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If you are in charge of a startup that sells goods, you'll ideally be using the internet to not only market your goods, but to sell them. Good on you. That's a step more than those who don't follow their business dreams and a further step ahead of those who are doing business the wrong way. But once a good is ordered and you've sent it out - your work isn't finished. In fact, if you haven't got a handle on shipping or delivery, you might have made more work for yourself. If you want to succeed in business, you need to realize that dispatching a good isn't the end of the journey, it's actually the beginning.

There are so many things that can happen after goods are dispatched. In fact, there’s a lot of interactions that can come from the shipping process. Most of these are negative, though. From ‘where is my product?’ to ‘why is my package broken?’ right through to ‘what is going on?’ There are plenty of things that go on once you’ve dispatched. If you’ve done a good job, you won’t hear about it at all, but if you’ve done a bad job – you and everyone else won’t ever stop hearing about it. Such is the nature of business.

But these interactions don’t have to be negative. Bring the positive out of them when you can. When people are asking where their goods are, this can be a call to action for your business. If your goods are late, it might hint at an issue with your process – especially if you are delaying the dispatch of your goods. Every second you delay in dispatching – it is an additional second against your customers receiving their goods.If your customers are constantly receiving their stuff late, it hints at a problem with your process – so identify that as an issue and work to resolve it. If it becomes a serious issue, then why will people shop with you?


When people are asking why their goods are turning up in bad condition, some businesses choose to point a finger and pass the buck onto a courier or delivery firm. Now delivery companies do treat packages a bit dangerously on occasion, but your company has more power in this situation than the average consumer. Take responsibility and deal with the situation. If a certain courier firm is constantly breaking packages, switch. Solve issues behind closed doors and make your business look like a business that actually sorts problems out. There are things you can take into your own hands though. You can package goods safely and wrap them securely. You can learn about New World Case, Inc to find shipping crates that will last. You don’t have to wait for things to get broken.

Only when you have mastered shipping will dispatching be the full job – but one broken chain can bring the process down. Check your processes, check your firms and make sure your goods arrive safe and on time, every time.

By Troy Lambert

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