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Companies need to hire people to stay in business and provide their customers with value. But finding people who genuinely share your goals, dreams, and passions is a challenge. A lot of candidates in the job market are just looking for their next paycheck. They’re not all that interested in doing quality, honest work.

Therefore, hiring managers need to focus their efforts on weeding out the rotten eggs as much as they can. Just a single employee who isn’t on your side can create a nightmare situation. 

Don’t Hire People Based On Their Potential

It’s tempting to hire somebody based on your perceptions of their “potential.” But unless they have a proven track record, it’s almost impossible to know whether they will fulfill it. Plenty of people appear as though they will be productive and innovative, but relatively few are. Instead, it can take years for them to fulfill your hopes, by which point, they might have lost you a substantial amount of money. 

Taking a punt on someone with alleged potential is a significant risk, and you should see it as such. You’re hoping for quality work while paying less than the market rate. That’s not a good idea in general. It can pay off, but rarely. 

Don’t Look For The Perfect Employee

On the flip side, only hiring perfect employees is a recipe for disaster. Companies often have a wish list of features and skills that they want their employees to have. Almost always, they’re looking for a person so accomplished they don’t actually exist in the real world. However, the hiring manager feels like they must only take on people of extraordinary quality, just in case it reflects poorly on them. 

Failing to hire at all is actually even worse than hiring someone incompetent. When you shirk this responsibility, it’s impossible to get all your work done on time. 

Background Check All Your Staff

A candidate might seem perfectly polite and pleasant on the outside. Still, they could be hiding a dark and devious background. Therefore, smart hiring managers employ private investigators to look into whether a prospective employee has a criminal record. People applying for positions in your firm probably won’t volunteer this information freely. 

Only Employ People You Need

Hiring people is expensive. For most businesses, wages are the highest cost. Any company that employs more people than it needs renders itself uncompetitive and eventually has to raise its prices to stay afloat. 

Your organizational chart might suggest that you need to fill particular positions, but ask yourself whether you really do. Often, competent employees already operating in your business can perform these extra functions as part of their regular working week. 

Choose People Who Are An Ethical Match For Your Business

Finally, try to hire people who are an ethical fit for your enterprise. Ideally, candidates should share your values and your vision and support your working practices. Ask questions in the interview to gain insights into what motivates them and use this to your advantage. 

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