It’s not just homes that can benefit from curb appeal, it’s an important factor for businesses too. If your business relies on people walking through the door, such as a store or a restaurant, then that passing street trade is important. Making sure your business looks great from the outside can help tempt people inside and help your business grow.

Read more about maintaining the curb appeal of your business below.

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Fix any ongoing issues

If you’re dealing with various issues that need repairing, then make sure you get them done. From dirty or broken windows to a filthy sidewalk directly outside of your property, then it’s time for some maintenance. You might also want to look at deeper cleaning and maintenance – sewer jetting can unclog your pipes and drains to prevent flooding, as well as get rid of nasty smells. Spend time figuring out which jobs need doing and don’t put them off any longer.

Update your signage

Is your signage looking a little dated? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. There are several signage trends that you should consider adopting to help give your business a fresh, contemporary look. Keep things simple and try using a new color palette to help add some interest to your storefront.

Dress the outside

Could the outside of your business do with some freshening up? Then give the outside a style treatment. Stylish, eye-catching storefronts are popular with passersby – who doesn’t love a cool photo opportunity? Try pretty florals or invest in some quirky outdoor furniture to help breathe some life into the front of your business. You can adapt many fantastic ideas for window displays and help turn heads as they walk by on the street.

Be more visible

Is your business visible enough to tempt people inside? Bright lights, some ‘open/closed’ signs and maybe some outside A boards or chalkboards can help drive footfall into your business. Visibility is a must to ensure that people know that you’re open, as well as what kind of business you are. Keep things friendly and welcoming rather than closed off – if your business looks dark and lifeless from the outside then it’s unlikely that people will step inside.

Being visible can also mean being physically present outside of your business. If you have any deals or promotions to push, it doesn’t hurt to have an employee stood outside flyering or talking to customers as they walk past.
First impressions are important for any business, but when your business is reliant on people walking in from the outside, it’s even more important that you get it right. From fixing the obvious problems to wowing street traffic with your signage and window displays, there are plenty of things you can do to make improvements. And what’s next once you’ve got them through the door? Maintain that customer journey by making your store safe and providing an excellent service to everyone.

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