by Brian McKay

Social media is definitely something that most of us are trapped in the whirlwind of at the minute. It’s so hard to get away from it, because everywhere you look, something is relating to it. If someone is asking you something, they’re probably asking you to look at it on social media. If there’s some sort of drama going down, it’s based around social media. All of the sudden we’ve been plunged into an age where everyone’s life is wrapped around it, and it’s unlikely that that will ever change now. But you really don’t want to get caught up in this trap that social media is creating, because it’s becoming so hard to draw ourselves away from it, and suddenly we feel like we have to be a certain way because of it. So we want to try and draw as many people away from the social media trap that we possibly can, because we know that life will change for the better because of it.

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Find A New Way To Pass The Time
Half of the reason that we spend so much time on social media, is because that’s all we think we can do in our spare time. If you’re sitting at home waiting for a program to come on, you’ll scroll. If it is on your lunch break at work, it’s scrolling time. So why not think about a new avenue to go down that might be able to do more for you, without consuming your life and changing the way that you think. Real money roulette games are something you might want to try and spend your time doing. Anything that actually stimulates your mind to understand what’s going on, rather than just looking at people’s lives all of the time. Make sure that if you do try the roulette games and if they are the ones where you deposit money, that you be careful with how much you’re spending on them!

Realizing The Dangers Of It

There are so many dangers that come with social media, more so than you realize. Half of the reason why so many people are self conscious and have mental health problems at the minute, is because of problems that they’re having on social media. It can be such a platform for judgement, and it can make even your deepest insecurities feel 10 times worse. There’s also the danger of things like cat fishing. A lot of people choose to try and meet people through social media, but you never truly know who is at the other end, and sometimes it does turn dangerous!

Sticking To One Platform
If you do still feel like you want some form of social media to go through, then we’d recommend that you stick to one platform, rather than having a few. When you think about it, they’re all just a platform for people to share their lives, and they often share the same thing through them all! So having multiple platforms just isn’t needed, and it can consume more of your life!

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