find a new hobby. Not only will you learn new skills, but you’ll improve your confidence and have something fun and productive to do with your time. And what better than something creative. There are tons of creative hobbies for women- that’s not to say men can’t enjoy knitting, cross stitch or baking too but if that’s not your kind of thing, here are some hobbies you could try out instead.


Gardening is one of the most fulfilling hobbies you can do. There’s something incredible watching something grow from seemingly nothing. It’s hard work and definitely one to get your hands dirty, but you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and might even save yourself some money on your food shopping too. Invest in a good greenhouse which will allow you to extend the growing season. If you only have a small garden, consider hiring out an allotment. It’s something you can tend to each weekend and watch your produce spring to life, you’ll probably meet some likeminded people in the process too. If growing fruit and vegetables isn’t for you, how about landscape gardening? You could install a pond or water feature, add decking or slabs to your garden. You could even set up a side business working on other people’s gardens at the weekend. Gardening is hard work, so you’ll get a good bit of exercise in there too!

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Wood Turning

Wood turning is incredibly satisfying, and you can create some amazing pieces out of simple blocks of wood. You could check out something like CNC lathes to get your main equipment, and from there source various pieces of wood for different projects. There are loads of tutorials on Youtube to give you ideas for things to create. Again this could easily become a side business if it’s something you enjoy and you’re making a lot of pieces. If you like working with wood, how about brushing up your carpentry skills and making some items from scratch? You could even try whittling with the leftover pieces of wood.

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Beer Brewing

Brewing beer needs surprisingly few pieces of equipment meaning it’s cheap and easy to get started. If you’re a fan of drinking beer, making your own to enjoy with friends can be a fun hobby to start. You’ll need to purchase some basic homebrewing equipment and the ingredients and then carefully follow the instructions. If you have a large garden shed it’s the perfect place to set all of this up. Otherwise, a well ventilated spare bedroom will do the trick. While brewing beer doesn’t usually smell bad, some lagers can produce sulfur compounds which can be a bit whiffy. While anyone can of course brew beer, it’s definitely quite a manly hobby and you get to be creative and produce your own blends in the process.

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Do you take part in any creative hobbies? Have you tried any of these?

Jerry Mooney

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