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They don’t lie when they say that there’s an app for everything nowadays. Whether you want to check the weather or monitor your steps, you can download one handy program to make it happen. As apps come to the fore of modern living, it’s now possible to make money through them, too.

While you’re working your day job, this ability could see you double your income or more. And, all you’d need to make it happen is the mobile phone that you already carry with you!

Of course, there are a host of apps that claim they could make you money. The more downloads an app gets, after all, the better the profit the creators stand to see. As is always the case, then, you don’t want to download any old thing, especially not when you need to enter your card details! But, some verified options could see you earning the big-time as you go about your daily life, and we’re going to consider some of them here. 

Online betting apps

Online betting has been growing in popularity as a side hustle for a while, and the latest online casinos as listed on deluxecasinobonus.com typically come complete with apps. These are designed with modern betters in mind, and they could see you earning on your commute or your lunch break. The ability to keep a closer eye on bets you place also ensures you can either withdraw or increase bets as you need. That could leave you with much better odds, and a betting side-hustle that pays the majority of the time. 

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Stock trading on-the-go

Most stock trade platforms now also provide apps to users, and these can take your trading possibilities a great deal further. As with betting, having an app to hand allows you to keep a closer eye on your stocks. This means that you’ll always be able to keep on top with stock prices, and can withdraw money at a moment’s notice if things take a turn for the worst. The best stock trading apps to consider at the moment include – 

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Robinhood
  • Stash
  • TradeHero

By opting for verifiable optionss like these, you can make sure that the stocks you’re buying are real and, more importantly, liable to provide returns.

Selling that suits you

In years gone by, selling through sites like eBay and Facebook was a pretty long-winded process. It involved uploading snaps onto your home desktop and only being able to check them once you got home. Now, apps like the eBay offering found on https://apps.apple.com make it possible to sell wherever you are. This way, you can take pictures on your phone and upload your items on your way into work. You can then follow auctions or simply get straight back to buyers, making a smoother experience all around, and guaranteeing that you can sell anything with ease. 

Apps like these offer fantastic money-making opportunities, and they’re yours for the taking in the app store on the device of your choosing. 

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