Businesses want the best people in their employ. It makes no sense to settle for an average workforce because it encourages mediocre results. The firm needs a team of awesome workers to build an awesome company. It’s that simple. What isn’t simple is finding the candidates that ooze excellence as they are high demand. Plus, there is a lot of fish in the pond, and sometimes the small ones get caught in the net. With that in mind, the following list has put together a handful of creative techniques to locate the best of the best.  

Check Out Job Websites

Not many employers click the ‘visit here to do job search’ button because they don’t think it is in their interest. After all, they aren’t an employee looking for a job – they are the employer. However, this is still a brilliant method as it allows the company to check out the competition. By acting as a job hunter, the firm can evaluate the landscape and then tweak its offer to go one better. It’s a little underhand, but hey, this is a brutal industry. Also, job sites tend to have a version for employers, a version which allows businesses to post jobs.

Search For Ex-Military

Why would anyone want a sharpshooter sitting behind a desk? Wouldn’t they be a liability? It’s true that ex-military personnel can be tricky due to their previous employment. Still, they have lots of skills that can benefit the company. The best example is their leadership qualities as soldiers and officers know how to give orders and follow orders. Even better, they know how to get other people to comply, and their teamwork skills are second to none. As long as they have a natural flair for the position, they could be promotion material.


Use A Referral System

A referral system is a fancy way of saying a firm should promote internally. Although it does have pitfalls – ‘inbred’ culture e.g. – there is one huge advantage. People call it access to the passive candidate in business circles, and there’s no better employee. The passive candidate tends to be a person that isn’t interested in a job because they are happy with their role. Therefore, they don’t have their name on the job boards because they aren’t looking to move. Also, they are usually the best workers because they are highly valued and competent. By promoting in-house, a company has access to a host of people that didn’t think they wanted a change. As it turns out, they are curious.

Host An Open House

Yep, an open house is the same as an open house in real estate. The difference, in this case, is that the business isn’t looking to find a buyer. Nope, they’re looking for an employee. What’s great about this is that it allows employers to ‘wine and dine’ the people they want to talk to and ask them questions. All they have to do is get them in the room, which isn’t hard when there is free food and free alcohol.

But, a company shouldn’t overuse this tactic. It’s effective, yet only in small doses.

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